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What's your opinion on the theory that Dipper is treated unfairly throughout GF? For example, Dipper sacrifices a lot for Mabel, while she only seems to sacrifice her sock-puppet show for him. There are also many suggestions in the show that some episodes overlap, like that from July 11-15, Sock Opera, Blendin's Game and Into the Bunker overlap. Which means D was under a LOT of pressure that week and he sacrificed a LOT for his sister. But she doesn't thank him for that. What are your thoughts?

See, maybe it’s the big sister in me, because I’ve never understood this particular complaint. The fact is, Dipper loves Mabel so much that her happiness is his own; his actions of sacrifice on her behalf are freely chosen. That’s why Bill’s behavior in “Sock Opera” is so insidious; he builds on Dipper’s momentary frustration with Mabel (why won’t she help me?!?!) by bringing up the various ways he’s helped her in the past, implying that she hasn’t done much to return the favor. He seeks to engender resentment where there was none, where Dipper was previously unwilling to give him so much as a stitch of Mabel’s puppet show; hey, she worked hard on those.

The key assertion I have to address here is that “Dipper sacrifices a lot for Mabel, while she only seems to sacrifice her sock-puppet show for him.” I imagine that viewers come to the conclusion that Dipper has the losing end because, when they compare Dipper’s problems to Mabel’s, they see Dipper’s as more serious. Dipper has a crush he can’t shake (relatable), Mabel is gaga over a pig she just saw at the fair (less relatable); Dipper is pursuing the latest lead in his search for the Author (important), Mabel is rigging up an elaborate puppet show to impress the Boy of the Week (unimportant). Yet the show is always keenly aware that Mabel’s problems, as trivial as they may seem to us, are as important to her as Dipper’s are to him. Bill highlights this when he says, “Who would sacrifice everything they’d worked for just for their dumb sibling?”, causing Mabel to respond, “Dipper would.” Dipper’s “everything” is his investigation of Gravity Falls and Mabel’s “everything” is her puppet show, but each of their projects is everything. Coming from Mabel, the sacrifice of the sock puppet show–and, by extension, of a shot at the “epic summer romance” she’s been seeking as ardently as Dipper has been seeking the answers to his questions–is a very real loss, one she’s willing to accept because Dipper would do and has done as much for her.

Nor is Mabel’s puppet show the only casualty of her greater love for her brother; the loss of her dream world is no mean thing. Mabeland might not be to everyone’s taste (I would personally have thinned out the crowd and lowered the 80s club music a notch), but it’s Mabel’s ideal universe; it’s a world where everything is as she wants it, where she’s never bored or lonely, where every boy loves her, where the high court judge is a kitten. With the threat of change weighing on her and the most important relationship of her life under siege, the prison bubble presents Mabel with an irresistible retreat. Bill, who has banked on human greed in the past to great success, believes that the trap is inescapable, that no one handed all their heart’s desires on a plate will be capable of leaving (just as Mabel is taken in by her desperation to stop time, Dipper wavers when presented with the possibility of growing up on the spot). But without Dipper, all of it is hollow; she prefers in the end to leave her safe place and to follow him into an uncertain world.

For much of the show, Dipper is the more responsible one within the context of their relationship. Regardless of actual birth order, Mabel is the baby; sometimes the baby gets in a habit of relying on charm to carry her through, taking it for granted that her older siblings will always step up to the plate on her behalf, because she’s just that cute (looking at you, youngest sibling in my own family). But if Mabel’s occasional thoughtlessness with regard to Dipper is a character flaw, it’s worth measuring against the depth of her concern for the world at large, a quality that Dipper himself, who tends to value his select group, could stand to learn from. Dipper’s only real issue with the destruction of Northwest Manor and all of its visitors is that Mabel happens to be among them; Mabel is the first to see the potential for redemption in Pacifica, even though Dipper is the one who becomes close to her.

But Mabel loves Dipper more than anyone, and she is grateful to him for everything he does for her and shows it. She apologizes to him at the end of “Sock Opera” for letting a transient enthusiasm skew her priorities: “I spent all week obsessing over a dumb guy. But the dumb guy I should have cared about was you.” After escaping the prison bubble, she makes it clear to him that he can stay with Ford if he wants to–her noblest moment in the series, because Dipper is her entire world, infinitely more to her than crushes and pet pigs and magical trees that grow stuffed animals. He stays with her, not out of guilty obligation, but because he wants to be with her–because she’s his best friend, because growing up without her would be unthinkable. He’s a fair-minded guy, not one to take the fall without good reason–when he operates against her in “The Time-Traveler’s Pig,” he does so on the assumption that her pig is an enthusiasm of the moment and that his love for Wendy is permanent. When he realizes that losing Waddles will truly hurt her, he doesn’t hesitate. “I could never break your heart, Mabel.”

But look at how she thanks him. She knows this wasn’t easy for him and she’s ready to show him how much it means to her. She tackles him in sheer strength of feeling. She lifts him right off his feet.

Treated unfairly? Dipper gets back everything he gives away with interest. Dipper’s happiness is his sister’s happiness and he always gets it because he is her happiness. Dipper is a lucky kid.

Cutie (Chris Beck X Reader)

Y’all I just really missed writing Chris okay. Also YAY 200 FOLLOWERS

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“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” you mumbled, bouncing on the balls of your feet. Next to you, Dr. Beck chuckled, shaking his head. You turned to him, quirking your head to the side in a questioning manner. 

“What’s so funny, Beck?” you asked, eliciting yet another laugh.

“what are you ‘oh my god’ing about?” he asked, turning to face you, not before adding, “and that’s Dr. Beck to you, missy.” You giggled, continuing to nervously bounce. 

“Well,you know, it’s just that this is the last day of training, and in three days we’re gonna be in SPACE!” you exclaimed excitedly, causing the man beside you to smile. 

“Yeah, then I’m going to be stuck with you for months and months on end,” Chris faked annoyance, making you gasp and playfully hit his arm. 

“Hey, you two! Quit flirting, we have training to do,” Watney called, a cheeky smile on his face as he walked away. You were positive your cheeks had turned bright red, so you turned away from Chris as to not embarrass yourself. The problem with the guy was, you actually did like him. Of course, he could never know because it is not permitted for crew mates to be romantic with each other before or during the flight. 

“Oi, I’ll have to get him back later,” Chris mumbled, making you laugh.

“I like the idea of a revenge plan,” you replied, mischief sparkling in your eyes. You both set off down the hall towards the training area, hatching a revenge plan the whole time. 

-3 hours later-

You were all getting a break from training to have some sort of lunch. The whole crew headed towards the cafe, chatting animatedly about the upcoming launch. Martinez and Watney were having a competition to see who could make the best sexual innuendo, while Commander Lewis tried to keep a straight face. Behind them, Johanssen read something on her e-reader, hardly looking at where she was going. 

“(Y/l/n), come get a sandwich with me,” Beck whined, grabbing your hand and dragging you to the line. You smiled at this loose, childish side of him that didn’t come out often. You ere so enthralled by it- by him, really. He was simultaneously smart, caring, adorable, sweet, and dorky all at the same time. That was the reason you fell head of heels for him practically on the first day of training. 

“Which sandwich should i get?” he asked, scanning his eyes over the many options. 

“I say the turkey sandwich,” you said, and he nodded quickly, ordering one from the guy behind the counter. 

“I’m gonna miss real food so much once we’re in space,” he pouted, leaning against the counter as we waited for his food. You nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, me too, especially my Nona’s cooking,” you said thoughtfully, tummy growling at the thought of her delicious food. 

“It’s okay though, i’ll have you on board with me! I’d give up real food for you any day,” he grinned, making your heart pound. 

“Ditto, cutie,” you replied, also grinning, until you realized what you just said. Your hand flew up to cover your mouth and your eyes widened. 

“Nope. No, I did not just say that.I’m gonna just.. go over..there,” you stuttered, backing away. Chris held a blank face for a moment, then he broke out laughing. 

“Relax, (y/n)! You think I’m cute,” he teased, drawing out the end of ‘cute’. You turned firetruck red, looking anywhere except for him. 

“Yeah, I did. But it doesn’t change anything, kay? We’re going to space in three days, I can’t ruin that now,” you explained, finally looking up to meet his eyes. 

“That’s okay,” he smiled,” I can wait.”

soulmate! Mingyu (carat version)

requested by anon: “Mingyu soulmate au where hes a idol and the soulmate is a carat. Thanks!”

in which you have a clock that starts at birth and counts time until you meet your soulmate, which it then stops

part 2

  • you seriously have never been so excited in your life
  • this is the moment where you wish you could say “i’m about to meet seventeen” 
  • but no, let’s try to shoot for the lower baskets first
  • aka, you’re in L.A. for a little bit, before you and your friends drive to disneyland 
  • this is your spring break, a well needed break before you have to stress out for finals week
  • and as your first day here after a long road trip, everyone’s too tired to go out to some fancy place
  • so, you and your friend were put on snack duty and at the closest convenience store to your hotel
  • entering, your friend and you go to the drinks first
  • “hey how much cash you got on you” she asks
  • you smirk and answer “seventeen”
  • svt was your ulti group, you’d been a carat since adore u and your one goal in life: seeing seventeen live
  • she groans but laughs at your weird facial expressions, “STOP. But really though?”
  • “seventeen teen teen”
  • she takes the bottle of water she was holding and smacks your arms, not so gently
  • “oh my godeeuuuu” 
  • she almost smacks you again at your seventeen reference
  • by now all your friends knew of svt
  • you glanced down at your wrist, a habit formed from years of checking
  • the clock was still going and it was easy to tell ten minutes had passed since leaving the hotel
  • you used it often to keep track of time
  • even though you knew its real purpose
  • to stop the moment you met your soulmate
  • you’d never really been interested in searching like other of your friends have
  • going around randomly, looking at the clock on your wrist and waiting for it to stop
  • it didn’t sound very… romantic
  • at that moment thirteen guys are three aisles over arguing over what kind of ramen they should buy
  • “mingyu-yah get this one” 
  • “no no i trust jisoo hyung he’s probably had all the american ramen before”
  • mingyu kind of just blanks them out and stares at the two brands lost in thought
  • suddenly he hears something and speaks,
  • “seungkwan-ah did you hear someone say seventeen teen teen and oh my godeu”
  • the argument over ramen ceases
  • “ayeee mingyu what kinda shit you saying now, you must be really hungry”
  • “no no no hyung i feel weird”
  • “there’s no way right?” woozi says, everyone knowing what he was implying
  • the others shake the thought off as they resume arguing, only a few of the members notice mingyu setting the ramen down and walking down the aisle
  • meanwhile you and your friend ignore the commotion, too busy with your own
  • “okay i’ll get chips, you get some ramen” you say
  • going straight to where they have the hot cheetos, you grab two bags
  • “hey you want any other-”
  • as you turn around your face almost hits someone’s chest
  • your immediate thought is
  • “what giant did you just run into, lmao this would be me if i ever met mingyu”
  • you back up and look up to apologize
  • and then jump in shock 
  • getting a look at his face you realize, 
  • “holy fucking shit, kill me now”
  • “ah i’m sorry” he says distractedly in an incredibly cute accent
  • you’re screaming internally, though for all you know you could have been screaming aloud
  • are you seeing things? bc this must be one hell of a dream
  • that’s the only explanation of why kim mingyu is standing in front of you at a freaking convenience store
  • fate isn’t playing some kind of cruel trick on you right?
  • everything in your brain clicks together and of course i first thing you say is,
  • “i’m really sorry to ask you this but i’m a carat and i really love seventeen and your music and i’d really like it if you could like sign?”
  • these words rush out your mouth way to fast for his comprehension
  • he laughs confusedly and smiles, “carat?”
  • you almost slap your forehead, how embarrassing can you get
  • “yes, can you sign?” 
  • he smiles, “yes”
  • you thank the lord for this one moment where you didn’t clean out your purse and pull out a sharpie 
  • showing him your clear phone case you hold out the sharpie to him
  • he takes this moment to look at your wrist subconsciously, something he’s done most of his life when meeting people
  • he feels conflicted, when he also sees a timer on your wrist which has stopped
  • because although he can’t really speak that much english, he thinks you’re really pretty
  • so he kind of just ignores it,
  • thinking you already found your soulmate and couldn’t possibly be his
  • unknown to you, he recognized your voice from the seventeen teen teen earlier 
  • grabbing the pen, he takes another habitual glimpse at his own wrist before he signs
  • you hear the pen hit the floor and feel lost
  • “um -”
  • “OH MY GOD” 
  • he yells something in korean which you barely understand
  • twelve other boys come tumbling through the aisles yelling 
  • you’re going to have a heart attack
  • in a split second your head registers exactly who is in front of you
  • mother effing seventeen teen teen
  • aka the people who give you heart attacks on a daily basis
  • aka your one goal in life
  • mingyu talks quickly to all them, glancing back at you every second
  • you’re still standing there frozen in shock, like wtf just happened
  • and tbh you’re still confused on what they’re doing/ talking about
  • until
  • joshua smiles at you and grins
  • “you’ve just met your soulmate”
  • your first reaction: “?!?!?!" 
  • and immediately to look at your wrist and notice the timer has in fact stopped
  • you suddenly can’t breathe and both you and mingyu make eye contact
  • holding three packs of ramen your friend comes beside you
  • “what’d i miss?”
  • “everything girl. fucking everything.”
  • despite the almost movie like encounter, you and mingyu had some problems
  • to name a few,
  • he’s an idol
  • your a college student
  • um, language barrier
  • pretty sure you have to know more than annyeonghaseyo & saranghae
  • you show you friend you wrist and the first thing she does is squeals, grab both your hands and jump up and down
  • “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!! you know what! y’all spend time together, get to know one another WHATEVER, i’ll pay for everything! you come back to the hotel whenever!” 
  • she leaves giving you a hug and waving bye to the seventeen boys
  • suddenly this whole thing hits you, like damn these aren’t just some people you stare at from a screen, you guys actually have a personal connection
  • “so um annyeonghasyo? my name’s y/n” 
  • you are surprisingly able to be composed
  • the smile doesn’t fall from his face
  • “kim mingyu”
  • seungkwan starts saying something and everyone starts talking
  • somehow joshua and vernon get your phone and type in mingyus number plus adding everyones too
  • you get five minutes together before they have to leave
  • because of the language barrier, you both can’t say as much as you want
  • “i’ll try my very best to learn korean, soulmate”
  • “i try best at english?” mingyu says cutely
  • you laugh, and the time together comes to an end when their manager calls them home
  • with a leap of boldness, you wrap your arms around his waist tightly
  • you feel him stiffen but then wrap his arms around your shoulder tightly
  • suddenly you feel yourself being lift off the ground 
  • “KIM MINGYU” you screech, giggling
  • he sets you down with a grin on his face
  • “annyeong soulmate~” his to his members who are loudly saying stuff a mingyu
  • before he walks out he turns around one last time and lifts his phone to his ears yelling something in korean
  • “CALL ME!!”

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part 2

The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic Drunk

(After a long night of pub crawling, our party is heading home. Our warlock is attempting to have a meaningful drunken conversation with an even more drunk ranger who just wants her bed.)

Ranger: I’m flopped on top of Soot [her giant dog companion] and letting him carry me home.

Warlock: Ciarà, wake up, I’m saying important things!

Warlock’s Sprite: I can Heartsight her for you if you want!

Warlock: Noooooooooo, she’s not evil.

Warlock’s Sprite: She could be! She might’ve turned evil–

Warlock: She’s not evil!

Warlock’s Sprite: Some people call alcohol the devil’s water!

Warlock: No, it’s not real evil, though. Not like, literally.

Paladin Bard: [to sprite] You should really learn to cut loose, man.

Warlock: It’s not like Infernal or Fiendish water.

Warlock’s Sprite: Hey! Hey! Fuck [the Paladin Bard]! I could cut loose if I wanted to.

Warlock: Yeah, I agree, like, fuck that guy, but no.

Camp Camp Summer Line by Christine B. (@ah-gavino)

It’s almost time for summer campers! 

This was just a little project I had been working on for a little while, and I wanted to share it! By no way am I a designer or an expert in photoshop, but I had this small idea of redesigning some cute outfits in an RT style! (I have some RWBY, Lets Play, and general RT outfits planned..) Hope you guys enjoy them! 

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Okay, real talk, though. Panda is such a genuine guy and he’s actually one of my favorites ever because he’s got an amazing personality, sense of humor, and his content is A+ stuff. like, if you don’t watch Panda, you should start. He’s honestly amazing.

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Hi!! Any "we've been talking online but don't know each other" sterek fics? Or "I'm in love with this online dude but it's actually my friend the whole time/or he's been in front of me the whole time" sterek fics? Or anything close to this sort of trope?

Got a bit of both for you!  -Emmy

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When You’re Ready by Julibean19 

(3,008 I Mature I Complete)  *veteran!derek, disabled!derek, librarian!stiles, online dating

He wasn’t going to do it again.  He wasn’t going to let another date look at him in horror.  Derek refused to be seen as a freak.  He was just going to find a new job, move out of his parent’s house, and die alone.  

“Just one more date Derek, please!” Laura begged, following him down the stairs and waving her phone at his back.  

“I said no!  You don’t know what it’s like,” Derek muttered, suddenly defeated.

“I know babe,” Laura told him, coming up to wrap an arm around her little brother, standing up on her tippy toes until she could lay her head on his shoulder.  “But look at this guy.  He’s gorgeous.”

Derek couldn’t resist a quick glance at the dating app.  Damnit.  Laura was right, as always.  The guy was gorgeous.  A mole dotted face with an adorably upturned nose smirked at him from behind a pair of square framed glasses, and he could feel his resolve crumbling.

(500) Days of Sitting in Front of the Computer by orphan_account

(4,115 I Teen I Complete)  *gamer!stiles, gamer!derek

The boy, Stiles Stilinski, had always been into MMORPGs. The other boy, Ithuriel, had always been into MMORPGs as well, albeit secretly. The Alpha, Derek Hale, was possibly the object of Stiles’s affections. One day, Stiles met Ithuriel.

But be warned, this is not a tragedy in which Derek Hale saves Stiles’s virtue from Ithuriel. That would be ridiculous.

This is a love story.

Catfish by ericaismeg 

(9,165 I General I Complete)  *online dating, alive!hale family

“You make it difficult for a guy to get a date in this town, Danny,” Stiles says.

Danny snorts. “You do not have to follow the Guy Code for people I’ve only gone on one shitty date with, you know.”

OR: the one where Stiles gets Erica to sign him up on OK Cupid and tries some online dating. Also, maybe circumstances lead him to hanging out with his crush more than he expected?

Do You Wanna Date my Avatar?  by Renmackree 

(18,399 I Teen I Complete)   *gamers, online dating, online relationship

Scott frowned, grabbing the game case and reading it out loud.

“Become the Hero you’ve always wanted to be. Battle monsters, witches, dragons, and all the mythical beasts of the World of Fantasy. Play as a Human, Elf, Dwarf and other special races included in the basic game. Stiles this so stupid. Who the hell would want to play as a Werewolf?” Scott threw the game back on the bed and leaned back in the chair.

Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon by secondstar 

(21,317 I Explicit I Complete)   *online friendship, highschool au

Being a teenager sucks. Being a werewolf teenager sucks even more. With a life full of holding back who he really is, not having any privacy whatsoever, and the seemingly sudden appearance of one Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale’s life just got a whole lot harder.

I Should Meet You Because I Love You by derekstilinski 

(22,573 I Mature I Complete)

Derek and Stiles meet online, and then in real life.

For Science by grimm, Tsuminoaru 

(35,959 I Explicit I Complete)  *college au, craigslist, werewolves known, minor Deucalion/Stiles

From his textbooks, Stiles had gotten the impression that vampires had a weird, stretched out look to them — slightly too-long limbs and pale skin. This guy, though, he looked human, broad-shouldered and clearly muscular even under a loose sweatshirt. He wasn’t pale at all, his skin lightly tanned, hair dark, eyes pale. They narrowed at Stiles and Stiles froze as the man looked him up and down, clearly judging him. He must have passed the test, though, because the man kind of shrugged and said, “Take off your clothes.”

On Building a Family from the Ground Up by itschristaleigh (lizleminem) 

(38,455 I Explicit I Complete)  *online dating, kid fic

Erica signs Derek up for an online dating site as a joke. At first, he’s just pissed about it, but then her and Boyd announce they’re getting married and suddenly he really does need a date. Meanwhile, Laura becomes a foster mom, and Derek worries about growing way too attached to kids who are eventually going to be given a new home anyway.

Or, how, five years after the fire, Derek learns to open back up and create his own family from the people who occupy his life now.

Alpha and Omega by XX0Jessie0XX 

(58,579 I Explicit I Complete)  *high school au, omega!stiles, werewolves known, online relationships

High School AU: Derek is the head Lacrosse player at Beacon Hills High School and Stiles is an Omega that no one really knows. Stiles had been talking to someone online and wished they would meet up in real life but he knows it won’t ever happen. He could only wish.

My Heart’s Been Offline by thepsychicclam 

(58,893 I Explicit I Complete)  *famous!hales, online relationships

31/M/New York. Rich, lays in bed all day, likes to read (aka Derek Hale, son of an Oscar winning actress, brother of one obnoxious reality star and one rebellious fashion designer, hates the paparazzi so much he’s a recluse)

26/M/California. Boring office job, likes to read (aka Stiles Stilinski, co-owner of a 100 acre organic farm with his dad and two best friends, writer of obits for a newspaper, has absolutely no life)

Or, where Derek and Stiles meet online, and Stiles has no clue Derek’s part of a famous family.

The Silence Between by GoforthAndConquer 

(66,492 I Explicit I Complete)

When Stiles began volunteering at the Beacon Hills Crisis Center, all he hoped for was to help out kids (like him) that needed somewhere to turn. He didn’t expect to find something that he needed in a stranger’s voice on the other end of the line.

Prior to season one. Mostly canon-compliant.

[as Lance and Shiro are both staring at Keith.]

Shiro: Did Keith get a new shirt?

Lance: No, you’ve seen that before. Never with that jacket though.

Shiro: We should probably stop staring before it gets creepy though.

Lance: Yeah.

Allura: Too late. You guys are losers.

Levi x Shy Reader - Say it with words

It was one of those days. You were used to cleaning and scrubbing the windows, shelves and floors but it was the fact that you were practically the only one doing it. Well, that was half true. All of your friends were ordered to clean as well, but you were the only one actually doing any of the work. You were stood by one of the windows in your cleaning uniform concentrating on the work you were asked to do. Your friends, however, were just stood chatting to each other.

The sound of angry, raised voices came from a pair of boys: Eren and Jean, nothing new. Mikasa watched them closely, she didn’t mind raised voices but if any contact was involved she would be there in the blink of an eye. Another sound distracted you from them, it was Sasha and Connie making karate noises again. They moved their limbs around slowly, occasionally swinging at the other. The feather dusters they had were used instead of real fighting equipment. They were your friends and you appreciated that they were having fun but you would rather they helped out a little. The only person that seemed to be doing work was Armin, though he had to stop once Jean and Eren started arguing.

You began to worry that you would all be punished for not doing the work so you decided to speak up, “um… Guys?” Your quiet voice only just managed to make it’s way through the other voices. Everyone except Sasha and Connie turned their attention to you. “Maybe we should get back to cleaning. Captain Levi won’t be pleased if it’s not up to his standard.”

“I suppose you’re right, [F/N]. But I want to finish dealing with this joker first.” Jean looked back at Eren with an angry expression. Eren immediately drew his attention to him, “Hey who are you calling a joker?” He took hold of Jean’s collar which made Jean do the same to him.

“Guys! You got to stop fighting.” Armin’s worried voice was almost drowned out by the squabbling.

This was the point at which Mikasa began to separate the two of them.

Something drew Armin’s attention to the door and a look of worry grew on his features, “Guys I can hear someone coming.”

“Huh?” The two males stopped speaking and tried to listen out, but Connie and Sasha were still making those karate noises.

“Quiet you two!” The noises stopped suddenly and everything was silent… Except for the tapping of footsteps becoming louder. “Damnit, Armin’s right!”

Everyone ran to the nearest area and attempted to make it look like they had been cleaning all this time. You had kept yourself by the window you had been cleaning before.

The door swung open, each one of you expected it to be Levi on the other side of the door so you braced yourselves for the worst… But instead of Levi entering, squad leader Mike strolled passed all of you. Once he was gone you could see and feel the tension in the room drop completely. “Thank Maria… I thought it was going to be Captain shortie.” Jean huffed.

Suddenly, the door swung open again, this time it was Levi. Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Everyone began cleaning again, knowing that if it looked like they hadn’t been doing so they would most likely be forced to do laps.

“Get back to work, brats.” Levi’s voice was as deep as always, it sent a chill up your spine. He began to examine the room; looking for any speck of dust he could find to make you all have a punishment. He started at Jean and Eren’s spots, making his way around the room. Running his finger over every surface and rubbing his forefinger and thumb together whenever he found something he wasn’t pleased with. He would say nothing apart from “Tch” and “Filthy”.

It didn’t take long for him to come across to the windows you were tasked with cleaning. You kept your head down as he walked passed you, feeling his eyes bury into your body. It didn’t really help that you were rather attracted to the short man. Well, who in the survey corps wasn’t?

He ran his finger over the window you had just been cleaning, but he didn’t feel the need to rub his finger and thumb together. You lifted your head to see what was going on but looked away again once you saw his silver eyes on you once again.

Levi shifted his body so he was facing everyone, “Are you all seriously expecting me to think that you cleaned this place?”

… Silence…

“30 laps, all of you, now. And don’t think you can get out of it, I have your uniforms in my office so you can’t change back.”

You and your friends began to make your way to the door, until Levi spoke again, “Except [F/N], it seems you were the only one who obeyed me and actually cleaned. You can change into your uniform.”

You felt a small wave of happiness, knowing that your hard work had paid off. But you still felt a little bad for your friends. You gave them a small smile before heading to your room to change.


You looked around for your uniform in every corner of you room, but they were still nowhere to be seen. Why now? Where the heck could they-

You facepalmed.

Levi had taken everyone’s uniforms into his office, yours obviously with them. Felling a little stupid, you started making your way to Levi’s office through the corridor. On the way you passed Mike again. You didn’t make eye-contact with him, it was like awkwardly passing teachers in the hallway when you were meant to be in class.

It wasn’t long before you found yourself just outside Levi’s office; feeling a little hezitant, you quietly knocked.

“Who is it?” Levi’s low voice echoed.

“It-it’s [F/N] [L/N], sir.”

Levi opened the door and saw that you were still in your cleaning clothes, “I thought I told you to change?”

“I know sir, but I can’t find my uniform… I-I think it was with everyone else’s uniforms. Would it be alright if I fetched them?

Levi was silent for a moment… "Tch. I gave them to someone to wash and they won’t be done for a while.”

Your heart sank. This cleaning uniform was already uncomfortable and now you had to wear it even longer. “Oh… I see, thank you anywa-”

“Come inside. I’ll get a spare set of my own uniform, you can wear that.” He lead you in before going through another door at the other side of the room.

You felt very strange. You didn’t really want to wear his clothing but you thought it would be rude to refuse the offer. The door behind you was shut and Levi had left you in his office alone so you weren’t quite sure what to do with yourself. In front of you was Levi’s desk, as always it was the cleanest desk you had seen, but something caught your eye. Whatever Levi had been writing before you had knocked seemed to have your name on it. Leaning over his desk, you tried to get a loser look. However, he had placed a blank piece of paper over it, as if trying to hide it and the more you leaned over you could see scrunched up pieces of paper scattered by his chair.

This was odd behaviour for Levi and you knew that perfectly well. A noise drew your attention to the side, seeing a clearly unimpressed Levi standing with his arms locked over his chest. Immediately, you returned back to a normal standing position with a light shade of pink on your cheeks.

“Tch. Go and get changed, brat, and wear everything I put out for you.”

You did as he said and entered the room he just came from. What did he mean by everything? What you didn’t realise was that this room was actually Levi’s bedroom, and as expected it was the cleanest bedroom in the whole place. On his bed was a very neatly folded set of uniform.

It didn’t take too long to put the uniform on but his shirt was very tight, specifically around the chest area. You tugged and pulled on the shirt, trying your best to cover yourself up but you knew it was no use. When you looked back at the bed you saw one last piece of clothing: a cravat.

“So that’s what he meant.” you said with a hint of relief in your tone.

The only problem was that you had no idea how to tie it… You tried and tried but every time it just turned out to be a mess. Though you didn’t want to, you knew that all you could do was go out as the way you were.

When you exited Levi’s bedroom you were still desperately trying to tie the cravat, or at least make it presentable. He turned his head to face you, but what you didn’t see was the look he gave you in that uniform. He didn’t expect the shirt to be that tight.

You had been struggling with the cravat for a while and it was still a complete mess.

Levi stood from his chair and carefully came to aid you. He removed your hands from the white material before tying it correctly. As he did this you were looking straight into his deep, concentrating eyes. But what you didn’t realise is that he was holding his breath.

Your cheeks suddenly turned red once he caught you staring and you looked away to try and hide it.

“Done.” was all he decided to say before returning to his desk.

“Th-thank you sir…” you quickly made your way to the door with your hands still covering your chest, you were about to leave until you heard Levi’s voice again.

“[F/N], it’s not a good idea to walk around like that. Just stay here until your uniform has dried.”

You gave a sheepish nod before taking a seat on the sofa by the door. You kept your head down and stared at your feet.

“You are allowed to talk you know,” Levi said without removing his eyes from his work, “you never seem to speak when I’m around.”

“Oh… well, I suppose I never really know what to say.” you felt a little guilty, maybe he thought you didn’t like him?

“Then write it down.” you lifted your head to see him looking straight at you, “If you can’t say or show it then write it.” you weren’t really sure what he meant so you gave him a little look of confusion.

A sigh escaped his lips. “I’ll give you an example…” he picked up a folded piece of paper and began to stand. “Let’s say that someone looks stoic, emotionless and cold. They may even act that way towards someone that they’ve known for a while now. But this person feels differently about that someone compared to everyone else.” His feet slowly began to guide him towards you. “That person desperately wants to tell that ‘someone’ how they feel but they don’t know how to say it or how they are going to react.” he stopped directly in front of you. You looked up at him and saw a strange softness in his gaze, it gave you a strange feeling in your stomach.

“Maybe the only way they can tell them is by writing it down.” he held out the folded paper to you and you nervously took it from his hands, your cheeks were now red and you could feel your heart racing.

Levi took a seat next to you as you began to unfold the paper. There were only four words written on it but that one sentence left your whole face red and heart beating furiously inside your chest.

“I never knew how to tell you but I guess I can say it now.” you turned your attention to him so he could finish. “[F/N], I love you.”

You covered your mouth with your hands and the small piece of paper, unable to say anything. Levi wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into a tight hug, you wasted no time in doing the same to him..

“I’ve always loved you and I will continue to, [F/N]”

You pulled away slightly so you could look into his eyes again. Suddenly, you felt yourself move your face towards his and before you knew it your lips were touching.

When you pulled away you saw slight surprise in his eyes which made you giggle, “I didn’t know what to say and there wasn’t a pen nearby.”

If you think about becoming a Monbebe you might want to read this and rethink you choice

(pls read until the very end)

First off, I wasn’t that much into Monsta X’s music or into the members themselves before (after facing a lot of problems) I decided to go to the Monsta X Beautiful first world tour concert in Berlin with two of my friends. I even asked people on tumblr for something like a Monsta X starter-kit (shoutout to @princechaewons ,@nooshpresents , @stanmonstaxandnct for telling me what to watch)

A K-Pop group in Europe? In my home country? Only a one-hour flight away from my hometown? That’s a RARE occasion and I had to take this chance even though they are not one of my bias groups. I didn’t pay THAT much for the tickets (45€/53$(US)) so I didn’t expect too much from it.

We finally stood in front of the Tempodrom (the concert hall) like half an hour before we were able to enter it. The queue was all over the place and after almost 2 hours of waiting I got impatient but I had such great conversations with other Monbebes (great fans tbh 10/10 would talk to again). Everything went smooth after getting in and finding our assigned seats and the actual view was shocking, as I already said I didn’t expect much but do have some sort of expectation.

We sat on the outermost row, slightly more on the right side. With 3500-3800 people in there you would think that your only friend will be the screens on the side to somewhat guess what’s happening in front of you but I was totally wrong, we had such a f*cking great view. I was able to pretty much see every single facial expression and the acoustic was also kind of impressive.


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superspies-and-apple-pie  asked:

Also possibly a bit of NB!Alex? Maybe more of domestic Sanvers and Kara and Adrian interacting? Today's been a bit of a shit day in terms of feeling like I'm normal and valid and not being purposefully ignored and shot down.

It’s Sunday.

It’s Sunday, and – miraculously – they both have off.

It’s Sunday and they both have off and there’s not a Cadmus invasion in sight.

It’s Sunday, and it’s noon, and they’ve refused to get out of bed – a combination of naked Sunday morning cuddles and lazy Sunday morning sex, and Maggie tracing, kissing, caressing the scars painted on Alex’s torso, and Alex whispering how much they love her in as many languages as they can speak, traipsing their gentle fingers, their tongue, down Maggie’s throat, her collarbone, her breasts.

It’s Sunday and Kara and Adrian don’t bother knocking, but they probably should have.

“Whoa, guys, seriously? It’s noon! Did you forget about us?” Adrian squeals and turns around, covering his eyes even though his back is now to his queer moms.

Kara does the same, groaning and furiously adjusting her glasses.

“Maggie, can you please get some clothes on my sibling?”

“And yourself, Mags, I mean let’s be real: both of your bodies are bangin, but I’m your kid and Kara’s your sister and we’re not trying to think about you like that.”

“Wait, Ade, does that make me your aunt? Oh Rao, that is just – ”

“Nope, nah, I take it back. Brother. I’m their little brother. We’re all siblings here. Except those two. Are you dressed yet?”

They both have to fight their instincts not to turn around when they hear a small crash, a string of curses from Alex’s lips, and giggles and dirty talk from Maggie’s, which Adrian might not be able to hear, but Kara sure can.

She hums loudly and sticks her fingers in her ears and turns to whisper-shout to Adrian.

“They still need a few minutes.”

“No we don’t you nerds, you can turn around now.”

They do, and Maggie’s in boxers and Alex’s flannel and Alex in flannel pajama pants and an oversized NCPD shirt.

“Well if that’s not the gayest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Adrian dodges the pillows Alex and Maggie both launch at him, and Alex turns away, chuckling.

“I’m gonna shower. Babe, coffee please? Do you mind?”

“You got it, handsome,” Maggie kisses them softly, and Kara sighs happily.

“Awww, Maggie, they make you so happy. And, you know, more than a little bit whipped.”

He squeals as Maggie lunges to wrap her arms around his waist and tickle him senseless.

“He’s not wrong,” Kara chimes as she takes down four mugs.

“Sure, but he’s still fun to tickle. Lucky your binder gives you some shielding, kid.”

Adrian grins and preens. “You notice my arms are getting bigger?”

Maggie puts her hand on his bicep and kisses his cheek. “Oooh, look at you! Oh, I got that, Kid Danvers. You wanna go set chill on the couch? You had a long night last night, you don’t have to make the coffee.”

“Seems like you had a long night too,” Kara teases, her eyes on the complete disarray that is Alex’s bed.

“I swear you two are a bad influence on each other.”

Kara and Adrian beam and put their heads together like they’re posing for a picture.

Maggie chuckles and wonders when this family started happening. If – across the world and across the universe – it was always destined to happen.

It certainly feels that way.

By the time Alex comes out of the shower, their pajamas replaced by their glasses and the Star City University hoodie and sweats Adrian bought them during his first term, Maggie and Adrian have pancakes cooking and coffee brewing, and Kara – despite Maggie telling her to rest on the couch – is padding around the kitchen with them, sticking her fingers in the pancake batter and licking them clean at every opportunity.

“Hey pretty lady,” Alex kisses the back of Maggie’s neck, and Maggie melts into their arms.

“Mmm, you smell good.”

“I should hope so, they just showered!”

“You’re such a menace, Ade.”

“My straight mama raised me better than that, but queer mama raised me right.”

Alex fives him around Maggie’s body and Maggie heaves a mock groan.

“Maggie, can I flip the pancakes?” Kara wants to know, and Maggie normally doesn’t let anyone other than Adrian cook in her kitchen – and she does, now, consider Alex’s kitchen hers – but Kara’s eyes are wide and eager, and Alex’s arms are strong and warm, so she leans her head back into Alex’s shoulder and hums.

“Flip your heart out, Little Danvers.”

Kara and Adrian high five eagerly and giggle as they each grab a spatula and do battle over the pancakes.

Alex grabs two mugs of coffee and they pad over to the couch with Maggie, giving her the mug with no cream or sugar – gross – and giving her a space to sit, to snuggle, between their legs.

“I make you happy?” they ask after a few minutes of watching Kara and Adrian’s pancake wars.

Maggie turns to look up into Alex’s eyes, a grave expression on her face.

“Of course you do, Danvers. And I make you happy?”

Alex kisses her soft, smooth, permanent, in response, and when they pull back, Maggie’s eyes are shining and her dimples are on full display.

“I like when you answer things nonverbally.”

“Mmm, I bet you do.”

“Not to interrupt the continuance of Sunday morning sexy times, but breakfast is ready!”

“Breakfasssttttt,” Kara moans, reaching across Adrian to grab a pancake with her bare hands.

By the time the coffee is nothing but dregs and the pancakes are nothing but syrupy crumbs, Alex and Maggie are sprawled on the floor, intertwined in each other’s arms, and Kara and Adrian have claimed either side of the couch, his Supergirl socks occasionally doing battle with her fuzzy slipper socks.

They don’t say much as they nap and giggle their way through food coma, through the musical Kara’s put on in ths background, but they’re all thinking, feeling, the same thing:

Chosen family feels so, so, so good.

As It Seems: Chapter 4

Table of Contents

Según Parece: Lista De Contenidos

Summary: You and Dean finally upgrade from the under-the-mattress storage to an actual car where you get caught up on the rest of the team

Word Count: 1984

Warnings: None


~Reader’s POV~

“Aww, they’re so cute, aren’t they?”

The light assaulted my eyelids and I groaned and turned away from it as much as I could, which just elicited a pained grunt from the person beside me. And just like that, everything came hurtling back to me.

“Oh my God, Dean. I’m sorry!” I tried to open my eyes so I could carefully extract myself from this coffin without hurting him more, but let’s be honest here, at the moment I was positive that the attack of light on my optical nerves was just as painful as his gunshot wound. We’d been in the dark for… who knows how long. We’d both fallen asleep a few hours after we passed through the checkpoint without any problems. It could be years later. Centuries, even.

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Characters: Jared x Reader, fans, Jensen

Word Count: 1579

Warnings: implied sex and kinda fluff

Summary: All people ask you about is your past relationships and your relationship status during your panel. They are pleasantly surprised with the end result of their questions.

Authors Note: Honestly, this whole idea came from listening to Intertwined by Dodie. I wanted to have this song as like how they fell in love type thing. This is my first RPF. Also, Jared is single for this. No disrespect to Gen. Hopefully I satisfied your imagination with this! Feedback is always appreciated and enjoy xx

Originally posted by marvelouslyinsane

You slowly woke up in your hotel room with Jared’s arms wrapped around your waist. You lazily look at the time before jumping out of bed, realizing that you were running late for your panel.

Your panel starts in twenty minutes. It takes ten minutes to get there, leaving you with ten minutes to get dressed, and you still have to shower.

You texted Rob that you were going to be running late before taking a quick shower and getting dressed. You were about to rush out the door, then you realized that you hadn’t woken Jared up. You shake him awake and his eyes slowly flutter open.

“Morning sunshine,” you joke as you give him a quick kiss. “I’m running late for my panel, but I’ll see you down there after you get dressed.”

He hums in response, leaning on the headboard, looking at you. “Go on, don’t want to keep the fans waiting.” He smiles at you. “You’ll be great.”

You rush out the hotel room and made it to the panel, even though you were ten minutes late.

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Dating Zhang Yixing Would Include

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

Huang Zitao/ Tao| Kim Jongdae/ Chen| Park Chanyeol| Kim Junmyeon/ Suho| Kim Minseok/ Xiumin| Oh Sehun| Kim Jongin/ Kai| Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.| Byun Baekhyun| Zhang Yixing/ Lay| Lu Han| Wu Yifan/ Kris| Mafia!EXO|

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

In The Daytime

Originally posted by wendeer

  • Him being literally the sweetest man on the whole planet. He’d constantly be showering you with affection and love.
  • The warmest hugs will be with Yixing. Especially when he’s the big spoon, he’d hold you tightly against his chest and press light kisses against your forehead and cheeks.
  • Him dancing around the house randomly.
  • Him being so grateful to have you because you’re the one to remind him that he needs to take breaks, not to overwork himself and that he doesn’t owe anyone anything.
  • He’s literally so temperamental when it comes to sexual innuendos. He’s either going to play along with it, or play dumb just to mess with you.
  • Yixing would mainly flirt with you when he has a reason too. This could be if he’s trying to woo you, or the other members are flirting with you and he wants them to stop and get the hint it’s making him uncomfortable.
  • “What are you doing later {y/n}? We should have some fun of our own.”
  • “Ahh Chanyeol-ah, {y/n} will be too busy in bed with me.”
  • Him buying you random things while he’s away that he thinks you’ll like because he’s a sweetheart and just about everything makes him think of you.
  • Him sending you selcas and videos of himself while he’s away whenever he can because he wants you to know how much he loves and misses you.
  • Him video chatting you whenever he can.
  • Him sending you love letters in the post because he also likes being romantic in an old fashioned kind of way.
  • When he’s home though he’ll be the sweetest man ever.
  • Him cooking you dinner
  • And treating you to dates.
  • He’s all for PDA
  • Kisses and hand holding being at the top of the list
  • With a mix of getting more intimate in public places because he’s a risk taker.
  • The fans adoring you and him loving the fact that you can interact with them and love them as much as he does.
  • Everyone shipping you and him
  • Especially Suho
  • “I’ve always shipped Yixing with love, support and someone who can look after him well. I know you can do that for him {y/n} and I’m very grateful.”
  • Though watch out for Baekhyun, this seemingly harmless guy will try and snatch your man.
  • But the real threat is Baekhyun’s Grandma
  • When he’s home with you he’ll love to just sit and cuddle with you watching dramas and movies under the covers of a soft blanket.
  • Or literally just talking all day about everything and anything.
  • Him constantly wondering about the future.
  • “I think we should have two children, that way-”
  • “Yixing! We’re not even married yet, slow down.”
  • “People don’t have to get married to have children anymore, {y/n}. Times are changing.”
  • Him wanting to have dance battles and singing battles because he’s a child and loves messing around.
  • But he’s not always playful
  • Sometimes he gets stressed, or works too many hours.
  • This is where he’ll really appreciate your hugs and affection
  • He will especially love leaning his head on your chest as you both lie down somewhere comfortable
  • Not in a sexy way
  • But in a comforting way.
  • Him getting jealous when you fangirl over other groups and artists.
  • “Min Yoongi’s mixtape is so amazing! His lyrics are so deep! Did you hear his line ‘y’all get turned on by my tongue technology-”
  • “{y/n}, if you don’t shut up, I’ll make you with my tongue technology.”

At Nighttime

Originally posted by yixinqs

  • Okay but if you can’t handle sweet Yixing in the daytime
  • Then god help you trying to handle hot Yixing in the bedroom
  • Dominance all the way
  • He’d like you underneath him, and he’d treasure the looks of pleasure crossing your face as he used all his strength to make you feel like you’re on top on the world
  • Sexy time would be very much about him making you feel amazing, he cares less about himself.
  • Kinky af
  • He’d be into you calling him Daddy
  • Or trying out whatever the hell you wanted to.
  • Him turning you on with his dark monster concept because he knows you’re into him being a bad boy.
  • But when he’s not being hot he’s going to be the cutest man ever
  • A literal teddy bear
  • Him being the being spoon because he loves the feeling of you in his arms
  • When you’re away he always feels like something’s missing
  • He hates feeling the cold side of the mattress
  • Which is why he always makes the the most of the time that he has with you.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve is head of the Irish Mob, Bucky is head of the Russian Mob and Tony just happens to be friends with them both. Tony invites Bucky out to eat bc "you just have to meet Stevie ! You'll love him Buck." When they see each other they try to keep it civil bc Tony doesn't know they run mobs, and Tony's kidnappers didn't know he was out with said mob bosses. Turns out they made a good team.

Okay, so in my head, this is an AU were polyamory is the norm. So Tony has been dating Steve and Bucky for a while now, and he likes them both, so he wants to introduce them to each other. I have like so many fics that I want to write with this now, so there’s a big chance there’s gonna be a follow-up of this. I’m also contemplating making a account/series on AO3 for this blog.

So, with six minutes left on Saturday, I present you: me, actually keeping a fucking promise I made.



“Okay,” Tony said, slightly out of breath. “I’m pretty sure a mechanic or painter shouldn’t be that good at attacking people with a fork. Like, not at all.” They were standing inside of what once was a cute picturesque little bakery. Now there were a dozen men lying around, some tables were broken, there was broken glass lying everywhere and people were cowering behind what was left of the furniture.
“And I’m pretty sure a middle school teacher shouldn’t be able to kick like that. Damn doll, you sure are flexible,” Bucky said, a smile lingering around his lips as he looked Tony up and down. Tony huffed as he blew some strands of hair out of his face. “My dad made me take self-defence classes since I was five. I could totally take you, hot-stuff.”
“Take me or take me. Because both sound like a fun time to me,” Bucky wiggled his eyebrows, and smiled triumphantly as Tony chuckled.
“Guys, though it is real fun to hear you flirt like that,” Steve drawled, his accent prominent, his sarcasm even more,“ we just kinda gutted more than ten people, so maybe we should get a move on?” He nodded to the window, which was completely shattered from when Steve threw one of the men through it. In the distance you could hear the faint sound of sirens. Bucky sobered up quickly, and nodded.
“You’re right, but first,” he walked to the owner of the petite restaurant, who was cowering behind the showcase. “I’m sorry for your shop,” he said in a soft, but rushed tone. “I’ll have some of my men come by to catalogue what was broken and how much money and manpower you’ll need to repair it. ‘til you’re shop is fixed I’ll of course pay all of your expenses.” The man smiled, obviously relieved, and kisses Bucky’s hand. “My wife and мои девочки thank you, господин.”  
“There is no need to be thankful,” Bucky admonished", “the state of your store is my doing. Мои извинения. Tell Alonya I said hello, and tell her to be careful; Bruce said she needed bedrest, but I know her. You picked a headstrong wife.” The man smiled softly. “Да, I did indeed. I wouldn’t give her up for the world.”  
Bucky stood op from the crouch he was in and bowed his head to the man. Then he looked at Tony and Steve took their hands and walked out of the bakery, leaving the men lying on the ground in the bakery.

※ ※ ※  

“So, am I going to get answers, or are we going to pretend that was all totally normal, and not at all creepy and a little bit hot,” Tony asked, as they were strolling through the streets, all of them eating ice-cream. Steve and Bucky looked at each other, over Tony’s head. Steve nodded, and Bucky grinned.

The Crow’s Nest: A few thoughts on Oliver & SW

For those hating on Oliver right now: I feel you. I understand that you’re confused, that a character you just don’t get is making stupid choices.

From my experience with people, everyone is just plain stupid. Including me. I did a stupid thing yesterday that I had to pay the price today. It happens. We are irrational, skeptic, fearful, biased, and imperfect personages. We’re human.

And saying that one person is never at fault is not true. Even if it’s only 1% of the blame, we all make mistakes.

For Oliver, Susan is easy. In 5x05, Human Target comes into play, and tells Oliver that Felicity has moved on, and he should to. HT sets Oliver up to correspond with SW. He tells Oliver that since he’s become Oliver, he tells him that he should go for it.

Oliver goes for it. I mean, HT essentially tells him what to do. Have you ever wanted someone else to make a decision for you? To have your doppleganger to appear out of the sky and say, “Look! Date that one!” And so he takes an easy road. His life is hard. He’s mayor by day, hero by night. When does this guy sleep? 6am to 8am probably. And here is this guy telling him that a beautiful woman is interested in him and he should go for it.

Before he does though, he talks to Felicity.

“ I want you to be happy, and in the spirit of that, I think that you owe it to yourself to find out if what you have with Billy is real, and I owe it to myself to embrace whatever’s next for–for me when I’m not (the GA)”

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A dream is a wish your heart makes - Bucky x Reader - ONESHOT (Alternative version)

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ Actually when writing this some days ago, I had mutiple ideas to this request and I couldn’t resist to write this alternative version. I hope you enjoy! ♥

Request - “Can you please write something where the reader didn’t sleep very well and she tells the avengers about a legend where if you can’t sleep that means someone is dreaming about you, and Bucky stops doing whatever he’s doing and realizes he was dreaming about the reader?“

Words - 1,314

Warnings - Fluff

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

After a nice shower, relaxing your lightly sore muscles from the early training and making you feel fresh and new, ready to start a new day, you decide that it’s finally time for some tasty breakfast.

By the time you were showering a good number of people have gathered around the dinning table, eating various dishes, but mainly Wanda’s breakfast muffins with some scrambled eggs. Steve meanwhile reading the newspaper, Tony checking the protocol of yesterday’s test run of a new programm he has added, the others sometimes whisper some things, not wanting to disturb the comfortable silence.

Though it always got interrupted shortly, whenever a person entered the room, getting their own breakfast by a sweet but also tired „Good morning“. Afterwards everything went back to what they were doing before.

Returning the „Good morning“, yet a little more enthusiatic than everyone else, you made your way to the open kitchen, getting Wanda’s delicious dish as well and an orange juice instead of a coffee.

Joining the others on the table, placing down your phone, your plate and your juice, you sit down next to the silent Steve, who’s completely sunken into the black ink-printed words.

„You look good“, Sam suddenly points out, leaning forward to look around Steve, over to you.

„Yeah, thought the same“, Scott chips in, nodding his head furiously with wide open eyes, like it’s a miracle for you not looking like the grumpy cat in the morning.

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Dude I just wanna say I do love my tumblr because it’s like the one place I can 100% be myself. I don’t give a fuck what any of you think and you all don’t give a fuck what I say and actually like what I say which is whatever but again I’ll say Dude.

In real life I have to be this fake white rich bitch and I’ve lived my whole life as this person. I wake up, take a shower, rub one out, take my brain out of my head, place it in the bed side table… go out into the world say what people want me to say, do what people want me to do, imagine their children dying in a horrific bombing of America and then come home, feed the animals, take my brain out of the side table drawer and place it back in my head.
In real life I have to talk about how pretty Jessica looks in her wedding dress “AHHH 7 more days!!!” *white girl jump in a circle* I don’t give a fuck.
In real life I have to smile at the Starbucks guy Sam as he hands me my grande upside down macchiato even though I’ve always wanted point out that he has a dead tooth.
My therapist says that ASPD can go away with repetition of normalcy. Well. Dude, here I don’t have to be normal. I can be the real Paige and I really like it. And dude I just want to say thanks to all 2K of you guys. I mean fuck all of you but thanks.

Note I’m only saying thank you because it’s socially polite not that it’s sincere but that I’m drunk and I thought you should know. Anyway. Yeah.

A Lovely Picnic

Ladybug and Chat Noir have a talk on a rooftop about their love life. Two days later, Adrien and Marinette go on a picnic. 

                Patrols were a strange thing. They’d started as training exercises, allowing Ladybug and Chat Noir to get used to their powers, and each other, without the danger of fighting an Akuma. Then it turned into making sure the city was safe, both from potential Akumas and occasional petty crime. They’d fought a good handful of late-night muggings.

               Most nights though, Ladybug and Chat Noir ended up just talking. As long as they didn’t use anyone’s real names, they could talk about anything. They’d help one another with personal lives, personal problems, playing an impartial vote. So it didn’t come as a surprise when Chat started up a conversation.

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boyfriend does my makeup! | youtuber AU

yoongi/jimin + yoongi does jimin’s makeup! + rated FC for FLUFFY AND CUTE HAHAHAHAHAHA  + i hope you guys enjoy this! + for my baby @yoonminist ♥♥♥ + THE HEARTS ARE THOSE CUTS IN YOUTUBE VIDEOS HAHAHAHA you know that thing they do where they just cut and like…yeah, i hope you guys don’t get confused since this is mainly dialogue!

[also on my AO3!]

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