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'I Am Jazz' Transgender Doll To Debut At NYC Toy Fair
Reality TV star thanks doll company "for being so progressive."

YES! Jazz is so frigging awesome. Kudos to Tonner for letting modernity change his mind about people who are different. More of this, please.


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Part One/Part Two, End Scene Mash Up - by Dodrio

I thought the parallel of Finn looking out to sea from the first and last parts of the Islands Miniseries did a wonderful job at portraying the wealth of emotion, growth, and new understanding Finn felt and gained from the start of his journey VS the end of his journey.

It does well to show just how much Finn has matured throughout the series, from a young and naive boy to a wiser, more aware young man.

Adventure Time is a children’s show which exemplifies what it means to truly “grow up,” that even in a world where the life of humans has come to ruin, where you sometimes feel completely and utterly alone, where real danger and real monsters are at every corner, you’re going to be okay. 

Adventure Time has taught children that while it may be trying sometimes, while it can hurt and be confusing, “growing up” is an inevitability - but one you should not be fearful of. It’s one that you should embrace, because its worth it for the lessons you learn, the wisdom you gain, and the love and friendship you find along the way.

Ultimately, this world is not so different from our own.

Growing up is a lot like journeying to multiple islands, each one has something of value, whether it is wisdom to gain, emotional growth, or better understanding and awareness. 

You may not always come to one on purpose, sometimes it may even seem like you’ve been thrown into a tsunami and washed out from the sea, but it’s all a part of your journey of life; And even if you don’t know your destination, know that your heart and your intuition already do, and trust them to lead you on your way.

Like Princess Bubblegum says, “If you make it to that island, you might find out some pretty heavy stuff. About the humans, and where you came from. About yourself.

Thank you, Pendleton Ward, Frederator Studios, and Cartoon Network for the blessing that is Adventure Time. 

DISCLAIMER: All rights belong to their respective owners and not me. This video is meant for non-profit educational and entertainment purposes only. I don’t own Adventure Time.

so a couple of friends, who are not on Alpha, weren’t aware that Taliesin sang “Pure Imagination” on last week’s Talks Machina After Dark, and i promised i’d put up just this part for them, so here, have it as well :D

of course, if you’d like to see more Talks Machina After Dark and other awesome shows, i do recommend subbing to Alpha :D your first 30 days are a free trial after all, and you can always opt out if you’re truly not happy with it, but let this short clip stand as a tiny taste of the goodies that await you there :D

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Reasons to Join your Clan

I know I have the occasionally difficulties dreaming up why a dragon would join my clan. (without the whole- I bought this dragon off the AH XD ) So some brainstorming thoughts on the topic!

-Purchased as a slave, servant, or debtor

-Hired as a mercenary, soldier, guard, servant, or skilled worker-what they can provide to your clan

-Run-away from another clan and seeking sanctuary (sanctuary from what? -disease, abuse, starvation…or maybe running away from responsibilities or demands of station like nobility)

-Left for a better life- riches, land, knowledge, training, healing, something your clan can provide 

-Given as a sacrifice or offering to a temple

-Traveler- wanderer without a purpose, a trader or mercenary looking for a profit

-Star-struck or popularity- joined your clan by word of mouth of some special someone or some thing

-Asked for by some dragon of clan- be it friendship, need for help, or for an ability

-Accident of nature or attack- e.g dragon washed ashore or was robbed by pirates and tossed into the sea


-Found abandoned or lost 

-Captured by the clan and held hostage- or captured by another clan and rescued by your clan

- Pilgrimage to your clan (be it penance or just for due religious duty)

-Bound by oath or honor to help your clan

-To help fight a common enemy

-To study a specific flora, fauna, or oddity of your clan’s land

-Some item needed for their job, e.g. a weaver coming to live next a place that can provide thread

-Relationship of blood or from the same clan



Feel free add more to this list! 

(because Tidelord knows I need more ideas for building my bios)

I can’t think of anything lately but a rebellious Hermione.

She’d deem the school system non-fitting for actual education, realizing that at the tender age of fifteen and would argue with her Physics teacher that what she wants them to learn is utterly useless.

She’d ditch the subjects she thinks are unworthy of her time. She’d get worse grades just because she argued with a teacher. Not because there was a mistake in her essay - sure, there was a coma in the wrong place, but that would hardly be a cause of a weak ‘acceptable’. (she rolls her eyes)

Every single staff member would hate her, were she in a Muggle school. Her classmates would wonder if she’d gone insane after this much of fuss - because of her resistance.

Muggle Hermione Granger would just force the educational system on its goddamned knees by the time she hit eighteen. (fight me over it! [YOU CAN’T])

Trump’s Business of Government

The White House has announced that Trump will name his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to run a new Office of American Innovation – described as a SWAT team of strategic consultants staffed by former business executives, designed to infuse fresh thinking into Washington and help make government work more like a business. 

It’s good to have fresh thinking about how government might function more efficiently. But it’s important to remember that government is not a business. The purpose of government is not to show a profit. It is to achieve the common good.

Precisely because there are many different views about the common good, government leaders must be capable of listening and responding to many different opinions and perspectives.

They must also be public educators – telling the public the truth, explaining the consequences of different options, and conducting public deliberation about what is best for society.

Above all, presidents should enrich and strengthen democracy – building trust in democratic institutions, avoiding conflicts of interests, and promoting tolerance and social cohesion.

So far, Donald Trump has done the opposite. He doesn’t need more business advice. He needs more advice about how to lead a democracy.


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A thought I've had a few times: automation should be an exciting prospect, the possibility of freeing people from the necessity of labor (while still allowing people to labor when they feel so inclined). But instead, with how our system is set up, automation is a terrifying idea, because the machines will take our jobs and then I won't be able to feed myself or my family.

Incredibly valuable thoughts here. This is why groups such as the French Socialist Party and other left-wing parties in Europe have adopted policies of oversight over automation and its effects on the workforce. These are things where we can’t simply allow for capitalism and technological advancement to create “disruptive” innovations without intervention.

Dealing with this issue would involve things free-market capitalists don’t often like to hear; planning and management overseen by the greater populace through the state. In a social democratic society, these new innovations would be reviewed by an economic regulatory bureau to determine it’s potential for harm to workers before being applied universally and upending entire industries.  Instead, if these automation ideas were put in place, they’d be carefully managed and phased in to allow the workforce time to retrain and seek new opportunities. 

- @delendarius

I have a slightly different outlook on this, while I believe that it would work, it seems like it would slow the rate of economic growth by literally slowing the pace of innovation.

So, what do we do instead?

We create a universal basic income and a maximum pay ratio coupled with a robust safety net and high taxes on unearned income (any income not coming from labor such as profit, investments, and dividends).

The Universal Basic Income should be based on the taxes from unearned income, divided evenly amongst the population. This way, any profit generated from technological innovation would only serve to increase the incomes of the whole populous. There will be people that lose jobs due to technological innovation, but the financial benefits of technology should be shared by them as well.

The Maximum Pay Ratio will ensure that the wealthy cannot just appoint themselves board positions with high salaries in order to steal profits. You require that no one person can be paid more than 25x the lowest paid person working for their company. If you noticed, I said lowest paid person, not lowest paid employee. This would include everyone in the supply chain, outside contractors, factory workers, everyone that contributes to their company through work in any way. If an executive can justifying paying someone three dollars a day in another country to work, they will only be able to make $75 a day themselves. if an executive wants to make $1 million a year, their lowest paid person would have to make $40,000 a year.

This will also ensure that any pay increases will spread to everyone, not just the executives.

A robust safety net would include things like universal healthcare, free college, and one year 100% unemployment insurance. This would mean anyone who loses a job due to technological advancements would be able to spend a year either looking for work, starting a business, or retraining for a new field. The retraining would be free since college tuition would be. 

The high taxes on unearned income would serve two purposes, to fuel this proposed system and to motivate companies to reinvest profits into wages, research and development, and infrastructure. If they have spent the money on other purposes, it is no longer profits and is thereby, no longer taxable. This will prevent large extractions of wealth from the economy for personal enrichment. 

With a system like this in place, we would not need a government body around to slow progress. The people would be cared for while getting economic gains from technological innovation shared with them. They would also have a robust safety net to help them into a new career. 

Obviously, my answer is an ideal system while what @delendarius has proposed is a way to modify the existing system without massive changes. It is very likely that we will have to pass through this type of regulatory system before we could even dream of my idealized system. 

- @theliberaltony

All clips taken from Voltron: Legendary Defender, the episode Crystal Venom. I don’t own anything in this video. Audio is a music box cover of This is Gospel by Panic! At the Disco. This video is for entertainment purposes only, and I do not claim any profit from it.

Crystal Venom is a very emotional episode, Allura and her father hurt my heart aaah. So I wanted to make a small video. enjoy!

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A military group has Taylor on a shortlist of honorees for her efforts to support military: militarytimes(.)com/articles/hillvets-100-2016-influencers-taylor-swift-alejandro-villanueva

Taylor Swift, battlefield heroes among honorees on HillVets 100 list

By: Leo Shane III, February 10, 2017

WASHINGTON – Pop star Taylor Swift, NFL lineman Alejandro Villanueva, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens and a trio of Medal of Honor recipients headline HillVets’ list of the 100 most influential personalities on veterans issues for 2016.

The full list, set to be released Monday, is the advocacy group’s third annual look at prominent former military members, current troops and community supporters who helped broaden public debate on veterans issues last year.

HillVets mission is to increase the number of veterans working in government and widening public awareness of their challenges. The annual list includes a cross-section of entertainers, politicians, non-profit organizations and media members with a “mission and purpose of giving back to those that have sacrificed so much for our nation.”

Included in the latest group are political leaders like former Secretary of State (and Navy veteran) John Kerry, former Veterans Affairs Secretary (and Army veteran) Bob McDonald and current VA Secretary nominee Dr. David Shulkin, and new House Veterans’ Affairs Chairman (and Army veteran) Dr. Phil Roe, R-Tenn.

The list also highlights young advocates whose work has had national impact on veterans issues, including Vietnam Veterans of America assistant policy director Kris Goldsmith, Scoutcomms’ vice president Lauren Jenkins, and PenFed development director Brian Hawthorne.

Swift’s inclusion may come as a surprise to individuals outside the community, because much of her charitable actions on behalf of the military and veterans have been kept low-key.

Those include a recent private concert for a 96-year-old WWII veteran, a surprise appearance at an Army officer’s wedding, and a phone call to the family of a fallen Marine to express her sympathy. HillVets organizers called those moves part of a long-term pattern of “continued, humble and genuine service to the military and veteran community.”

[…] The full list will be posted on the HillVets website on Monday, Feb. 13. The honorees will be recognized in a Washington, D.C. ceremony on March 15.

Love me like you do (Part 6)-Balem series

A/N: I’m struggling to make this a slow burn. Fuuuuuuck me. Balem tap that ass already.

Originally posted by frankenanda666


“Wait, I-”

But, your words fell upon deaf ears as the young serving boy shut the doors to Balem’s chambers and walked off. He left you there, silent, confused, and above all a bit disappointed. Not so much at anyone in particular, that is, other than yourself. To think you’d sit idly by and allow that man to show off in front of his associates. As if you were some prized cow at an auction, it was a bit pathetic in your mind. Yet…

You touched the dip of your neck, biting your lip in thought as you trailed your fingertips down to your sternum. Right where he kissed you, it was an odd feeling. The way his lips felt pressed into your skin, soft, yet there was a pressure behind it that spoke volumes. Like the kiss itself was a mark of ownership. You could still feel the warmth of his mouth against your chest, and as much as you hated to admit it the sensations were exhilarating. Truth be told, you hadn’t been with anyone like that in a long time, work kept you busy and so did your classes. Maybe it was just your body reacting to the unfamiliar touch. Either way, the blush on your cheeks was enough to make you groan in frustration. You patted at them, trying to rid the flush of red before he came back and saw you in such a state. You already made up your mind, that as soon as he got back you’d beg, yes you planned to resort to that, to go home. All of this was too much, and you hoped that somehow they had technology that wiped memories because you weren’t sure you could cope well back on earth if you knew that above you was an entire world, no universe, of other beings far more advanced than you.


You strode over to the windows, pulling back the large black curtains and gazing out at the galaxy. You felt so insignificant then, as if your existence meant nothing anymore because how could earth or any other planet be so important when you had palaces like this, settled on planets that you once thought were just dust and rock. With a sigh, you banged your forehead against the glass watching the stars flicker passed and burn into a haze of different colors. Regardless of your current existential crisis, you had to admire the beauty of it all. This kingdom alone was something gorgeous, with black and gold decorating almost every wall, and lights that floated above. Like colorful flames that couldn’t harm you.

“He doesn’t skimp on decorations…”

The lights above on his ceiling floated along the edges, some gathering in the middle like a glorious chandelier. They sparked blue, green, even colors you didn’t think existed on the spectrum. It was amazing really, and as you watched them dance across the expanse of marble you weren’t even aware that someone was close behind you, watching your every movement carefully.

“There you are, my little bird.”

His husky voice echoed through the room, and you stiffened at the way it vibrated along the chamber walls. The demanding tone never once left his words, and even though you didn’t dare turn around you knew he was inching closer to you. You felt like a trapped animal, awaiting its demise and as you closed your eyes accepting your fate, the only thing that came was the hot air of his breath as he dipped down, lips next to your ear.

“Turn around.”

Your fingers pressed hard into the glass, and you swallowed nervously as he the heat of his body wafted over you. This was not the situation you expected to be in today, however, you were now all too aware of what this man wanted from you. You knew the minute he decided to eye you hungrily when he first saw you in that dress, to the way he kissed your skin, the way he held you in his lap. The serving girl from before was right, he likes new play things, and yet the worse part was…it was working.

His advances were actually creating a turmoil in you that you hadn’t felt for a long time. There was a pull there, like a dangerous game, tempting to play but you didn’t want to risk it. What’s wrong with me, you thought, biting down on your lip so hard it almost bled. You tried to convince yourself it was this entire crazy whirlwind of an adventure, or that you were just excessively needy, anything but the actual fact. Which was that you were hopelessly attracted to this stranger.

“I said, turn around.”

His tone was rising in its demand, the slight annoyance behind it obvious as he gripped your shoulder and flipped you around to face him. His green eyes were dark with emotion, but the rest of his features were stern, like he was already angry with you.

In reflex, you reached up to grip his wrist, trying to tug his hand from your body and push him away. But, his grasp was tight, and even if you managed to pull away and free yourself there wasn’t anywhere to run.


“Shh.” He pressed a finger to your lips, tracing the outline of them as he hotly purred out his intentions.

“Take off your dress.”

That was about as much as you could take. Attraction or not, you couldn’t give in to the natural reaction of your body. This wasn’t earth, this wasn’t home.

With as swift a movement as you could muster, you reached up and smacked him right across his cheek, and instinctively scrambled back into the window as if that would protect you from him wrath.

You watched him warily, your own breathing labored in fear as he stood silent. His face was turned, but you felt your entire body run pale as his eyes drifted over to you. They held you firmly in place, and you could already see the swirls of rage building in them.

Before you could utter an apology he was on you, hand roughly gripping your cheeks as he lifted you towards him, his face was mere inches from your own, but you could tell he was beyond angry with you.

“How dare you?!”

With his fingers holding your chin tightly, you hardly had room to speak, but you muffled between his hand, trying to get your apology out.

He seemed pleased enough with that, though his grip didn’t loosen. He knew exactly what you wanted to say, and all he did was chuckle darkly, smirking down at you.

“I admire your spirit…it’s been ages since anyone dared to lay a finger on me.”

His eyes trailed down to your lips, then across your neck and down to your heaving chest where they stayed put.

“Do you know what happened to them?”

Despite your current situation, you immediately spoke up, mumbling out the words he expected to hear.

“You killed them.”

His smirk grew into a devilish smile, and he walked you back into the window, leaving no distance between your bodies. Even after your rejection, he was still in a predicament of need, and that much was very clear.

“Little bird…so small and naive you are…”

He released his hold on you, striding over to the large dressed near the end of the room. You watched as he unclipped his cape from the high gold collar he wore, and with a grace that betrayed his anger, he tossed it along the lounge chair. He didn’t even seem to care that you were still in the room, and as soon as you saw him remove his black top you turned away, a blush forming on your cheeks.

All you could hear was the ruffling of clothing, and drawers being opened, but you wouldn’t dare to look back. You were still trying to regain your composure from his outburst.

To cut the awkward silence that you felt developing you spoke up, keeping your gaze steady on the wall. “Did you kill him…?”

Balem didn’t see a reason to answer you, he continued dressing in the corner, throwing his rings in a fine glass bowl. The sound of metal clanging around unsettled you, but you raised your tone even higher.

“Did you kill that man?”

“My business is of no concern to you.”

His haughty attitude was starting to wear your patience thin, and though that fear of consequence was still there you pressed forward.

“Did you kill him?!”

Balem looked over his shoulder at you, and said with as little care as possible, “Yes.”

Though that man was hardly worth anyone’s time, you weren’t exactly keen on having him die. You weren’t important enough to kill for, but you couldn’t help but feel like somehow his actions towards you cost him his life.

“Why did-”

You heard him scoff, clearly unamused by your sentiment and as you finally worked up the courage to look at him, you only felt your resolve break all over again. He stood before his wardrobe, shirtless, clad in only lounge pants that were a fine gold. His back was to you, but you could already make out the fine muscles of it. His body was sculpted like a gods, and as much as you wanted to look away you couldn’t.

“What I did for him was a mercy.”

Balem turned on his heel, meeting your gaze and making you shrink back in shame. Even if he had noticed your eyes on him, he didn’t seem to care. He just moved towards his bed, clearly not interested in keeping this current conversation going.

“Killing people isn’t a mercy.”

“I create life!”

You flinched at his yelling, noting that his business dealings was probably another of his restricted topics.

“And I destroy it…”

“Is that what you’re doing to earth?”

Balem eyed you, standing a few feet away, and he seemed displeased with this current chain of events. It was not lost on you that his original intention was to have you share his bed that night, and seeing how he was a man used to getting what he wanted, he wasn’t exactly content right now.

“Your planet is merely a resource waiting to be converted into capitol. And this entire enterprise is just a small part in a vast and beautiful machine defined by evolution, designed to a single purpose: to create profit.”

You couldn’t comprehend his words, not fully. In your eyes what he did was simply murder, and even if the rules on his planet, or universe, were different than earth’s you couldn’t excuse him for that.

“Those people have families.”

You could see his lip curl at the corner in disgust, but he didn’t say much else. He just messed around with a tablet that was by his bed, deep in thought. Every now and then his eyes would scan over to you, watching you with interest. It’s like he wanted you to move, to do something but when you only stood there, fidgeting with your hands he rolled his eyes.

“You earthlings are all the same. So tied up in your sentimentality.”

You looked up at him, nervously chewing your lip as he placed the tablet back down and reached for you. His fingers danced along your arm, until he curled them around your wrist and pulled you to him.

A gasp escaped your mouth, and you placed your hand up, trying to add a barrier against both your chests. But, your fingertips met his smooth skin, and you automatically looked at them, blushing softly when you saw just how defined his muscles were. His lean waist dipped into a hard V, the hem of his pants dangling just a bit off his hipbones. You became flustered quite easily, all your arguments now a muddled mess inside your head. His hold on you was something to be desired, but right now you just needed to get away.

“I can smell your arousal. Why deny yourself the pleasure?”

His low voice hung heavy in the air, and you took a chance, gazing up at him as he smirked. Even after all the arguments, he was clearly hell bent on bedding you. You had to wonder if this was a nightly ritual for him. In fact, you were nearly positive a woman shared his bed every night. Men of power often had a harem of women awaiting them, and you imagined he was no different. Though, thinking back on that serving girl’s words you guessed he picked women of the week and had his way with them until he grew bored and wanted something new.

“Let me go home.”

He seemed amused by your pleas, and just shook his head, bringing his hand up to cup your chin.


“Why not…?”

You were afraid to ask, but the desire to be away from all this only grew as your attraction to him did.

Balem looked you dead in the eye, the green of his irises shining against the many colored lights on his ceiling. He studied you, carefully, taking in the way you breathed, to the way you gnawed nervously at your lip. And with as delicate a touch he could manage, he trailed his fingertip down your jaw, admiring the curve of your neck and shoulder. You felt his nails dig softly into your skin, making your heart race wildly in your chest. Your lips parted, a quivery breath escaping you as he dragged the dress down along your side. The cool air hit your flushed skin, goosebumps running along your arms and making you visibly shiver before him.

You closed your eyes tightly, trying to will away the heat pooling in your stomach. But, his touch was maddening, addicting, and no matter what you did to convince yourself otherwise it only made it worse. He was seducing you, and he was doing a damn fine job of it.

The dress fell at your waist, the bottom half still clinging to you and covering your most intimate of areas, but there you stood, before this lord, chest on complete display for his hungry eyes.

You were far too entranced by him, that letting him continue was just something your body allowed. And as he gazed down at you, fingers brushing along your arm you opened your eyes.

The lust was evident in his features, lips parted just a bit, eyes dark, and breathing growing shallow. You wondered if this was the sight all the other women saw before he took them. But, you tried not to dwell on that, the idea of him doing things like that to you only made a blush creep along your cheeks.


His compliment made you fidget uncomfortably, and without warning he snaked an arm around your waist, pulling you tightly to his chest and tossing you in the bed. You bounced softly on the mattress, gasping when he climbed atop you and immediately went for your neck. Your nerves set fire, leaving you speechless as his lips connected with the pulse of your neck. He kissed a hot trail down your throat, tongue dipping out to the soothe the reddening skin.

Your mind screamed at you to stop him, to push him off and run to the nearest corner. But, his lips, his heavy lidded gaze, and that touch of his fingers, it made everything useless to react.

A sigh ran passed your lips, and the Primary took that as a sign to continue, which he eagerly did. He licked over your throat, and before you can even say anything he bites down. The pain radiated down your spine, yet at the same time the pleasure of it pooled between your legs. You moaned out, instinctively bucking your hips up. In that moment you noticed just how turned on he was, and every part of you itched to rub into him, to feel that bulge rough against your inner thighs. But, as he sucked down on the bite mark your mind awoke, and without a second thought you shoved at his chest, his lips releasing your skin.

You glanced up at him, blushing madly at the current situation. His hair fell over his eyes, but even so you can tell he’s completely annoyed and in a very high state of need.

“Little bird…” It comes out like a growl, his green eyes glazed with lust, but he grits his teeth and runs a hand through his hair, slicking it back once more into its usual style. He moved off of you, breathing heavily as he tried to calm his aching arousal. He glanced at you, eyes settling upon your bare chest, and he licked at his lips. You could tell he wanted to reach out and devour you, to take you hard and make you his, but with whatever control he still had he rose from the bed.

He composed himself, and angrily barked back at you. “Draw me a bath.”

He walked away for a moment and you try to collect yourself as you cover your body with your arms. Out of embarrassment, you shakily rise from the bed, and quickly move towards the bathing area. You just wanted him to leave you alone right now, and if giving him what he wanted helped then so be it.

As you kneeled before the large golden faucets, you studied your reflection in the water, gasping when you saw the large purple bruise on your neck. In shame you clasped your hand over it, trying in vain to use your hair as a mask for it.

You heard footsteps behind you, and assuming it was him you rose, keeping your back to him as he neared you.

“Dress yourself.”

You looked over your shoulder, squeaking when he harshly shoved a silk robe into your arms, and you frantically covered yourself with it.

“T-Thank you…”

Balem scoffed, and moved forward towards the bath, and it was then you realized he was completely nude. You should’ve turned away, but being completely flustered will cause strange reactions. Your eyes roamed his chiseled body, widening slightly when you noticed his…more than well endowed…area.

“Do you wish to join me, little dove.”

You watched as the water sloshed around his hips, and he ran his hand along the surface, collecting some of it in his palm. His eyes met yours, and you found yourself at a loss of words.


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The Underground was a dangerous maze of unfinished tunnels and rooms, built in anticipation of a disaster that would force Hope City’s residents to take shelter beneath the earth. It was an ambitious, gimmicky idea – an extravagant proposal to put the city on the world’s radar to challenge Clear Springs in fame – but ultimately the project collapsed. Government funding had run out a few years into its construction, leaving an unfathomably massive network of half-finished infrastructure right under the sidewalks of Hope City. The mayoral cabinet decided to cut their loses and take the only course of action they deemed reasonable; they covered up their failure and pretended it wasn’t a big deal.

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anonymous asked:

hey, my friends and I watched Blackfish in class and I need your help to convince them that it's a bad documentary.

the fact they say orcas usually live up to 100 years in the wild should be enough to convince them you can’t believe any of the bullshit they spew but when I get on my desktop I’ll edit this with some more info don’t you worry

edit: OKAY so here i am ready to tell all the fucking novice ass amateur ass animal behaviorists why you should be actually fucking critical of “documentaries” like Blackfish. (and, in a broader perspective, why yall shouldn’t just eat up whatever shit Netflix shoves on your face, but that should go without saying)

Blackfish isn’t a documentary. it’s straight up propaganda.

i’ll go ahead and say i definitely don’t side with seaworld in this, i don’t think captivity for entertainment purposes should ever be excused–but i also don’t think the romanticizing of actual breathing, living creatures for entertainment/cultural purposes should be excused.

a documentary usually presents all information available about a specific subject and shows both sides of an argument, but what Blackfish does is literally just show some out of context footage (like in Luna’s case), get their scoops from angry, biased ex-employees of seaworld (who never worked with orcas), and emotionally manipulate anyone who hasn’t studied orca behavior prior to watching the movie.

It overly romanticizes orcas, vaguely claiming they’re ~super emotional~ and ~incredibly playful and kind in the wild~, showing absolutely no science or critical thinking behind this (it’s illegal to ‘play with orcas’ in the wild, helen)

it blames all of the seaworld attacks on tilikum’s ““““psychosis”“““, saying the whale was driven insane because of captivity (but then they claim he has “killer genes” i shit you not this movie has no idea what to think they just come up with shit ON THE SPOT to make people emotional). this is incredibly dismissive to the animals’ true nature and instinct, and it antagonizes animal behavior. not to mention it’s fucking ableist to actual psychotic humans.

While the organization claims to be non-profit, the movie itself was, indeed, for profit, and it clearly only served entretainment purposes since you get out of there knowing even less about orcas than you did before. Blackfish is basically one big unprofessional biased cherry picking ass callout post for seaworld, and you know how callout posts work here on tungle dot com.

here is a very good article, explaining the importance of seeing these creatures as actual fucking animals, and not anthropomorphic creatures that, just because they’re considered “intelligent”, know exactly what they’re doing and are above all kinds of instinct.
and while i don’t sympathize with seaworld on this, here’s their response to blackfish, with some information you might find useful. i’m personally not a seaworld supporter, but i know that they are legally bound to have evidences (like documents) presented in that page.

both those links should help your friends have an unbiased perspective and develop critical thinking when watching “documentaries”! good luck.