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The latest additions to my shelves 📚✨
I’m still reading Into the Water by Paula Hawkins, but I’m afraid I won’t have much reading time today and tomorrow 🙈 I hope to finish it on Wednesday or Thursday though! So you can expect my review anytime soon 🙌🏼

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well we in it now so

Dr. Paula Ribo, lead scientist of the team that accidentally made Helix. She went into the genetic sciences and subsequently, ARMS Laboratories, as her mother was a known ARMS fighter. Paula wanted to figure out as much as she could about the unexplained phenomena, especially if it was a hereditary trait passed down through family. Best to be prepared if it’s gonna come from family genetics, right?

Now, thanks to suddenly being responsible for a new living being, Paula takes up a bit of a guardian role to Helix; keeping an eye on the goo lad in this big world. Thankfully though, out of all the team, she’s Helix’s favorite. And she’s one of the few that can translate his chirps. It’s not uncommon for after match interviews with Helix to have Paula there too.