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HEY JANE ive sent u some asks in the past about presenting more fem and somebody saw a drawing of me and i texted with them and they just. identified me as female (im closeted) and i felt REEAL GOOD


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BTS Reaction To- Confessing To Them And Telling Them Their Girlfriend Is Only Using Them

Requested; Yup. 

anon asked:  can you do a BTS reaction where you lowkey confess you’re in love with them by yelling at their girlfriend who only wants them for money/recognition in front of everyone

a/n: not sure if i 100% like this but here you go! sorry if it’s trash guys. also my tiny child @pastaelv was super cute and made my day today so im posting this early for her.


Jin- Whoa man he would be so shocked okay. Like you guys would be hanging out with everyone and she would say something (really dumb) and you would just snap and everyone would get really silent and Jin would just look at you like a deer caught in headlights and you would be so embarrassed cause you 120% did not mean to do that so you’d get up to walk away and said girlfriend would say something about you under her breath and Jin would hear it and be like “don’t talk about her like that she’s important to me” and she’d be like “more important than me?” and instead of saying something Jin would get up and go find you eeeeey all this drama.

Yoongi- Imagine this. You guys are backstage after a show and she’s being all clingy and gross and you make some offhanded comment not really meaning for anyone to hear it and yoongi would be like ‘what did you say?” so you would laugh and say it louder and he’d be like “why would you say that” and you’d be like “cause it’s true! She’s only with you to get something out of it! Everyone knows it except for you! You deserve someone who actually wants to be with you cause they love you like i do!” and he would have this look on his face as he turned to look at everyone and he would ask if they all thought that to and they’d be super quiet cause whoa you just confessed and now things are awkward as FUCK and yoongi would storm off leaving all of you there just staring at each other not knowing what to do.

Hoseok- Oh boy. My sunshine my hope he would be so sad to find out that you think someone is dating him just because he’s famous. He’s so kind and sweet he wouldn’t think anyone would actually do that and when you tell him he would be like “how can you tell” and you’d say something like “if she really cared she would treat you better. She would treat you how you deserve to be treated” and one of the boys would say something like “yeah like how you treat him cause you love him” and without thinking  you would say “exactly” and then it would get reeal silent real fast as everyone looks at you and you would just shrug because yeah you love hobi who the fuck doesn’t and he would have to go sit down and think really hard about what to do yup.

Namjoon- He would get kind of angry i think. He would be mad that you would say something like that in front of everyone because it makes him look like a fool? If that makes sense. But they he would take a step back and be like “wait, did you just confess to me in front of everyone?’ and you would blush and yell back at him “yes i did you big idiot!” and storm off cause he’s being dumb and someone (jin probably lets be real) would tell him to go after you before he fucks it up even more.

Jimin- Nope. i don’t want to  think of someone using jimin like that not gonna happen. He is my child nope. He would be so sad that someone would do that to him and embarrassed that you said it in front of everyone but they he’d realize that you just confessed and he’s so confused my poor chimchim he would need time to think about everything before saying anything so he would probs walk away.

Taehyung- He would be in denial about like for reals. It would probably start a fight of him saying that you were wrong and everyone would just be watching you two argue and then someone (jimin or jungkook) would say “she’s actually right. Blah blah isn’t good for you and she’s just using you. y/n wouldn’t do that to you cause she cares about you too much” and you would be like “see jungkook can see it why can’t you?” and the the conversation would flip to “wait since when do you like me y/n” and that’s when it gets awkward oops.

Jungkook- first off if anyone ever did this to my tiny son i would have to hurt them not gonna lie. I feel like he would be a mix of taehyung and and namjoon. He would be mad that you would think that and he would feel like you thought he couldn’t take care of himself. And then you’d say something like “you should be with someone who loves you for you and not what you can give them” and he’d be like “like who? You? Since you seem to care so much?” and you’d be like “yes you idiot” and storm off and everyone would be like ‘what the fuck kookie you moron” and he would be so confused and yoongi would have to tell him that he just fucked up big time

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help them

VIXX REACTION to their girlfriend being in a mv like Jay Park mommae or some other sexy mv

I just had so much fun doing this! Hope you like it! 



“Huummm no. Nop. I won’t let you. You’re just my jagi… what will I do if other guys see you as I see you? Nop! No!”


“Ahhh what did you say again? A sexy mv?”


“I’m not really sure about this jagi….”


“You mean like reeal sexy or just regular sexy?… cuz I rather like it than feeling jealous”


“I must be dreaming..”


“Ok.. but I’ll be watching these guys..”


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he knos how much power he got he knows they yellin cus he keeps turning around he knows i wud die & kill for him wow i jst started crine

Look at this cutie!!!
I had to draw him, he was just too cuUTE

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