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You know what’s great? How Cooper wasn’t that important to me in s1 and how much that has changed. It’s not that I disliked him, but he was definitely on the periphery. I felt bad when he was garroted because of Tom and definitely didn’t want him to die but still he was just there on the edges. Then s2 comes along with all its issues and suddenly Director Cooper became “my Coop” from limping back into the post office when all he wanted to do was stay home to his struggle with his illness to throwing those pills in Connolly’s face. My Coop!

And he is such an honorable man, but also isn’t afraid to step outside the law when it’s warranted. Telling Liz to run after she shot Connolly for example. He could have arrested her right there but he knew the Cabal would kill her and he let her go risking his own arrest and career. He was offered early retirement but chose that tiny cubicle just to stay in the game and help where he could.

And those times Red and Coop showed their grudging respect for one another were really wonderful. How that respect built over time and didn’t ignore their obvious differences but it grew despite the odds. These two old war dogs that have seen too many battles and meet occasionally when they find common ground. Truly amazing and I imagine something that sort of happened during the course of the series without a real plan.

I’ll never forget Red nudging (or pushing) Coop back into the PO after he was almost killed. Or Coop’s kindness to Red when he saw him that first time after Lizzy’s death. Their break up scene in 3.23 when Red told Coop his plan to kill Kirk. There was no deception because Red respected him enough to tell him Before the act. It was “Raymond” and “Harold” that met that day with gratitude for the work that had been done. It was also Director Cooper that allowed Red to walk out of his office after confessing to his premeditated plan to avenge Elizabeth’s death and protect Agnes. That’s my Coop!

And I cannot for the life of me figure out why over 3 seasons of building this relationship and this character should be destroyed to further this Red is the root of all evil mindset. We’ve already had to endure Cooper’s OOC Tom amnesia but apparently that isn’t enough. To have Red come to his office in the hopes of repairing the damage, to show kindness regarding his daughter and see Coop meet that with hostility that is completely out of proportion to what is happening on the show is honestly a heartbreaker. My Coop is unrecognizable and has been since 3b. I miss that guy and I honestly don’t understand why tptb have taken him away. What was once great is now just really sad.


God I hope I’m wrong… or that it started out about using her, and turned into him falling for her and now protecting her… But here’s where my fears are coming from…

The story of Ranko Zamani sounds a LOT like foreshadowing about Red and Lizzie…

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here’s the thing: i have never seen a fictional male character who handles rejection better than ray palmer.

girl is in love with the man she continuously works with even while dating ray? sucks, but she makes her own choices. it was nice while it lasted, we can still be friends. 

girl turns him down because she’s got a soulmate and three months ago she was a barista and things are just way too weird? that’s cool, her friendship still means as much to him as dating her would.

he breaks up with girl because they find another of her reincarnated soulmates? he checks up on said reincarnated soulmate, and then thanks the girl for helping him love again. 

i am glad we have raymond to be a great role model of non-toxic masculinity. he has missteps, sometimes he’s too possessive for his own good, etc etc. but we need more men like him on tv. 

(also let him be bisexual thanks)

Usher Raymond speaks on stage as he receives the Candle Award in Philanthropy, Arts and Entertainment during the Morehouse College 29th annual student scholarship event at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta on February 18, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia

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I've been rereading Tumbling Together (amazing by the way) But I had a question, kinda like for an outtake scene, but I was wondering if Barry and Len ever went back to their bank, from chapter one, and if Barry kinda rubbed it in Raymond's face that he's dating Len? Just a thought that popped into my head, had to ask.

Hahahahaha, well, he wouldn’t do it deliberately. I mean, Barry likes to gloat, but that would be a bit petty even for him, considering he got his man.

He will eventually end up at the bank with Len more than once though, of course. One day they’re gonna probably open a joint account together, realistically, even if they don’t combine all of their finances? And they might have other appointments together. Can you imagine them getting a mortgage???

Haha anyway, they’re going to find their way back to the bank more than once over time, and Raymond is going to start out with shooting jealous looks at Barry for having so obviously charmed Len (who is 100% Raymond’s type), but after a few visits, Ray is going to be sending those appraising glances at Barry too, and more or less develop a minor couple-crush. 

Poor guy. It’s a shame both Len and Barry are as jealous and possessive as they are (and have to hide their identities) because he’ll never be invited for the three-way he daydreams about when they come in.


After signing a 73-page confession, filled with lurid sexual acts and the murder of at least 17 women, Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez went to trial in New York for the murder of widow Janet Fay. Here, they stand with their lawyer after his summation.

Martha Beck was born in 1920 into severe poverty. She was raped at the age of 13 by her brother and throughout her teen years gained weight and developed low self-esteem. She was married and divorced several times and declared an unfit mother to her two young children, who were removed by authorities. She met Ray Fernandez through the ‘Lonely Hearts Club’ in a local newspaper and he became her accomplice in crime. Together, they ran confidence scams, but eventually Martha grew jealous of their victims and began putting barbiturates into their food, after which Ray would murder them. In one instance, Martha drowned a 2-year old child in a bathtub shortly after they had killed the mother.

Se rappeler que le monde est immense
Que tout est vain et sans grande importance
Et dans le temps, ne pèse pas beaucoup
Qu’il faut savoir être heureux avant tout.
Aimer la vie avec ce qu’elle a de beau
Et la choisir non pas la supporter.
Lui pardonner ses peines et ses maux
Comme une amie qui se serait trompée
Savoir aussi se pardonner sans gène
Sinon la vie devient une prison.
A chaque jour toujours, suffit sa peine.
Nul n’est parfait, mais qui donc a raison ?
—  Raymond Lévesque
Brooklyn Nine Nine X Ace Attorney crossover: the Prosecutor’s Office

I’ve always wanted a sitcom based around the Prosecutor’s Office and watching this video made me realise how perfect this would be. So I was thinking about how the characters would all match up and this is what I have so far:

  • Captain Raymond Holt = Miles Edgeworth (An outwardly cold man in charge of the others but more caring than people realise. Phoenix can be Kevin)
  • Amy Santiago = Klavier Gavin (A perfectionist and less likely to make fun of other people)
  • Rosa Diaz = Simon Blackquill (Scary and blunt but good at their job and secretly nice)
  • Hitchcock and Scully = Winston and Gaspen Payne (The useless ones)
  • Charles Boyle = Sebastian Debeste (Adorable and enthusiastic about other people)
  • The Vulture = Ga’ran Sigatar Khura’in (Not a proper member of their organisation, someone who steals cases off other people, and a royal douche)

These are the ones I was reasonably sure with. I was thinking about Franziska von Karma or Byrne Faraday for Terry but I honestly don’t have an idea for Jake.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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What is your name? Emily

How old are you? 18
What kind of blog do you run? a big multifandom, graphics, things that i love and things that make me laugh. My blog is my home full of things i love and things that represent me. 
What is your biggest nerdy obsession? I want to be fluent in french, I’m so lazy right now but it is a goal of mine. I am so passionate about writing stories and building worlds and creating real characters and taking them on a journey. 
Who is your favorite character of all time? Samwise Gamgee 
What is your favorite book of all time? that’s a difficult question OMG!!! um…. perhaps the magician series by Raymond E. Feist 
What is your favorite magical creature? Elves
What made up object do you wish was real? Mermaids and Magic
Where do you wish you went to school? Hogwarts 
Name your favorite ships: Me and Lasange 
Which character do you want to marry? Noctis from Final Fantasy 
What is 3 facts nobody knows about you?  I’m the biggest procrastinator in the world, … 
Least favorite book of all times and why? Can’t remember the name lol, but there was bad plot and character development so i didn’t pick up the 2nd book in the series 
What characters are your role models? Samwise Gamgee….he was scared but acted brave and was a great friend who supported Frodo even though he was cast aside…he still carried his friend and I think he’s the real hero. 
Favorite video game? Skyrim, Elderscrolls online and mass effect series
Are you proud to be a nerd? Why? Absolutely. It’s such a beautiful art to be dedicated to things you are passionate about. Screw what everyone else things, pursue what you love and it will serve you well in life.