for radarhorse!

Neyde drawin comeback. Tuned it a bit and made it even more iconic and slayney than it was be4 (if das even possible).

Shirts and other prints with dis iconic masterpiss are available here

Hope Neydney slays u as well, follow the holy spearit and wishin y'all alot of cheetos xx.

Ok so I’ve officially had my tumblr for a year as of 2 days ago lol and I’m sorry that I won’t be here for a while after tomorrow but I’m going through some stuff but I just wanted to thank everyone on this list for being the best and letting my blog grow to the size it is now (I just went over 3.5k which would’ve been unthinkable at the time i made it last year). I’ve made a lot of friends on this site and even to the people that I don’t talk to as much, your reblogs haven’t gone unnoticed and I appreciate you all the same - my fave mutuals and blogs have been bolded. Once again thank you so much for bearing with my messy ass.

- Marissa

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