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All Too Well (M) | Pt. 6

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Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 7,692
Author’s Note: Now, I don’t want to give away too much of this chapter right off the bat, but I’m giving this chapter an ‘M’ rating for a reason.


A lot of things have changed in the past 2 years—you are the last person who would ever try to deny that.

For instance, you don’t know if Yoongi still likes caramel macchiato with his two shots of espresso, or if he still reaches out to cling for the nearest source of warmth while remaining on the brink of unconsciousness, or even if music is still the most important thing in his life. You don’t know if he can still record the lyrics floating around in his mind as easily as gathering strings of cotton candy, or if he hides his emotions underneath miles and miles of apathy. There’s a lot of things you no longer know about Yoongi. You’ve changed a lot in 2 years and it would be foolish and naive to assume that Yoongi had not.

But there’s one thing you know has not changed over the course of that time, and that was how naturally you could fold yourself into Yoongi’s touch, how his lips could still light all the nerves underneath your skin like fire, sparking you into life, and how readily you could feel yourself responding to him.

When Yoongi dives back into for another kiss, one that contains just as much passion, anger, remorse, and desperation as the first one, you can’t deny on returning the gesture with equal frenzy. He still does good in making your mind spin like a top, your sense of gravity severely distorted as you feel like you might topple over if you don’t grip onto the closest thing that just so happens to be the fabric of Yoongi’s t-shirt. The material is soft in between your fingers, clenching it to pull him closer and he doesn’t protest. The kiss is hard, teeth and tongue and shallow breathing as Yoongi grips the edges of the makeup counter behind you as a means to cage you in and keep himself grounded.

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Hey there, Harvesters!

It’s been an extremely long time since we last talked to you. First, we’d like to say Happy Blackout! Second, we’d like to apologize for disappearing without a word for so long. To keep things short there were a lot of things that transpired in our personal lives separate from each other that completely knocked us out of the running from a minute there. We took that time not only to grow as artists, but as people. We’ve recovered and are back on track!

However, we have some bad news. Well, technically good news as well! For a lot of reasons, we have decided to start to fresh. If you look on this blog and our main comic blog, you’ll see they’ve both been wiped. There were so many inconsistencies and a load of other reasons as to why we wanted a clean start. This time around, we’ll be bringing you a style that is much more unique and personal to us with an even better story than before. We won’t be relaunching until October 31st, but we will be releasing a bunch of things until that point, including new and updated character designs.

We’re really sorry for the sudden change, but trust us. It will ultimately be for the best! And to those of you who have been waiting for our return, we’re back and ready to bring you the best we’ve got!

Thank you so much! We love all of our readers and those who interact with us. We’re excited to see what comes next!

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Favourite band/artist: Fall Out Boy 

Fictional characters I’d date: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

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Oooh!! What are the reasons behind the backgrounds in your Thomas Sanders personality doodles? They're so adorable and cute, by the way! You're an awesome artist! :D

Aww! Thank you so much!!!🙌🏾

And the reason behind each background, starting with Logic, those are puzzle pieces! Cause Thomas mentioned a while ago that putting puzzles together is his logical side(if I remember correctly). And they were blue and yellow because I googled color meanings and both blue and yellow popped up as “intellect” or “intelligence”.

With Morality i went with Pink cause that color symbolizes love, friendship, honor, (morality lol) and general success! I googled patterns and the one I used popped up along with another one and I just felt like it really fit Thomas’ Dad character! I also did a red line for “Love” cause in a more recent video Morality was referred to as Thomas’ “heart” so..! Lol

For Princey I went with a purple background cause that’s the color for royalty!! And the design I again googled “royalty pattern” and the one I used I liked the best and just seemed to work with this character. Plus I revamped his outfit a bit. Added some shoulder..pad things(idk what they’re called) and 2 gold chains and a red pin. I tried to stay true to the original outfit as best I could! And if I have to explain the music note then we have a problem lol

Then we have Anxiety! His background was actually the first one I came up with. I figured a fractured background would be cool cause sometimes that’s how you feel when your anxiety kicks in! You just feel kinda broken(at least that’s how it is for me)

Lastly. We have Thomas himself. I put him in the baseball tee cause it’s one of my faves! I originally wanted to put him in the SU shirt but everyone always draws him in that and I wanted to do something different! Plus I think the white on that shirt created a good contrast with the background. Speaking of which. I combined all the backgrounds of the previous drawings into one cause he’s all of those things wrapped into one(obviously lol)! And why I went with a circle for each background? idk just thought it looked cool! Plus I don’t normally do backgrounds so this was fun to experiment with!

Oh! The little stars by his head? Why not? Lol and then the bands on his wrists!! I don’t think I ever mentioned this before, but those bands represent all the social media platforms he’s on! Dark blue is Tumblr. Yellow is Snapchat. Red is YouTube. Light blue is Twitter. And lastly, green is Vine(RIP)!

And there ya have it! One big ol explanation of this series lol hope that all makes sense! ✌🏾️

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McHanzo is too cute. I love both McCree and Hanzos personality separately and together they are beautiful. I think reason I stayed into it for so long though is the community and all the art and fan fiction. There are so many talented people due to the fact that the ship is so popular. It also might be the fact that they are my two most played characters with McCree with 27 hours and Hanzo with 16 hours. (Followed by Ana)

McHanzo community is one of the nicest I encountered! Well, OW community is pretty much this, mostly when it comes to this artistic part of it. I love it!

And Hanzo is that way for me too, though I main Reaper.

Making “Popular” Friends 101

Ok, so I keep hearing from people I know and seeing posts about how hard it is to make friends, especially popular creators and artist ones. How when you do, they are not what you thought they would be. As a person who has been at both ends of this spectrum, I have had some less then stellar experiences with popular blogs and I have had a lot of less then stellar experiences with people trying to befriend me, I would like to share some tips.

Here are 16 pointers to keep in mind when making friends with artists and/or other popular creators.

1: Realize that if your goal for befriending them is simply BECAUSE they are popular, then you are doing it for the wrong reason. There is a huge difference between, “they have a lot of followers I need to know them,” and “I really like what they do, but they seem to have a lot of followers.”

2: If your goal for talking to them is to get something out of them, whether it is art, a ship, public attention, self validation, or anything of the like, then you are still doing it wrong. They are people, not dispensers, respect that. As their own person they reserve the right to choose who they give their resources to.

3: Understand that you are NOT the only person trying to get their attention at any given point. You are one among many who may be trying to befriend them. It is a lot for a person to take in, and they simply do not have the time nor energy to build deep personable relationships with every person they talk to.

4: Actually contacting them. Use only means they provide to contact them. Do not get their skype, discord, or any other contact info from a second hand party. This will make them incredibly uncomfortable and feel like you are invading their space. If there is no way to privately contact them, then make an effort to leave kind replies and like their work. Eventually this will stick in their mind and you will become a positive interaction for when you can contact them.

5: So you have their contact now and the opportunity to talk to them. Don’t push it. You only barely met this person, you have to build a standing with them and make an impression. Do not expect a deep personal connection with them simply because you small talked a couple times. Friendship takes time and dedication.

6: Realize that at the beginning, the desire for a deep friendship is purely one-sided, and that’s OK! You know how cool you are, they don’t. If you get angry that they are not as into talking to you as you are with them, then you need to take a step back.

7. Be yourself, but the best part of yourself. It is ok to express yourself and be strange or eccentric. It is not ok to expect someone to right off the bat accept all your flaws just because. It takes time to see past a persons flaws, let them get to know your good side before expecting them to tolerate your bad side.

8: Be aware that not all personality types click. You may be strongly drawn to this person, but on their end they may not feel that friendship spark. They have a right to choose their close friends based on what makes them happy, just as much as you do. However this does not mean they don’t like you, and don’t welcome you messaging them.

9: Be prepared for different preferences, beliefs, desires, and so on. Friends can and will have differences between them. This does not mean you have to change, or they have to. It simply means being tolerant and understanding. Do not try to force them to take on your views in order to be your friend.

10: Your friendship can not be measured by the “amount” or “quality” of your interactions. There are a lot of people who have deep long conversations with even casual friends, and then there are some who barely talk to anyone, but still consider them their closest friends. It’s ok to worry if you are in good standing. Do not, however, assume your position with someone, but share in open conversation to know where you stand with them.

11: Do not play mind games. Maybe things are fading, or were not very strong to begin with. This is not excuse to play mind games, “testing” the legitimacy of your friendship. The biggest example of such mind games is “they never message me first, so I just won’t message them until they do.” More often then not, you will only be upset by the outcome, or make the person run in fear of a clingy relationship.

12: Do not cling for dear life. The harder you hold something the more you make it choke and want to run from you. These are people, they want their freedom to talk to who they want, do what they want, and spend their time how they want. Being upset because they do not devote that time to you is harmful to your emotions, and can become harmful to this person you want to be your friend. Sit back, relax a little and let things happen naturally.

13: So you are now friends with this person. Do not use this as a status symbol for yourself. Whether they are famous or not has nothing to do with you. They got there themselves. Yes, they may help promote you at some point. This does not mean you can brag about your friendship to others, or about what you get from them. This is all around not cool, and will only make your friend feel used like a sort of object.

14: Do not make every little issue into a public matter to guarder sympathy or to pressure the person to do what you want them to. This not only ruins friendships, but destroys trust. Don’t think people are unaware of what you are doing and why, they are not that dumb. More often you will make people completely uninvolved question themselves and only push even more people away. And in all it’s kinda a cruddy thing to do anyways.

15: It might not work out. There is always the possibility that it just won’t work. You tried everything, you pushed forward and darn it they just would not bite. This does not make you a bad friend and this does not make them a bad person. There are billions of people on this planet, we can’t all be friends, that’s life.

16: If it doesn’t work out, do not go on a rampage about how awful the person is just because they could not see you for as cool as you see yourself. This will only make a negative impression about you. Even vague-ing is a bad idea because you will not only ostracize those who you tried to be friends with, but possible current or future friends.

All in all, I hope that this helped to open a few eyes. I’m not trying to pick on anyone, heck I HAVE DONE SOME OF THESE NO-NOS BEFORE. No one is perfect, but we need to keep in mind that people are people no matter their status and should be treated as equals. So happy friend-making!

I will now talk about something that is in my head.

I am passionate to the point of eccentricity with Martin and Gonff. 

Personally, I don’t see anything romantic here. I don’t see a lot of romance in the Redwalls in general, which is part of the reason I love them so much – Jacques deals mainly with emotional attachment, which sometimes manifests itself in romance. Even in Martin’s relationship with Rose, romance is only hinted at, but their relationship goes beyond. 

Back to Gonff. First of all, I think it’s super interesting how similar Gonff and Rose are. They’re both musicians. Artists. They never go halfway on things. They’re passionate. Neither of them are willing to put up with any of Martin’s moodiness. These are traits he’s obviously drawn to. He only knows Rose for a little while, long enough to knows that whatever she has, he likes it. I imagine that’s why he loves Gonff so much so fast. He admires Gonff, and even tries to reflect him, in his own way. You can see it in the progression of his character: compare angsty teenage Martin to cheerful, lighthearted Martin in Legend of Luke. Gonff has rubbed off on him. 

One of the reasons I can’t ship them is because Gonff is so aggressively heterosexual (which I find a little hilarious). He is dedicated Columbine, which Martin obviously supports and encourages (by now we know that our hero is the biggest shipper in the series) and there is never a shade of tension in the mix. In fact, Gonff himself says that Columbine knows Martin as well as he does. They kind of adopt him. It doesn’t take much deduction to see that Martin’s family life was nonexistent. Gonff and Columbine don’t accept that. It’s kinda funny. Like, here’s this big tough warrior, slayer of tyrants, savior of Mossflower, folks are writing songs about him, and Gonff and Columbine are over here like “Come here we need you to cut this cake with your battlesword.”

Battles and legends are nothing special to Martin. He’s grown up with both. There’s no glamour in that for him. The real prize is in what Gonff and Columbine offer. Home life. A little cottage with a flower garden. A hot meal after a long day of good work. That’s luxury. That’s the real reward. That’s Redwall. They can make their tapestries and write their songs, Martin is content with this. With them. 

It’s not about romance. It’s about love

Guys, commanderholly is so cool. She’s super creative and kind and so passionate about what she does. She’s a huge inspiration to me, especially now that I’ve been struggling with moving from college life to the “real world”, feeling really lost both artistically and personally. With the way she approaches cosplay and her work in general, she’s reminded me that I’m an artist because I love it, and no other reason than that.

Anywho. If you haven’t checked out Holly’s videos, go do that thing. c:

My opinions on the signs based purely on sun signs

I’m a Scorpio sun, Aries rising/moon, Libra Mercury, Virgo Venus, and I’m Aries & Venus Dom. 

The signs are not in order of best to worst b/c each sign has pros and cons. They’re really just in order of the signs I have most to least experience with!

1. Virgo: Both my parents and my ex are virgos. I quite enjoy virgos (well, virgo men)! I personally think that they’re very personable, funny, always up for a good time and just very outgoing. Although I hate when they start fights for no reason because they just love being right and they will not back down from a fight until they feel like they’ve won which is the most annoying thing in the world! I think Virgos are both intelligent and artistic. Other than my parents, every virgo I’ve ever met are artistic which is crazy weird. I also think I enjoy virgo males specifically just because mercury sits in my 7th house so go figure! I don’t tend to get along well with female virgos though. I find them annoying, overbearing and they love fighting for no reason. (BUT I LOVE MY MOM OMG BUT YES SHE LOVES FIGHTING LMFAO) But yeah, every virgo female I’ve met other than my mother I cannot stand because for some reason they always pick fights with me over things I know are correct and they’re so god damn annoying like do y'all ever shut up?… :/

2. Leo: My best friend is a Leo! People who have leo suns and different rising signs I find them kind, gentle, not at all the spotlight whores that they’re stereotyped to be. I find that they more just enjoy being appreciated and noticed for the nice things they do. They don’t like feeling unappreciated but really no one does. They’re have such a warm, kind quality. I know another leo but she has a rising leo as well and although I like her, she’s definitely way more overbearing. She loves LOVES attention. It’s like the stereoptyical leo but worse. She loves topping everyone else’s stories and giving advice or her opinions just so the conversation can lead back to her. I personally don’t mind her because i’m used to her, I’ve known her for a long time but we have a group of friends that we met during a course we took together and both the water signs didn’t like her at all because they found her rude and she always interrupted them. I guess since I’m Fire dom I don’t generally mind her, but I can see why people dislike her because of my water sun.

3. Pisces: I LOVE PISCES! I’ve never met a pisces I didn’t like. Male pisces are a little too clingy which I can’t stand but eh. All pisces are ever so kind, good-hearted, energetic, always incredibly positive, always come up with the greatest ideas and for some reason they always find me hilarious so that’s a plus! I just think Pisces are fantastic. They’re always kind, gentle, honest, and they always have the wildest stories? Like, I’ve never met a pisces that didn’t have some kind of story to tell. Surprisingly enough though, I do find pisces quit unemotional? They are in relationships often, and they can be in love and like people yes, but even if they’re in love with someone, they can still be cold-hearted about that person and the relationship. It’s the most interesting thing I’ve ever seen. It’s not even the distant way of an air sign, it’s more just… impassiveness? 

4. Cancer: Cancers are incredibly fiery. They are very emotional, they get mad quick and easily and when they get mad they BLOW up. They get sad fast, they get happy fast. They’re just incredibly passionate people. They’re always up for having fun and partying, they never like having a dull moment. All the cancers I know are generally quite sporty. I’ve dated two cancer men in my past, I think cancers in general are really hilarious. I love cancer humour, it’s slightly dry but also really goofy and cheesy. I just really enjoy cancers. They’re always fun to watch, they’re like the best trainwreck you’ll ever meet in your life who’s loyal to no end and will always have your back… but still a trainwreck! They often make bad decisions, specifically because they’re so emotional and don’t think about what they’re doing. Also, all cancers I know are quite sexually promiscuous, they’re flirty, love having sex, and tend to have a lot of little flings. They’re also generally sexy rather than beautiful.

5. Aries: My other best friend is an Aries and I love her! We get each other like no one else’s business. She’s kind, independent, she knows what she wants and never doubts herself, she’s confident, she’s fun. The reason this number is so far down on the list is because I’ve only met two aries in my life. I think aries are just such fun signs, they will never turn down a party, they love to laugh and are always doing something every weekend. They are, however, quite unemotional. They don’t really like the cheesy emotional crap, they are the kind of person that won’t really say I love you back to their friend just because it makes them uncomfortable, but you know they are saying it in their hearts haha. If you know an Aries, you’ll probably realize you don’t know too much about their personal life and their feelings because Aries always like to keep it light and fun. They’re just not out here to live for emotion and connection, they’re just out here to have a good time really.

6. Taurus: I’ve met some.. interesting taurus’ in my life. One of my best friends is my Taurus, we are definitely opposites but that’s what so great about us, over the years she’s really the friend that’s helped me grow as a person and vice versa. She’s THE kindest person I’ve ever met in my life. There is absolutely no one as kind and selfless as her. She cares about everyone and everything and she could never say a bad word about ANYONE even if they were outright mean to her. I find all Taurus really kind like that, they’re very gentle and just quite quiet people, not because they’re shy necessarily but because they’re just more reserved. I don’t find Taurus’ stubborn at all, I think they’re all quite soft-spoken actually. They are passionate about things they care about, but the Tauruses I know would never push their opinions on you because they don’t agree, they’re just stubborn in the sense that you cannot change their minds about things because they know who they are and what they believe in. One of the most practical and sure signs I’ve ever met really, they know their identity and live life accordingly. They also don’t like being pushed out of their comfort zone at all because they just KNOW who they are and will stay in their lane. They’re also really beautiful, but not in a drop-dead-gorgeous way, just in a very natural way that almost surprises you when you notice it.

7. Scorpio: I’ve met scorpios in my life and they’re headstrong, quiet. Scorpios tend to keep their opinions to themselves unless asked of course and then they’ll go onto this passionate rant. A con about Scorpios is that they LOOOVE doing this thing where they say “I think you… (assumption on their feelings, opinions, personality” and it’s so annoying because like, damn you’re not always right. Chill out a sec y’all. But I also think that they’re generally really kind and honest. Very sensitive sign who will be loyal to no end. They value their friendships and they will do anything for the people they love which makes them amazing friends, family members, partners, etc. They don’t like bullshit and if you’re looking for a protective warrior type, this is probably the best person for you.

8. Libra: I’ve only really met one libra I’ve liked so far (sorry!) All the libras I’ve met have been very rude and they’re just really far up their own asses for some reason? I don’t know. They’re also heavy gossipers and they talk shit about their friends all the time I’ve noticed. The libra I do like though is amazingly kind, she’s such a great air personality. She’s always a joy to be around, she has such an upbeat and positive energy it’s like being uplifted whenever you’re around her. She’s always laughing and has a huge smile on her face and she doesn’t take much seriously. Libras I find are actually kind of impulsive at times, I think it’s because they know if they’re not, they’ll just mull over something for a long time before they do it so a lot of Libras deal with it through impulsiveness. Libras are also very independent; they enjoy friends but don’t need them, and are very adventurous souls. They love doing new and exciting things. Also, they’re always beautiful, especially their eyes.

9. Sagittarius: From my experience, they’re quite quiet but they have this air of strong, knowledgeable, brave, independent. You can just tell they’re not shy people and they are very headstrong but they don’t tend to show all their marbles right away. They also have this shy, gentle disposition, they are just kind of sensitive people, they care about their family and relationships, they’re just strong people but they’re still also very very emotional. They get worked up very easy.

10. Gemini: Uh, my childhood best friend. Geminis always have a lot of friends and are never alone. They can make you feel both unimportant and the most unimportant person in the room just by spending time with you. They’re outgoing and they are very catty. The backstabbing label that follows this sign is quite true in my opinion, one Gemini I knew used to always talk shit about all her friends and turn on them in a dime. I don’t have too much to say about geminis though so, that’s it.

11. Capricorn: I dated a Capricorn once. They’re funny, outgoing, witty, kind. I don’t have too much to say about capricorns? Idk. I’ve never gotten along with a boyfriend as well as I did with him, it was like talking to the same person. It was the easiest relationship I’ve ever been in.

12. Aquarius: Actually not as distant as they’re rumoured to be. They actually seem to crave romance and relationships. They’re very intelligent, kind, a little quirky, and a lot of times seem unemotional and tend to know a lot of random facts. They’re nice people, I just don’t talk to them much or am close with any of them.


I’ve been re-watching Legends of Tomorrow recently, and decided that I absolutely had to draw the Nerd Twins. Ray and Martin were actually the main reasons I was excited about Legends, because I loved both of them when they showed up on Flash. (Also, I was excited about getting to know Jax and Sara better, but I’ve always been a sucker for scientist characters so these two in particular stood out.)

Ray has a strangely proportioned face, and I don’t think I’ve ever actually drawn someone with grey hair before, so this was a bit of an adventure. But for a first attempt at drawing both of them, I’m pretty pleased with the results.

Does Stan Know Bill?

Yes, we’re using this picture again, deal with it

It’s true that Stan and Bill are very similar. They both have the same outgoing, laid-back personality, as they are both tricksters and con-artists. And they both dress well (wearing bow ties). They both lie. However, Bill is a demon and Stan is good at heart. But still, it is eerie how alike they are.

Maybe there’s a reason for it. Maybe they know each other. Maybe they met before…

Maybe Stan knows Bill…

Both Stan and Bill have said the exact same phrase: “Eeny meeny miny you” when referring to Dipper. Plus they both mentioned buying gold (Bill in Dreamscapers and Stan in Boyz Crazy). 

Bill is the Alchemy symbol for fire and Stan has been correlated with fire many times on the show. All of his effigies (Wax Stan, Puppet Stan, Balloon Stan) have either burned or melted. He faked his death in a fiery car crash. He was burned by the portal etc.

Also, in Dreamscapers, Stan says something that we find a bit odd.

After Gideon bursts into the Mystery Shack and gloats about taking the deed, Dipper says “But we defeated Bill?” to which Gideon replies “Bill failed me” and Stan says:

“What? Bill? Who? What are you guys talking about?”

Starting at around 22:07

He looks and sounds genuinely confused, however, something isn’t quite right with the exchange. For one thing, when Stan says this he looks to the side as if he’s trying to recall something. Perhaps he remembers something about this Bill character? 

It could be nothing, but maybe that scene was a carefully placed clue, showing that Stan may know more about Bill than he leads on.

Stan was also suspiciously absent throughout The Last Mabelcorn, even after Ford called a family meeting. So, we have yet to see Stan confirm if he knows about Bill or not.

The show is hiding something, we can feel it. 

So, does Stan know about Bill? It’s possible… However, one thing is for certain, Bill sure knows about Stan.

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What could all this mean?


Stan met Bill years ago while searching for the rest of the Journals, but didn’t know he was evil because he didn’t have Journal 3 yet. Bill told him some stuff, which is where he picked up the phrases “eeny meeny miny you” and “buy gold” (and perhaps knowledge of the apocalypse?) and the affable triangle eventually gained his trust. 

Which we all know is a very bad idea…

When Stan finally got Journal 3, he either didn’t read the pages on Bill or skimmed most of the Journal because he was only searching for information on how to start the portal because that’s all he cared about (this is evidenced by a general lack of interest in the supernatural on his part and the fact that after Ford returned, he dropped all interest in the Journals). So, Stan remains oblivious to Bill’s true nature, and probably still trusts him. 

The cipher at the end of The Last Mabelcorn says this:

“A simple man with eager ears may trust the whispers that he hears”

This could foreshadow Stan trusting and making a deal with Bill.

And, if the Bill Wheel Theory is correct, that makes Stan next in line to make a deal with Bill.

The pattern of Bill possession so far has gone: Ford, Gideon, and Dipper, then after Dipper is Stan. 

This is a strong possibility because the end credits pages, when combined, show Stan’s face and hat, but not his eyes.


What do his eyes look like? Could they be Bill’s eyes?

Maybe that’s what all of the Stan dying foreshadowing has been leading up to, that Bill is going to kill Stan.

However, Stan isn’t among Bill’s selection of possible candidates. 

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But still…

What do you guys think?

Miraculous identity theory

I am convinced that Adrien will figure out who Ladybug is before anyone else.

The logic behind this is very simple:

1. Chat noir wants to know who Ladybug is, he is naturally invested, (since he is in love with her) I can totally imagine him thinking through every single possible person she could be.

2. Adrien is has good deductive reasoning. He was able to figure out the real identity of several akuma (when he knew who of the person, like the copy chat artist, and stormy weather)

3. Adrien won’t dismiss Marinette as a potential candidate. This is what distinguishes Adrien from Alya in this case. Both are interested in Ladybug’s identity, but Alya believes that Marinette can’t be Ladybug, not because she doesn’t think her friend can be ladybug, but because Marinette is her best friend, so wouldn’t you think your best friend would tell you everything?

4. Adrien has seen how capable Marinette can be, he probably has a hunch, but not evidence that it is her. He needs definitive proof, Adrien wouldn’t jump unless he was certain on the case. But then again, when it comes to his lady, he doesn’t really think (lol)

cecil helping carlos out in the lab by drawing up all his diagrams because while he is very artistically inclined, carlos is very much NOT and all his diagrams are absolute shit and no one has ever been able to tell what they are (is that a potato?? a rock? who even knows). carlos credits cecil as his Official Scientific Illustrator in his reports and cecil literally cries

(please imagine this scenario both before and after they were dating)

The Discourse👌

I almost never post on this website because it is bad, and it is bad because our current discourse around social justice media critique has, (very intentionally because it turns out weaponizing rhetoric is more productive for attaining social capital than using it to deconstruct the world) decided that there is no difference between critiquing independent and personal work by queer/trans creators (from lonely teen fanartists to indie darlings) and a million dollar mass produced product workshopped to awkwardly acknowledge our existence, and the reason why these critiques MUST be different is because mass produced narratives made by people who are not us to be sold to us are suspect both in their intentions and their understanding of us while the fanart by queer young folx, let alone any other work by queer independent artists, reflects a portion of their internal truth on some level that must be respected, and if you aren’t your intentions in critiquing art betray you.

If you care about art by and for queer and/or trans folx, the self-righteous flame of a callout extends not the slightest bit of care to folx young and old discovering themselves—you truest care would be to extend your own interpretation and hope that they listen, not simply because we deserve each other’s kindness but because you do not own the experience more than any other one of us, no matter how young they are, and you by definition cannot tell them what they feel, because that will never work, it’s patronizing and you would never have listened to the same from another, so instead you should act like a god damn adult and give them tools to better understand the world and why they feel those things, and if you’re not prepared to do that sort of work you’re clearly not cut out for it.


I feel very lucky to be part of “Zootopia”, a film that audiences loved and one that shared a very important message with the world. That alone makes the long hours and sacrifices worth it. This was a very challenging project for me for many reasons, both artistically and personally. For now I can only learn from my mistakes and try to improve on “Moana”. Here is some of the animation I did on “Zootopia”, although a lot is gone due to story changes…which made the film a lot better:D Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

Harassment is not ok.

I’ve just learned that Zamii070, an artist in the Steven Universe and Homestuck fandoms is currently getting harassed on both here and deviantart, and she even has a blog that’s publicly detailing all her “transgressions”.

(edit: turns out what I thought was doxxing was a joke blog.)

Holy fucking shit why does tumblr continue to be so awful? You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Say it with me now, children:


I guess I’m one of the few SNS artists drawing Sasuke with both arms now, and it seems mosts fanartists that do this are demonized by the fandom for doing so (especially because a certain other pairing alwsys does it for the worst reasons). So now I feel I need to clarify why I choose to draw Sasuke with both arms.

I have no problem with Sasuke having one arm. I don’t. I have no problem with him being disabled. Seriously, I don’t.

But I have a problem with why.

On the surface I liked the idea that Naruto and Sasuke lost their arms together after their fight, that it was the culmination of their battle and the beginning of a conversation they needed to have, and that Sasuke not taking the new arm and Naruto using the bandages could remind them of that battle for the rest of their lives….but Kishi ruined it. When he said he only decided last minute to remove their arms for the sake of making the scene more gory the scene suddenly felt so…cheap. Knowing he originally intended to leave them holding hands made me feel like he used tearing their arms off not only for shock value but as an easy way out of showing them more intimate. And that really bothers me.

And then to top it all off only Sasuke, out of the two of them, decides to live his life with only one arm. This only increases my horrid feeling that Naruto doesn’t reciprocate Sasuke’s feelings to the intensity that Sasuke loves him. Naruto let Sasuke leave, Naruto got married while Sasuke was away, he got a new arm when Sasuke refused for sentimental reasons. Having the bandages, which SP forgets to draw half the time, feels like an unequal expression next to Sasuke’s gesture, and it bothers me because I wonder if Sasuke feels the same way.

One-armed Sasuke just doesn’t hold the significance it should to me. And it’s not because Sasuke has one arm, it’s the reasons behind it. If Kishi had simply let things be and not opened his big mouth I absolutely would’ve accepted it, but he did, and he poisoned my image of that moment between Naruto and Sasuke and left a bitter taste in my mouth. So just like Gaiden!Sauce not having a duckbutt I view one-armed!Sauce as a seperate entity from original Sasuke, because they both represent a Sasuke that lost something to a whim of Kishimoto’s that feels cheap in the end, much like everything from that point on.


based loosely from this video (little au)

olly was just finishing up his shower after his afternoon workout with his personal trainer. with his calendar coming out soon, his fans were pleasantly shocked to see that he was going shirtless. usually very shy about his body, olly was starting to come out of his shell. the heat, one of the most popular magazines had asked demi lovato and himself to do a photoshoot together. daring down to less clothes. reasonings being that they worked together  and were on a getting fit phase and both are releasing very anticipated albums at the same time. the two up and coming artists were asked to pose for a covershoot together. they got along well, everything seemed so natural and light hearted between the two of them.

the subject of her hotel came up when her manager was trying to make many different calls about a place for her and her team to stay for the week. olly was quick to offer his guest home; it was across his huge yard, still personal for someone like demi. and it was only a few hour later after getting ready, demi was knocking on his backdoor. he raised a brow, quickly walking over to unlock the sliding door and allow both her and his great dane, zeus, back into the house, “hey, is everything okay?” 

Thank you, anons. ^-^ ))
I appreciate your messages and will keep them in my askbox.

I will continue to stand up for my art, since artists should not be subjected to what other people feel entitled to do to their work without getting permission from the creators, or being turned invisible by having their work posted without credit, as if the art exists on its own.

I also vehemently stand against the use of hurtful insults and name-calling towards any person. Stop that. What do people hope to achieve by using words of hate? Instead, we should work on explaining things and present reasons for why something is acceptable or not. I have been bullied before, both in person and online. You may have experienced it as well. It is not a productive behaviour for anyone involved. Even when I am angry at someone because of their actions or words, I would not wish harm on them. My goal is to share my reasons for being angry/upset in the hopes that the other person understands how their behaviour can affect others. The spread of understanding via reasons and sharing perspectives is more effective at changing the behaviour of people than using insults and ugly words. Let’s keep respect going around for everyone.