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follow these angels:

note: i’ll follow back the first 10 people who would follow them all + queue some stuff from your archive! leave me a message (that says: i love soya beans! + the name of the last person on the list haha) when done :^)

  1. @pearipatetic: content is similar to mine! icon will steal your heart!
  2. @heythereimkira: oh my god pc theme made me gasp what a beaute!
  3. @acoydutchstudent: is an actual angel! i luv the minimal theme ;)
  4. @justjasminestudying: my aesthetic; a huge cutie! would rebloop content!
  5. @intactus: aaaah theme is really soothing! love the content as well!
  6. @deemure: really really pretty! i was shook that i wasnt following this bee
  7. @hibscus: since ur following me, i highly suggest following this blog too! aesth content + nice theme!
  8. @nadia-studyblr: making studying fun!! would stalk this bee for ages!
  9. @yellowforvincent: url made me smile! a studyblr! i love studyblrs!
  10. @patiience: i followed really fast! worth it i promise!