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Do you still do headcanons? If you do, could you tell me abt middle school pidge


  • I don’t want to shoehorn Pidge’s character and say she was a gamer gremlin but like… Pidge is a gremlin.
    • “What’s up scrublords.”
  • I feel like Pidge was Exceedingly Self-Aware but then she fell down the irony rabbithole
    • Pidge: I’m just being ironic
    • Matt: But… Katie… where does it end?
    • Pidge: (crying) help me
  • She went to Matt’s old middle school, which meant that Everyone knew she was THE younger sister of the Holy Father, the king of this nerdy middle school, the crown prince of NASA: Matthew Friggen Holt.
    • Every Single Teacher: ‘Holt?’ As in… ‘Matt Holt?’ Oh! Are you the Katie that Mattie was always talking about??
    • Pidge: (through gritted teeth) Yep…that’s… me…
  • Pidge: (comes home) Matt, I love you, but I hate you. How did you manage to charm the Home Ec teacher, you literally can’t even cook??
    • Matt: Oh, Mark’s still teaching? Ahhh, he was awesome. That wild son of a gun sure loved banana bread.
  • Honestly though it’s super annoying to be constantly compared to a sibling who went through the school system YEARS AGO… And it’s doubley sucky because Pidge and Matt actually have a lot of interests in common?? So Pidge couldn’t even go in her own real direction…
    • Pidge: UGH. Why are we so similar? Goddamn this family and its nerd genes.
    • Commander Holt: I know, being this scientifically inclined and gifted is such a burden :(
    • Pidge: There’s only one solution… Matt, I’m going to prove that I’m better at everything you love.
    • Matt: haha, k
  • Pidge probably realized she was gay due to Homestuck. Like, as a whole, there’s a lot to regret about Homestuck… but, it normalized a lot of LGBT+ things for me, and I’ll always be thankful for that.
    • Pidge: Homestuck taught me that it was okay to be gay.
    • Lance: Like… That’s literally such a great and awesome sentiment… But you’ve somehow made it, bad.
    • Hunk: Cursed sentence.
  • Middle schooler Pidge was probably a compulsive collector of gossip. Like, she can do absolutely nothing with this knowledge, but she still… Has to know. She was pretty much a third party to all the major drama that happened for no reason other than that she’s nosy lmao
  • Can you imagine the LENGTHS Pidge went to to get out of gym class, or to at least do the bare minimum?? Tbh Pidge probably climbed up the rope once and got stuck lol. That or she escaped through the ceiling boards lmaoo
    • One year through a LOT of misdirection Pidge was able to get her entire class out of the mile run. Her teacher just assumed they did it in September and the truth didn’t come out until June when they were supposed to run it again. But the entire point of the mile run is to compare your before/after times and if there’s no before time… (Pidge voice) then there’s no reason to run for an after time, is there???
    • Pidge was hailed a saint by her gym class for her brave efforts.
  • One day this random student brought a waffle maker to lunch and Pidge immediately sprinted over to 1. Get a waffle and 2. Fiddle with the machine until it was working at 200% capacity. They started a business, became best friends, and created a new unit of measurement: wpm (waffles per minute).
  • Pidge tragically faced the curse that all wlw shared… All her middle school crushes inevitably had boyfriends :(( Pidge could never catch a break. Even with the whirlwind romances that define middle school, she never managed to time it right. Rip.

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The fake email generator is a real thing. It's actually super useful to get things that require signing up to get them (like if you want a free font or something but don't want to get all those annoying promo emails afterwards). I don't think you can keep fake emails forever though (it only exists for as long as the page is open, or some only exist for like 20 minutes), so I guess abby tran just creates new adresses smh, so pathetic (NEVER STOP REPORTING)

wow smfh that school better reply to me ASAP!!! 

Seventeen Hip-Hop Unit Highschool!au

Here’s the HipHop unit version of the highschool au thang, enjoy :3

Vocal Unit is here



- Is he a teasing flirt?

- Is he a squishy baby bear?

- Is he both? Is that possible?

- No one knows

- He’s not a gym person, he doesn’t really play any sports, but he’s still looks really fit and strong and his shoulders are all wide and buff, and his arms are buff, and he’s …We don’t know, he confuses everyone

- He touches your hair some when he’s being playful, and he likes to be super gentlemanly and carry your things for you and give you piggyback rides if your feet hurt and give you his jacket

- or sometimes he’ll just backhug you because ‘then everyone’s happy’

- He’s a joyful little bundle of riddles. But its also a little frustrating. It’s just confusing, okay


-          Quiet with strangers

-          But also approachable ..?

-          Super genuine and real

-          Can’t sing, knows it, does it anyway just to annoy people

-          Except when you walk in, then he gets all awks and quiet.

-          If you talk to him he’s probably just going to stutter and get really red and it’s adorable

-          Be gentle with him plz thanks

-          Also raps (sometimes its great and then sometimes it’s like smtm…   ………..BUT we don’t talk about that!! On to happier times!!)


-          Does he belong in the elementary school or the high school though? Askin’ the real questions

-          Papabear/babybear S.Coups brings him tissue packets

-          Mischievious trouble maker, teachers keep a close eye on him

-          Kind of how he keeps a close eye on you in a different sort of way *wiggles eyebrows aggressively

-          TEASE

-          Constantly trying to put you at a loss for words, And whenever he does, his smirk only intensifies and his face does that thing where he looks like a disney villain if that villain were simultaneously a seven year old who just put glue in some poor girl’s hair and a tall, broad shouldered young MAN MAN who just made a girl get all blushie :3 which is basically how his flirting goes, he’s either seven or a stud, no in between

-          Eyebrows

-          All the eyebrow raises, eyebrow quirks, eyebrow wiggles, all of that

-          Btw, did I mention smirks and eyebrows


-          Shy SHYYYY SHYYYYYYY boy *SECRET plays in the background

-          Sits in the back corner of the class and sometimes zones out and looks out the window but he doesn’t mean to, he’s just kinda spacey, but all the teachers are like D’awwww :3 we’ll let it slide because he’s a sweetie

-          Few friends, but they’re all the best and nicest people in the school

-          Gets super quiet and shy (even more than usual, which people didn’t know was possible)

-          But he also kind of lowkey takes care of you, like if you forgot a pencil, you don’t even have to ask anyone, he just notices immediately and hands you his and when you smile and say thank you he just lights up a little bit and feels all warm and fuzzy inside

-          All his friends notice but no one says anything because it’s so endearing and they worry that if anyone mentions it he’ll *shooop back into his shell


Now to update my masterlist, and after that back to Got7 shtuff

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vetyr vetyr! do you know anything about gesture? What's your approach to it?

I know a wee bit about gesture.  I don’t usually do normal gesture drawings (though I would still recommend them to people, b/c they are super fun), but I pay careful attention to the body’s rhythm- its bends, curves, twists, whatever- when I study people in pics and real life.  If I’m drawing a person from imagination and I can’t seem to get the pose right, I’ll often draw a line of action, maybe some rough shapes, so that I can see the image in my head.

Personally, I subscribe to the notion of “you just gotta feel the gesture man.” That used to annoy me when I first started drawing because there was absolutely no analysis involved in it. I didn’t have a way to systematically deconstruct what was happening, and my intuition was still forming, and it just left me very confused.  Unfortunately, “feeling the gesture” is essentially the only way you’re gonna truly internalize gesture, so at some point you gotta buckle down and draw a ton of people or animals (or whatever you want).  If you’re still learning this stuff, good luck to you.

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hi sorry if im being annoying haha, its the love anon from before.I wanted to say thanks for ur help because it changed the way i was thinking about a lot of things. I was just wondering though how do you learn to believe that someone loves you too? because he keeps saying it but i dont know how to believe it I guess?? idk sorry I just wanted to say thabks I guess haha you dont have to answer if you dont want to

Hello friend! 

First of all you are most definitely NOT being annoying, so no worries there! Please always feel free to come into my inbox if you need someone to talk to. 

Second, yay!! I’m so glad I was helpful!! For reference for anyone else, this is the ask in question.

Third l o l oh boy okay here we go. I’m gonna be real honest with you dude, bear with me. So as previously stated, your first question was one of the things I am worst at in life. But this one just so happens to be my number one issue at all ever, because I am actually terrible at believing that people genuinely care about me. @greek-praetor can confirm, he deals with it all the time, I’m just absolutely the worst at believing in and accepting any kind of love. But, here we go, I’m gonna take a stab at this one anyways.

I think my biggest issue is that it’s very easy to say “I love you,” and not mean it. It’s also very easy to say “I love you,” and think you mean it, but actually be super infatuated and not realize that it’s not genuine at all. It’s also really hard sometimes to differentiate between the kinds of love. Sometimes people think they mean it in like an I-want-to-marry-you kind of way, and they actually mean it in an I-just-really-want-to-have-sex-with-you-because-hormones kind of way, and when that wears off, you’re sort of left with nothing. Sometimes they just mean it in an I-care-about-you kind of way, because sometimes people don’t differentiate between the things they’re saying, and that one is also hard to deal with, because I feel like caring about a person and loving a person is quite different - I talk about that here

Words in general, are just words. “I miss you too” is just a phrase. “I love you” is quite simple to string together at the end of the day. “You’re beautiful,” “you’re amazing,” “you’re so nice,” they’re all words. And it’s hard because there’s always going to be another person that’s beautiful, and amazing, and nice. So it’s really hard to sit there and think “yeah but this person loves me.” Because what if they don’t some day? 

So for me what matters are the actions that go with the words. When they say “I’ll call you later,” do they actually call? When a promise is made, is it kept? When a time is set to meet, is it followed through with? They’re not big things - they’re little words, meaningless things he probably doesn’t even think about. But I always think about them. Because to me, forgetting to call later feels like forgetting me. Tying “I promise” onto something just because, and then forgetting about it, makes promises lose their value. If I’m making time for you because I want to spend time with you, and you can’t do the same for me, then clearly something is amiss. 

If you’re there when he needs you, is he there when you need him? If he talks about making memories with you, does he want new memories, or is he trying to replace old ones? 

I’m a go big or go home kind of girl. I would go to the ends of the earth for the people I love. I’m the girl who mailed cookies across international boarders to surprise one of my best friends she needed them. I’m the girl who intended to just send a post card to the guy I love, and then saw a t-shirt I thought he’d like, so instead of putting it down like a reasonable human being, I gathered up an armful of other stuff I thought he’d appreciate and then shipped it 1300 miles. 

And it’s not just about big gestures. When I love people, I surround myself with them and then I cry lol. I’ll watch their favorite movie, read their favorite book, binge their favorite show, listen to their favorite songs. I do that because I want to know them, and be close to them, and that’s how you really get a person, I feel like. Through the things they love. And for me, I feel like that’s how you know how much a person loves you. How much time do they spend wanting to know you? 

I will never get sick of nor will I ever have enough of the people I love. And there’s having someone say that to you, and then there’s seeing them prove it, and knowing it’s true. So I guess that’s the difference for me. Because words only go so far, and because I’m someone who goes so hard, and other people don’t usually care as much. And of course there’s the fact that I inherently feel like a nuisance and just expect people to leave me l o l, but it’s usually the little things that they don’t notice that would make me feel like they just might stay. 

So uh yeah, there you go! I hope this one’s also helpful? Sorry if my tone’s a little more somber this time around. I wish you all of the best in your endeavors, and I really hope he loves you, and that you grow to believe it. Speaking as someone who doesn’t believe, lemme tell ya, it’s not fun lol. Sending so many hugs your way, and again, my inbox is always open. <3

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Also saw someone mention Black Cliver earlier Basically its Naruto with magic except the characters are actually likable and the protag has no real super powers. And the Sasuke rival guy isn't an annoying little emo shit. Its not great though.

golly, a shonen sounds derivative

i’m shocked

another pathetic year another follow forever! i wanna get sappy real quick and just thank all of you for sticking with me for so long even though im super annoying and sad like all the time. i love this website bc of the incredible people ive gotten to know. i also want to thank a few of you that helped me reach my christmas goal even though it seemed impossible to me and also thank you to everyone who recently followed me it means a lot and i hope to not disappoint but i probably will. I love every single person i follow and if youre not on here its probably bc i just forgot or ive only recently followed you, but i still love you!! i hope all you guys had a happy holiday and i hope 2016 brings really good things bc you all deserve it. 😘🐻✨


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