for purposes of scale

I think that thing Morty said about Rick being more like a fucked God than a hero or a villain is the most accurate description of Rick. He’s saved people a lot, but he’s capable of fucking things up on a massive scale (sometimes on purpose, other times without meaning to).

Hell, he made an entire microverse to use as a car battery and enslaved the people there to make more energy. So he’s literally a fucked up God. I feel like Morty knows Rick better than anyone else in the family to be honest.

you know what the world doesn’t need?  another empty, hollow body that exists purely to shrink and suffer and starve into fitting a society’s skewed sense of ‘beauty’

you know what the world needs? more genuine, raw, sweet souls that are not defined by numbers or sizes, but focus their energy on changing lives and healing hearts to fix society’s brokenness

you know what will not be remembered? bmi, lowest weight, daily calorie intake, calories burned, jean size, foods eaten and foods not eaten, hours spent at gym, waist measurement, thigh size, presence or lack of stomach rolls

you know what will be remembered? your passions, you confidence, your radiance, the memories you made with friends, the crazy things you did, the places you visited, the people you invested in, the mountains you scaled, the depths you survived, the purpose of your existence 

c h o o s e   w i s e l y.

Just how big are the gods of Amonkhet?

Because the images from yesterday don’t give us a lot to compare them to for scaling purposes. 

So at first I’m looking at the crocodile god… 

…and reference his size in the image released by VIZ for the Amonkhet art book… 

…and compared to the other people in the image, he looks to be pretty standard giant size. Like, an adult human approximately comes up to his knee. 

But then there’s the art of the cat god… 

…and you know how several of the gods have birds flying in the background of their art? 

THAT BIRD’S NOT IN THE BACKGROUND. It’s flying in front of her. 

So that’s either a really tiny bird, or she’s ENORMOUS. 

Soooo… I’m thinking there may be some size variations among these beings. 

“Get Off The Scale!

You are beautiful. Your beauty, just like your capacity for life, happiness, and success, is immeasurable. Day after day, countless people across the globe get on a scale in search of validation of beauty and social acceptance.

Get off the scale! I have yet to see a scale that can tell you how enchanting your eyes are. I have yet to see a scale that can show you how wonderful your hair looks when the sun shines its glorious rays on it. I have yet to see a scale that can thank you for your compassion, sense of humor, and contagious smile. Get off the scale because I have yet to see one that can admire you for your perseverance when challenged in life.

It’s true, the scale can only give you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. That’s it. It cannot measure beauty, talent, purpose, life force, possibility, strength, or love. Don’t give the scale more power than it has earned. Take note of the number, then get off the scale and live your life. You are beautiful!

—  Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Fyi Bucky’s monstrous form is based on a wolf (who is surprised anymore ffs) and Steve’s monstrous form is actually based on a basilisk (come on that disappointed stare could turn people to stone amirite). For the most part they are human shaped but sometimes they are more monstrous than others.

Like Bucky typically looks like a werewolf (like in Van Helsing) and walks around on two feet but sometimes he walks around on four and gets more aggressive. Steve is all scaly and typically has legs but sometimes he slithers around like an actual snake and he likes to hide and pop out at people like the world’s biggest jack-in-the-box.

Surprisingly the only time Tony actually screams is when he sees them when they’ve both tried really hard to appear human.

“Aw, guys, I’m sorry,” Tony tells the closet door, knocking softly. “You guys were super handsome, I swear!”

“You didn’t even scream that loud when you were little,” Steve mumbles on the other side, hurt. “And we scared you on purpose.”

“So it was a little startling to see my boyfriends without scales or fur! So sue me! You guys look the same for thirty-five years and then you change what you look like and expect me not to be startled!”

sanjo-the-banjo  asked:

My friends and I are trying to put together a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-styled game, where each player controls a single Pokemon. Do you have any ideas for systems that might support that particularly well?

Depends on what you’re looking for gameplay-wise.

If you want to retain the grid-based dungeon crawling aspect of the source material, Hero Kids might be a good way to go. You’d have to either re-skin the pregenerated characters as various Pokémon or make up your own (I’d recommend the former, at least to start with - the system has very coarse granularity, so the balance is touchy), but beyond that it’s got pretty much everything you’d need. Simple enough that you can learn the whole system in just a few minutes, too.

If you’re not particularly concerned about keeping it as a grid-based dungeon crawler, you’ve got the usual suspects for games where everybody is basically playing a heavily stylised cartoon character: Fate Accelerated Edition if you prefer player-as-author type storygames, or perhaps OVA if you want something with a little less juggling Plot Points and a little more old school crunchiness. I rarely recommend OVA for anything because I dislike its “zero sum” approach to character creation that mandates that any character who’s actually good at stuff has to be loaded down with a list of disadvantages as long as your arm, typically leading to PCs with bewildering arrays of mental hangups, but for playing literal Pokémon that’s actually appropriate!

And of course, if you want something really rules light, there’s always Risus.

(There’s also Pokéthulhu, which is an excellent general purpose Pokémon RPG, but I wouldn’t recommend it for this particular purpose because its combat system scales poorly for scenes involving more than two characters.)

Remember the original Versus XIII plot leak earlier from a person who worked with the original script (since the beginning) and was upset how FFXV turned out to be? I got my hands on what is supposed to be from the same person, more information concerning updates of FFXV and how it will be tied to Versus project, which will be a game of its own but tied to FFXV so that it makes sense.

“I have access to all my/our original content, it is called a proof of concept reel shown at fiscal update and progress meetings, shown in presentation forms to holders and division heads as the state of project developments. These contents are one of the last regarding the the Versus days. Jumping forward, the updates to chapter 13 this month are going to let players know that something new and unexpected is coming with the unannounced ability to actually play different characters when Noctis is separated in from the party. Cindey is meant to be playable. As the next two updates progress and release more frequently, more and more hints towards Etro as a central plot focus and the Versus plot will be rapidly introduced. The Verus content patch, the last major one will have the most revealing sequences with will excite everyone very much. The storyline behind the Magitek Powered Infantry Suits will be shown in their updates form (and what they connect to).

The first major cutscene will deal with the resurrected “light of expiring souls” saving Luna from actually being killed by a a possessed Noctis, who has completely accepted his fate as the Hand of Ardyn in this hell on earth world, or the Fallen King of Eos (as the surviving towns call him) as seen in the Omen trailer. In the nightmarish sequence that is “meant to be from Omen”, he stabs Luna with her own Trident in the stomach, ending the line of the Oracles. He is surrounded by Ceberus Scouting teams that are lead by the Demons. These are the ones that are the elite group that track down the remaining “Daemon Hunters” in the nightmarish Versus “World of Ruin” ruled over by King Ardyn Izunia (he still doens’t introduce himself as Caelum to the world for some reason) and also demands sacrifices that are burned of villagers once a year at he Alter of Ifrit. This is the only time villagers are ‘peacefully’ allowed into the Gates of Insomnia at this time, which is the hell you see it is at the end of the game, only far more graphic, much worse. Concept art show “Daemon Hunters” each crucified as you approach the square. Heartbreakingly, Cor, Cidney (who now ha a shaved head and looks like a type of bikesuit with a bandanna of Cid’s around her arm is one of them and Iris, all of which are crucified at the gates as an example, as the four major surviving towns bring their sacrifices, lead by as possessed, demonic looking looking Noctis leading them (Cid burned himself along with Hammerhead instead of being “turned into one of those god damn things” (shown in flashback, but only of Hammer Head burning).

As the survivors are mounted to makesift 'crosse’–very similar to what Prompto was on when he was found by the team near the end of the game–(that evil looking dog is sitting high on a podium watching them walked in with chains for some reason, with flaming Iron Giants walking in front and beside them)–also the black dog is implied through dialogue to be an actual shapeshifting character– the major turning point is when a golden light pierces the sky and you hear the voice of Luna call out dialogue to the enslaved (it was not yet voice acted, the sequence is just silent, but the animatic says [Voice of Luna] When the light shines, it is revealed by Ardyn to show genuine rage (the only other time he did so was when Luna touched his arm with that same light at the Leviathan fight). The daemons are immediately engulfed in flame, along with Ardyn’s face being hit with it, twisting to that black, goo-like appearance. He maniacally starts shooting the same kind of beams he hit Noctis’ friends with during the finale fight, only this starts to incinerating a few villagers as they revolt.

Next scene is describes as a “major Astral intervention”, that’s literally all that is written here, with “Titan destroys the ceremonial, gruesome "crucifixion gate–with all the dead bodies along the path towards the alter’s entrance, with rage ”, “Shiva freezes the burning pyres that adorn the ritual’, "Leviathan lifts a waterwall tunnel for citizens to flee through (very Exodus/Moses like”, blocking the flying demons (one of these is originally seen in earlier footage where its flying above a red sky), necromances, new untexturesd/incomplete daemons, and Cerberus Packs, and Bahamut himself is described as “swatting down the Ceberus swarms like vermin” and engages Ardyn [!?]. or maybe it is subdue or crushes them like flies, the Japanese says  "障害物を失います" in the script–only part I’m not quite exactly sure on in revelation to what is exactly happening, the phrasing here is strange/incomplete Long story short, cause I am tired of writing and translating, Cidney, and Iris are taken down and freed, Cor “The Immortal” is tragically dead already, and those who were dressed ceremonially for burning are freed (good, because that shit was honestly sounding quite limit/uncomfortable pushing). The last sequences, literally, is described as Aranea slamming evil Noctis in the back of the head,and the kid that picks him up originally for a ride in the World of Ruin attempting to flee with him in an MT armored truck. The kid says he doesn’t know how to drive it, with the event obviously being a pretty funny sexual innuendo of Aranea saying “Move over, kid, I can operate a stick just fine.”–sounds way more perverted in Japanese version., obviously. Fan service, potty humor. Lastly, the very meaning of the trailer “Omen” is in reference to the coming launch of this major and final expansion, integrating and using all character from Episode Galdio, Prompto, and Ignus. The whole expansion is extremely Book of Revelations-like, so there will be no more need for the “aww but FFXV wasn’t dark like Versus was supposed to be!”–that debate will end here.

PS–Bahamut is present at same time as Aranea, as seen smahing demons in the background, proving once and for she is not him (I honestly thought she was). This is so called World of Versus DLC expansion, but internally they are just calling it FFXV Epansion 1; so I think the World of Versus is a fan creation This is intended to introduce the fanbase to the next major FF project however. So on the table, we have the next major FF project that is a reboot of Versus (not the expansion, but a full blown new project using the original concept), and Visual Works providing assets for two other major project under development, which are the Agni Tech Demo to be designed for the consoles that will launch with or slightly follow Micosoft’s Scorpio and Sony’s next hardware piece. Visual Works will also be providing assets for Tabata’s FFType-1 project for PS4, XB1 and Scorpio, and surprisingly somekind of proposed handheld version or add-on. Nintendo has not been brought up in any way. Their vision simply does not align in any way with what Square is trying to do with their unified Luminous Suite, which is very much alive and is meant to bridge the gap between CGI movie and interactive media development and a middleware package for industry professionals (which was the purpose of showing the scaling capabilities of prerendered work in comparison to their realtime counterpart.

Contents of this discussion are to remain confidential, non-non-disclosable, in all aspects until given further written notice. Failure will result in immediate termination of correspondence. Thank you for understanding.”

Also some information of Gladio’s DLC, which will be out on 28th day. I’m curious to see if this information is true; if so, it’s most likely all the given Versus information is too, at least in some extend.

“I’m commenting while have time. Should we consider a way to present this information in some manner or are you are comfortable with me going with another group of individuals at a site i have always respect concerning fabula nova and it’s saga, that is my next step with what we are working on. If you wish to wait until the 28th to confirm everything that is long as I will wait. Ps– for forthcoming confirmation,concerning corinthius in episode gladios, or doc content 1. Cor is Gilgamesh the swordmaster and viodwalker, also referred to in the update. The item you will receive from him is a new blade, his to be exact, and he relinquished his title to cor after the trial of the blade. That’s a head a up for free.” (x)

Remind you that FFXV does canonically have alternative realities - one of them Omen trailer reality - as seen first of March 2017 in Square’s conference. So it wouldn’t be a surprise from SE to pull out together a new line of “how things go”.

So! We’ll see how these things turn out like (or will they turn at all). Till then it’s just nice to be musing with the ideas and possibilities. Take this as grain of salt!

Domestic Bliss - Victuuri Week Day 4

Title: Domestic Bliss

Rating: T

Warnings: N/A

Word Count: 1,460

Summary: Fake Relationship AU in which Victor and Yuuri are spys on an undercover mission. Victor and Yuuri move to Washington to start on their mission. They buy a cute little house in the suburbs and get a poodle and start to imbed themselves in the community as a happily married couple.

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À la Ellenya

They say I’m thin-skinned
Well, if so, it’s no sin
And to be honest,
I think it quite best
That bones, muscles, etc.,
should stay so dermis dressed
After all, It’s not all that thin,
Save for eyelids, bits, & wrists
In fact, it’s more often opposite!
My callouses grow -oh, so thick!
And then there’s the sheer size of it…
Besides, s'pose I COULD slip
in or out of this rather skintight epidermis
What else would serve in stead of its purpose?
Should I sprout some scales?
Flip a new leaf to live not well-feathered but finned?
Would I then turn into a fish
-gall my gills, what an end!-
or remain more mammalian, like whales?
(Don’t know about you, but the tho’t makes me nervous-
Jonah could tell you the insider tales)
Or perhaps instead, turn militant insect
Or even relax the pace as a slick-shelled snail
And get an armour upgrade to an exoskeleton?
Don’t know what that entails,
but looks likely tough to get on-
I’ll grant you, maybe possibilities are endless
But I’d say to anyone who so suggests
that it might be quite delightful
to shed skins like lizards’ tails - as if trifles!
That if they think it formfit
Try it first, then tell us the trick
How to get on as well without it as we do with…
For, if ‘tis fine & dandy to shed ones’ skin- if it’s no great sorrow,
I might reconsider- maybe even shuck mine tomorrow,
Lend it out like a leather dress for events, styled to let, rent or borrow
But til proven, I’ll keep it on, better to mind my marrow!
(Not the veg, understand, but the bone stuff - how harrow-
Ing a thing it must be to change
From skinned to skinless - seems like rather a pain-
But maybe not so bad if, like the lizards’ snap-off end, it all grows back again!)

how the moon signs feel
  • aries: they feel in explosions, eruptions; their heart is a fuse, and once it's lit, there's no going back. they think with their heart, rather than just feeling, and they use it as fuel, use it as a weapon.
  • taurus: their heart is a mountain, tremendous in size and impossible to move; it's framed by grass meadows and a gentle breeze. they feel in crystal outcroppings and veins made of minerals, in stalagmites and stalactites that take millions of years to build.
  • gemini: their heart is a desert at nighttime, bitterly and bitingly cold. sometimes, they feel in fireworks that explode upon a clear sky full of stars, and sometimes, the only thing they feel is the chilling wind blowing around them without rest. they feel in duality; either everything, or nothing at all.
  • cancer: they feel in waves that wash up on the shore during high tide, and all too often, those waves completely swamp them, making them feel like they're drowning. no one can reach them now.
  • leo: they have a heart made of gold, and they feel in spontaneous waves of passion, like paint splattering onto a perfectly blank canvas. they feel in the form of art; they are art, residing high up on the pedestal they have made for themselves.
  • virgo: everything is white; everything is pure. in their heart, everything is orderly, and everything has a place. when they feel, they disrupt that very order; they feel in earthquakes, shattering the windows and knocking over the memories they took so much time to arrange.
  • libra: purpose is essential. much like virgo, a libra moon's heart must maintain a state of equilibrium at all times. a libra moon's feeling can be personified as a tipping of the scales; feeling must have purpose to balance itself on the other side, or else equilibrium will be shattered.
  • scorpio: their hearts are a calm and cloudy sky above a pacific sea, and their emotions are like monsoons, completely wreaking havoc until there is nothing left to destroy within themselves. they feel in storms, in lightning and unforgiving gales.
  • sagittarius: their heart is free, and they often have to chain it down to keep themselves in check. when a sagittarius moon feels, their heart swells, and the chains holding back their heart break. they feel in uncontrolled pulses, pulses that run throughout their entire body and make their bones itch for freedom.
  • capricorn: their feelings take shape in the form of a slow burn, and their heart is the candle wick that keeps them burning. their feelings are steady and controlled; sometimes, if they aren't careful, the flame grows too great to control, and they burn themselves out.
  • aquarius: logic is key. in a way the opposite of aries moons, who think with their hearts, aquarius moons feel with their mind. they feel in neural synapses, neon blue sparks of electricity coursing across a circuit board to deliver information. their heart is insulated, and they've installed the necessary software to protect themselves.
  • pisces: a pisces moon is surrounded by fragments of dreams, fragments of things that could be and could've been. they spend more time in the fantasy world they've created for themselves than in the real world. they completely surround themselves in their emotions, and they feel in waterfalls.

My uber late submission for @tformers-secret-santa :,>

I am so, so sorry for taking forever on this, @squidhundred! I had originally done a full digital piece, but my dad decided it would be cool to wipe the computer without telling me and then life got in the way and I never got the chance to work on anything…but here you go; it’s done now! I hope this measly thing was worth the wait ;w;

P.S. For scale purposes, it is approximately 1.5 inches tall.

“My value as a woman is not measured by the size of my waist or the number of men who like me. My worth as a human being is measured on a higher scale: the scale of righteousness and piety. And my purpose in life, despite what the fashion magazines say, is something more sublime than just looking good for men.”

- Yasmin Mogahed, Reclaim Your Heart: Personal Insights on Breaking Free from Life’s Shackles

Something in Homestuck that will never stop being funny to me:

Okay so Sn0wman, right?
This lovely lady:

She was the Black Queen of the troll’s session, who was overthrown in a coup and exiled to Alternia.

Do you remember why that happened? Why the trolls and the four archagents who later became the Midnight Crew were able to defeat her, the Black Queen, one of the final bosses of Sburb and one of its most powerful players?

Because she didn’t wear her magic ring, the magic ring that transforms carapacians into deadly, super-powered monsters based on what each player’s sprite was prototyped with.


Because it was prototyped with a frog head. Because Araida prototyped her sprite with a frog head, a creature reviled by Dersites. So reviled, in fact, that the Black Queen gave up all of this power at her disposal because she just couldn’t bear looking like one.

So that’s all well and good, but what, you may ask, is the funny part?


In this panel right here, Doc Scratch appeared and gave her a “new purpose.”
To become Sn0wman, to join The Felt, and, on a larger scale, to become the universe.

That’s right. Somehow, through some weird first guardian magic, Scratch made her the literal universe. 

And do you remember what the universe is? What the universes are, in Homestuck?


So to recap: The Black Queen, due to her vanity and her hatred of frogs, gave up a source of power that probably would have saved her from being exiled.
But then, after her exile, she became the biggest frog in the fucking universe.

Oh, and it gets better.

Remember these assholes? Yeah, sure you do. You read the intermission. Of course you read the intermission. What kind of asshole would skip the intermission?

The Felt, the gang Sn0wman ends up as a part of, is made up of fourteen leprechauns, who are repeatedly referred to with such descriptions as “amphibious, froglike, frog people.”

Despite, and in some ways because of, her refusal to wear the frog-prototyped ring, Sn0wman ended up as a representation of a giant frog, living among a gang of frog people.

And I just find that hilarious.

The farmer and the restaurant owner.

Once upon a time there was a man who owned a piece of land next to a thriving restaurant. Now this man had owned the land for a long time, (22 years), and it was undeveloped. He had bought it cheaply, but it had great highway frontage, and he had always dreamed of building a little used cars lot or gun shop on the tract, as his retirement pastime.

Now, the man had had the tract zoned as a commercial lot when he bought it, but when news leaked about the upcoming development, the restaurant owners petitioned the zoning board to overturn the commercial zoning, and re-institute the original agricultural zoning. By the way, all land in the mythical state of Kentucky is zoned as agricultural by default. This was unfair, illegal, and generally rude, but the restaurateur’s brother was the county zoning commissioner, so things naturally turned against our would-be entrepreneur.

After fighting the good, clean, play-by-the-rules sort of battle and losing, our would-be entrepreneur gave up. He decided to accept the county zoning.

Not to see the tract go idly unused, the enterprising retiree decided to pursue another business venture. He raised hogs. Lots of them. Two hundred and four, to be exact, on his little 12 acre tract. For those of you unfamiliar with the climate in time-lost Kentucky, the summers are downright southernly in their humidity and heat. As you can imagine, a rather malignant odor grew up around the thriving hog farm. Patrons of the restaurant ate elsewhere, anywhere else to be exact.

In a matter of weeks, the zoning commissioner reversed his earlier ruling, returning the commercial status of the lot. It is another caveat of Kentucky zoning law that land can always be used for a purpose lesser on the scale of hierarchy than its current zoning. Everyone, especially the restaurateur, was surprised when the hog farm remained in operation. Nothing, not even substantial financial offers, could convince the new farmer to quit his now beloved occupation.

Exactly 3 months, and four days after the opening of the hog farm, the restaurant closed its doors for good. The farmer, in a fit of depression, ceased hog farming and decided to open a small sporting goods store instead. It remains there to this day, alongside his newly-acquired restaurant.


Happy Friday! This are Aussie native ringed gidgee scales on this production stone washed, general purpose blade. I folded the belt loop backward on this one so the blade has more of a clear entry / exit into the sheath. This is headding across the ditch to NZ #knife #camping #survival #hunting #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #handmade #sheath

republicempire  asked:

Did any Romans keep a hedgehog as a pet besides for their quills and meat?

Probably not. I wasn’t there obviously so I can’t know for sure, but I doubt they were kept as pets on a larger scale without serving a certain purpose, in this case the use of quills and meat. Keeping hedgehogs as pets seems to be something which has only started quite recently (around the 1980′s).
To this day, hedgehogs are caught or kept in captivity for their meat or to be used in medicine in various countries. They are said to be able to cure a wide variety of illnesses (and this excerpt is just about the Mediterranean - it doesn’t include Asian countries such as China):

“Hedgehogs are used as a cure for a variety of illnesses including tuberculosis, haemorrhoids and scrofula (lymphadenopathy of the neck) in Turkey (Sezik et al. 2001; Ezer & Arısan 2006), low sex drive or impotence, fever and malaria in the Levant (Lev 2003), and vaginal complaints by northeastern Italians (Quave & Pieroni 2013).  For Morocco the most detailed accounts for the various uses of hedgehogs are given by Westermarck (1926) and Fogg (1941): Inhaling the smoke of a hedgehog skin or its bristles when burned is a remedy for fever, male impotence, and urinary illnesses, and consuming a hedgehog penis, boiled in oil or butter, can cure male impotence.  The blood is a cure for ringworm, warts and heals the cracked skin of feet.  Finally, the boiled flesh of a hedgehog is eaten as a remedy for witchcraft, whereas the bristles can be worn as an amulet against the evil eye.”


Legendary Classification

Legendaries are classified according to two separate scales: the Populace Scale and the Faculty Scale. The former organises legendaries by number and population, whereas the latter arranges them by their strength and ability. Together, the dual scale system determines the overall status of each legendary, and with it the laws surrounding their competitive usage and conservation.

The Populace Scale

The Populace Scale is divided into three main catergories: singular, elusive and populous. Populous legendaries are those with a population of seventy or more, the most notable examples being latias and latios, which are found exclusively in the mountainous regions of Hoenn. Elusive legendaries typically have a low or undetermined population; articuno, zapdos and moltres, which dwell in small, isolated communities throughout the Japanese regions and are difficult to track, align with this category. Singular legendaries, by contrast, are ones without a population; they are individual, immortal pokémon, the only ones of their kind. Zekrom, Mesprit and Palkia are examples of such legendaries. 

It is legal to capture populous legendaries for the purposes of rehabilitation, conservation, or in order to administer medical treatment, but not for competitive means. They can only be used competitively if they willingly partner a trainer, and even then only in free-for-all tournaments. Elusive legendaries face similar regulation, but their territories are more severely guarded. Capturing or attempting to capture such pokémon most commonly results in imprisonment. Singular legendaries, however, are shielded from all human interference, be it positive or negative. Entering their territory for any purpose is punishable by law, and attempting to capture one (a difficult feat in itself) carries a heavy sentence. Their use in tournaments is also prohibited, if only for the sake of fairness. Not that singular legendaries ally with trainers for such trivial purposes.   

The Faculty Scale

The Faculty Scale is divided into four main categories. The boundaries between them are frequently debated. 

Kamic - The Kamic classification is reserved solely for the most powerful legendary in existence, the one with the power to craft new life and shape matter to its own will. Most agree that Arceus is the only pokémon that aligns with this category, even though its very existence is debated in the first place.

Seraphic - Seraphic legendaries include trio masters and rulers of natural phenomena. They are of deity-like status, frequently discussed only in legend, and designated to control a particular aspect of the natural world.   

Dominion - Dominion legendaries are generally immortal and singular, but never as powerful as Seraphic ones. They may be ruled over by them, or even completely independent, but they do not play a role in the preservation of the natural order. There is a rich history of these legendaries partnering humans, though never for a purpose as simple as competitive battle.   

Mortal - Whilst obviously more powerful than most regular pokémon, mortal legendaries are those with limited lifespans. They typically live longer than human beings, but must still breed to preserve the future of their species. Only mortal legendaries, which are typically either elusive or populous, are legal to use competitively (under strict circumstances).

All Legendary Classifications

  • Articuno - Mortal Elusive
  • Zapdos - Mortal Elusive
  • Moltres - Mortal Elusive
  • Mew - Mortal Elusive 
  • Mewtwo - Although its existence would be concealed from the public, its classification would feasibly be Mortal Singular. 
  • Raikou - Dominon Singular
  • Entei - Dominion Singular
  • Suicune - Dominion Singular
  • Ho-oh - Seraphic Singular
  • Lugia - Seraphic Singular
  • Celebi - Dominion Singular
  • Regirock - Dominion Singular   
  • Registeel - Dominion Singular
  • Regice - Dominion Singular
  • Latias - Mortal Populous 
  • Latios - Mortal Populous
  • Kyogre - Seraphic Singular
  • Groudon - Seraphic Singular
  • Rayquaza - Seraphic Singular
  • Jirachi - Dominion Elusive (an unusual combination. They are thought to be immortal, or at the very least long-lived, but the existence of more than one has been confirmed). 
  • Deoxys - Dominion Singular
  • Uxie - Seraphic/Dominion Singular (there is a great deal of dispute as to whether the lake guardians should be classed as Seraphic or Dominion. Some claim the former, insisting that their association with universal concepts such as knowledge and free will gives them a demigod-like status. Others, however, argue that they are only the representations of such concepts, not the rulers of them, thus should only be classed as Dominion. A consensus is yet to be reached).
  • Mesprit - Seraphic/Dominion Singular
  • Azelf - Seraphic/Dominion Singular
  • Dialga - Seraphic Singular
  • Palkia - Seraphic Singular
  • Giratina - Seraphic Singular 
  • Regigigas - Seraphic Singular
  • Heatran - Mortal Populous 
  • Darkrai - Dominion Singular
  • Cresselia - Dominion Singular
  • Manaphy - Mortal Populous  
  • Shaymin - Mortal Populous
  • Arceus - Kamic Singular
  • Victini - Mortal Elusive
  • Cobalion - Dominion Singular
  • Terrakion - Dominion Singular
  • Virizion - Dominion Singular
  • Keldeo - Debated. Most commonly thought to be Mortal Singular - a unique pokémon that, through its adoption by the Swords of Justice, developed legendary power and status. It is spoken of in historical records, but evidence generally suggests that it no longer exists, most likely due to its mortality.    
  • Tornadus - Dominion Singular
  • Thundurus - Dominion Singular 
  • Landorus - Dominion Singular
  • Reshiram - Dominion Singular (despite their legendary power, the Tao trio is too closely linked to human condition to be considered Seraphic. They do not safeguard the natural order - they adapt to the values of humanity). 
  • Zekrom - Dominion Singular
  • Kyurem - Dominion Singular 
  • Meloetta - Dominion Elusive (regarded in a similar fashion to Jirachi)
  • Genesect - Mortal Singular
  • Xerneas - Seraphic Singular
  • Yveltal - Seraphic Singular
  • Zygarde - Seraphic Singular 
  • Diancie - Mortal Elusive
  • Hoopa - Dominion Elusive (the mythology surrounding Hoopa is conflicting. Some of it states that there is only one, whereas some of it reports that many exist, all in competition with one another. Their undetermined population demands that they are classed as elusive).
  • Volcanion - Mortal Elusive

Going to be a new edition to my reference sheet~ I got to show my “Plus” size.. 

Whole purpose is to show being pear shaped, at larger scales, the back view of the wings and the extra butt fluff at this weight.The other thing is he clipped his secondary feathers because they got in the way of his bum. He already knows he won’t be flying again!