for one the obvious is

Hey, guys. So this is going to be a quick PSA.

About Evilde because that’s basically what all my theories are about.

So the kiss in the five episodes long second season (last minute or so of e5 is not included) is divided into several parts. I never thought I would have a favorite part of a kiss, but here I am making a PSA about it.

To start with I thought this was my favorite part:

(Vilde chasing after Eva’s lips. Eva’s hands on the back of Vilde’s neck.)

Then there is the obvious one. You all know which one I’m talking about:

(Vilde smiling as Eva is slightly pulling away, getting ready to kiss again as Eva leans in. Both looking so soft.)

But then there is a part which I haven’t paid as much attention to as I should. After researching, observing and analyzing I’ve come to the conclusion that this is my favorite part:

(Foreheads touching, Vilde’s hand. Foreheads touching.)

Honestly they’re all my favorites, but I want to bring this part to attention. Have I mentioned that their foreheads touch?

Sorting The Avengers in Hogwarts houses!

Note: This is the first time i’ve sorted anyone! I might get a few wrong, and we may think differently. That’s okay! These are just my thoughts, and you are more than free to give yours too. 

Tony Stark: This… Could go either way for me. I think Tony has both Ravenclaw and Slytherin traits. Though overall i think he is Slytherin.

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Steve Rogers: Completely a  Gryffindor. He has every single trait the Brave house shares. And frankly i don’t know what other house would suit him more.

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Bruce Banner: Ravenclaw! This one was pretty obvious. Bruce is extremely smart and wise, and would for sure do very well in this house.

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Natasha Romanoff: Slytherin! She is very Cunning and has a fire inside her, just like most of her housemates.

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Clint Barton: Hufflepuff! Loyal, kind, and sticks to his friends sides, he is truly a cute lil’ huffpuff.

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Thor: He cares about his friends and would always stick by their side. Not to mention all the gifts he gives to his roommate (Aka his presence). I think Thor is a Hufflepuff!

Rhodey: Without a question, Gryffindor! He risks his life constantly for his job, and puts nerve over all. 

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Scott Lang: Hufflepuff! Our Scott is very genuine and kind, and really i think he’s a very very good example of a pure Hufflepuff.

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Peter Parker: Ravenclaw! Though i do think he would be good in Hufflepuff, his wit, mind, and wisdom are his true traits. (In my sorting hat book)

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T’challaGryffindor! He’s brave, chivalrous, and daring, which is why i put him in there!

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Sam Wilson: Honestly, this one is a little hard. Though i know him for his kindness and loyalty to Steve, others could say his willingness to save people tops it all, but i think he’d do well in Hufflepuff.

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Bucky/ Winter solider: Bucky is Hufflepuff, since he always makes sure Steve is happy,  and stays by his side forever. The winter solider is  Gryffindor.

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Wanda: I feel like through she could be a Gryffindor, she would do much better in  Slytherin. Since she’s a very ambitious and now mostly cares about herself and only herself. 

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Pietro:  Gryffindor! It’s a little hard to place him, since he wasn’t in the movie all that much (ow) but i think the way he saved Clint was brave and daring. Which seems to be his main traits.

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Vision: He does have a almost limitless amount of information at his hands, and is very accepting, so really, what other house than Ravenclaw! 

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This one's a little obvious but Top 5 Victuuri Moments?

1. THE KISS because it made me scream so loud people showed up to my dorm door asking if i was okay
2. THE PROPOSAL because it was actually proposal goals 💍
3. The duet!!! It made me cry at my friend’s house lmao
4. Victor falling in love with Yuuri at the banquet!!! 😭🙏🏼
5. “YUURI IM GONNA BE UR COACH” aka naked Victor and blushing virgin hidden-eros Yuuri

so many good moments….. this was hard 😭

Stubborn as the Heart

Sam x Reader

Warnings: Reader is hurt, some blood and obvious stubbornness.

A/n: This one is short and kind of fluffy but I hope you like it!

Requested by: @supernaturalmarvelgirl for my request game thingy. You can view the request list HERE

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“Can you stop being so damn stubborn and let me help you?” An irritated voice lingered in front of you as you once again pulled away from his touch.

With your right hand you held the wounded area on your side open a bit while your left hand did its best to stay steady while attempting to stitch the area.

“The day I’m dead I’ll let you help me.” You huffed out. Biting the bottom half of your lip just barley as you swiftly stuck the needle through your skin and pulled upward.

“Well at this rate you’ll give yourself and infection and wind up dead.” His voice barked at you.

“Not helping, Sam.” Disapproving eyes shot his direction while you pulled upward again, but realized you messed up the pattern.

“I could be helping if you would let me.” His eyebrows were raised up as he watched how badly you struggled to make a clean stitch.

With a drafted puff of air you handed him the needle and dramatically threw your arms to your side.

“Thank you.” Instantly, he went to work mending the area. Occasionally pouring a bit of alcohol on the area to prevent further infection. Why he used it as his go to, you had no idea.

“Yeah whatever.” You half grunted while carefully watching how his hands worked with the needle.

Next time this happened, you sure as hell weren’t accepting help.

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To go along with abusive relationships. In visual media they are shown in one of two ways it's either made extremely obvious it's abuse (I.e scenes show the person being beaten, yelled out, scared/nervous, just watch lifetime) or they show it as a way in a very bland way(I.e Supergirl) even though their are signs that it's abusive they don't address. They either ignore or say it's just how they show love (I.e Joker and Harley). Which results in people not noticing it or making up excuses.

!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ideas to punk out a wheelchair?

i have a pal that has stickers all over the wheels of her wheel chair, like absolutely covered (i know this is a pretty obvious one but ye). this might sound very ignorant but honestly as long as it’s safe (like dont use spiked and stuff owch) most things you do to clothes can work with wheelchairs with a few alterations! 

also your wheelchair is inherently punk by having you in it so don’t worry if it doesnt fit your aesthetic because its already punk af!


It seems like I have a gazillion butterflies inside my tummy whenever someone calls me a “BLOGGER”. Yes, I do take photos of my outfits, I get freebies and I attend some events, I have sponsorships and collaborations. But still, I don’t think I am fit to be called as one despite having been running a blog focusing on clothes (and makeup) for a year now.

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@renmorris replied to your photo “i actually found grandma’s strawberry candies in the wild wow”

cursed image…not meant for our eyes

you think that’s cursed, wait til you see this one

a seemingly innocuous picture of a bright friendly candy aisle, right? that’s what i thought too…but just being there is inherently unsettling. the entire store was a liminal, cursed place. not one that presents any immediate or obvious danger, but the kind of place where it’s not quite right and no one knows why.

the claustrophobic and mazelike aisles that just keep going, filled with immaculately placed party supplies. the unnaturally high ceiling, and for what purpose could it be so high? the emptiness of the store that you seem to be the only person in. the apathetic way the employees avoid your eyes and go about their robotic duties. and then this display in the middle of an aisle that is, in this store, much wider than it should be, a display that silently looms over all and entices people to take from it whatever candy they want.

a liminal place. a world at the edge of one and the beginning of another. that’s the kind of store party city is. if it’s even a store at all.

Keith, my love. (*´◡`)/♥ Who made you angry? (Shiro, Hunk) | Redbubble


Some tododekus from @pitviperofdoom‘s Summer Stars fic! Aka the fic that has been killing me with every update  _(:‘3」z)_


Yeah, but we only use them when we mean it!

I had wondered for a while why Yang purposefully said “father figure” here.
It’s not just Ruby, Yang totally sees Qrow as a father figure too and I love it.