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souridealist  asked:

hey, I'm sorry if you answered this before, but I wondered if you had any particularly recommended jobsearch websites? I'm kind of flailing around, and it occurred to me that you might know.

Hiya! Sorry it took me a few days to answer this, I had to locate my old jobsearch bookmarks file. The good news is that while I was finding it, like three other people asked this too, so you are a trendsetter and I am benefiting many!

First, the general jobsearch sites I used:

* Both are specifically for not-for-profit companies only but they hire in a wide range of areas.
** USAJobs is specifically government jobs, including military, so you have to filter a lot of dreck to get to the good stuff sometimes.

Next, I thought about professional organizations in my industry. In my case that was organizations made up of not for profits, like the National Association of Independent Schools, Higher Ed Jobs, the Association of Fundraising Professionals, the American Alliance of Museums, Chicago Artist’s Resource, and the Chronicle of Philanthropy. If you don’t know what orgs cater to your industry, have a google around for stuff like “[industry] professionals” and “[industry] organization”. You might not find any, but usually there are some. I won’t lie, about 80% of the jobs I applied to I found on an industry organization’s website first, and I think they are a lot friendlier and have a lot fewer scams than more generalist sites like SimplyHired and Indeed. (I flirted with Monster once, never again.)

As you can see with Chicago Artist’s Resource, I was looking regionally in some cases, and there are often regional jobsearch sites, run either by professional orgs in the area or by the local government. Check your city website for more info on this. You can also check your local newspaper’s online job search, though I’ve never found that especially useful.

Then I thought about really specific places I wanted to work. Most of my peers are in higher education, museums, or charitable organizations; I was mainly interested in staying in higher ed or museums, so I found specific ones that I wanted to make sure I checked, like Harvard, DePaul, UPenn, the Museum of Science and Industry, MFA Boston, the Smithsonian, Victory Gardens, and NPR. I looked at a few charitable organizations like Planned Parenthood and UNICEF too, but I knew I wanted an org with good pay and benefits, so I stuck to the big ones. 

I link the above not because I think they’re good jobsites for you, but to illustrate the diversity of where I was looking – general, moderate, and specific, in many different areas, in many different types of company. Also so that you can see the wide array of design in their job search sites.

Depending on what kind of work you do, there can be a lot of untapped resources out there. If you’re in administration, for example, there is almost no company that doesn’t need good admins, so you could search any of the above linked sites and occasionally get a hit on a job you could do. Likewise things like communication and graphic design. If you find a job you can do, check what industry is in, and start looking at that industry and asking yourself “Are there other jobs for me here?”

Jobsearching is SUPER TOUGH, so hang in there.