for real nobody loves me


It’s okay even if you’re a little late. If it’s destiny, we’ll meet again.
― Davichi, Forgetting You (x) (x)

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I recently finished Andromeda and romanced Jaal with my male Ryder and lemme tell you, Jaal's romance legit made me cry.

Same tho??? I mean, I knew his romance was good because I know plenty of female Ryder players who romanced him but like. LEGIT. It felt so much more powerful with male Ryder idek. I personally waited patiently for the male romance patch to happen (wishful thinking at the time but I wasnt going to replay the game until it happened), because as I played as female Ryder… i dont know. It’s a hard feeling to describe but I just felt like, for her, Jaal wasnt the one. Jaal could romance her, sure, but something felt off. And it was an off-enough feeling that I was like ‘nah this feels more like a male Ryder romance to me.

I will say it’s interesting to note that I feel Jaal also swings more female than male even if he’s like ‘um yes I’ll romance anyone who strikes my fancy please’. Mostly because he hits on – or accidentally flirts with – a lot of female characters. He has a past relationship with a female gendered angara. He tells Cora she’s the most fit of everyone and when she says thank you he replies with ‘the mind wants what the mind wants’. I also knows he shows at least mild attraction for PeeBee. LIKE. JAAL IS SO THIRSTY BUT ALL HE DOES IS FLIRT. And yet he’s notoriously impervious to flirtation himself? Like, completely oblivious to it. So he’s either flirting because he doesn’t realize he is, or he flirts but doesn’t actually want to commit to anything he’s just saying ‘well yes you’re very good looking and I’m attracted to you’. Which I get that too, because who hasn’t gone up to someone they know and complimented them before? I know I have.

But to have all of that, ALL OF THAT with the Jaal package – him flirting with everyone and also supposedly a hard nut to crack when it comes to actually flirting with – HE STILL LOOKS AT RYDER AND IS LIKE ‘I don’t really care about anyone else but you’. THAT KILLS THE MAN. KILLS HIM DEAD. To know that kind of shit doesn’t matter because what matters to Jaal is the trust and loyalty and FEELING Ryder puts into the relationship. Jaal looks for a companion who is going to be there 110% just like he is for them. And if they can’t commit, then he’s not interested. He can compliment and flirt and be open to others all day every day, but when it comes to his partner? It’s a totally different expectation. That distinction means the world in the romance either Ryder partakes with Jaal.

BLUH BLUH BLUH I’m being a big sap about the romance because it’s just too good, honestly. I love that Jaal was so open with himself and that helped my Scott open up too. Jaal’s romance also feels hella natural. It doesnt feel forced, it feels like both characters want it. They help each other grow. Andromeda and the Milky Way, colliding and creating something new.

The game is just as much Jaal’s story as it is Ryder’s. It only makes sense for them to intertwine so intimately and im so pleased both Ryders get to experience that kind of emotional story. It’s a goodun, for sure. God bless.

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I'm facing another... crisis of faith again. You see, I was reading about some stuff related to SJ and shipping; like the whole "they don't have romantic interactions in canon so why do you ship it", and Zelink came up in it. I wanted to jump right in and talk about ALL OF THE HINTS IN THE CANON AND BY THE CREATORS of their relationship, but then I found myself doubting them too, and I got scared I couldn't ship it (even though I really fucking do). Now I just feel... scared.

I see. But aren’t those just mere opinions?  Why should someone’s opinion have some type of effect in your enjoyment to the point of making you feel scared? My friend, please don’t give them that power over you. 

After all, you said so yourself, Link & Zelda as a pairing have tons of hints in different games and mangas. Not to mention, official merchandise. 

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You see, I ship lots of parings and they all have something in common whether they’re canon or not. That something is: People who disagree with my pairing and question why I like them.  

And you can easily tell when someone is genuinely curious or, when they just want to attack you for it.

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Your Imperfections (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Request: Yes

Summary: Reader is trying to end things with Sebastian because she thinks that she isn’t good enough for him.


There were always doubts in your head. A little voice that would tell you that you don’t belong no matter how much you tried. Sometimes you could ignore that voice, especially when you were surrounded with people who loved you. One of those people was Sebastian and around him, you found your home. A safe place where you actually saw your worth. Still, you had your bad days even next to him, but he understood because he really cared.

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DRAG RACE AF ♔: are you laganja estranja af? || laganjaestranja


I havn’t even finished the first episode and I know this is going to be awesome. 


Nobody can really love me because I’ve spent my life trying to hide my defects and I know it is not a good thing appearing to people like the person you want to be and not the person you are, but I could put my hand on fire and say that no-one would love me for the real me, nobody could really appreciate me. So I’m gonna avoid every person who will say “I love you”, because I know that it won’t be true. I’m not the person you love. I’m the person I’m sure that you will love, because that’s the person I would love to if I were.

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Also! I think an important suggestion is if u arent a trans women i really dont recomend make how she was her transition with full details at all, and super important not make her "ooh i will never br a real women uwu i hate my body nobody will love me uwu" i mean so many trans grils suffer that but is so fucking comon in tv media and is tired and is not help

I also recomend make her a women with feelings with personality because the trope about the women who dont need anybody and is super stronger and never cry is really tiring too, also super important too never make her as the girl who sacrifice her life for others that trope is also boring and tired im so sorry for all this messages :o

understandable! due to the setting actual medical transition doesn’t play a part but she does present as her gender and her friends / antagonists are respectful of her pronouns and gender. magic plays a part in the story as well (she wields fire!) so that might be something i could use regarding transition but i’m not sure yet 

as a character she’s very soft and gentle. she’s sweet and loving and she adores her friends! she doesn’t like fighting but does so because she knows she has to. she definitely Does Not Die and i’m planning to end the book with her being in a happy relationship with her girlfriend :’) !

dw about the asks btw! i appreciate your advice!!!!

To all those who are doing the #dontjudgechallenge, who are shaming those who have acne and wear glasses as ugly and unattractive, you are spreading such a hateful message. This is what I look like on a daily basis, glasses, spots, sometimes hair is sprouting from my face and even greasy hair. Oh god, I am so ugly, better shield your eyes or you might have end up wearing real glasses. I’ll admit that when you did your reveal shot, you all looked great but was that the real you? Because this is the real me. Don’t judge someone for something they can’t control, love them for it. 

hello !!

i’m looking to become a wiccan, but unfortunately, it has become difficult for me to look for people with similar beliefs, since i come from asia.

i’m starting this blogs in hopes to find more people like me, who can help and possibly enlighten me more in the beliefs and cultures of wiccans/pagans.

i’m also looking for more blogs to follow that are reblogging or posting about

- nature

- wiccans/pagans

- witchcraft

- occult

- crystals/gems

- zodiacs/star signs

- herbalism

- spells(?)

- or just reblog or like, or follow, and i’ll follow back!

thank you, this will be a great help. i have nobody who can help me in real life, and i’ll love to get help from the community beyond.

I’ve had a lot of dysphoria lately over the fact that even post transition, I am going to have certain irreversible parts of my body from my first puberty/being afab. This has been the hardest pill for me to swallow, that no matter what I do, I will never have the body a cis man does, which because of internalized transphobia, has been my ultimate goal. I realize this is problematic, but this has been my core desire since I was 12, it takes a while to unlearn, and I hold myself to a higher standard than I do other people, which is also a problem. I’ve been really hard on myself, thinking I won’t be a “real” man because of this and that nobody will ever love me the same as they would love a cis man.

The thing that helped me THE MOST with this was to look at other trans guys I really look up to, or other trans guys that I’m friends with. Do I think they’re not real men? Of course not. I see them the same way I see every other guy. They’re absolutely real men, no questions asked, so why am I being so hard on myself when I’m in the exact same situation? Ty Turner, Ryan Cassata, Ashton Colby, and a ton of other awesome trans guys are all 100% real men, despite some being pre- (or non-) T/surgery/everything. 

Being a man isn’t about the body parts you’re born with. Being a man isn’t about how much testosterone you have in your body, about how flat your chest is, or about how slim your hips are, or about what’s between your legs. Being a man is about having the brain and soul of a man. I have that. I am a man. If someone doesn’t love me because I don’t fit the cookie cutter body type they’re looking for, that isn’t my problem. 

What the signs write in their diary

Aries: dear diary, today I found out this bitch was talkin shit about me so later on we’re gonna meet in the back of the park and fight. Talk shit, get hit😌👏🏽
P.s. I’m gonna bring my taser and brass knuckles just to make sure I win because…I always win.

Taurus: dear diary, today has just been horrible! I woke up with a craving for chocolate brownies, pizza, strawberry ice cream, carrot cake, chicken nuggets, and waffles but I don’t have any😭😩 why am I so poor!? Why don’t I have a job?! Why can’t I get paid for being chill asf and doing nothing like the Kardashians?!?

Gemini: dear diary, you are NOT going to believe what I heard today. So I heard from Lisa who heard from Brad who heard from Ashley who heard form Kendall who heard for Mikey who heard from Sandra who heard from Nathan who heard from Barbara that Casey, who’s cousins with Giana, cheated on her fourth boyfriend Dave with Ben and Dave found out from his friend Jake and then he told Barbara and then Barbara told Nathan who told Sandra who told Mikey who told Kendall who told Ashley who told Brad who told Lisa and then Lisa told me. And now I’m telling you.😊

Cancer: dear diary, today was a good day till I found out the love of my life haS A GIRLFRIEND💔😭 I’m just gonna cry myself to sleep in this little corner with my chocolate Hershey’s kisses…sINCE I WILL NEVER GET REAL KISSES FROM HIM FML. NOBODY LOVES ME AND I’LL NEVER BE ‘RELATIONSHIP GOALS’ AND ILL NEVER BE MARRIED AND I’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO GIVE MY MOM GRANDKIDS LIKE SHES ALWAYS DREAMED *more loud wailing from the little corner*

Leo: dear diary, wowowowowoWOW!!! Today I wore those nice expensive jeans to school today and I got SOOOOO MANY COMPLIMENTS ON MY ASS. “Oh Leo, have you been doing squats?” “Leo your butt looks ahmazing!” On the outside I was all like “aw really?☺️ thanks guys” but on the inside I was like I KNOW IT DOES FUCKERS THAAANKSSS. Damn why did God bless me with these divine aesthetics? Thanks to him I have no one to compete with because I’m the best💁 how unfortunate for me.

Virgo: dear diary, I cannot take one more fucking day at the hell hole I call school. The lunch is disgusting—lunch ladies trying to give me salmonella—, the teachers are as annoying as the zoo animal students, and don’t even get me sTARTED WITH THE OVERALL CLEANLINESS. THE DAMN SCHOOL IS FILTHY. I CATCH HERPES BY JUST BREATHING IN THE AIR EW EVEN THE NURSE’S OFFICE NEEDS TO BE QUARANTINED

Libra: dear diary, today I had freaking detention because I was late to school. But it wasn’t really my fault! You see, I had my outfit all planned out but then I saw my blue shirt and I thought ‘hm that would look really nice with my outfit’ but the red shirt I originally picked out looked good too so I kept thinking blue…or red? Blue…or red. Blue? Red? Blue? Red? Blue? Red? Blue? Red? Blue? Red? So…47 minutes later, I decided to go with purple, and that’s why I was late. So, it wasn’t really my fault at all! It was the colors fault! But whatever. At least I looked good sitting in detention.

Scorpio: dear diary, for a while now I’ve been pretty paranoid about this chick in my English class who’s been eyeing me down all suspicious. And, when I really thought about it, she started looking at me like that the day after I did that unspeakable thing in my room in the pitch black darkness. I think she climbed my tree and watched me with binoculars through my window. And she’s been texting me like things like “hey” “hey Scorpio” “hello” “Scorpio”. She obviously knows something. She’s on to me

Oh wait. 😅Haha she just texted me saying that she’s been trying to contact me about our project in English. Guess I was wrong, haha.

She still can’t be trusted.

Sagittarius: dear diary, last night I threw a wild party! So the night started out with me all alone until I decided, hey why not throw a party? I mean it was Tuesday and you know how the club goes up on Tuesdays so why can’t my house? Anyways I just invited everyone on my contacts list and walked a few blocks yelling out “COME TO MY HOUSE PARTY” and what do you know? Everyone did😏 Even that old hobo Phil came and partied with us. I mean he may have brought some illegal drugs but what’s it matter? The guys is just trying to have fun! And I don’t blame him; even if the drugs did get us shut down by the cops. Even if it got me arrested and thrown into jail. Even if I’ll be here for who knows how long with this annoying guy playing his harmonica. Even if my parents visited me and said I’m grounded for 41 years. Cause I mean, on the bright side, it was an amazing ass party.

Capricorn: dear diary, I’m going to work myself to death tonight with homework. I swear my heart is going to stop beating in the middle of me solving a calculus problem. I’m miserable, but I’m going to suck it up because I was born to be successful and successful is what I’ll be. So tonight, in all, I have to do calc homework, English homework, physics homework, business homework, health homework, and home decor oMG HOME DECOR😖 I HAVE A B+! I AM A FAILURE AT LIFE, A WASTE OF SPERM! HOW DO I EXPECT TO BE THE BEST DOCTOR IN THE UNIVERSE WITH A B+ IN HOME DECOR😭 IM GONNA BE A HOBO IN THE STREET BEGGING FOR PENNIES

Aquarius: dear diary, you are my first diary. I never thought I’d have a diary but here I am…haha. What do I even write about in this thing? Um so I guess I’m gonna use you confess my deepest feelings since I can’t even whisper them without feeling like the world knows that I am a vulnerable weakling. It would be nice to get them out of my head and onto paper, so here goes
*Aquarius gets mental constipation because he starts to analyze his feelings and gets confused because does he really feel this way? Are feelings real? What even are feelings? He also realizes that not even paper can be trusted with his feelings. He puts the pen down, closes the diary, and burns it because no soul should ever find out that he tried to write out his….*shivers* emotions. Yuck*

Pisces: dear diary, O M G! me and my crush TOTES had a moment! He said my name!! EEP! I ‘accidentally’ bumped into him and he was all like “oh, sorry, Pisces.” I almost PISSED MYSELF! We held eye contact for like .000037393 seconds and I think he’s in love with me because, you know, love at first sight. And in his beautiful eyes, I saw our future. We’re going to get married right by the ocean, live in a beach house castle and have 5 kids. I’ll be the perfect princess and he’ll be my perfect prince, and sigh…we’ll have the perfect life. Now all I have to do, is make it real by getting him to look .00062828 more seconds into my eyes. That way I’ll know that it’s true love. Like in the movies.❤️❤️