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"Appropriating White Hair"

Okay ladies who are white. When Black Women are essentially calling you out because we’ve seen your icons, and white role models wear what you call “boxer braids”(cornrows) , “mini-buns”(bantu knots) and you defend them by stating it’s just hair, or that we appropriate your hair all the time by wearing weave, it’s helping absolutely nobody. Either you understand, or you do NOT understand that our culture is one of the few things we have left that make us as a race unique, and different from others. There is already enough people in the world who don’t think we even have a culture because it’s been wiped away from our ancestors through centuries of oppression, and division within the community. So to tell a black woman to “Get over it because it’s just hair” or “They can do what they want it’s their hair” makes us feel like you’re not trying to understand our pain. You’re just defending you people from taking what we have.

For you white women who LOVE to say, “Y'all appropriate our hair by wearing weaves etc etc.” That’s not appropriation. White women, you are not exclusive to having straight hair. Latinas, Brazillians, Asians, and even some Black women are rarely found with naturally straight hair. It’s not stealing a culture. It’s a feature.

There’s a difference when you’re bashing people with natural hair by calling it nappy, dirty, and unprofessional. Many Black Women have experienced being denied profession they WISH they pursued because their hair was “too ethnic.” It’s “not becoming”. Your very society has molded Black women into resorting to the weaves. You will hardly find a black woman in a magazine embracing her natural hair. THAT is why we get so upset when we find you wearing afros, cornrows, bantu knots, box braids, etc. You call us angry, when we’re merely speaking on the fact that it’s lucrative for you to embrace our hair culture EXCEPT US. And White women, you can never understand the struggle because you AREN’T us.

I love the DCEU and being a part of the DC fandom

I don’t say it enough and I know every fandom has these qualities but just listen. Like all fandoms we have our problematic fuckpeople, and our “know it all” fanboys but we also have people that are understanding, we have those who are protective of the actors, creators, directors and other fandom members, we have our new fans who love Marvel just as much as they love DC who spread all the love, a majority of the fandom is here for racebending in the films and for LGBTQ representation, we get backlash all the time for our films despite writing our own think pieces and analyzations we do to dissect the film and explain to the naysayers why the films are iconic, we get shitted on by almost every comic and movie website yet we still rise back up at the end of the day and cheer on any news WB gives us about the future for the DCEU, we won an Oscar on Sunday night, our first Oscar ever.. and I hate the Oscars Suicide Squad was the movie so many called “Hot Topic: The Movie” won us an Oscar because a bunch of old white dudes felt that Enchantress, her minions, Killer Croc and El Diablo’s make up was the most badass thing they have seen in their sixty plus years on this earth. This fandom literally is the heart of these movies our passion and our respect for the actors, directors and everyone else involves is what drives them to do these movies no matter what comic site tries to let our hope down with a bunch of click bait shit. We have as much drama as any other fandom that’s not a lie we do but we do have a lot union-ship as well , alright sorry about this long ass tangent go back to your activities!

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Wonder Woman movie review

This is overdue.

Wonder Woman, the most iconic female superhero in fiction, should’ve had a movie long before 2017. She’s a larger than life icon with a rich mythos to back her up that could’ve made a strong film at any point in time. I’ve seen rumors about a Wonder Woman movie being “in-development” for as long as I’ve been following movie news with various filmmakers and actors attached at different points in time. Now, director Patty Jenkins brings the Princess of Themyscira to the big screen in a title-feature for the first time and she has delivered a solidly-structured origin movie for one of the greatest superheroes ever.

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“Dude, you’re young and aware.

Your photo got viral on the internet and people were delighted with your speech, you’re so young and you’re already connected with a new mentality of respect and empowerment of women. But I felt the urge to say a few things that can help you to reflect on how we have a bad habit of discarding those that made us good, that were helpful and brought some joy in the moments when they are going through a bad phase.
You know man, I do not care about football. I have no idols in the sport. I fully agree that the men’s team is giving an embarrassment after embarrassment ever since 2014. I think it’s a structural problem, collective and not just a player. I am also finding awesome that the women’s team, that doesn’t have a third of investments, almost no media, so little space in the football industry and they’re rocking in the Olympics. The girls are too awsome.
I agree that Martha is a woman who proves that women can do what they want, where they want and that they’re representing so well or even better than men what they’re proposed to do. It’s sad that the market has not given the value and attention offering to the fans the opportunity to have a unique shirt with their name.
But think with me man, do we need to decrease an idol to emphasize another?
Do we need to participate in a “public lynching” of a professional who is in a bad phase, to exalt one idol that should always (not only in the Olympics) have their recognition?
We have this strange habit of scratching of our list those who are not yielding or offering what we expect and put another in place. But what if instead of doing that, we understand that we all have ups and downs, good times and bad times and in bad times it is important to back up and support so that our “old” idols can return to perform well again? The things would be different.
During all the past years Neymar -which I don’t follow much - was always treated as a genius, an icon, a great player, a hope of renewal. And it is now being treated by the same who praised him before as if he’s disposable. Isn’t strange?
Anyway, stay tuned. We live in a world where people increasingly worth less. Where everything is quickly consumed and discarded. This not only serves to idols it happens with friends, between family members, often in relationships.
Have a critical sense and know how to build a critical to help the athlete, friend, girlfriend or boyfriend to see what is wrong, what needs improvement, strive to evolve, not be overconfident, it’s important.
Delete and replace with another, as if it had no more value is a symptom of a society that walks through a bad shape.

Neymar to me is just a football player, but I know that for many he has always represented something big and important, important enough to have made you buy this shirt with his name.
Praise Martha yes, she deserves a lot. 
But do not fall in this stack throwaway society that treats people as if they were products.
In most, you’re on the right track !!! We do need to improve the way we conduct our relations.
And remember, when the Olympics have finished, Marta will continue to need support, as well as the women’s team !!!
It’s no use to praise them only when they’re good.

Big hug.
Be well and move forward.”