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How Mickey’s Poor Memory Ties Into KH3: Kingdom Hearts Meta

Right, so I just finished watching the ReCoded HD Cutscene movie and there’s something that stuck out to me.

So we all know that Mickey knew Terra, Aqua, and Ventus over ten years ago according to the KH lore. Yet he never brought them up. This is highlighted in the KH 2.8 Remix trailer when Mickey not so subtly drops that not only did he know them, but he met Aqua once in the Realm of Darkness. 

This naturally got a lot of people in the fandom really mad. After the sad events that transpired in Birth By Sleep, the only survivor of the ordeal finds out information but doesn’t say anything for ten years? Yeah, that would be suspicious… but is it possible his actions can be explained?

Let’s step back from that for a minute and go towards KH2. Mickey met Xemnas. The leader of Organization 13. The guy who was purposefully destroying countless worlds so he could create Kingdom Hearts. Yet, even though Mickey clearly met him and understands the danger the worlds are in, he completely forgets ever seeing Xemnas until he sees him again at Hallow Bastion.

Which makes things worse considering Xemnas was the spitting image of Terra. And even though Mickey never met Terra personally, he does know Xemnas’ true identity because of his reaction to it in Dream Drop Distance.

So why would Mickey just casually forget the pain and suffering of his friends? Or forget who Xemnas is?

It’s a mystery unless you analyze the psychology of ReCoded.

Near the end of the game, Data Sora is taken to Castle Oblivion where he begins to walk through the castle and starts forgetting all of his friends. Data Roxas tells him that it’s better to just forget and not connect with people in the first place, because that hurt will destroy him. 

Essentially, if Data Sora dwells on the pain, then the darkness will overtake him. Instead of Mickey easily giving sage advice… he instead says something interesting. 

The reason why this is interesting is because MICKEY HAS BEEN THERE!

Mickey was the sole survivor of the onslaught that transpired between Aqua, Ventus, and Terra against Master Xehanort. A fight he wasn’t even supposed to be a part of. Yet because of his friendship with those three, he wanted to join in to help in any way he could…

And he couldn’t save them.

Mickey didn’t just forget about Terra, Aqua, and Ven as the years went by… he repressed those memories on purpose because it hurt too much to think about. That guilt built up but he couldn’t face his past because that pain was too much for him. And according to Data Roxas, if you dwell on the pain you fall into darkness. We may not see Mickey get close to darkness per-say, but we do see the effects their losses in his actions. 

Why he travels alone during KH1 and 2? Why he has such a strong reaction to Goofy’s “death”? Why he’s so desperate to not let Riku fall into darkness? Why he “forgot” Xemnas?

It’s because he has been hurt by loss in the past and instead of facing that pain head on and accepting it, he ran away and attempted to prevent that pain from happening again by simultaneously trying to repress the memories and trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

That’s why he’s forgotten, but won’t let go. He doesn’t want his friends to go down the same path, but he doesn’t want to go through that pain again. 

The King is at a crossroads throughout most of the games because of these conflicting emotions! Also, Mickey has taught himself that all darkness is inherently evil and that no form of darkness should ever exist. Which also includes feelings such as sadness, anger, loss, or regret…

So he can really relate to Data Sora here. 

If Mickey let his pain in, would it pull him to the darkness? Would it overtake him?

But the difference between Data Sora and Mickey is that Data Sora is willing to accept that pain is essential to who you are and you must carry it. Data Sora can accept it while Mickey, although he accepts darkness can be used for good, still struggles with accepting his own darkness.

And who conveniently meets up with Data Sora after he learns to accept the fact that you gotta carry your pain with you?

That’s right. Mickey. Yes, he didn’t have the energy to talk to Data Sora during Data Sora’s battle with Roxas, but Mickey had to at least keep track of Data Sora somehow. Otherwise he wouldn’t know where Data Sora would be in the Datescape. It’s possible Mickey could have kept a connection open enough so that he could hear Data Sora. Mickey had to since just after he says he’s glad to catch up with Data Sora, he says:

So Mickey knew what Data Sora was going through. Could it be possible that Mickey took his time because he was realizing that Sora was doing something he couldn’t? That Data Sora could accept pain as natural and carry the weight without it letting the pain overtake him?

 If Mickey heard the whole exchange between Data Sora and Data Roxas, Mickey would have been faced with a decision. A decision that he’s been running away from for over ten years.

If Mickey were to help Data Sora find the hidden pieces of the journal, he must learn to accept his own pain too. And even though we do not see how Mickey gets affected on a surface level, we do see how the experience changed him immediately after Mickey returns to the real world.

After the events of this game, Mickey seems more aware of his missing friends. In the secret ending of the game, Mickey immediately starts talking to YenSid about finding Ven’s heart and saving Terra, Ven, and Aqua.

 It could be possible that he has been investigating their losses in the past, but it was only after he accepted that he wasn’t good enough to save them that he was able to get emotionally strong enough to face his mistakes and take his pain head on.

Data Sora showed him the way. After being with Data Sora and facing the memories that were too painful to bear according to Naminé, Mickey had to face the loss he ran away from for over ten years.

Sora’s not the only one who needed a hand to hold during this painful re-experience.

Naminé then says this to Mickey specifically:

Because, she’s right. Mickey does know how much they’re hurting. And how long he has been running away from that pain.

But now he needs to face it, accept it, and carry the burden to make it right.

Some say that ReCoded was pointless. 

I say it added a lot of depth to Mickey and answered a lot of questions related to his character. 

Now Mickey isn’t afraid of his own pain, guilt, and loss anymore. Now he can accept that darkness as a part of himself.

It may be a long time coming, but because of his adventures with Data Sora, Mickey is finally ready to acknowledge his memories, forgive himself, move forward, and finally take the steps to save his friends in Kingdom Hearts 3.

The Curse of Limbo: Nightingale

I hate that I did not know how to love you. I hate how we ended. I hate that we’re no longer talking. I hate myself for how I treated you. I hate that I called you a bitch that one time when we were downtown. I really screwed things up between us, didn’t I? You know something? I messed you up in the head, I did. But I fucked myself over too. Drugs come easy when you’re trying to forget. When you put so much into someone and left with so little of your own thoughts… that doesn’t even begin to define lost… I’m no longer in love with you, but I still write about you– it’s about the same thing, right? Did those years have meaning? Your sister in law once said to me that in a relationship– one person always loves the other person more. She said that I was the one to love too hard. Was I wrong? I still hold you pretty high. You forgive. You give my tears a stop sign. I realized a few things since you’ve been gone. It’s not love just because two people say I love you to one another. It’s not love just because there was passion. It’s not love just because it hurts. It’s not love just because we can hold it while it’s broken. It’s not love just because your parents didn’t accept us. It’s not love just because we accepted us. It’s not love just because you got me into poetry. It’s not love just because I still miss you. It’s not love just because I still love you. It’s not love just because all of the plans we’ve made. It’s not love. It’s not love. But at the time?

it was all I ever knew about love.

some qrow branwen shit

Okay. So I love Qrow’s character design more than anything. It’s such a perfect fit for him and I can’t picture him in anything else. 

However, there is one aspect of it that has had me thinking since the beginning. Something that has made me more curious over time.

Okay, this drunk birdman seems to be the last person who would wear a cross necklace, right? BUT. I did some research on sideways crosses. I found out that in Norse mythology, a necklace of a sideways cross often means the loss of something you once loved and needed. It’s usually seen as a type of mourning emblem. (We’ve already seen some things in the show that hail from Norse mythology. Such as the Nuckelavee.) So, my brain started working. Who would Qrow grieve over so heavily that he would wear something like this. WAIT.

I’m not pushing Flown North here, but…


2016 Grey’s Rewatch

2x09 Thanks for the Memories

Harold: George, Jerry is a dry cleaner. Ronny works in a post office. I drive a truck. You’re a surgeon. You’re not one of us. I know it and they know it. You make sure we know it.

George: Dad.

Harold: I’m, I’m not blaming you. It makes me proud that you’re so smart. Like I did something right. It’s just… We try! We try to include you but, you don’t like the stuff that we like. And we don’t know how to talk about the stuff that you want to talk about. You’re not one of us but, damn it we don’t treat you like you’re stupid. You treat us like we’re stupid. And maybe we are but we’re your family. Give us an inch, Georgie. Every once in a while, pick a car.

i’ve been thinking a lot about that quote about how “saltwater is the cure for everything, by means of sweat, tears, or the sea”

my mom was talking about how when we were kids we all had colds once, and she brought us and an armful of medicine to the seaside, but after a couple hours of repeatedly nearly drowning and diving back in, as we did, we were essentially cured in her eyes

i know she prefers “natural” remedies to medicine these days, and while i don’t entirely agree with how she handles maladies, i agree there’s something powerful and healing about the sea, but it is more emotional and even metaphysical for me

still, it’s too cold to dip in the ocean right now. 

Oneshot: The Best Audience

Emma’s is secretly talking to Regina’s small bump every night when Regina falls asleep– anonymous

Thanks for the prompt. Apologies for any mistakes. I don’t own Once or any of its characters. Established SQ fluff. Hope you all enjoy :)

Emma smiles softly as she holds Regina in her arms and waits for her to drift off to sleep. It doesn’t take long. Emma loves their nightly routine, from the way Regina curls into her to the way she whispers ‘I love you’ before closing her eyes. It’s something she never tires of. Lately, these nights though she’s been waiting for Regina to fall asleep.

Once Regina’s snores fill the air – not that Emma would ever be able to get her to admit it – it’s story time. Emma grins placing her hand tenderly on Regina’s slight bump, “Okay baby, where did we get to?”

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Protect your girl the way Mary Louise protected Nora.
Love your girl the way Nicole loves Waverly.
Hold your girl the way Carmilla holds Laura.
Wait until she is ready the way Maggie waits for Alex. (Maggie shoulg really start doing something right now….)
Hope she loves you the way we are hoping for Emma and Regina relationship to exits.
Fight by her side the way Lexa and Clarke did.
But If you can’t do that…at least don’t die like some of this amazing woman have.

Ps: I know many more have died as well… #WeDeserveBetter

Heyo Super Spoiler-y Headcanon Time~

So you know how all the characters were different prior to being in the Killing Game? In that Kaede was a loner, Kaito and Gonta were bullies, Ouma was a nice clown, etc.?
Well here’s some headcanons I thought up regarding these lil tidbits of information~ (all of which will probably be confirmed wrong at some point, but as of right now I’ll have my fun with this lol)
1.) For Kaede, while not being the social and kindhearted pianist that we thought she was, she DID still have an interest in the piano, and would frequently listen to piano music, albeit by herself, and she always liked to listen to it whenever she was feeling down or angry or doubtful of herself.
2.) Shuuchi was used to being ignored, so he wanted to do something that would SURELY get him noticed and respected, such as signing up for an insanely popular killing game, motivated mostly by the end goal of being recognized for once
3.) Gonta actually did love bugs, enjoying their presence more than that of other humans, and became a bully in order to protect himself and be left alone with his bugs
4.) Like Gonta and his bugs, Kaito loved space, and wanted desperately to become an astronaut, however he was rejected from becoming one and due to this he became a bully in order to take out his pent up rage at failing to achieve his dream
5.) Ouma and his group are actually all mentally ill, hence their clothing, but instead of shying away from this fact, they embrace it and perform comedic acts to make others happy as well as make other mentally ill people realize that they are just as much allowed to be happy and laugh as anyone else
6.) Himiko actually was a harworker, akin to that of Cinderella to a degree, but she always had an affinity toward magic, hopeful that maybe it could make her life a little easier and she could take a rest for once
7.) Tenko fell in and out of love quickly with boys, always telling herself that “this is the one” or “no this is the one!” Always trying to convince herself that she had to gush over boys, maybe to make herself more feminine to “make up for” any insecurities she may have over her femininity, maybe to convince herself that she CAN even fall for a boy
8.) Hoshi was no where near as gruff as we knew him to be, instead he was rather shy, afraid of getting hurt, and overall just resigned to his place as a weak wallflower, even if he wanted to be more
9.) Maki was very similar to how she is now, albeit a little less likely to do what she wants to do, and a little more likely to do what others tell her to do
10.) Toujou was not as quick to clean or as motherly as she was in the Prison, but she was still as fiercely loyal to those she cared about…should they still be around, that is, and should anyone she’d care about get into “trouble” then she would in turn “clean up after them” in kind
11.) Angie was shy, and not the happy go lucky religious worshipper we knew her to be, yet despite this she always sought out a way to be at peace with herself and find some sort of meaning to attach herself too, feeling lost all the while
12.) Amami, like Maki, was very similar to how he was beforehand, proud and confident in himself and his abilities, yet never having a chance to let himself be vulnerable, never let himself truly relax, just put on the facade of a laidback dude to hide a person who tried to be ready for anything life could throw at him
13.) Korekiyo had a regular, healthy relationship with his ill sister, the two having no one else but each other to rely on, and once his sister passed he was a hopeless mess, his one reason to stick around suddenly gone from his life
14.) Shirogane, well, she was always at odds with herself, she wanted to be amazing, to be one of the greats, she wanted to go down in history as someone people looked at with either fear or awe or both in order to heighten her own self worth, yet as it stood all she could do was pretend to be what she wasn’t and step into the shoes of those she could only hope to be
15.) Iruma was quiet, docile, someone who would never draw attention to herself despite wanting it badly, she could never bring herself to have the confidence required to speak up and break the rules, even when all she wanted to do was scream and shout obscenities, without giving a damn what others thought
16.) Last, but certainly not least, Kiibo actually was not as emotional (maybe somewhat angrier) as he is in game, instead being, fittingly, like a robot, doing what he was told, but having a mass of curiosities inside him, wishing to be question everything and know everyone, he wanted to be seen as equal to others, and be able to stand firmly on their level

Anyways, that’s all 16 (kinda jumbled up and messy) headcanons for the characters “pre” selves! Admittedly, I only truly knew of some of their “former” personalities and had to mostly assume the others, but at the very least I think I got close haha
Also I know that most everyone (with the exception of Ouma and maybe some others) were not the best of people and had mostly selfish reasons for joining a killing game such as fame, fortune, or even just to kill others, and then some simply wanted to die, however with this list of headcanons I wanted to briefly understand their other selves not as aspects of themselves that they lost, but aspects of themselves that were swapped with the ones we see in the Killing Game, with both parts being integral to their characters, but only one part being “dominant” in the two scenarios (pre-killing and killing) with some of their “subdued” aspects being amped up to eleven during the game itself (like with Korekiyo who probably just innocently loved his sister and wanted to see her again)
And yes I know their memories aren’t real as we knew of them too, but I’d like to think they weren’t as drastically changed as we think they were
In the end, I think it’d be best to accept most of them as pretty grey characters for the most part, neither good nor bad and having aspects of themselves that conflict yet they need anyway.
All in all, I love these characters and the fact that mOST of TheM DIE just KILLS me


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Tzuyu x Reader

(poorly written) Angst x Fluff


Word Count: 1236

Written by Admin LJ

“Can we talk?”

You never liked those three words, especially when they were coming from Tzuyu’s mouth. It always sounded like she was about to break up with you, or accuse you of something, or start an argument that was hardly necessary. Not that it happened often, of course- you and Tzuyu shared that relationship that most others dreamed about- nothing but flowers and rainbows for the entirety of your relationship together.

Those words were rare, basically nonexistent, but once in a blue moon they were spoken, but even then, it never lead to anything that caused a problem. Most times, Tzuyu only wanted to rant to you about school or work experiences, or sometimes she wanted to ask you a serious question. However, sometimes, even more rare than those three words themselves, “can we talk” did lead to something less than pleasant.

One of those times happened to be right now, when you had been nose deep into your homework for the fifth night in a row, after hours of class, followed by practice, with hardly any time to see your girlfriend. Tzuyu had texted you, asking to come over, and you were reluctant at first, telling her that you were too busy, but she had insisted, and with time you gave in, telling her to be over in ten minutes.

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On a rainy day... Posted by Bom...

“To fans around the world…
Hello to my fans who’ve always loved and looked after me. This is Bom.
My Blackjack! You all really waited for us…
I apologize… I can only say I’m sorry… It hurts a lot, but…
I wanted to write a letter… What I can say right now…
I wanted to say that I tried my best during this time…
To show our fans, I’d anticipated, prepared, and waited for a lot of things.
Not all things in life happen the way I’d like it to…
It’s not something I did hastily for a few years… How can I lose it all at once…
T.T?? What can I do… T.T
I’m disappointed, but… our "memories”… I won’t forget them.
The happy times we had, the joyful times we had… T.T
I shed blood, sweat, and tears… I’ll keep it in my heart…
When I think of separating from Dara, CL, and Minzy,
I lose all my words… my breathing stops…
I can’t write anymore because my heart is hurting…
During this time… the 4 of us…
‘We were able to do everything because of you all…’
I won’t forget…
Thank you… T.T
On a rainy day… Posted by Bom…“

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Fake Sasuke? Lol Is fake because Sasuke intent of murder to Sakura is not “cute”? Itachi never tried to kill Sasuke, in fact he always protected him and in that scene he just use a genjutsu, in the other Sasuke knew what he was doing and for what, he wasn’t crazy or fake he had a conversation with Naruto and he even ask Obito to wait just to hear him. He didn’t intent to kill her once but twice plus the time in the Orochimaru hideou, then we have the fact that he leave her fall in the lava without even care. And the last pic you have something right, the different between Itachi’s action was that he didn’t want to leave Sasuke anymore he accept it and loved him, so it was face to face, forehead to forehead and eye to eye. Sasuke did the same thing with Sakura that Itachi did to get away from him. Don’t use Itachi to try to explain your ilogic pairing.


For Day 1(January 13th).

Alright here goes:

The first day of the convention was January 13th, which you may recognize as the best day in the world, because it is my born day. My day started super early because I had a 6:00 A.M. flight to catch, but I made sure to be super sharp because I have a personal policy of looking as much like a celebrity as possible at the airport, lmao:

I slept most of the flight, because I knew once I landed in Vancouver it would pretty much be “Go” time, all the time (and I was right!), but I did manage to catch some really cool scenery (honestly the Seattle/Vancouver area is the perfect Ice Nation):

I arrived at the hotel too early to check in (around 11), but I messaged the Unity Day Fam that I’d arrived and when they came back from their adventure we went to grab something to eat! We found a nice little pub/bar type deal and the food was amazing (one of my favorite things about Canada is the food-always has been).

Here’s one of many group pictures that we took (this one was taken by a very nice waitress!):

After we ate dinner, I remembered that I wanted to buy Bob a plant, so Sam, Jen, Sarah, Allison and I went on a little adventure to find one. With their help I decided on a cactus, which I cleverly named “Bactus”, short for “Bob’s Cactus”, here he is:

We finished cactus shopping with just enough time to run back to the hotel and get in line for registration.

The line was a pretty decent length but moved quickly. Once you were all checked you received a wristband with your ticket level:

(I’ve cut mine off now, obviously), as well as a lanyard with your ticket level :

I also purchased a “Bellamy Blake” inspired charm bracelet, which you can see here (the charms are a sheriff’s badge, a boombox, a beer bottle, a globe, the Arkadian symbol a rocket/dropship a pistol, a ball cap and a deer),:

The first panel of the Con was “The 100 Meta Panel” which was run by popular meta podcast runners, I didn’t stay in there for too long as I was super excited to get some bids in on the Cancer Gets LOST Charity Auction which was organized and run by Jo Garfein.

There were so many amazing items at the auction, including loads of fan art, the Season 4 Christmas Gift from the Writer’s Room (a The 100 blanket) and a Season 4 insulated water bottle, crocheted Cl/xa dolls, and some of the original caricatures that @okbjgm​ (Javi) drew during Season 3).

We also snagged dinner during “The 100 Meta Panel”, which took place right before the Unity Days Cocktail Party and Pre Party.

While I was checking on my bids at the Silent Auction, Sachin walked in and surprised a ton of us:

Here he’s greeting the “Bellarke” baby, he actually dropped by to check out a fan art of Jackson and Abby that was up for auction.

We all got dressed up and headed back down to the Cocktail Party, where I actually met Sachin and he wished me a happy birthday which was super amazing:

At some point during the event, Sachin left and returned with Chelsey and Jessica:

Who had a great time at the Pre=Party with us! At 10:00 (P.M.) it was time to find out who won what in the auction and I won 4 out of 5 of the items I bid for, which was amazing:

As someone who adores the Writer’s Room drawings I was so very excited to see that I won the Snakes on a Kane drawing:

the Jahapocalypse Now drawing (the quote on it is extremely apt):

This Bellarke postcard that I had both Bob and Eliza sign:

My last win was a Raven line drawing which I had Lindsey sign:

After collecting my items from the auction, we went back upstairs to Sam, Jen and Sarah’s room, where Sarah gave me an awesome birthday card that made me cry and that I kept in a place of honor for my stay at the hotel:

Then I turned off the light and snagged a great shot of Vancouver and it’s mountains and bay at night before getting into bed to prep for the next day:

How did this even happen?!

Every single one of you makes me happy. YOU are the reason I, along with many others, keep doing what I do. I am speechless and so incredibly moved. THANK YOU! 

I do not have anything planned right now, since I am in the middle of my 1k challenge and my WIP’s keep increasing daily! Keep an eye out for something special that @just-another-busy-fangirl and I are cooking up once we reach 1500!!! 

To those of you who comment, reblog and like on a consistent basis…

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Sometimes we don’t want to lose this feeling we feel for our loved ones. We always forgive them, sometimes even when we do know that it’s not right. But if you once loved someone, you’ll always do. Maybe not how you did it before, but you’ll always feel something whenever they come across your life. That’s it. I think sometimes it would be great if things weren’t like this, but unfortunately we can’t change it.
—  I miss you, but you don’t deserve my forgiveness

Title: Amaranth(P.9)
Pairing: Peter Pan(OUAT) x Reader
Warnings: Abuse mentions, cussing, dark themes, smut.
Author notes: Requested by Anon: ‘There are no queens in Neverland. Just me.’  
Summary: A Demigod makes a deal with The Evil Queen to get away from the curse and ends up in Neverland. Peter Pan is not impressed with the female on his Island, but when he realizes she might just be as dark tempered as himself, he might just change his minds. After all, there aren’t any Queens in Neverland.

Originally posted by demonlure

“What did you make me do?” I asked once I heard Peter come back into the space we shared. I was naked, save for a jeweled piece that wrapped from my neck and trailed down my back, turned away from him as I brought a hand up to touch the horns that came from my head. Something inside me didn’t feel right. I felt evil, hopeless. 

Power was something I craved, more then what my father could give me in the underworld, which is why I left. It was empty without my mother, she was long since gone when I finally realized the person my father was. I wanted more, I wanted to rule, like he had, but not where he ruled.

I wasn’t a killer. I thrived on my mothers power to create life. Vines, trees, rain…It was all living and full of life. My father’s power took it away. My father’s need for death is what killed my mother. His fire suffocated the beauty of my mother’s life. Her trees, her vines.

Despite the genetic inheritance of wanting more, of wanting power, I never wanted to kill. I never had. I wasn’t evil, maybe dark, but not evil.

Now, as I felt the horns erupting from my skull and the fire of a new soul coursing through me, I felt it. I felt what Peter must feel, what my father must be. Corrupted. Sin. Evil.

Having killed that boy, it wasn’t the problem. Slightly surely deserved it. What he planned to do to me, I couldn’t even begin to explain how awful it felt having his soul create all his thoughts and memories inside my mind. 

The problem wasn’t murder, it wasn’t evil. It was…It was how I felt about it. I should feel horrible, resent what I did, regret it. I didn’t.

I liked it.

I liked it because the power that filled my body, was more then I had ever had before. I liked it because it saved Peter and Felix. I liked it because…I truly was my father’s child.

“I didn’t make you do anything.” His breath coursed across my skin as he appeared behind me, his hands sliding down the bare skin of my sides, his lips against my neck. “You made all your own choices. You saved yourself.”

His fingers ran back up my body, across my shoulders and through my hair. “You…saved me.” Peter whispered, a hand touching one of the horns on my head, his lips pressing against my jawline. 

“I killed somebody, Peter. I would have killed more.” My voice was low, I was trying to comprehend what had happened tonight. I was trying to make sense of it and make myself angry that I took someones life.

“You did what you had to.” Peter said, his voice a bit more stern as he spun me around to face him. “I would be dead if you hadn’t. And if I wasn’t. If he had hurt you, I would have killed them all. I would have been ruthless, worse then you. You at least spared him a pitiful death, my Queen.”

I shut my eyes as he kissed my shoulders and my neck, all the way up my cheeks until he got to my lips. “Would you take it back?”

“No.” I shook my head, kissing him back. “Never.”

“Did you regret it?”

Again, I shook my head. “Did you…like it?”

His hands cascaded down, gripping the plump flesh at the bottom of my hips. My eyes fluttered open as I stared at him. He was gazing down at my body, slowly looking back up into my eyes and then at the horns. My breath hitched, but I nodded. “Yes.”

A dark smirk appeared on his face as he backed me into a wall. “Then why do you seem so upset, love?”

I let him tilt my head back, allowing him to kiss his way down my neck. “I shouldn’t have liked it.”

He growled, his right hand sliding between my legs, I gasped as he pressed a finger into me, without warning. “You have every right to like it.” He chuckled. “You could even say…it’s genetic.” 

My breath shuddered as he pumped his digit in and then back out. “I don’t want to be like him.” I gasped out, arching my back. 

He bit my neck, sucking the flesh. “Who said you were? He’s down there, ruling people who no longer even matter…you’re here…And you can rule everything. With me.”

Adding a second finger, Peter delved his other hand into my hair, pressing on the base of my skull until our lips collided. He picked up the speed of his fingers, stretching them out like a pair of scissors before sliding them out, using that hand to relieve himself from the confined pieces of clothes he wore. 

“What about Killian?” I asked as I set my hands on his shoulders, pushing back against the wall, using his shoulders as leverage to bring my legs up, wrapping them around his waist. He placed his hand on my hip, letting me grind up against his excitement, enticing a long groan from his lips. 

Peter slid his hand up and down my thigh, his other gripping my neck roughly. “Don’t worry about him.” He replied, watching as I brought a hand down to wrap around his member, aligning it with my entrance. “I’ll take care of it.”

With a growl, he thrust forward, slamming into my wet heat roughly, just as he pressed his lips into mine again, ending any continued conversation. 

I woke up in the middle of the night, my eyes snapping open as if someone had called me to wake up. Peter slept next to me, an arm around my waist. I looked over at him before a sound outside called to my attention. 

Without waking him, I slid from the bed, willing myself dressed, the leaves appeared as I walked towards the entrance. It barely took any energy to leap from the top of the tree. I settled on my feet quite easily, glancing around for the source of the noise. 

There was a dark feeling coming from the opposite direction of the camp. Being out here, I half wondered if I should go check on Felix, I hadn’t since he refused the water after the fight, but a part of me was still worried. However, the dark presence called my attention more then the thought of Felix did. 

Turning towards it, I headed into the forest. I knew where it was leading me, somewhere Peter had told me not to go, where I knew I shouldn’t. The Dark Hollows. 

I reached the edge of it fairly quickly, my eyes adjusting to the sheer darkness of the area. A low growl made me spin to the side quickly, willing a ball of fire to my hand as I prepared to defend myself in case it happened to be Killian and his crew. 

I stood straighter. “Cerberus.” My voice was stern, I knew better then to seem scared or angry in front of the creature. In all honesty, he was quite sensitive. 

“I’m so glad you remember him.” Another voice, familiar, but also less inviting then the eyes of the beast in front of me. “He sure did enjoy you sneaking him scraps when you were younger.” 

I turned slowly, letting the fire in my hand die as I faced him. “Dad.” I narrowed my eyes, suddenly remembering that I now had a good show of his power bestowed on my head. “What do you want?”

He frowned. “Not the reunion I was expecting.” With a sigh, he walked past me and set his hand on the dogs head closest to him. “What was I thinking of course? That my daughter, who ran from home after telling me how much she hated who I was, would be excited to see me?”

My eyes turned from him and the animal, looking out to where Peter’s camp was. Hades kept speaking. “Though, for someone who hates me so much…” He chuckled, catching my gaze and then lifting his to my horns. “You sure have a funny way of showing it.”

“I am not like you.” I hissed, choosing to walk away instead of entice him anymore. 

“Oh, aren’t you though?” He laughed. “Killing that poor boy. Who never truly meant you any harm.” 

I froze, glaring at the floor in front of me. “I fed from his thoughts. He meant more then harm.”

Hades appeared in front of me, laughing lightly. “But it wasn’t him.” He frowned. “Not him, but the precious shadow of Pan’s. Living within Slightly’s body.”

My eyes widened when I shot my head up to look at him. “You need to go. I don’t want to hear your lies.”

“Lies?” He mocked offense, trying to seem insulted. “Why not ask your little boyfriend? Why…how about you ask that Pirate, what’s his name…Killian? Yes, I’m sure he’d tell you the truth. Maybe in exchange for passage off the Island.”

I pushed passed him again, trying to ignore the feeling of distrust of Peter rising in my chest. “Go away.”

There was a small sigh, before he chuckled. “Do note, my dear, that every soul you take, puts you that much closer to coming home.”

“I’m not going back there. I’m not a murderer.”

“We’ll see. Find the pirate, Y/N.”

Is no one else going to question what this blue thing is? It’s not Tom himself, since we walks right next to Matt a few seconds later:

What I think it is is whatever Tom saw right before he transformed, something to make him gasp just seeing it’s ‘feet’ and say “Oh no.” once he realized what it was. 

It can’t be too tall since he doesn’t look that far up from the ground. What is a spirit? 

Judging from the audio it sounds like a monster was already there, since growling can be heard under Tom’s screams. So did the monster fuse with Tom? But then what caused it to turn to shapeless smoke once Eduardo blasted it?

And with Tord’s lab:

I figured it was physical enough for Tord to sample from, or he created it himself. Looking at this again I noticed something, it not the first time it’s been around: 

You see the keep out door? 

There’s a hole for food to pass through, and whatever was in there needed a spoon. A humanoid form. So is this soldier experimented on and Tord tried to keep him as a weapon but died?


I saw you today, and it was like we never knew each other.

It was like the late night talks didn’t happen. The simple “I missed you today” disappeared, or “this song reminds me of you.” Our lingering glances turned to shifting eyes from left to right, our innocent touches turned to accidental brushes, and your smile faltered every time we locked eyes.

Wondering during my sleepless nights, wondering if I did something wrong, or if I just didn’t give you what you wanted or imagined.

‘Cause I’m stuck. I’m stuck at the same stage you left me back in Junior High, when you weren’t even mine. Simply hiding behind the shadows and swallowing my pride when I saw the way you looked at other girls the way you once looked at me.

Envying the ones that caught your attention most, because you were the only that had all of mine on. Thinking it was unfair of me to ever think this was because it was never going to happen.

But it did, and I once had you, and now you’re slipping from my reach. I’m grasping from your wrists, holding you to not let go but you’ve already fallen.

I miss you.

I miss the late night talks that always happened. The simple “I missed you today” that was always spoken, or “this song reminds me of you.” Our lingering glances that turned into slight or mild blushes and being left smiling bashfully, our innocent touches that caused us to crave the feel of each other’s fingertips. And your smile, oh god that smile, the one that always was held upright.

But I saw you today, and it was like we never knew each other.

—  Something in us knew, and something in us will always know.

As we all know, Victor always sleeps with his pet - Maccachin…


Later, Victor also asked Yuuri to sleep together but Yuuri immediately closed the door (because Yuuri had something in mind then the two temporarily separated…?)


I still wonder how they could sleep in such a small bed… It doesn’t seem right, but… *evil laugh*