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First Contact (feat. Daniel Howell)


look it had to be done at some point, i just wanted to get it out there

The Darkiplier vs Antisepticeye video today was amazing and I just want to give praise to everyone else who was involved in the video but most importantly those who worked behind the scenes.

It must have taken so long to edit that perfectly, the voices, the backgrounds, the colouring.

All of my praise and love for this video goes to the youtubers involved and those who worked behind the scenes filming and editing and anything else that was done.

Thank you!
Arrow's Emily Bett Rickards And Echo Kellum Explain Sexy Threats
Sometimes, a red carpet interview spins out of control and the result is way more interesting [...]

Sometimes, a red carpet interview spins out of control and the result is way more interesting than anything you were likely to have done anyway.

During a Comic Con Interview with Arrow’s leading lady Emily Bett Rickards, we were joined by series regular Echo Kellum, who brought out Rickards’s playful side. Rather than trying to finish our interview with Rickards and pull one or both of them back on track, we went with the more entertaining option of egging them on, asking among other things: “Can you tell me more about ‘sexy threats?’”

“Sexy threats are those ones where you look at someone drunk like this,” Rickards said, giving a vacant, eyes-half-open stare, “And then you say ‘you’re going down,’ and it’s so hot, like ‘Whoa,’ but also it’s a threat.”

Prior to the camera rolling, Rickards had jokingly come up with a “million-dollar idea” and said that we had to kill the camera man so she didn’t have to share her fortune, so…well, even before Echo came along, it was a fun Comic Con morning.


This is something I’ve been wanting to put together for a while now.

While things like Sonic’s love of chili dogs and the concept of a “roboticizer” are obviously influenced from western Sonic media, I acknowledge that all of the other examples could easily be simple coincidences.

Also, I wanted to focus on games developed by Sonic Team specifically, which is why I left out games like Sonic Spinball and Sonic Chronicles.

There could be more examples that I missed, but these were the ones on the forefront of my mind.

EDIT!: @sorcererlance pointed out that I forgot to include the bit about the name Robotnik becoming universally canon. I’m such a ninny! D: