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I haven't really caught up with 80s Voltron but who are isamu and Akira?

Isamu and Akira are actually Lance and Keith!  Isamu and Akira are their original names from the, much darker, Japanese version ‘Beast King Golion’.  When it later came over to the US they not only chopped the show up into pieces to make it acceptable for children they also changed the names of all the characters. personally when I draw the 80s Lance and Keith go with calling them Isamu and Akira for organizational reasons so they aren’t confused with Legendary Defender’s Lance and Keith.

so Keith and Lance are almost like their 4kids names.  I’m just so glad they went back to Shiro for Legendary Defender instead of keeping Sven XD 





Calendar sheet: 28 May 1987 — West German teenage hobby pilot lands on Red Square in Moscow

On May 28, 1987, 18-year-old German hobby pilot Mathias Rust landed on the Red Square in Moscow after passing the heavily guarded Soviet-Russian airspace.

Rust hired a Cessna 172 from his flight club in Hamburg, saying that he wanted to do a round trip over the North Sea. During a stopover, he removed the rear seat to gain more range. He then continued for the next two weeks with stops at the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Bergen (Norway), to Helsinki. From there, he continued, flying first to Leningrad (today St. Petersburg) and watched out for the railway station there. He then navigated along the railroad tracks to Moscow.

His first attempts to land on the Red Square failed because the square was crowded with people. Rust the decided to land on Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge instead. Incidentially, the trolleybus lines were removed for maintenance on this very day, so a landing was possible. Rust then taxied onto the Red Square where he parked the plane on a parking lot for tourist buses and talked to people until he was arrested by the KGB.

Mathias Rust was convicted to 4 years of labor camp for hooliganism and disregard of aviation laws, but was released after 14 months in prison and immediately deported to Germany. The plane was bought by a German cosmetics company, which sold it later to Japan, where is was displayed in an amusement park. In 2009, the German Museum of Technology in Berlin bought the plane, restored it and put it on permanent display.

The Soviet air defense spotted Rust’s plane very soon and accompanied him with MiG-23 fighters, but did nothing to stop him for various organizational reasons. Incidentially, his landing on the Red Square happened on the Day of the Border Soldiers. Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev used the incident as a reason to fire a number of his opponents in the military in the largest turnover since Stalin’s purges, further securing his position.

Rust remained an instable person, being sentenced for attempted manslaughter for 2.5 years in prison after stabbing a female co-worker who refused to kiss him. He was also convicted for theft and fraud. Since then, he has led a fragmented life, financing himself at times as a professional poker player, analyst in Switzerland and founder of a yoga school.

A German comedy series circling around the fictional town of Stenkelfeld renamed Stenkelfeld Airport to Mathias Rust Airport.

some thoughts/observations/speculations about owlboy characters (spoilers)

  • otus
    • canonically mute, but i wanna say nonverbal specifically (he can still make noises he just can’t do words)
    • he’s mixed; some percentage owl, some percentage human (half and half?). the other owls we see all have feathers all over themselves, while otus doesn’t have feathers on a large portion of his face, and his nose is more like just a nose than a beak.
      • i saw a theory elsewhere talking about some unused sprite sets and their possible correlation with the broken holograms in the sanctuary, and how they might be or correspond with otus’ parents. they mentioned that one of them was an owl and another was a human and that put some doubt in the theory but hey, what if his dad WAS human ?
      • i’m taking this as far as to assume asio is mixed also; he’s got a normal nose, and is also lacking feathers on his face and his hands. in the ending sequence, the professor mentions how asio becoming otus’ mentor is going to be a “good fit,” and i think this could explain that a bit. asio might be so hard on otus cause he has his own inadequacy issues about not being “fully” owl and feels like he has to prove himself through otus that mixed owls are just as good as full-blooded owls
  • geddy
    • likes to be in control of situations when he can be, but tends to feel personal responsibility for situations outside his control.
      • felt like the destruction of advent was his fault, and his guilt led him to find someone else to blame, which ended up being twig. when otus and alphonse disagreed with him about whether to forgive twig, he couldn’t deal with being “wrong” (not being in control) and just left.
      • he took it upon himself to befriend and protect this disabled orphan smallboy from people who were making fun of him for his disability
    • might have some emotional maturity issues cause his Best Friend is literally 10 years younger than him ???
  • alphonse
    • if situations had been different and he and dirk were able to work things out they’d totally be in a relationship. source: i’m gay and so are they
    • in the segment where alphonse explains about how himself and the other robots were created by the owls, in the background of one of the pictures there’s a robot that looks a lot like him (no clothes tho lol) being led by an owl child. he’s probably some sort of domestic model, or one that was meant to be more social (he wanted to be a dramatic actor) and only ended up joining the pirates under threat of destruction.
  • twig
    • gullible, tends to not think all the way through possible consequences, a bit impatient, a lot of confidence in his own abilities
    • i love twig he’s cute but i keep getting kinda stuck on his awkward trans analogy… i’m not discounting “feeling uncomfortable as one thing and thinking that being another thing is cooler/better” as like an actual trans person’s reasoning but “trans-species” narratives tend to make me uncomfortable. like just… make him Actually Trans…….

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what are the talents required to get a job in a good company???

Businesses LOVE to see candidates with good written and oral communication skills, this includes being a good listener. Between sending emails, having meetings, and building interpersonal relationships with coworkers communication is the most vital skill in the work place.  Ask an adviser about taking a speech, interviewing, or business communication class (even if it ends up being used as an elective credit). Doing so could help you overcome the fear of public speaking, build leadership/management skills, and gain confidence.

Here are some other skills employees frequently seek out:

  • Analytic/Research Skills. Keep this in mind the next time you’re procrastinating on a 10 page research paper.
  • Computer/Technical Literacy. For a millennial, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. You probably already understand the basics, but taking a class that teaches you how to use Excel and Access is something to seriously consider.
  • Flexibility/Adaptability.
  • Organizational Skills.
  • Problem-Solving/Reasoning/Creativity.

Values are important too, employers seek out candidates whose values will sync up with the company’s mission statement. Here is a list of common company values:

  • Honesty/Integrity. Never lie on your resume. Do the right thing, even if you think no one’s watching.
  • Dedication/ Work Ethic. Because no one intentionally hires unproductive employees.
  • Dependability/Reliability/Responsibility. This includes being on time.
  • Positive Attitude/Motivation. This will help you move up the ladder in the work place. Being energetic and passionate is contagious; it’s good for you and your coworkers.
  • Professionalism. This is pretty self-explanatory, but basically don’t be petty and don’t be jerk. Also, beware of what you post on social media.
  • Willingness to Learn. Employers love it when you are eager to move to the next task and ask questions. It makes them feel like they can trust you and don’t have to worry about supervising you or keeping you busy.
  • Q. “How does this whole Skype thing work??”
    • A. You’ll need to add us on Skype prior to the audition days (“sherbeeee” and “hobetch23″) and tell us via PM which days you’ll be auditioning on.
      Female auditions: July 12th
      Male auditions: July 13th

      We will create a group chat for each day and add people accordingly. On each audition day, we’ll do a group call and let you guys show us your stuff one by one.
      ALSO. We understand your excitement for this (if you are excited hopefully), but please refrain from spamming up Skype until the sessions themselves get closer. They are both a few days away from now and we’d love for you guys to be able to mingle a little bit a day or two before they start (we’ll make the group chats around then), just…not…….yet. The Skype apps on our phones go crazy if spam happens on the regular. (But if you have any further questions about auditioning after we add you on Skype, don’t hesitate to shoot us a quick Skype chat or PM us!)

  • Q. “Can we audition if we’re from [insert ‘country other than the United States’ here]?”
    • A. Absolutely! If you’re worried about time zone issues, don’t be. We’re willing and able to work with you. 

  • Q. “What if my English accent’s too weird?”
    • A. Honestly, we’re looking for three main things: a good sense of humor, some semblance of acting ability, and a shared love/passion for the show. So as long as you have those three things, you have a shot! Don’t let a perceived “weird accent” stop you from trying out! (David - our Amon - has an Irish accent, and it’s really not a problem at all!!)

  • Q. “Can we try out for both male and female parts?” 
    • A. Yes!! Just let us know you’re open to that possibility during your audition.
      For technical and organizational reasons though, please don’t show up for both audition days. Maybe go to one Skype session that you’d feel the most comfortable in, and for the other one, you can send us a sample as an .mp3 or .wav on Skype in a private chat!

  • Q. “Is it okay if my mic isn’t good enough for the audition?”
    • A. As long as we can hear you, that should be fine for now. We definitely don’t want anyone to go out and buy a new mic just for an audition. If you make it and get added to the team, we might have to work from there, but in the meantime just focus on the things you can change. Like sound environments (i.e. asking family members to keep it down, turning off fans, locking yourselves in closets with clothes as sound padding, keeping pets out of the room, etcetcetc).

  • Q. “If we don’t make the cut, will we get another chance to try out again next season?”
    • A. Of course!!! We’re only taking on two permanent VAs for Book 2, but that doesn’t mean we won’t need more in later seasons. There’s also a good chance that the people who don’t make the cut this time might have a chance to be a guest VA in the future!

Anyways, we’re glad so many of you have taken an interest in joining our team and we look forward to hearing from each one of you! If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to send ‘em in. [throws on shades and walks away backwards]

Hello everyone.

So Christmas is coming, it’s a perfect time to show some love and you can make a small Christmas present to Emily! Emily Bett Daily along with you want to create the project “Merry Christmas Emily Bett Rickards”. With this project we want to show our love for Emily, wishing her a Merry Christmas.

You have 3 options to join this project:

OPTION 1: Make a SMALL video, about 10 seconds long, where you wish a merry Christmas to Emily (and her family);

OPTION 2: Take a picture of yourself with a “Merry Christmas Emily”. In the paper you can write more things, but this phrase must appear in the picture!;

OPTION 3: Edit a photo of Emily and write  "Merry Christmas Emily". You can also add other words, phrases, but these words are mandatory.

We only ask you to be creative!

So if you want to participate in this project you cand send us an email to with the subject of “Merry Christmas Emily” with the photo or video until 23 December.

For organizational reasons, we only accept photos and videos by email. 

It’s important to mention that you should only use the English language in the videos and photos so Emily can understand what you say.

If you have any questions, tell us, we’ll answer you as soon as possible.

Comment in this post if you are going to participate, we want to know how many people will participate :)

Thank you all!


Ode to the card catalog 

While we don’t have any rooms filled with card catalogs anymore, we do still have a few lingering around the library.  These are kept for various organizational reasons, but also because they look awesome.  

The woman in the first photograph is looking for a book in April of 1970, and Lindsay, one of our librarians (and part time Tumblr model), is using a card catalog located on the 5th floor of the library.  Since that one card catalog could hardly house all of our materials, she also decided to look for her book in the electronic card catalog, using one of the stations located on the first floor of the library.  



We’re really thankful that there’s so much interest from you guys when it comes to auditioning for us!! Thank you guys so much! (:

But, in the past two days we’ve gotten 38 requests total. And even though we’ve split up the audition days to two Skype sessions each day, that’s still a lot of people in these separated group calls that glitchy Skype is gonna hate us for.

So for technical and organizational reasons, the slots for the auditions are now closed. But, if you weren’t able to send us requests yet, don’t give up hope! There’s a good chance we may need more recurring voice actors as more characters get introduced!!

ALSO. On the Book 1 side of things, we set our recording day for tomorrow night. So, editing for the season finale should be getting started sometime this week!! (insert confetti)