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Kendrick Lamar & Anna Wise

The reason why I know you very well ‘cause we have the same eyes, can’t you tell? The days I tried to cover up and conceal my pride, it only made it harder for me to deal. When living in a world that come with plan B, a scapegoat ‘cause plan A don’t come free and plan C just an excuse like “because” or the word “but,” but what if I got love? I love them, I love when I love her. I love so much, I love when love hurts. I love first verse ’cause you’re the girl I attract. I love second verse ’cause you’re the homie that pack burner like a stove top, that love cooking from scratch. I love what the both of you have to offer. In fact, I love it so much, I don’t love anything else but what love got to do with it when I don’t love myself to the point I should hate everything I do love? Should I hate living my life inside the club? Should I hate her for watching me for that reason? Should I hate him for telling me that I’m seizin’? Should I hate them for telling me “ball out”? Should I hate street credibility I’m talking’ about. Hating all money, power, respect in my will or hating the fact none of that shit make me real?

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prompt time? okey doke :) how about the medival au but with some chrason bc it has quickly taken a seat in my heart. they're both royal advisors/nobles/whatever and they meet at the same time as mat n steph and they criticize mat & steph for being completely lovestruck while also being completely lovestruck -🌹

“They’re not very observant, are they?” Jason started at the unexpected voice behind him, turning away from the window to see the Queen’s advisor Chris standing in the doorway of Jason’s chambers. The other man was smiling amusedly, his dark eyes shining with barely concealed laughter as he looked past Jason’s shoulder to watch Queen Stephanie and King Matthew strolling outside in the gardens just outside the castle walls. His Royal Highness was chatting animatedly about something (probably the arts, Jason has sat through many discussions of the ancient Greek’s plays and old legends passed down and performed) as the Queen smiled and listened attentively as Matthew gestured animatedly.

He hadn’t known Her Majesty for very long (it had really only been a fortnight since she and hers arrived at the Patrick castle) yet Jason had been able to peg her immediately as the driven kind. She would walk through hell and fire for her kingdom and had the determination of a hunting dog chasing an injured deer. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that this was a marriage of advantage to her, and at first he’d worried about his King and friend’s habit of letting his heart lead the way.

And then, he’d noticed something surprising.

The Queen wasn’t one for smiling. She was stoic in meetings, while addressing her court she was quick and efficient. Queen Stephanie was the product of a life time of royal training and generations of royal breeding, and it showed with every word and action. Jason, while uncomfortable with her hard to read expression, could understand. He was the serious type himself and rarely smiled, preferring a stoic foil to his King’s friendly personality. But when she was watching Matthew and Jason was watching her (it wasn’t spying, just a caution watching), he’d see her smile small and soft. There was a fondness in her eyes that belied her mature exterior and, as he watched the two monarchs walk, he could see it again in her face.

“My Queen’s definitely the serious type.” Once again, Jason jumped at Chris’s voice. He’d somehow crossed the room and now stood beside Jason, still watching their lieges. “But she’s a softie on the inside. If you look close enough, you’ll see that softness has begun to extend towards your King. Or rather, our King. Though,” At that, Chris looked at Jason and grinned brightly. “I’ve a feeling you’ve noticed too.” Mutely, Jason nodded and turned back to the window. The two continued to watch, but all Jason was focused on was the warmth of Chris’s shoulder nearly touching him.

“King Matthew is a kindhearted soul.” Jason finally found his voice and looked at Chris, surprised to see the other advisor still watching him with a smile faint on his lips. “Tough, but kind. He’s told me even before this engagement that he respects what he’s heard of your Queen. Our Queen, soon I guess. He’s always been impressed by capability, and much like with Queen Stephanie, I think you can see the impression she’s left showing on his face when they talk.”

Chris snorted and rolled his eyes, reaching up to adjust his spectacles. “Isn’t it funny how we can see how entangled they will be, yet they can’t?” He jokes and places a hand on Jason’s arm. Jason smiled back, wondering why his own heart suddenly seemed to be beating a little faster as Chris’s smile grew. “They’re brilliant leaders, but when it comes to their hearts they lack the directions to follow its wild twists and turns.” He agreed.

The two turned back to the window and watched Matthew pluck a white rose from one of the bushes and carefully peel the thorns off it. Jason was intimately aware of Chris’s breathing and his hand still on Jason’s arm. He could see Stephanie, too, had her hand on Matthew’s arm as he threaded the rose through her braided hair until it rested prettily behind her ear. That shy smile was back on her face, and Jason realized he too was smiling for once. “They’ll make a good partnership. They’re both wonderfully similar and perfectly different. It’s not there yet, but by our Lord I can already see love blooming between them.” Chris said softly, and Jason looked away from the window to glance down at Chris’s hand on his arm. “As can I.” He agreed, his own smile growing as Chris smiled too.

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Lucy has been searching for everyone since Fairy Tail disbanded, right? //ugly sobb

BUT WAIT??????




TOGETHER?! WHAT IF???????????

Since I’m literally named the photographer of the band, we have none to hardly any pictures of us marching and stuff. Like why you appoint me offcially the photographer when I’m in the band. WHEN I MARCH WITH THEM. WHY. 

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Justin Bieber having a foot fetish is like, the cherry on top of this really bizarre year and we're barely halfway through it. At least 2016 took until September to start getting fucked.

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