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Guess who remembered that today was #AsianInvasion?~ And ofc, how could I not participate? Do excuse the hair, I haven’t gotten a chance to straighten it yet :( Now since most people assume otherwise, here’s a friendly notice that I’m actually 100% !!!Sri Lankan!!! Not Indian!!

Growing up I used to get so pissed because people would automatically assume that I’m Indian. So every time I’d say that I was Sri Lankan, they would always be like, “Where’s that?” That’s reasonable sure, since I myself can’t tell you where every single country is. No, what really irked was that the minute I said that “it’s a little country right below India”, I would get told “So you /are/ Indian!” It just really made me want to clock some people on the head, because understanding that it is a completely different and separate country shouldn’t be that difficult, right? I’ve eventually learned to sorta “let it go” (you see what I did there?).

Bottom line that I’m trying to say here is that there is so much more to Asia than just China, Korea, Japan, and India (although I’ve met countless people who also had no idea that India was part of Asia - which frcking continent /is/ it then??). Asia is huge, and encompasses numerous countries. Yes, I’m Sri Lankan. Yes, that makes me 100% Asian. And I’m very proud to be so.

sing to the tune of “what’s this?” from the nightmare before christmas and imagine Indominus Rex:

What’s this, what’s this?
I bit it and it died.
What’s this?
My teeth can puncture any hide.
What’s this?
They’re rolling round in balls and jumping off of waterfalls
but they can’t escape me, not for long!
What’s this!

What’s this? what’s this?
It’s stuck inside my neck
What’s this?
They could use it to detect
and track
my whereabouts and that’s not something that I need right now
I think I ought to claw it out!
What’s this!

There’s people shooting at me, but it barely leaves a scratch
and I can change my colors, there’s no way that they could catch
me in this jungle dense and dark, I’m much too smart for them.
And I’m not going back inside that tiny cage again!

Oh look, what’s this?
These giants with long necks?
What’s this?
They did not seem to expect
What’s this?
me to be free, they don’t know what to make of me,
it’s a shame they die so easily.
What’s this!

What’s this? what’s this?
These raptors think they’re cute
What’s this?
I think I will recruit,
them to my cause.
Could always use more teeth and jaws!
And soon the island will be in my claws!
What’s this!

I’ve got the humans cornered and their raptor friends are dead,
I’ve had it with their meddling, can’t they get it through their heads
that I am free and this is mine, the island’s all my own!
They’ll understand when underfoot I’ve crushed their tiny bones

What’s this? oh no!
That raptor’s still alive!
The nerve!
I’m sure that I can fight
them off,
but what’s that rumbling underneath?
Is something there with bigger teeth?
Impossible, it just can’t be!
I’ve only gotten to be free
a couple hours, it isn’t fair
and now I’m running out

3800+ followers. I have 3800+ bamfs following me. Every time I hit a new milestone, it just flabbergasts me so much. Because in my eyes, I could never comprehend why would follow me, and continue to follow me. Each and everyone of you is precious to me. 90% of you guys don’t talk to me (yet) but that doesn’t mean I love you any less. The urls here though are the ones that brighten up my days all the time. Whether it’s through interactions with me, or interactions with others, it truly makes me happy to consider these people friends. 

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Ok so I’m getting rather pissed off at how willingly some shippers will put down a character for the sake of their ship. People are nodding their heads emphatically that Hinata did nothing to save Naruto from loneliness and therefore NaruHina doesn’t deserve to be canon?

Are you seriously going to turn a blind eye about the fact that everyone ignored Naruto’s pain? Yes, that includes Sakura. Sakura is my love but you cannot simply deny that she was rude as hell towards Naruto. Sakura did not like Naruto’s attempts at hitting on her and was most certainly not a friend of his while they were growing up and studying together. She didn’t even like him after they became team members. It took a very long time for Sakura to open up and actually be friendly towards him. Remember this, she disliked Naruto for years.

Do not use Hinata’s lack of presence in Naruto’s childhood to boost NaruSaku. Because you’re just taking away a huge part of Sakura’s character development. Sakura grew into the beautiful woman she is now because she grew closer to both Naruto and Sasuke. Acting like she was this mighty hero who loved Naruto from the get-go is not only incorrect, but extremely out of character. That’s an injustice to her, and an injustice towards Hinata.