for only 15 dollars


full colored portait -5 dollars/euros

full colored knee-up -10 dollars/euros

full body- 15 dollars/euros

PayPal only!please messege me for more info!

Will do:



-pretty much anything bc i need money to pay rent

-if i dont want to do something ill tell u

The lifting fandom really pisses me off.

I am always finding ways to save money. In order to comfortably treat myself, I have to care for myself. Providing food for me and my little family (my best friend and our pets), getting new clothes (people say clothes aren’t important, but they are. You wear them every day), making sure I have gas in my tank, cleaning products, and products to maintain a good hygine.

We have a lot of priorities. Sometimes we may not be able to buy that foundation, or that book, or that lotion. We would NEVER lift it. There are ways to obtain free products without shoplifting, you know.

1. Want that new book? If you cannot find a copy online (inb4 torrenting is illegal, you can get some books free online. I got the monstrosity known as “Stones to Abbigail” for free via amazon), go to your bookstore. Buy some coffee or a snack if you want and read it there. You may not finish it in one day, but tomorrow or next month you can come back and finish it. Just write/save the page #.

2. Want that makeup product? Ask for a sample! They are happy to give you one. Lush and Sephora give me samples all the time. I actually got samples frequently of this hair stuff from Lush until I was able to afford it. 

3. Want to lift that pet? DON’T. So many animals are running wild, waiting to be rescued, or were abandoned. I got my last two cats for free, because they were kittens roaming the streets. You don’t need to go to a pet store and steal a cat/dog and throw it in a bag. Also, if you are willing to lift an animal, then DON’T GET IT. Medical bills, shots, fixing, food, toys, ect are all a part of raising an animal. 

4. Don’t lift food. Just don’t. Instead, take on the hobby of couponing. Watch a few episodes of Extreme Couponers. I’ve seen people get 400 dollars worth of groceries and it comes out to be only 15 bucks. Also, Dollar General is your best friend. I once got a month’s worth of groceries for 22 dollars. 

5. Just because you were not arrested, does not mean you weren’t caught. A business I was working at last year got their tip jar stolen. They couldn’t even access the video footage because the owner had the codes to get in, and he was having a life-threatening surgery. But we knew who did it, we knew the car, we knew everything. People did this often to us, because it was literally just a bucket. The owner wouldn’t get a steal-proof one for some odd reason. We mentally 86′d them though. And why would yo want to be 86′d from a place? You can’t buy from them anymore, especially if its a local business.

God, I fucking hate thse lifters I swear to god.

If you live alone and buy your own food, you are seriously lucky as fuck. My food plan for when I live alone is as follows. (You can follow these if you live alone)

1. Only buy what you’ll eat that day (under 800 calories)

2. Don’t buy meat or junk food.

3. Only buy fruits, 0-50 calorie snacks, or vegetables.

4. The only “extra” food in the house is for visitors and is kept in a locked cabinet.

5. Lots of tea and coffee will be kept in the house.

6. No sugar, only Stevia.

7. Don’t carry over 10-15 dollars with you (that way you’ll never have enough money to spend on a food binge)

8. Keep plants in the house (herbs or fruit plants are good)

9. Lots of candles/incense (the scents can help cravings)

10. Literally just don’t buy extra food.

11. Put thinspo on the walls (make sure it’s easy to take down quickly for visitors)

12. Decorate your home instead of spending money on food.

13. Keep protein shakes around for emergencies and such.

Feel free to add more tips and whatnot, but these are a few of the ideas I’ve thought about for when I live by myself in about a year and a half.

ghoul-sex  asked:

So I work at a 21 that's not forever, but a different store that's 21. Anyways, the company is going out of business and our store is supposed to be a million dollar store. Last year we were short by only 15 thousand. This year, if we don't make min of 900,000 dollars our store is gonna close lol. Makes me nervous but at the same time I don't really care because I get absolute minimum wage in my state. Also random complaint. I hatee when people go behind my till!! Like?why are you back here gtfo

It’s finally here!! My first sketchbook is now available on Gumroad.
It’s only 8 dollars until August 15, after which the price will be increased to 12 dollars.

There are 84 pages total with dozens and dozens of drawings that will never be posted anywhere else!


Please help support me! If you can’t afford the sketchbook, you can also help by reblogging.


I kind of dropped the ball on promoting these this month! 
Today is the LAST day to pre-order these rewards.  It’s your only guarantee to get them! 

Get the Keychain and Print for 15 dollars 
Get the Sticker Set and Print for 10 (You get both the lightsaber and Loth Cat Plush stickers, choose what they fight over!)

If you want them both, you can pre-order everything for 35! (Comes with a mystery bonus too!)

Patreon Pre-order now!

You also get WIPS, Tutorials, early access to stuff, and all the goods with your pledge!

FUCK YES the first mass effect is 5 dollars on origin fuck yeah

 name: Mary prim
age: already dead
gender: female
personality :very shy friendly gets very emotional very easy and she doesn’t like male ponies breaking her heart. 

kind of creatures: A sad shy ghost pony 

How she died: Mary prim dead during her wedding when she was about to get married to the one she loves but that lover of hers turn against her and had affairs with other mares. He lied about not cheating on her and used her only for her beautiful looks so she gets broken easily and hurt. During here wedding when they where about to get married her loved one carried a knife around as she was waiting he came closer to her and gave her a kiss then he stab her chest 18 times and that she died and turned in to a broken lonely little sad ghost forever but some days she felt happy and bad days she feels alone.

She is only 15 $ dollars if you want her then message me

Commissions Are Open!

Got questions? My askbox is open!

Character Commissions

First, please choose whether you would like a bust, halfbody or fullbody picture of the character.

Bust commissions $15+
Halfbody commissions $20+
Fullbody commissions $30+

All commissions include flat-colours.
For shaded or full-colour commissions add $15.


Add a little context to your character by adding a background!
Simple backgrounds start at $10
Complex backgrounds can go up to $50

Cute Bird Special!

Because let’s face it: I adore birds.

Cute Bird Special includes one cartoonish bird of your choice, fullbody, flat-colours and abstract shape background for only $15!

Prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).
Prices are base prices, very complex characters and concepts may be subject to additional charges. Ask me for a specific quote!

Terms of Service

Prices include the full image file e-mailed to you so you can have your commission in full quality.

You’ll receive work-in-progress pictures at the time of completion of the sketch stage and lineart stage for your approval. Changes should be requested at this time as only very simple changes are allowed after receiving a finished piece. 

Payment in full required before work is started. If a piece cannot be completed then a full or partial-refund will be issued depending on progression of the piece.

You may use the artwork for personal reasons such as avatars and message boards, basic editing such as cropping or adding text is allowed. Credit back if you are posting to a personal gallery. You may not re-sell art or design and you may not use it for any other commercial purpose unless discussed (additional fees for commercial use may apply).  I retain all rights to the art I create unless otherwise specified. 

I only accept paypal.

Please e-mail with your commission request and we can discuss the details.

Got questions? My askbox is open! 

anonymous asked:

Is there a price range set for the anthology yet?

Yes! These are my current estimations, but if they were to change it would be no more than 1-2 dollars less.

  1. PDF only: 10 CAD / ~7 USD
  2. Physical copy only: 15 CAD / 11 USD
  3. Bundle - Physical copy + extras: 20 CAD / ~15 USD

Worldwide shipping will be 13 CAD (~9.50 USD) ! Tracked for the US and Canada, untracked for the rest of the world as it’s too expensive OTL.

I tried to make the 3 options as affordable as possible (I’m always a little sad when I don’t have the money to buy zines that are too expensive ;;;), so I hope these prices are okay-ish!

Thank you for your interest in the project 💜

The Oasis Starter:

I was looking around at all the houses EA has put around for decoration and saw this one:

I really liked it so I decided to build it. (this may be a new thing on mine to do) It isn’t the exact same as the, but I used what I could.

there’s no CC in it
i used only basegame stuff
its like 15 thousand dollars or so

My gallery id is Baba0401

Today marks a major milestone in the history of geriatric canine literature! The Susie’s Senior Dogs book was released today. After months of breathless anticipation, scholars and critics agree: ‘Susie’s Senior Dogs has set a new high-water mark among books that have nice pictures and sweet stories about old dogs who find new homes.’ The author, coincidentally, is my wife. She worked so hard to make this book perfect and it came out wonderfully. The book will warm the heart of every dog lover. Moby, Simon, and I are very proud of her. And Erin is using every penny that she makes to pay for the medical bills of old foster dogs– so that they’re healthy and happy when they arrive at their new homes. The book only costs $15 human dollars. So please consider getting Susie’s Senior Dogs for yourself or the dog lover in your life!

Barnes and Noble:

It’s time for a blitz!

Don’t know why I’m using this word. OH THAT RIGHT! Cuz i’m attacking you guys with such a steal. Ahaha. No i’m not you have full right to ignore this. 

Anyways welcome to the blitz. In this you’ll get either a normal commission that’s a bust of a humanoid. Or your own uniquely designed creature. The cool thing with this sale (other than the low price) is that it’s a bit more of artist freedom? No matter what you will get quality line art of whatever your requesting. But how detailed the colors are or if there are colors are in my hand. A bit of an experiment. 

I want to be able to do something for you guys. Though I can’t pump out a ton of pieces which is the reason for the loose rules on this one. But for only 10 or 15 dollars I think that’s a fair experiment. 

If you’re interested message me on here and we’ll start the process of it all! 


hey! i have a HEAP of designs lying around that need to go since i worked so hard on them and am in need of money (who isnt, lmao) !!

you got your usual rules: dont resell for more than you bought it for, use it anywhere, change whatever you like!

the best part? 

price too high? i am super duper happy to lower it for you, but you MUST inquire. Most of the prices on these sheets are already lowered from 5-15 dollars!

I will do paypal invoices only and you will receive a transparent .png upon completion of payment.

send me a message via inbox or messenger if you’re interested in purchasing! thanks!


Commission Info (OPEN) Slots Available (3)

Hey all! I’ve decided to open up art commissions. This will be a regular thing. Any questions, just ask!

All prices are in AUD (Australian Dollar). Payment will be Paypal only (invoices). Anything below $15 is paid in full up front. Anything more only requires you to pay half up front, with the rest paid upon your approval of the finished piece. If you would like to pay in a different currency please contact me about it.

If interested please contact me on @caskunart, @roderickvonhogshipping, @deadnightmarechronicles, or via email at (not my Paypal email). Both asks and IM are acceptable forms of contact. You may send reference pictures over email or post them on your blog.

Full versions of the featured images can be viewed on my art blog. Please check it out for a better and more complete idea of what I can offer you!

Prices and additional details below the cut!

Keep reading