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guys guys lets vote hard until the end!!! gogogo

Why Kristian Kostov should have won

Let’s be real, Kristian Kostov deserved to win the Eurovision more than everyone. I understand that some people like Salvador’s song, but I bet my life that he wouldn’t have won if the pity card wasn’t played. The guy has heart problems, we get it, but it shouldn’t be the reason why some people voted for him. It’s the same reason why I was so angry at russians for sending that girl. Yes, he has a good voice, but the song isn’t that ineresting, just plain boring. Bulgaria’s entry on the other hand, even though the song was in english, was practically ideal. The deep lyrical content had an exceptional powerful bond with the melody to the point where not only the lyrics have meaning behind them, but the general melody can make you think about the world we live today. The way each of the song’s elements interacts with one another and the meaning behind the song it’s astonishing. All that without taking into consideration Kristian’s voice, which let me tell you, is the ideal mix of hardness and softness, like water that at the surface is serene and calm, but holds the hidden power and potential. Honestly, that kid (Why do I keep calling him kid? I’m a year younger than him!) doesn’t get enough credit. Beautiful Mess is a hard song, I wouldn’t be surprised if half of the contestants would have trouble get the technical part down, forget about the emotional background! But Kris not only sang it nearly perfect, he put enough emotion in his song that it honestly tore through all of my defenses. Thanks to it I realised that being a grey aromantic isn’t that bad, that not everything comes down to romantic love, that not being able to fall in love practically at all doesn’t make me a monster. This song, this wonderful human being, pushed me hard enough to make the first step to accepting myself and that’s the reason why Kristian Kostov should’ve won and actually won my heart over.

My Little Pony predicted the election and Trump’s presidency.

MLP’s main comic line had a story arc in 2016 about an election, because almost every other comic was doing that too.One candidate was a woman who had been in politics nearly her entire life. She was well-known and had plenty of experience, but was distrusted by the public for being too focused on maintaining what was already established instead of making any real, serious change.

The other candidate is a rich guy who has zero experience in politics at all. Despite this giant red flag, he makes lots of promises to his biggest supporters, and what would’ve otherwise been a joke candidate starts gaining serious political capital.

The comparison could’ve just ended there, but what happens next is ridiculously eerie, because this was written and sold well before any votes were cast.

Despite high confidence in the female politician’s chances, the rich guy wins and accepts it as boastfully as you’d expect. Bonus points: the completely disinterested child.

The rich guy, now in charge, immediately borks it. He starts going through the campaign promises his supporters thought were just hyperbole, and goes back on the promises his supporters actually voted for him on.

Meanwhile, the female politician casually disappears into the woods.

Faith in the new administration rapidly deteriorates, as even some of the guy’s biggest supporters during the election now start to turn on him. The new leader, having basically run the thing as a popularity contest and not knowing how to handle the actual job, starts to crack like a walnut.

And then a giant, ugly monster that had been crawling beneath the surface of all this rears its ugly head.


I’m sorry but fans interpreting Marlene saying “all endgames will be endgames” as ALL ships will be together in the end is simply not true. I think by this either she is lying or she will get all the couples together one last time before everything is revealed. I say this because Sasha and Lucy confirm in a recent interview that there are a couple of betrayals (so, more than one) in the finale. This has to involve ATLEAST one ship (I vote for 2 but we shall see) since the betrayal could be romantic, or a friendship one (mona & hanna for e.g.).

So if any of you guys are worried about a very sappy ending with no real shock or emotional heartache, please don’t lose hope just yet!!

To team Tharja: good job you guys!!! Keep up the good work! Y'all are doing so well, and congrats on the lead right now!!

To team Robin: we got it!!! Even if we don’t win, we did our best!!! But let’s have faith y'all!!

And to both teams: it’s just a game, so please be respectful of the real people behind the players!

Produce 101 - My top 11 (episode 5)

So I’ve decided to do a top 11 list every week since i seem to be finding new faves every week. 

  • Ong Seongwoo - I can’t with this guy. SUCH A VISUAL! He is like a walking derp and i love it, he will probably remain my fave throughout tbh. Also that scream face in the ghost prank made my life. Needs more screentime.
  • Kang Daniel - I was jaw-drop amazed at his break dancing in the dance off. Also he has the cutest smile. 
  • Park Jihoon - I didn’t get what everyone saw in him at first but I get it now. I reaaaaally get it. 
  • Kim Samuel - 100% deserves to debut, so young so talented. 
  • Lee Woojin - I know he is really young but he is so talented and i really dont wanna split up the Ongnieljin family. 
  • Ahn Hyeong Seop - he flipPED A CHAIR AND RAN OUT OF THE ROOM. I. AM. STILL. CRYING. 
  • Lee Daehwei - I was conflicted, he’s talented but not outstandingly so, i felt like he was cocky last week but i was wrong about his character, he does seem like a good kid and - was sad for him, he shouldn’t have to apologize for being a teenager. 
  • Kim Jonghyun - I never really got into Nu’est, they seem like good guys, Jonghyun particularly, I  mean, the nations leader, am i right?
  • Yoon Jisung  -total meme lord and deserves a place in the top 11 fosho. 
  • Justin - I know its a long shot but every team needs an aegyo member and this is your guy. just awwww. 
  • Hong Eunki - Literally got onto my radar through that beautiful modern dance, honestly, might not be on this list next week but he is an amazing dancer. 

Other Notes:

  • Guys REAL TALK FOR A SECOND - I know you all have your faves and i should respect that - and i do respect that but can we stop voting for good looking but talent lacking people to be in the top 11. I understand Bae looks fly ect but this is a group that needs to debut and ya know, do well. I realise ive hardly gone only on talent but the people need to at least have some talent it cant be a group of barely rapping visuals. Sorry about the rant. 
  • They need to work on their freaking editing, there are so many talented people who im sure ive missed because the editor decided to spend 2 mins replaying park jihoons reaction to something. (no shade directed at jihoon) 
  • There best not be a fucking concert team, if its not bad enough that they didn’t achieve their dream they shouldn’t be forced to spend a year being a backup dancer for someone who did. 
  • thats all, i will post a new list next week… not that anyone cares. Mostly for my own benefit tbh. lmao. 

I said to stick around a few days ago and I would put up a poll, and just haven’t had the time to get back on here. Apologies. 

Saying that! 

I’ve heard from a few different people that they wanted more of All The King’s Men, then again there was a request for If You Only Knew and Wayside Inn. I have half chapters written for all three of these. They are all of my open fics right now. 

1. Wayside Inn - On the way to drop Sam off at Stanford you and the brothers get stranded at an old country inn where the owners are MIA and that seems to not have any employees, where you meet up with a couple a few years older than the three of you. Weird shit starts to happen instantly, including being locked in from the outside, flickering lights, and a madman intent on killing all of you unless you all decide to kill one. (basic haunted/creepy house story)

2. All The King’s Men - You’ve just been arranged to marry Prince Morningstar. A pompous ass, if anyone asked your opinion. Which they didn’t. You decide it’s not happening and take off to join the ranks of men that defend your father’s kingdom. So what do you do when your betrothed finds you? Dean Winchester in chain mail and a runaway princess that joins the King’s army. What more could you want? (Royalty AU, Knight!Dean)

3. If You Only Knew - You’re an undercover DEA agent hiding in plain sight amongst Sam Winchester’s crew, who runs the biggest drug and gun ring in the last century. How do you tell your boss at the DEA that you think you’re catching real feelings for the  most wanted criminal in America? (Druglord!Sam and Agent!Reader) (pls note: no longer co-written)

So my question is which do you as the consumers, want to read the most?

You can either answer this below with your choice (just type 1, 2, or 3) Or You can send an ask!

I’ll leave the voting open for 30 hours! I know it’d weird but I have stuff to do tomorrow and this will let me finish a chapter by the end of the week!

Thanks guys!

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The Summer (11/?)

The Summer (11/?) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 300,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 8,695 Words

For reference, @botanistlester is Dan, @snowbunnylester is Phil.

(Previous) (AO3) (Masterlist)

Warnings: jealousy, inappropriate humor

A/N: Hey guys! Eliza and I are super excited to announce that this fic has been nominated for two phanfic awards :D So if you’re enjoying this story and want us to win something for it, you can vote for us to win Best Collab or Best Chaptered story! Hope you enjoy this new installment of the summer :D Here are some links to vote for us c:
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Chapter Eleven

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I never considered myself a great history student. I wasn’t bad at it—my grades were okay enough and I even enjoyed the lectures most of the time, but it wasn’t really my thing. I could tell because the finer details of what we’d learned always fled my brain about a week after taking the appropriate test. Sometimes I fell asleep in class. I could never keep track of the Presidents’ years in office. It wasn’t a big deal, I decided. History just wasn’t my best subject. 

I realized in 2013 that I have always absolutely loved history. I realized this while going through my childhood bookcase, as I sifted through the drifts of Beverly Cleary and Roald Dahl. I noticed that I was sitting among dozens and dozens of Dear America books, and I remembered explaining to my mom that Anetka was sent to the US to marry this guy, but he was way older than her and he died and she had to take care of his kids! And this one’s Hattie, one of her friends died on the trail because he ate hemlock. And this one’s Clotee, and this one’s Maria and on and on and on because it was just! So! Interesting! All these things that had happened to these girls had actually happened in real life. Sometimes even to girls like me, whose families had just immigrated, or who liked to read, or who lived near Virginia!Victory gardens! Votes for women! The underground railroad! Holy shit, history: it’s like worldbuilding that actually happened! That was how I felt reading those books—but not how I often felt about history as it was taught in class.

I used what I learned from Dear America books on everything from my fourth grade Oregon Trail project to my AP US History test. I’ve handed them down to my youngest sister, who just turned 12—A Coal Miner’s Bride is her favorite. And I’ve revisited them myself, to discover that they were just as good as I remember. These books gave emotion and identity to events I’d often never heard of: the Lattimer Massacre, the Long Walk of the Navajo, the Great Migration. And these heroines were genuine individuals, not the generic Good Role Models for Girls I was used to. I struggle to find their like in modern adult media—where might I find a heroine like Nellie Lee Love, rebelling against colorism and the world’s indignation at a black girl who loves math? Or Remember Patience Whipple, chasing the boys who tried to peek up her skirt amidst illness and fear on the Mayflower ? Or Anetka Kaminska, 14 and suddenly a widowed mother of three?

It took me years to recognize my own interest in history because so little of it, as it is taught, involves women. Oh sure, we have a scattering of Susan B. Anthonys and Harriet Tubmans, but they’re rare enough that we can recall the handful of them we learned by name—and moreover, we sure as hell aren’t learning about struggling prairie teachers in the 1870s or teenage Jewish girls on the Lower East Side. Maybe we get The House on Mango Street squeezed into the curriculum between Johnny Tremain, All Quiet on the Western Front, and Great Expectations, but women’s stories never threaten to to achieve true parity (though god knows the boys in class will moan endlessly about Dumb Books Full of Girl Emotions anyway). So thank god for the Dear America series, and all books like them (what up, American Girl), for lending me a hand that wasn’t afraid to be in a dress. Today, I read a lot of history and am even engaging in my own independent research—but I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for stories like Nellie’s and Remember’s and Anetka’s. I’d have gone on thinking history wasn’t my thing. Because nobody bothered to let me know how much I—a mixed race, bookish, lonely little American girl—had a stake in it.

A CHFILWY Thank You Drabble

so this morning i noticed i’d reached 500 kudos on chfilwy and i was so shocked and literally speechless for a few minutes. and also got kinda emotional because lets be real when i started this i didnt think it would go over 100 kudos. all the love and appreciation you guys show my little fic blows my fucking mind i love you all. and like as a thank you for all that and also cus i reached 500 kudos (honestly wtf) im gonna write an extra little drabble from the fic with a scene you didn’t read. and at first i was gonna do one thing but i decided i’ll let you guys choose what you wanna see, im gonna put a few options below (under the cut) and you can reply to this post or send me a mssg telling me which you want me to make this drabble abt :) and again THANK YOU!!! 

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Hey guys, if anyone out there is anti-voting Bob Morley, please cut it out. I get that you might not like Bellarke, or Bellamy or even Bob himself, but don’t take it out on a real life person. You don’t need to vote for him, but just don’t vote against him. It would be nice to have a MOC win this poll seeing as its been a white guy for a past six years.
Much love everyone ☺️💕

Movie Night

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader (Y/N), Castiel (mentioned)

Pairing: Dean/reader

Warnings: Implied smut, scary big ass spider, swearing, guardians of the galaxy talk (no real spoilers though), fluffiness,

Word count: 3400ish

A/N: This is my first 3 for 3 one shot (yes we will be doing this again) You guys voted for a character, title and pick up line. So here it is. I will be tagging the ones that voted of anon and few others that might be interested at the end


You should have known better than to get your hopes up. You clutched the phone in your hand as you tried to fight back the tears. You didn’t know why you were getting so upset. It was just some random guy and he hadn’t even been that hot. Well he hadn’t been bad looking but living with the Winchesters for the past year had kinda given you an entirely new definition of the word hot!

The Winchesters! That was another thing! You had been so excited for this date. For a chance of some normalcy you had paraded around the bunker all dressed up for the past hour just to annoy them. Sam had just laughed at you but your strategy had seemed to work on the older Winchester. And now… You hadn’t even made it out of the garage and the guy calls you he is stuck at work and had to cancel. It was humiliation!

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This is a day late, but who cares.

By now you guys have probably already seen Exposing-5h’s “Orchestrated Ships: Camren” post. And it left many of you doubting camren, and believing that this was a hoax all along.

So, I’d like to do an honest review over the things “exposed” in the post, now this isn’t exactly hate towards their blog. (Even though you guys are really stubborn and insensitive) 

(I wont go through if camren is real in this post, because im proving the fact that that they’re not a hoax ship)

If you,Lilly and Victoria yourselves try to reach out to me in a bad manner, then don’t. That’s all I can say. Just don’t. But if you’re a bitch to me, i’m a bitch to you, and I have no personal beef towards you at the moment. 

Let’s keep it that way.

Originally posted by dailyhappylife

Anyways.. back to the point…

You guys talked about Camren being a staged and orchestrated act to attract a bigger fanbase so the girls could gain votes on the show, but… that’s not even partially true. The show X-factor itself is at times staged and orchestrated, some even claim they made poor Ally look like a diva on the show before Fifth Harmony was formed. Because as you know, to move on to another season of the show, they need viewers. More satisfied viewers, more seasons. More viewers, more money And those viewers crave something interesting.

Getting back on track…

Let’s start with BEFORE the girls were even formed.

Camila and Lauren talked about how they became friends even before they knew the other girls, don’t believe them?

(source of gif: @just-a-camren-shipper )

Those two girls holding hands are Camila and Lauren, yep.

Closer view:

“Oh it was planned.”

“People are drawn to that type of shit”

“The whole show is staged anyway.”

Tell me, are these reactions staged?:


This doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything sexual, but it’s more proof that they’re actually friends. They shared clothes even back then.

And they still did after!

Explain this?????????

For a bigger insight, watch this please:


I believe that when management saw that there were two girls close to each other, it clicked. They wanted to take advantage of a close friendship and try to make it succeed like the well-known ship of One Direction, Larry.

I, myself am not a Larry shipper. But anyone with eyes could see that it was real. I’m not going to go deeper into this Larry situation because i’m a camren blog, and this is a camren post. 

Again, when they saw how Louis and Harry (Larry) received attention from the group. They probably thought that if they did the same thing for Fifth Harmony, they’ll have the same amount of success One Direction had with Larry. So in some way, it was orchestrated, yet not orchestrated. It was taken advantage of.

I agree, Lauren was pissed about the concept of camren. And coincidentally, both her and Louis have denied those ships. While Harry and Camila stayed silent.

Another thing you said was that Camila and Lauren have always identified as straight, and you linked to where Lauren had said her sexual orientation. She was 13-14.

When the girls talked about their sexual orientation, they were both still young. How can someone that young realize what or who they like at that age? I’ve seen AND known people who have identified as straight before a certain age or before puberty. 

and I mean…

Originally posted by morality-of-mrs-dulska

(watch it,that is an order, not a request)

At the end of your post you said this:

“So let’s recap. Two girls were made to look closer for the sake of a show’s ratings. After the show and their contract with it ended, those two girls revealed that they were uncomfortable with the ship and grew extremely distant. Cut to a point where they never interact on their free time, and where they’ve now shaded each other on social media multiple times. Does this relationship sound so “real” now? “

1. The two girls were already close

2. They have not grown distant 

3. As a matter of fact, they do interact on free time

vvv just one out of many times they were interacting off camera ;)


Hey google, define… distant?

Wow, they are so distant

Shit, why are they so far away??

Originally posted by fforever-alonee

Sorry haha, but on a more serious note:

2012, great

2013, interacting just fine

2014, never been better

2015, nothing changed

2016, a bit more reserved publicly, not only camren though

Just a few more gifs for ya ;)

Do orchestrated ships share the same clothes?

Do orchestrated ships hang out off camera?

Do orchestrated ships visit each others houses?

Do orchestrated ships hang out with each others friends?

Visiting each others houses

Camila with Lauren and her friends

I don’t think that the fact that they visit each other often is in any way staged or orchestrated. In fact, Lauren had greeted the Cabello family this year and was more than excited to see Sofia. Yet we don’t actually know how often they visit each other anymore since all of Fifth Harmony’s accounts (but snapchat) are a bit more reserved.

Not only that, but they don’t interact publicly as much any more.

We don’t know the exact reason, but atleast we know they’re still close off camera.

Together off camera

I could show dozens of other times they have interacted so naturally, but they’re easy to find on your own.


Before deciding to make a post about how camila and lauren’s friendship/relationship whatever it is, is a hoax. Gather more information. Gather more receipts. Otherwise your theories would be easily debunked 

(note to the criticism i got for something i said:  You’re not  “born straight or gay”. Some people identify as straight before they start questioning at a certain age. Even the girls have said that they’ve reached a point where they started questioning their sexuality when they have always identified as straight. )

  • Cecil: Listeners, this week we've been asking you to vote on the name of Carlos' new research vessel. Carlos is here to tell you more.
  • Carlos: Right now, Cecil, the winning name is Boaty McBoatface. I just wanted to inform your listeners that we won't be going with that name.
  • Cecil: Oh no, why's that? I voted for that one...
  • Carlos: Because we already have a vessel called Boaty McBoatface
  • Cecil: Y'know, I was thinking that sounded familiar

spenser4hire  asked:

Wait I thought the "Homophobe is secretly gay" thing was a sterotype?

I mean yeah but that doesn’t mean it never happens. That’s how it becomes a stereotype. Honestly it’s more of a trope. But to be more specific “Very vocal homophobe (politician usually) is secretly gay”. It’s a cousin of “Guy who can’t shut up about how gross and animalistic black people are constantly jerks off to ebony ass and BBC  porn”.

When people have it in them to protest something that is so otherwise harmless with intense hate, often, when it’s a sexual subject, this is actually just their conflicted obsession/repression acting out. I cannot count the number of times there’s been a headline about some politician that voted against some kind of LGBT rights and is a vocal defender of ‘real marriage’- or whatever the straights believe later- being caught in some gay sex ‘scandal’. It’s honestly like, completely unsurprising when it happens now.

There are plenty of homophobes that aren’t LGBT. In fact, most of them. But there are specifically a fuckton of like, straight-playing careermen who find that blustery alpha het anti-gay rhetoric does them very well in their careers and networking and helps them build a successful persona, but who ‘loosen up’ in secret on the weekends and hop on grindr or hook up elsewhere, it’s ridiculous. And like I said, this is very related to how guys from that SAME demo diss black women and chase after the ‘right’ kind of white woman but who jerk off to or pay to fuck non-white women with a passion. Bc people like that cut themselves off from the experiences they’d like by leaning so hard on ‘mainstream’ ideology to fit in, so now they can’t access those desires openly. They have to repress them but you usually can’t repress shit forever.

These guys, if they don’t actually hook up irl end up on my end, doing poppers and coke over the phone and asking me to call them a f***ot while they watch video mashups of gay porn to ‘make them gay oh noooo’.

issues on pd101’s first season are always like “i want to be the center because i want votes !!!” while the second season is just. wow. these are real issues.

this show is such a mess, there’s scandals and controversies going around one after another. tbh it’s getting harder and to watch the show as they pop up.

I had 3 people message me this week to say either they dont follow the show anymore or they don’t even watch, but that they’re joining the voting parties for Bob because they think he deserves it or they just don’t agree with the anti voting or whatever reason, but OMG you guys are the real mvps and THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.

Can I be real a second? For just a millisecond? Let down my guard and tell the people how I feel a second?

Guys. I’m scared. Scared to my bones. Donald Trump is dangerous. Like, could very realistically start WWIII, dangerous. I’m scared for the future of the planet and all of its inhabitants.

I know not all of you like Hillary. You have some very valid reasons and I empathize with you on those. But if Hillary doesn’t win this November, Trump will, and history will not look back on your 3rd party vote kindly.