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There’s been some discussion recently about ASMR (particularly medical role plays) and whump. If you’re a whumper but aren’t familiar with ASMR role plays, here some of my favorites!

There’s a lot of really good stuff out there if you poke around.


a werewolf RP with fun world building

Sci-fi themed:

(that one is probably my all-time favorite!)

More generic:

(two parter)

part two

It’s not for everyone, but hey, maybe some of you will end up liking it!

This is a closed roleplay with whereyouandiaretogether. We will be exploring an AU plot where Rumple is a college professor in New York and Belle is about to graduate with a degree in education. Belle has a crush on her professor and Professor R. Gold feels the same towards his student. Will everything go according to plan when Gaston is fighting for her heart as well? If my followers wish to track the thread, I will be tagging posts from this thread as ‘eca’ which stands for extra-curricular activities (credit for the name of the thread goes to my RP parter). 

New York is known for many things around the world and traffic is one at the top of the list. Belle, a young woman in her early 20s, is just one month away from graduating New York University (NYU) with a Bachelor’s in Childhood Education. The sound of the cars outside her apartment woke her up 3 hours before her class. Other students would complain and throw a fit but she took advantage of the early wake up call. 

Belle was already on campus and had a little over 2 hours until her class that was held a half hour past noon. Since she got to campus so early on the last day before spring break, Belle decided to get started on homework that would be due after the break. She chose to sit outside because it was a beautiful day and didn’t want the warm weather to pass her by. She was always the type of student who loved working ahead, but she wanted to do extra work before the break started so she wouldn’t be overwhelmed. This was her last semester and it was a busy one with student teaching and finishing her graduation requirements, so she wanted to do nothing but relax for one week before going back to it. 

Belle’s classes for her last semester were some of her favorites from the past 4 years on campus. The class she was waiting for just so happened to be her favorite because of Professor R. Gold. He would always go out of his way by encouraging her, staying after class, and helping her with any questions she had. The frustrated young woman was so fixated in her books and notes that she didn’t notice the professor walking across the campus towards her.