for once the fire nation attacking will be a good thing

other ancient tumblr culture things 

  • peasants 
  • greeting every new follower with a gif 
  • the anger over wonderballs being banned in the us 
  • i still see this every once in a while but adding “and then the fire nation attacked” to every post talking about how something used to be 
  • i see this everyone once in a while too but the “you tried” star 
  • nigel thornberry 
  • personifying social media (or making them dresses or whatever else) 
  • actually just personifying anything not even remotely human
  • and then shipping them
  • #coulsonisalive 
  • hatred of 12 year olds 
  • remember when everyone loved john green?
  • the “not as much of an asshole as you could have been” award
  • that post with every one of those girls late excuses
  • reblog as a link 
  • “3d” gifs 
  • when everyone loved robert pattinson for hating twilight 
  • “night blogging”
  • those horrifying barbie pictures where everyone would pretend not to notice the gore 
  • how shitty the video system was for so long
  • that post where mom dinosaur plays pretend w her son to distract him from the comet that killed the dinosaurs 
  • this is a genuinely good meme and we should bring it back: cosmo sex tips 
  • “i like your shoelaces” “thanks i got them from the president” 
  • repeating the same comment over and over just bolded and italicized differently 
Why the Types Will Die Alone

ISTJ: You were somehow roped into a relationship once but ended that nonsense right quick once you realized they wanted to talk about their feelings. You live a lonesome, tranquil life by the river now, whittling calculators and stock portfolios from driftwood. They are your only friends. 

ESTJ: You had a great life, perfect partner, and tons of friends for many years. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Jk, your best friend and the rest of the Senate stabbed you repeatedly in the back and you bled out alone on the floor. “Et tu, Brute?” were your final woe-begotten words you tyrannical dictator, you. 

ENFJ: Your partner got sick of trying to decrypt your real feelings about everything every other second. It’s okay though, you still had a pretty fulfilling life never saying no to any person’s request. You eventually died when your body spontaneously combusted from the stress of trying to make everybody happy. 

INFJ: You tried to act ethereal and distant for so long that nobody wanted to put in the effort to get to know you, Star Man. Except for Linda. But once she saw that all of your “deep, mystical” thoughts were actually just crippling anxiety about people’s approval of you, she jumped that ship pretty quickly. 

ESTP: You took all of your friends skydiving and pushed all their scared, pansy asses out of the plane as a practical joke. You turned around and saw the parachutes they were supposed to be wearing still hanging on the wall, but you didn’t think much of it. Anyways, you convinced the pilot to do a sick flip between some buildings and died in a fiery explosion, just like that old, Romanian woman said you would. 

ISTP: You were too busy being the douchey frat boy bully trope in every teen movie that you forgot to make friends. As you lay dying in a pile of cigarettes and empty liquor bottles, you smile, believing wholeheartedly that Fonzie would have been proud of you. He wouldn’t. 

ISFJ: You were baking a casserole but got distracted by youtube tutorials on how to make friends and burned your house down with you in it. You could’ve escaped, but…there’s people outside…so like, screw that, y'know? 

ESFJ: Your son got so tired of you telling him how to live his life and inserting yourself into his romantic life that he snapped at the “Please Date My Son” mixer you threw for him and came at you with that expensive bottle of Chardonnay you got for yourself while you scrutinized all of the potential daughter-in-laws. None of the girls came to your rescue, as they had recently learned that you’d been gossiping about every single one of them since you’d met them. Let’s be real though, you always knew patricide was the only way you’d go out. 

INFP: You drowned your first partner in the bathtub that you filled with your own tears because they had a weird inflection in the way they said hi to you that one time in August 2011 and you never really got over that. All of your friends got so exhausted trying to console you that when you got trapped in ISFJ’s burning house while helping them make the casserole, they all just assumed your bitter passive-aggressive inferences to the fire’s failure to be a good friend would save you. They did not. 

ENFP: You couldn’t stand the idea of being normal, so you moved to eastern Europe to be different and start a charity or something, you’ll figure out the details later it’s whatever, but you forgot to mention it to, like, all of your friends. Also, you forgot your passport. And your keys. Also, you left the stove on. 

ISFP: Everybody got tired of you staring languidly at the rain so they left you. Like, we get it, you’re deep and thoughtful. Also, they couldn’t stand that you were still into SuperWhoLock, like, that stopped being popular 6 years ago, please move on. Anyways, your pet horse gets so tired of you talking to him about your feelings that he kicks you in the chest, killing you instantly. 

ESFP: You told all your friends you were too busy for them and couldn’t commit to the friendship and floated to some neon rave party and thought trying ecstasy would be a fun experience. You tried proving you were a badass to the bouncer and took like seven and pretty much died on the spot ‘cause your pansy ass would barely have been able to handle one. 

ENTP: You pitted all of your friends against each other to see what would happen for like, the twelfth time, so they all turned on you and forced you to work an isolated office job. They watched through a two-way mirror as you went insane and chewed off your own fingers. They felt that justice was thoroughly served and so do I. 

INTP: You emerged from your garage after weeks of isolation to find that everybody is gone, as they went to the Florida Keys for vacation, but didn’t invite you because they thought you were too busy working on your project that has no real world value. Instead, you assume it’s the zombie apocalypse and retreat back into your garage indefinitely. You die when the roof collapses on you while you’re eating Flaming Hot Cheetos. 

ENTJ: Your coup fails because none of your friends liked the way you kept bossing them around and the government publicly executes you for high treason. In your last moments, you feel a strange sense of camaraderie with ESTJ’s fate, but it doesn’t last long because you could have done waaaaay better than them if you were in that situation. 

INTJ: You’re too proud to admit that you feel things on occasion and shove them all down until the emotions rot away your insides and you eventually have an ulcer, a stroke, and a heart attack all at once in a GameStop parking lot and die, wishing you could have told just one more person why they were wrong about something.

EXO when they hear you sing for the first time.

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He’d be amazed by your voice but when you notice him you would stop and blush. ‘’Jagi, you don’t have to be embarrassed. You have an amazing voice.’’ He would pull you on the couch with your legs over his lap and you will continue singing but this time you would sing ‘Colors’ for him. ‘’You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise You’re spilling like an overflowing sink.’’

omg this one is a bit cheesy lol


When he hears you sing ‘Boombayah’ he is surprised. Because you never sing in front of him. ‘’I don’t want a boy. I need a man.’’ He would pause the music and you would look up in surprise. ‘’I may have a bit of a baby face, but I am very manly and you know that.’’ You would walk to him and put your arms around his neck. ‘’Baby, I love your face so shush and yes I know you’re manly.’’ You would peck his lips. ‘’You have an amazing voice by the way.’’ This would make you bury your face in his chest.


He hears you sing while he’s learning his lines for his new movie. He finds you in the kitchen stirring in the pan while singing ‘Not On Drugs’.’’Baby, listen please. I’m not on drugs, I’m not on drugs, I’m just in love.’’ He would wrap his arms around you from behind and would place a kiss on your neck. ‘You have an amazing voice, baby. I hope you’re going to sing more often.’’


While you’re doing chores you sing along with ‘Here’. He would be amazed by your voice. ‘’Excuse me if I seem a little unimpressed with this
An anti-social pessimist but usually I don’t mess with this.
’’ You probably wouldn’t notice him until you’re done with the song. So out of nowhere he would say ‘’Wow, jagi, you have a beautiful voice.’’ You would jump in the air. ‘’Babe, you scared me!’’ he would laugh at you and give you a kiss on your temple.


When he sees you dance to ‘National Anthem’  you already took his interest. But when you even begin to sing - ‘’Tell me I’m your National Anthem. Ooh yeah baby bow down, makin’ me so wild now.’’ - this unicorn wouldn’t even know where to start with complementing you on your skills.  ‘’Omg baobei! You have an amaaaaazing voice.’’ You would blush and he would attack you with hugs.


He would come into your living room when he sees you and your friend with a guitar on the couch and what surprised him was that you were singing. You didn’t notice that he came home so he would just listen to your voice. ‘’Remember those walls I built. Well, baby, they’re tumbling down.’’ Your friend of course noticed that he came in but she knows how shy you can be when you sang in front of other people. So you didn’t notice until you we’re done singing that he was standing at the door opening. ‘’Omg, Baekhyun. How long have you been standing there?’’ you said a little embarrased. ‘’Long enough so I could hear your beautiful voice.’’ You would hide your face behind your hands so he couldn’t see your red face.


He would watch you sing ‘Fire Meet Gasoline’ with so much passion written over your face he would giggle a little. ‘’Flame you came from me. Fire meet gasoline. Fire meet gasoline. I’m burning alive.’’ Don’t get me wrong he would find your voice amazing. Now that he knows that you can sing like that, he would want to play games like ‘Who could reach the highest notes’. ‘’We should definitely check out who can sing the highest note.’’ He would say out of nowhere. You would turn around quick. ‘’How long have you been standing there?’’  ‘’Since you began to use the broom as your mic.’’ He would say smiling.


You were inspired by Chanyeol’s cover of ‘All of me’ so you sat behind Chanyeol’s keyboard and searched a video of the chords of the song so you could learn them and maybe show it to Chanyeol when he comes home. You were a quick learner so you learned the chords and began to sing. Little did you know Chanyeol came home a little earlier and saw you behind his keyboard. ‘’Give me all of you. Cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts’’ ‘’Wow, I didn’t know I had such a talented girlfriend.’’ he would say and you would turn around a little shocked because you didn’t know that he had been watching ‘’Thanks, babe’’ you would say smiling. Now that he knows that you could sing, he would want to sing more with you. Maybe even record a song with you.


He would come home from practicing with EXO and he would heard some distant singing coming from the bedroom. He slowly opened the door and you were folding your clothes with ‘Dear No One’ coming through your Bluetooth box.    ‘’I like my space, yeah. But I’d love to have a soul mate.’’ He would film you and send it in the group chat of EXO. ‘’Look how talented my baby is 😏’’


(just imagine for this reaction that he is still in EXO *sobs in a corner*)

He would hear you sing along to ‘Monster’ and when you sing along with the part of Nicki Minaj without any mistakes he actually would find it sexy that you could rap so good. ‘’You could be the king but watch the queen conquer’’ he would film you and send it to the group chat of EXO. ‘’Look how badass my girl is ;)’’

Chanyeol: Wow, we should totally get together to rap sometimes.

Tao: Okay, sure if it’s for rapping. Don’t get crazy ideas, boi. She’s my girl.


While you were making chicken for the two of you to eat that evening you started humming. But what once was humming was now singing your lungs out. ‘’WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS!’’ he would stand at the door opening smiling. He would wrap his arms around you after you put the chicken in the oven and you would turn around in his arms. ‘’Welcome home, babe’’ you would say ‘’Hi, my talented jagi.’’ he would say and give you a quick peck on your lips. ‘’Oh my god… Did you just-‘’ ‘’Yeah, I did, and you should sing more.’’


You thought you were home alone with your friends, so you pulled your clothes like boa’s and big sunglasses out of the closet. You were doing karaoke with your friends. Once the melody of ’Me too’ started playing ,Sehun walked in but you didn’t notice him yet. ‘’Who’s that sexy thing I see over there? That’s me, standin’ in the mirror.’’ ‘’You sure are sexy with that boa and your big sunglasses.’’ He would say while he recorded you with his phone. ‘’Sehun! Don’t you dare to send-‘’ but you already heard the sound of a message being send. ‘’You didn’t just send that to all the members.’’ ‘’I sure did’’ he would say smirking.

anonymous asked:

How do you see relationships between the Gaang progressing throughout adulthood? Bryke obviously did a bad job portraying them in general, and seeing how the other avatar writers felt the same, I imagined so much more for our favorite characters than what Bryke lazily did. Any thoughts on other characters like June?

First of all, there would be NO leaving Zuko completely on his own to govern the Fire Nation. That is just a stupid move politically, militarily,

Jack: Spiritually, ecumenically, dramatically …

You name it. This means that Iroh stays in the Fire Nation with Zuko, so that rather than backsliding by chatting with Ozai, Zuko would gain ground in his mission to redeem himself and the Fire Nation. The first few years would be extremely volatile, and there would be a lot of challenges ahead. He would have to search for his mother and reconcile, somehow, with Azula. But you know who would have been there to help him?

Aang. No, not the Aang who decided “A promise is a promise!” and went into the Avatar State twice to attack Zuko. No, this Aang has complete control of the Avatar State, as he should have by the end of the show, since that was one of the main goals of his character. Aang would have gone to the Fire Nation first, since he spent the least amount of time there out in the open and would have major trust rebuilding to do after what happened with Ozai.

During his time in the Fire Nation, he would have discovered Ty Lee as an untrained airbender. This would give him the impetus to start looking for other airbenders, who might not even know about their gifts. He would have difficulty with a work-life balance, but he would eventually find a way with the help of:

Toph. Toph’s metalbending academy is something I wholeheartedly approve of. I think she should eventually become a businesswoman and use her family’s vast wealth to make Gaoling (and their new ally, Omashu) alternate power centers, so Ba Sing Se wouldn’t have such a stranglehold on the rest of the Earth Kingdom, with metalbenders initially acting as private security, and later, a police force in the city. But while I understand that Toph has the attitude of a beat cop, she hates the city, walls, and rules, and there would be a bunch of all three if she became Chief of Police. (P.S. She would have many more tea times with Uncle, and get that life-changing field trip with Zuko we all wanted to see.)

Toph would also have issues to sort through with her parents, and she would probably never see eye to eye with her family. But one person would help coach her through it:

Katara. At first, Katara would bury herself in her work at the South Pole, helping her father, brother, and Pakku rebuild the Southern Water Tribe. She would be at the heart of social justice issues, especially for Water Tribe women, and would challenge more than one antiquated idea that the Northerners would bring with them. She would get many marriage offers once she turned sixteen, and to take a break from it, she would answer Zuko’s request help find his mother. This leads to her realizing how stifled she feels at home, where everyone expects her to cater to them, in addition to helping lead their tribe. She would apply for a diplomatic post to the Fire Nation and eventually create her own cross-bending school, adapting her school from Toph’s metalbending academy. At first, she would worry about not being at home enough to help the women’s rights movement in the Water Tribe, but someone else has the situation under control:

Suki. Suki would be an asset as the head of the Kyoshi Warriors, and also as a partner for Sokka. Her island’s location and the fact that the villagers wear blue all point to Water Tribe influence on Kyoshi anyway, and once the war is over and trade begins booming again, she would work to make Kyoshi less of a spectator in the world and more of a participant. She would be an excellent role model for Southern Water Tribe girls who don’t want to be pigeonholed into the homemaker ideal, and could also play a part in Republic City eventually. As the leader of an island that was neutral during the war, Suki would be an ideal person to have on the Republic City Council. (P.S. Why it’s a Council of Five when there are no nonbending representatives in LOK is a mystery to me. This would fix that oversight.) But who would lead the Kyoshi Warriors if she took up such a position?

Ty Lee. Ty Lee didn’t get a real explanation for why she joined the Kyoshi Warriors, especially considering her misgivings about spending the rest of her life as a matched set. She could turn the tables on the idea, lending individuality to the Warriors and teaching them chi blocking techniques while learning some of their fighting styles as well. These nonbenders could eventually form the Equalist movement, but a different one than in LOK—a morally ambiguous movement, instead of a villainous cadre led by a demagogue.

In the end, though, Ty Lee is a wanderer, and I’m inclined to believe that she is, in fact, an untrained Air Nomad. Eventually she would discover this, and that not only is she not part of a matched set; she is possibly one of the rarest human beings in the world. This would interfere with her “aura” for sure, because she’s not necessarily cut out for the ascetic Air Nomad lifestyle. So while she would be happy for Aang to train her, she might also butt heads with him about how to best secure the Air Nomad legacy for the future. Of course, since the Air Acolytes in Korra treated Kya and Bumi so abysmally, in my opinion this could only be a good thing. Through it all, she would still keep in touch with:

Mai. I have a different character path planned for Mai than what other fans might suggest. Mai becoming a bounty hunter is a popular fanon idea, which makes sense, since she did seem to enjoy tracking down Zuko and Iroh so that Azula could imprison them for life, as anyone would enjoy doing to a person they supposedly had a cruch on. To me, Mai’s poker face and cool-under-fire attitude screams “White Lotus”, of which there are no female members that we know at the end of A:TLA. The main obstacle to inducting her into the Order would be that the White Lotus is based on principles of interconnection and understanding other cultures, which Mai categorically does not have. But this is one of the places she could thus grow the most, without having such character development tied to a specific person. The fact that she fooled the Fire Princess means she can play both sides skillfully, which she’ll need to, considering a rival to the idea of a balanced world is going to be:

Azula. With Ozai imprisoned and without his bending, Azula is the most creditable foe the franchise still has. Patchy though her sanity might be, she is still extremely dangerous (as we saw during the Agni Kai). In an ideal world, she would use her almost preternatural instincts for personal weakness and manipulation to be a ruler, but the very confidence she exudes is based on her rigid mindset and a false sense of Fire Nation superiority. As natural as leadership might be for her, she burned all her bridges when she banished or imprisoned every follower she had. I like the idea of her relearning the meaning of firebending from the dragons and bringing the Sun Warriors into the modern era, but it would be a very painful character path for her when just being mentally stable is a huge hurdle. I think she would need to stay in the Fire Nation for several years, slowly healing with Zuko’s help, before even attempting it.

There is one other path that I would consider for Azula, and that is: the Spirit World. Azula is not a terribly spiritual person, but a spiritual journey such as Iroh underwent might actually help her. It could train her mind to separate illusion and self-deception from reality, and give her a better sense of where she belongs in the world. Not to mention, the Spirit World is dangerous and full of tricksters such as Koh; I think she would enjoy the challenge.

And what about Sokka?

Well, Sokka’s character got shoved to the side in the comics, but honestly, him being on the Republic City council, helping the White Lotus, and likely being chief one day is just fine! Legend of Korra didn’t really do him the disservice that it did the other characters. However, there is one thing that he will never, EVER be, and that is the possible deadbeat dad of Suyin. For my reasons why, please look at this post.

I don’t have ideas for anyone else, really, but we can’t leave out our most important character:

The GAang. In the comics and LOK, the GAang all seem to have gone their separate ways, especially with Zuko being so isolated from everyone except Aang. Katara, too, seems very cut off from current events, which is unacceptable. The GAang remained lifelong friends, regardless of any romantic relationships or lack thereof. Busy and hazardous as their lives might have been, they would always make the time to write, visit, plan projects, and attend reunions together.

(P.S. I don’t know that June needs to develop as a character; she’s one of those tertiary personalities that’s just fine with the amount of screentime she has.)

Sweet Like Sugar Venom by @aknightfornawt

“Where are you?”

She looks behind her at the roadside restaurant with its buzzing neon sign. “Peaches? Across from that flower shop on the…”

“God, you owe me,” Jon says.

Jon x Sansa Clueless AU

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Wanna-One Park Woojin School AU! (Part 3)

The next part of the Woojin School AU! You can find Part 1 here, and Part 2 here. Enjoy! (You + Park Woojin)

Your POV – 

It had been a month since you and the boy had that interesting exchange, and you were just beginning to forget about it. You sometimes unintentionally snuck glances over at him, still waiting for him to be done with the book. You sort of gave up on that though, when the librarian told you that Woojin (you assumed to be the boy’s name) hadn’t returned the book yet, despite going to the library every day. He was an asshole, but there was nothing you could do about that.

But everything changed when the fire nation attacked when Jihee (your best friend, in case you forgot lol) suddenly announced that she was moving, thanks to her parent’s job change. Just like that, the one friend you had at your school was gone, and you felt your world crashing down.

Now, it seemed like you had no one. Not a single true friend who you could genuinely trust was here for you anymore.

The day after Jihee had left, you arrived at school to an empty desk next to yours, left without a seat partner. 

“Class, I have an important announcement to make,” your homeroom teacher said as he entered the classroom. “As you can see, one of our students has moved to another school, I hope you all got to say your goodbyes. Ah, and (Y/N), please find another desk partner… looks like Park Woojin has an empty seat next to him, you can sit there. In addition, you all have you first rounds of exams coming up soon, so…” the teacher’s voice trailed off as you dejectedly moved towards Woojin’s desk in the back, not even willing to fight it.

You plopped down next to him and looked at Woojin, who was dozing away in the seat next to you. You sighed and laid your head down as well, closing your eyes in hopes that when you woke up, Jihee would be next to you instead of him.

When the bell rang for you to go to lunch, the two of you silently got up, and headed to the library, without speaking to one another. The librarian saw you two entering together and said it was good that you two were friends now, happy that “books bring people together”. You shook your head and found a seat at a table, pulling out your lunch and homework. 

You both didn’t necessarily like one another, but didn’t have the energy to fight about it anymore.

You noticed Woojin sitting by himself at a different table, reading another book that didn’t look like The Devil in the White City. Either way, you were too exhausted to care. The two of you, unknowingly to the other, took peeks at the other person throughout the hour but neither of you disturbed the other, which was for the best.

After lunch was over, the both of you got up and once again, silently walked back to your classroom, just to sit together at the desks again. It was quite an interesting occurrence that became a daily pattern for the both of you. There was no talking, but over time you got used to one another’s presence. You would even wait for the other to finish packing up their things so that you could walk together. 

You both were lonely, but for some reason just this much soothed the loneliness enough to a tolerable level. And Woojin had no desire to accept the social classes of the school, but for some reason, you seemed different. Eating by yourself in the library every day, he didn’t see much of a difference between the two of you.

One day, you two arrived at the library, and you both just took your seats as usual, but shortly after, Woojin approached you, sitting down next to you with his copy of The Devil in the White City

“Hey (Y/N), here,” he passed the book to you, his eyes averted, facing the table. “I actually was done with this a while ago, I just kept forgetting to return it… sorry about that, I hope you weren’t still waiting.”

You looked up at him, and you couldn’t find it in you to get angry. He didn’t look at all like the person everyone feared so much, he just looked like… well, a nervous, normal, cute kid. The fact that the both of you went through the same thing every day at school made you curious about him, and wonder if he was lonely… like you.

For some reason, you didn’t even acknowledge his apology, automatically whispering out, “How was it? The book, I mean.”

Woojin finally made eye contact with you, making your own eyes widen in surprise as you met his strong gaze. And just then, you saw him smile for the very first time, his snaggletooth peeking out at you. He slowly started explaining his review of the story, over time becoming more excited as you asked more and more questions.

Before you knew it, lunch was over, but the two of you kept talking, laughing at how you both didn’t finish your meals because you were so distracted. The both of you made a plan to secretly eat in the classroom, giggling as you went inside, confusing the other students (who had started leaving you alone, since you had started hanging out near Woojin).

Class started, and the both of you whipped out your books for the first time, holding them vertically so your faces would be covered. You both managed to shove the food in your mouths for a grand total of 30 seconds, before you were promptly caught.

“Park Woojin! (Y/L/N) (Y/N)! Absolutely no eating in class is tolerated, you can treat yourself to eating lunch in the library instead of the cafeteria for the next week!” The professor yelled, before resuming his lecture.

You and Woojin put your food away, desperately holding in your laughter, a task that only got harder once you caught sight of the other’s attempt to hold a poker face.

From that day, the two of you got closer. The walks to the library and back weren’t silent anymore, and neither were lunch periods. The two of you started to stay after school in the library, reading together in comfortable silence or discussing/debating books or sometimes just taking a nap.

Slowly, you started noticing yourself reacting to Woojin; the initial attraction you had to him was starting to resurface after the months of no contact. You blushed at some of the simplest things he did, from the slightest accidental touches that burned your skin to the passion he displayed about critiquing literature. You were completely aware of how damn good looking he was, but for the most part you tried to shove that thought out of your mind.

Are you crazy, Y/N? Don’t make a fool of yourself, he’s never really talked to anyone, as if he’d like you.

Over time, though, you started falling harder and harder for Woojin. He left doodles on your books while you were asleep, would poke your cheeks randomly, and went out with you to eat or see movies.

You even went over to his house to chill out, his mom excitedly preparing food for the two of you and repeatedly asking Woojin if you were his girlfriend, making the both of you embarrassed. Woojin’s parents were thrilled that he had a friend come over for the first time :)))

One day you two were just working on homework in Woojin’s room. He let you use his desk, Woojin offering to use the bed. Shortly later, you started dozing off, head plopping onto your arms, making Woojin laugh.

“If you were going to sleep, you shouldn’t have taken the desk dumbo,” Woojin called, only to receive no response from you. He got up, and approached you, noticing you were actually out cold, evilly laughing as he grabbed a sharpie.

But as he approached your face with the marker, he was startled at how adorable you looked, even if your sleeping face was all contorted and weird (SORRY I HAD TO)

He giggled to himself (like the loser he is) and dropped the pen, grabbing a blanket and placing it over you

He crouched next to you, poking your cheek and whispering without thinking: “I’m glad I met you, (Y/N). I was alone for so long, but now you’re here.” 

Welp thanks to that poke, you were now classified as Awake, and you couldn’t manage to move when you felt Woojin tuck your hair behind your ear.

ohmygoshogmghsdfohmygod is he going to kiss me scREAM ok ok ok Y/N you’re ready you can do this

You waited for a solid minute, to feel nothing touch you. Slightly disappointed, you peeked your eyes open… only to find Woojin’s face quickly approaching you. You instantaneously reacted, shifting your head to face his. Woojin’s eyes widened, realizing what was about to happen, before his lips met the area between your nose and upper lip. 

“OWWWWWW” you exclaimed, sitting up and rubbing the point of contact, slightly hurting from the impact.

“Oh god (Y/N) I’m so sorry I was aiming for your chee–” Woojin blurted before realizing what he had said. He grabbed his own face in shock and started backing up, attempting to flee the crime scene… before he tripped his own feet and fell to the ground face first, making you fall to the desk table in laughter.

You got up sat on his back, pinning him to the ground, asking what he was doing and demanding to know if he liked you or not, this whole situation making you so happy that it was only possible that you liked Woojin back.

And that logic reached him before it hit you.

Woojin easily got up, wriggling out of your grasp, backing you up against the wall, his hands holding your wrists (scream why am I writing this)

“Why are you so excited? You better have a good reason for being awfully happy, or I’m just going to assume you like me, (Y/N).”

Your brain was far too focused on managing your heart (which was apparently running a 100 meter dash), leaving you mumbling incoherent excuses, making Woojin immediately lose his tough guy act, doubling down in laughter.

You caught ahold of yourself, sputtering out, “well yeah? So– so what if I do?”

Woojin immediately silenced, looking up at you. “That would be awfully convenient then (Y/N), because–” he mumbled, averting his eyes, embarrassed, “I feel the same way.” 

The both of you just silently stood there (because you were both really good at being awkward), but the quiet atmosphere suddenly broken by the opening of Woojin’s door, a high-pitched voice asking “kids, do you want some snacks? I have some crackers and seaweed and fruits!”

For the next few days, the both of you didn’t really talk to one another. It seemed like the two of you had gone back to the old days of being completely quiet, but this time the silence was more awkward than comfortable. At the end of that week though, while heading to the library during lunch with Woojin, you felt his hand slightly touching yours, and eventually grabbing it, interlacing his fingers with yours. The two of you met eyes, and couldn’t help but smile when each of you saw the others’ blushing face.

Somehow, the two people who needed someone the most had found one another.

Part 1, Part 2

A/N: I wrote this originally with a lot of angst but then I remembered that I promised cute times so here we are LOL

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the short series! This was a fun experiment for me, lmao. Not sure how well I did with consistency in terms of all the parts, I feel like some things I wrote in previous parts are irrelevant now because I didn’t start with a clear storyline in mind, so maybe I’ll do some edits later.

And as always, thanks for reading ♥︎

Hair, Symbolism, and Azula's Descent into Madness

Not my hair! Father always loved my hair!

One of Bryke’s favorite forms of symbolism has to do with hair. We see it with Zuko (both with him cutting his hair in “The Avatar State,” and growing out his hair as  symbol of his gaining wisdom as the series progresses); we see it with Korra when she cuts her hair in “Korra Alone”; with Tarrlok as he adds more and more braids to his hair until he has as many braids as the man that he never wanted to become; we see it with Kuvira whenever she loses control of a situation which causes her hair to become unkempt; and, most notably, we see it with Azula.

The same principle used for Kuvira’s hair symbolism (unkempt hair whenever they lose control) can also be applied to Azula. However, with Azula, it’s not just about control–it’s about perfection. It’s about living up to her father’s standards. After all, shes a prodigy, and Ozai would expect nothing less.  

Azula grew up in a world where she was held up on a pedestal as her father’s prodigy. As such, she was forced not only to surpass her brother in the art of firebending, but to be perfect in every way in order to meet her father’s absurdly high expectations. This caused Azula to be obsessed with perfection and control. Consequently, to be anything but perfect and to lose control would mean falling short of those high standards set by her father.

And that’s precisely what happened. Her plans began to fail, pawns began acting on their own. She was no longer in control. She was no longer perfect. Her world began to fall apart around her, and she was left with nothing but her hallucinations.

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anonymous asked:

Can you explain to me why itachi is problematic? I always disliked the character and I can't really give a deep analysis to explain to my friends on why I do. I understand what he did was wrong and I understand that his character was rushed and handled really badly but I can't put it into words.

Itachi Uchiha is a problematic character because :

  • His actions and motivations don’t make sense
  • Many concepts surround his “heroism” are morally misguided, simplistic and extreme. Yet, the narrative relentlessly shows him in a heroic light, it destroys the morality in the series
  • His other supposedly positive personal qualities like intelligence or wisdom are badly written too

I’ll quote from another anti post cos I don’t see the point of paraphrasing:

“a lot of his actions didn’t make sense if he’s always supposed to a good guy and a loving brother. There’re many ways he could’ve prevented Sasuke from witnessing the massacre, and made it less traumatizing to him. Instead he made him see that shit over and over again through genjutsu. yeah I know he wanted him to hate him and get revenge, but why? As a loving brother, why would he try so hard to put the burden of revenge on his brother? yeah I know he wanted Sasuke to be the hero who avenged his clan, but it’s worth the pain he went through when he killed his own brother? Sasuke never wanted to be a hero. yeah I know Itachi wanted to be judged by an uchiha, but he still thought he’s in a position to choose how he died? and he’d prioritise his own preference of how to die over the well being of his brother? He went back to Konoha after Sarutobi’s death cos he wanted to warn Danzo not to harm Sasuke. Then why did he expect sasuke to go back to Konoha after his death? go back to a place completely unaware of the danger that one of the top officials wanted to kill him? why did Itachi genjutsu Sasuke into a persistent coma? how was he supposed to get his revenge if he spent his life in a vegetative state? Kishimoto just made no sense.” - anti-endings

I’d also like to add it’s Itachi who revealed to Sasuke there’s another mangekyo sharingan user involved in the massacre and his name was “Madara”. If Itachi always suspected Tobi knew the truth about the massacre and him, and was keen on keeping Tobi away from sasuke, why did Itachi tell Sasuke Tobi’s name? it only made it easier for Sasuke to trust Tobi. It also added another name on his revenge target list. And Tobi was someone Itachi was afraid to go up against himself, he wanted sasuke to risk his life killing someone he couldn’t himself??

Many concepts surround his “heroism” are morally misguided, simplistic and extreme. Yet, the narrative relentlessly shows him in a heroic light, it destroys the morality in the series

Self sacrifice

He sacrificed OTHER PEOPLE"S LIVES, not his own. He took other people’s lives including children for his own ideals and beliefs. What did he sacrifice of himself? People said he had to leave Konoha and became a criminal and had a miserable life. He’s an ANBU before the massacre, a career as an undercover spying on enemies would’ve been highly likely for him even if the massacre never happened. He’s a trained assassin, he’s never gonna join Médecins Sans Frontières and do something meaningful in the first place.

“Greater good”

The idea that “greater number = greater good” is stupid, it completely disregards minority’s rights. If you’re attracted to the idea of “greater good” moral absolutism or “greater good” heroism, watch Psycho Pass and Fate/Zero. The moral dilemmas are much better written than Naruto. Kishimoto used “there’d be a civil war and other villages would attack them” to justify the massacre. He tried to justify genocide with one of the possible eventualities of the possible scenario of a failed coup.  A possible eventuality of a possible outcome of a coup that was yet to materialize….

Heroism is saving the ones you can, not playing god and deciding who should be killed so that others could live. Heroism is NOT the ability to count and deciding which group is the greater number. Heroism is NOT preemptively killing everyone based on personal speculations of possible bad consequences of actions or crime which were yet to be committed. This is crazier than Minority report.

Nationalism as heroism.

Itachi is a spokesperson for Will of Fire which is a form of inward looking nationalism. I think he said “as Itachi of konoha, I will save my homeland once more” (gross self glorification) when he defeated kabuto. He didn’t care if kabuto was threatening the whole ninja world, he’s just concerned with his own village. He only cared about konoha cos that’s his identity. He saw one’s village’s collective interest as the only thing worth protecting and fighting for, that’s not heroism, that’s just nationalism.  

Mistaking forced peace and oppression as Pacifism

The writing tried to present Itachi as a sensitive pacifist. He’s no pacifist, he believed in pre-emptive killing to maintain stability. He’s a “peace “at all cost extremist. Itachi and Danzo believed the way to achieve peace was to kill everyone who might possibly become a threat to the government due to dissatisfaction with their policy. Even kids had to be killed cos they might resent the government for killing their parents. This is not pacifism, this is purge of dissidents and rebels, this is forced peace maintained by violence and oppression.

His other supposedly positive personal qualities like intelligence or wisdom are badly written too

He’s not intelligent. The numerous holes listed above in his supposedly “all according to plan” revenge journey he planned for Sasuke are enough evidence of that.

He’s not wise. As discussed above, his worldviews and ideals are simplistic and extremist. His character really is just a naive nationalist.

He doesn’t respect free will, he once tried to forcibly genjutsu Sasuke into being loyal to Konoha. He just couldn’t deal with people not bowing to his precious village’s bullshit, he either killed everyone or he tried to brainwash them into a Konoha slave like himself.

He doesn’t respect truths, government transparency or history. He asked Naruto not to let the truths about the massacre come out. He thought superficial shit like “reputation” was more important than truths and justice. Kishimoto tried to make him look intelligent but humble. In fact, he’s arrogant, he thought he got to decide if the truths should come out, he’s one of the perpetrators of the massacre, yet he considered himself of all people had the right to bury the truths. That nerves and lack of self awareness.

Itachi is not some long suffering loving brother or unsung hero, he’s just a over wanked character who represents many of the series’ fucked up political views. He’s a self righteous, manipulative and cruel extremist.

Essays in Existentialism: The Blakes III

Hey I loved the second part of the Blakes. When ever you get a chance can you maybe continue it? That’s of course if you have time. Thank you!! :)

Previously on The Blakes

The winter that came was long and unforgiving. For Clarke, it was an apt metaphor for the cold war that existed with her brother; neither flinching, neither blinking, neither backing down or making any moves at all. Instead, the winter just stayed, refused to thaw, and the siblings continued much the same.

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This cover has got to be one of my favorites so far. It took forever to finish, but it was well worth the time. First time drawing both Ember and Thorax, and boy are they fun to color!


With Dragon Lord Ember eager to continue learning about friendship, Spike prepares for her visit by hosting a big event in Ponyville. However, he realizes too late that he accidentally invited Thorax over on the same day, with the new leader wanting to discuss some concerns with him. Realizing how very different the two royals are in personality, Spike begins to panic that they’ll dislike each other so much that outright war would break out between the dragons and changelings should they ever meet. Enlisting the help of Twilight and Starlight, Spike desperately tries to prevent an Equestria-threatening disaster.

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Zuko x waterbender!

Originally posted by twotheleft

Team Avatar got into their fighting stances. You stood next to Aang with interest.

“Zuko?” You whispered.

“ Hey, I heard you guys flying around down there so I just thought I’d wait for you here.” Appa licked Zuko. “ I know you must be surprised to see me here,” Sokka spoke up.

“Not really, since you followed us all over the world. “ 

“Right Well, uh, anyway What I wanted to tell you about is that I’ve changed.And I, uh, I’m good now. And, well I think I should join your group. Oh, and I can teach firebending, to you”. 

“You wanna what now? “

“You can’t possibly think that any of us would trust you, can you!? I mean how stupid do you think we are? “ You opened your mouth, but then quickly shut it. 

“ (y/n), do you have something to say?” Aang asked.

“ Yeah, I think we should give Zuko a chance.”

“ What?! Are you crazy?” Sokka yelled at you.

“ Hey! Don’t-Don’t yell at them..” Zuko cut in.

“ You guys don’t know him like I do. I’ve known him since we were kids.”

“ Sorry, (y/n), but I don’t trust him.” You sighed and locked eyes with Zuko.

“ Sorry” You whispered to him, you kept your eyes on the ground.

“All you’ve ever done is try to hunt us down and capture Aang. “

“ I’ve done some good things. I mean, I could have stolen your bison in Ba Sing Se, but I set him free.That’s something.”

“ Appa does seem to like him, maybe (y/n)’s right.”

“ He probably just covered himself in honey or something so that Appa would lick him.I’m not buying it. “ 

“I could understand why you wouldn’t trust me, and I know I’ve made some mistakes in the past “

“Like when you attacked our village. “

“ Or when you stole my mother’s necklace and used it to track us down and capture us.” 

“ Hey, let him finish.” You told Katara and Sokka.   

“Look, I admit I’ve done some awful things.I was wrong to try to capture you, and I’m sorry that I attacked the Water Tribe. And I never should have sent that Fire Nation assassin after you. I’m gonna try to stop-” You looked at Zuko with wide eyes.

“ Zuko…”     

“Wait! You sent Combustion Man after us!”   

“ Well, that’s not his name, “

“ Oh, sorry.I didn’t mean to insult your friend.” 

“ He’s not my friend.”

“ That guy locked me and Katara in jail and tried to blow us all up! “ Toph yelled at him. Zuko looked at Aang.

“ Why aren’t you saying anything? You once said you thought we could be friends.You know I have good in me. “  He looked at team Avatar, they all shook their heads in disapproval. he looked at you.

“ What do you think we should do (y/n)? You said you know him.”

“ I-I… I trust Zuko, with my life actually…He did some bad things in the past..but…You’re the Avatar. Not me. You should decide what we should do.” 

“ There’s no way we can trust you after everything you’ve done. We’ll never let you join us.“ Aang declared. 

“ You need to get out of here, now! “ 

“ I’m trying to explain that I’m not that person anymore. “  

“ Either you leave, or we attack. “  

“ If you won’t accept me as a friend, then maybe you’ll take me as a prisoner. “ 

“ No, we won’t! Get out of here and don’t come back.And if we ever see you again well, we’d better not see you again. “  Zuko looked at you. Sokka blocked his line of sight with his body.

” Don’t look at them, Zuko.“

“ Zuko, you know how much I want you here, but if the rest of the team won’t trust you. I can’t do anything. I’m sorry.” Tears threatened to spill.  Zuko left. You took a step in the direction he left in but Sokka grabbed your arm.

“ No, don’t go after him (y/n). he’s dangerous.”

“ but-(sighs)” 

“ Ugh.I can’t believe how stupid I am.I mean, what was I thinking, telling them I sent an assassin after them.Why didn’t I just say Azula did that? they would have believed that. Stupid. “  

“Why would he try to fool us like that? “ 

“   Obviously he wants to lead us into some kind of trap. “ Sokka looked over at you, you were staring at the woods.

“ don’t even think about it (y/n). “

“ but, he’s my best friend”

“ I know, but just don’t do anything, ok?”

“ fine.” Aang, Toph, Sokka, and Katara started to bicker whether Zuko was good or bad. They all looked at you.

“ (y/n), what do you think?”

“ I already told you, I trust him with my life. I’ve known him since we were 7. I’ve known him for 9 whole, Aang needs a fire bending teacher.” 

“ I’m not having Zuko as my teacher. “ Aang declared. You stood by Toph.

“ You’re darn right you’re not buddy.” Sokka, Aang, and Katara stood in front of you and Toph.

“Well, I guess that’s settled. “

“    Urrg! I’m beginning to wonder who’s really the blind one around here. “ Toph yelled and stormed off. 




“ I can’t believe I’m saying this, but thanks, Zuko. “

“ Hey, what about me? I did the boomerang thing.” Sokka pointed out, but Aang ignored him.  

“ Listen.I know I didn’t explain myself very well yesterday. I’ve been through a lot in the past few years, and it’s been hard. But I’m realizing that I had to go through all those things to learn the truth. I thought I had lost my honor, and that somehow my father could return it to me. But I know now that no one can give you your honor.It’s something you earn for yourself by choosing to do what’s right. All I want now is to play my part in ending this war. And I know my destiny is to help you restore balance to the world. I’m sorry for what I did to you. It was an accident. Fire can be dangerous and wild. So as a firebender, I need to be more careful and control my bending, so I don’t hurt people unintentionally.” 

“    I think you are supposed to be my firebending teacher. When I first tried to learn firebending, I burned Katara, and after that, I never wanted to firebend again. But now I know you understand how easy it is to hurt the people you love. I’d like you to teach me. “  

“  Thank you. I’m so happy you’ve accepted me into your group. “

“ Not so fast. I still have to ask my friends if it’s okay with them. Toph, you’re the one that Zuko burned. What do you think?”

“ Go ahead and let him join. It’ll give me plenty of time to get back at him for burning my feet.”

“ Sokka?”

“  Hey, all I want is to defeat the Fire Lord. If you think this is the way to do it, then I’m all for it. “

“ Katara?” She glared at Zuko before answering.

“    I’ll go along with whatever you think is right. “ 

“ I won’t let you down, I promise. “ Zuko stepped forward, but the team left the room, everyone except you. ” Hey, thanks.“  Zuko sat next to you. You looked at him surprised. 

“ What for? I didn’t do anything.”

“ You stood up for me. Hey, uh, you ok? Your legs are shaking.”

“ It’s just so weird, to be next to you again. It’s been 3 years. I’ve had dreams about this moment, but now that I’m here I don’t know what to say…I missed you.”

“ I missed you too.”

“ Then, why didn’t you ever-”

“ Go back for you? I don’t know. I was so focused on the avatar that I forgot about the most important things in my life.” He looked directly at you.

“ What? Me?”

“ Yeah, so what happened to you after I left?”

“ My family and I moved to ba sing sa. We lived in the middle ring. A couple of years later my parents finally let me leave and journey on my own. On my way out of the city, I ran into the avatar. I helped him and the rest of the team with the whole Appa situation. They wanted me to go with them, they said they could use a professional healer.”

“ Healer? What do you mean? Like a waterbender healer?”

“ Yeah. Sorry, I never told you.”

“ I understand, but what I don’t understand is..Why didn’t you just try to forget about me?”

“ Well, you never forget your first love.” You looked away, a blush quickly rose to your cheeks. 

“ First love…? You mean that?” You nodded meekly, still hiding your face from him. ” Well, that explains why you were always so nervous around me…“ He teased. You faced him and pushed him slightly. 

“ shut up.” You laughed. You placed your hands on his face, pulling him into a kiss.  ” Don’t leave me again.“

“ I won’t, I promise.”

Zodiac Signs as Protagonists



He lived his life in a cruel unjust world, whose laws he doesn’t agree with. To defy the corrupt government nation he lives in, he works outside the law to be apart of the free. He’s a hero to the poor, to the young, and to the non conventional, though he has done nothing but freely defy their capitalist overlords. He’s on the wanted list of every cop in the city, causing mischief and mayhem for simply being free. There are many who follow his footsteps, that the police openly call a ‘gang’. He is a criminal, yes, but the only thing he is guilty of is not conforming to your capitalist ideals. Some call him the Robin Hood of the city, or the Peter Pan of his generation, taking from the rich, give it to the poor, unite the troubled youth against a system that had been built against them from birth. The Renegade makes his own rules, but he doesn’t expect anyone to follow his law either. As long as you do no harm, he could care less. 


The fairy tale Knight applies to him. He’s courageous and generous, and intensely loyal. The Knight’s loyalty to you will not waver, and therefore is the most dependable person in your life. Should you need him to defend your kingdom, or save the princess from the fire breathing dragon, he will do so, and not accept failure unless it is with death. With such a large heart, he will fall in love, but not with haste. It comes slowly as his trust in you grows, and he is patient to wait for you, and would not take flight to next pretty face. Like his armour, his heart is made of steel, and he would endure heartbreak as he endures wars and battles. He’s fiercely loyal as he is prideful and honourable. In a fair joust, he will do nothing but his best, but is chivalrous to the winner, and isn’t a sore loser. The only thing he will beat himself up over is if he failed someone he cares about, like his kingdom or his queen. 


You will either hate to love or love to hate him. The Anti Hero is a complex individual who’s more selfish than generous, but at the end of the day he is a good person. He’s not your superman or friendly neighbourhood spider man, as he will always put his interests above everyone else’s, but he’s one of the best of what he does. He’s clever and funny, and you’ll find that you enjoy that side of him. Likely he is your favourite hero, even if he does rob banks, kills people, and would probably trip you if you were being chased by zombies. Though at the last minute, when he’s caught between being selfish and doing the right thing, he will always do the right thing. Then hate himself for it the next day, or keep up the appearance of how he should have gone the other way. He will never admit it, but he felt good playing hero, just that once. Though that won’t be the last time. 


Her children don’t come from her body, like most mothers, she is a different kind of mom that takes in the unwanted, abandoned, and orphaned. Be it human children, or animals, she is caring and neutering. She’s naturally empathetic, and has a soft heart, but like many mothers, she is not weak. Her power and stamina comes from raw love, the kind of love only the bond between a parent and child can have, regardless if they share name, blood, or species. Should one of her children be harmed, threatened, or worse, she will attack with all the ferocity of a giant grizzly bear. She will put your life way before hers, and sacrifice herself if it means that you can live. Do not take her for granted, because she is the only one who stands between you and a world trying to hurt and kill you.


When she was a little girl, she witnessed her family’s farm being ransacked by bandits, and she was only able to survive by hiding under the floorboards of their house. Ever since that day, she has found immense regret over not being strong enough to save her parents and her younger siblings, as an oldest shoulder should be able to do. She has spent her entire life fighting, training, and has made herself into a legendary warrior. Her name and reputation has been spoken in taverns and inns throughout the kingdoms; of all the battles she has won, the wars she has led, and the people she has slain in combat. Enemies fear her, and allies admire her. She knows she is the best, and may come off as arrogant, but she has something to brag about. Because of her egoism, she is rarely pessimistic or doubtful in herself, and is always up for a good fight or battle. What she lacks in patience and humility, she makes up with her loyalty and honesty. The day she finds the men who had destroyed her family and home, she got her bloody revenge. The Warrior has no mercy to people like them. 


She is an essential person in every group or story, and no one would survive without her. Having learned the trade from ancient remedies past down in her family from generations, she has mastered the art of healing. Her parents, their parents, and their parents before her were healers, so she has an arsenal of tools; from herbs to pills, from crystals to scalpels, she has combined old healing methods to new. However, she has an natural instinct to heal, so her expertise does not limit to physical ailments or liaisons, but of the heart and mind as well. While some more narrow-minded individuals would call her a witch — and perhaps she is — she is far from the evil connotations. Incredibly intelligent and prescience, she is able to put together accurate diagnoses by paying attention to all the symptoms. Her dedication to her craft will guarantee you her unwavering determination to see you well.


Prince Charming grew up with a of expectations on his shoulders. From the day he was born, everything he did had to reflect his family and his future, as he would soon one day be king. The Prince takes this seriously the older he gets. While he learned ways of fighting with sword, as well as basic battle technique and strategy, Prince Charming has no will or want to fight or for war. He’s more of a diplomat and a lover, preferring negotiation and compromise over battle. His hopes are as high as his heart is big, and that is why he falls in love easily. Though since he is a natural romantic, his feelings would not fray away or move to someone else, unless given a good enough reason. Unlike Romeo, Prince Charming doesn’t fall for just another pretty face in the crowd. When he meets her, she is a mere milk maid at a farm, who had high morals and ideals, that reflected his own, that challenged everything he knew. 


The law states that vigilantism is when you take the law and justice in your own hands, which in itself is illegal. However, the Vigilante takes it one step further. He doesn’t do it for glory, fame, or for himself; he is a merciless killer, the bloody hammer of raw justice. He moves and acts outside the law, and instead obeys his own law and sense of justice based on basic human rights. He has taken down thugs, and entire mafias; robbers and bank heists. He has avenged deaths of the innocent, and has taken down cooperate scammers who has stolen money from their employers. The Vigilante has no superpowers, but has trimmed and trained his body to be a weapon, like the many he already uses. Of course, he is public enemy number one… because the Vigilante doesn’t discriminate, and a lot of his prey are the filthy rich. They paint him as a murderer in the news, but the people know better. No one knows who he is, and that makes him all the more terrifying.


From afar he was just an ordinary old man, and like many elderly, people tend to ignore him. He did not have any glorious jobs, but boy did he have a long life. A life that has bestowed him a lifetime of wisdom that he wishes he could give to his children or grandchild. Unfortunately, he hasn’t seen his son and daughter in seven years, and his grandchildren don’t even know his name. He made a lot of mistakes in his life, and there is probably a reason why that is, but alas, he cannot change the past, he could only offer this knowledge to someone. As it turns out, the neighbour’s kid is a punk teenager, who thinks he knows how the world works. As rebellious as youth is, naturally this kid snubs and insults the old man until theyre forced to spend time with each other, in which case the kid is force fed some nuggets of wisdom. From then on, the Mentor has found the pupil that he had been lacking his entire life, which is also shared with this kid who’s life changed the day he spoke to him. 


There is a certain stigma against women in the CIA, however she is entirely different. She breaks those false connotations of female spies the moment she walked in the office with her black heels and pencil skirt. Many jokes were made by her expense, calling her obvious show of femininity at the workplace an attempt at “being a Bond girl”. She proved them wrong on the field, that she was no Bond girl, but Bond himself. The Secret Agent used her looks as a weapon, as well as her intelligence and raw skill. Ignoring the sexist remarks, she does her job better than anyone on the force, not needing any partners to have her back, save for the voice in her earbud that guides her through her missions. However she is highly strategic, always thinking a step ahead. Enemies of the country don’t realize that their plans are often foiled by the same woman time in and again, because she is that good at being a spy. No one outside the office knows her name or her face. 


She wasn’t given much of a chance at a better life growing up, like most people in the country. As a girl she helped her single parent support the family, and as a woman she has grown angry and restless at the state of the country she grew up in. And so, she comes the Revolutionary, showing the world that you do not need money and resources to make a difference, all you need is a voice and strength to keep going on. Behind her marches an army of the nation, the shamed, the poor, the robbed, holding signs and flowers in their hands, and masks on their faces. The privileged will fight back, but even though they have the weapons, they do not have the numbers. Freedom isn’t free, and so it isn’t without sacrifice. Most will be captured, a lot will be injured, and some will sacrifice themselves for freedom. And even though she may be one of those people that gave up their life to the revolution, the Revolutionary will always be remembered, and her name and face will stand with everyone forever.


Wars for religion and faith has been happening for centuries, but even though they try to erase such things from history, everyone still remembers the Martyrs, as they do with her. When men invaded her kingdom, and forced upon her people a new god and new pantheon, it was either bend the knee or be executed as a heathen. Fear drove the people to submission, and love of their children forced them to choose life over sacrifice. But she didn’t. The Martyr refused to denounce her gods and the gods of her foremothers and fathers. She refused to bend the knee to those who raped her land and people, and kiss the rings of their false god and idols. She sacrificed her life and body so her people would not have to. Her blood and body soak the soil of her once free kingdom, and there where her body decayed grew a massive weeping willow tree, a monument and reminder of what was taken away.

pajama-zam  asked:

Whats going on with Miles and Kerry if you dont mind me asking

  1. They are, in recent world of remnants, contradicting prior world building (like why are so many Greek coded characters from an incredibly stereotypical Asian area? Why do we have a Chinese coded character from a vaguely African coded area? And there would be one thing if there had been prior indication that it was like that but before this point everyone from these cultures that we had actual nationalities for was consistent in cultural aesthetic and appearance and now the characters don’t even look like they’re from those areas. Please see Pyrrha Nikos looking decidely not Asian. Sun looking decidedly not African. And don’t forget Blake being coded as a very western civilization street kid, but now she’s Menagerian royalty? It just doesn’t make a lot of sense)
  2. They’re kind of obnoxious
  3. They refuse to answer actual critical questions a fan asked in a panel, so far as letting another audience member curse said fan out.
  4. The writing is derivative and just leaves a LOT to be desired.
  5. We were told that we’d get a canon LGBT character and that we’ve already met said character but there has yet to be a single hint as to who it is or what they are. On top of that every reason they have given for why they can’t introduce them yet doesn’t make sense because we have already had several hetero couples introduced doing the same thing that M&K have said as their reasons for not introducing said character. (Not important to the plot? What about Weiss and Neptune, what plot role did they play other than angst for Jaune? Can’t just come out and shove two characters together? Sun and Blake were all but confirmed the moment he was introduce. There’s been no good moment for a romantic subplot? Then what the hell was the entire school dance arc? Don’t want to introduce someone just to be a love interest? Neptune.) Not to mention they had the perfect moment to have Neptune as a LGBT character but instead they turned away from that and had an obnoxious joke about him being unable to dance. There was literally every sign leading to Neptune being gay, including him being hesitant to admit why he didn’t go to the dance with Weiss and it was honestly incredibly heart breaking when that wasn’t the reason. LGBT community is starved for good representation and M&K are toying with that.
  6. They don’t know how to center the show around Ruby. She has had more screen time than Jaune and yet the reason everyone pegs Jaune as the actual protagonist (and complains about it because it’s  honestly upsetting) is because they know how to write Jaune as a main character, they have no idea how to use Ruby and the show suffers incredibly for it. Jaune is a good character, but because of their poor writing with Ruby people honestly hate him, and I understand why because I did too before I realized why. We were promised a story driven by four kick ass ladies and instead got a story that, thus far, has been driven almost entirely by another Aryan nation looking dude with a sword and angst over a lost lover.
  7. Which brings me to the fight with Pyrrha’s death. Pyrrha should NOT have lost that fight. Pyrrha is literally the most OP character that RWBY has shown us (that we’ve seen fighting). She has control over polarity. She was surrounded by metal. Giant metal gears. Cinder was obviously stunned when she got hit with one. Pyrrha is an incredibly smart and talented fighter who has been in fights before. She should have been able to stun lock Cinder and whack her with the gear until her aura was depleted enough to grind her with said gear like a fucking ant. Pyrrha should NOT have lost that fight and it literally makes to sense to have her do so other than “plot demands it” and that is a lazy and terrible reason.
  8. Roman’s death. They have said so themselves that they killed him because he got more popular than they had original planned and he was never meant to be as important as he ended up being…ok? So why kill him? You now have a character which people love. You know how hard it is to write a good villian that people love? And you had one fall into your lap? You don’t kill them off! You capitalize! Ok. Maybe I could understand killing him off if he is now a threat to the established plot. But don’t do it as a shock factor joke. This is a character fans loved. You don’t off him for a joke.
  9. Penny’s death. I can justify Penny’s death. I honestly can. It was plot relevant it made sense. Ok. But then they gave the “word of god” that she wasn’t going to be rebuilt and brought back which makes no sense. She is a robot. Her memory banks are intact. I don’t care if she got attacked with a magnetic blast, if her father was any decent engineer her memory banks would be protected against such things. But, I guess M&K don’t understand how computers work and that there are protections against magnets. I guess they don’t realize google is a thing and they can literally do research while they’re writing. Let’s not forget the fact, she is made out of metal and would form a natural Faraday Cage against such attacks.
  10. The silver eye bullshit. I don’t have as big of an issue with the Maidens, like I’ll leave those be cause it’s honestly a writing move I would have made. But. The Silver Eye Warriors was some bull shit. Every hint they gave us was pointing to Ruby being the Summer maiden. It was obvious. And not in the red herring type way but in the “this is where we want to be leading our fans” type way. And then they come out of, almost, literally fuck off no where with the Silver Eye thing and it just didn’t fit.
  11. Jaune’s weapons literally give him an OP fighting style (People, based solely on weapon choice who have no hope of beating Jaune: Weiss, Cinder, Yang, Mercury, Black, Sun, Neptune, Emerald, Ren, Fox, Russel, and so on and so on) There’s a reason sword and board was great up until the invention of fire arms (which aren’t even that relevant in RWBY due to aura. Not only that, but all the ones in RWBY we’ve seen have been incredibly low power including the “high impact” sniper rifle). Please nerf. Pyrrha, as I have said, has an ENTIRELY OP fighting style. Ruby, is said to have the most dangerous weapon designed, and it ain’t even that dangerous. The most dangerous part of it is it’s a gun and we’ve seen people get shot and walk away thanks to auras. None of this has been explored, or touched on, or even explained. Jaune frequently gets his ass kicked despite the fact that he should be tanking.
  12. Ruby’s obnoxiousness in RWBY V4 E1. That entire scene with Jaune’s shirt just came off as obnoxious and gross. Why would she laugh at her friend for liking a brand of cereal or sending in box tops? Like that doesn’t seem like something she would laugh at, it seems like something she would do. Not to mention it’s a brand of cereal that has emotional context now because of who’s face must have been plastered on every single fucking box. Especially once Jaune seemed to obviously be upset at her doing so she kept teasing him and laughing. It was a terrible scene and not at all like what we have seen of Ruby thus far.
  13. They have literally no idea how to use character development at all whatsoever. We see that with Jaune, Ruby, Tucker (RvB. We should have had a lot more character development for him in the Chorus arc but we didn’t and it was gross.), Pyrrha (who had no character beyond being a good fighter and being in love with Jaune. At all. There was literally no other point to her character.), and lets not even bring up Black, Nora, and Ren having no character development from this season and Nora STILL doesn’t have any.
  14. Jaune’s “WE HIT IT HARDER” and then proceeding to not even hitting it harder and the plan he came up with having nothing to do with hitting it harder. And he’s allegedly the tactics guy? It becomes quite clear that someone on the writing team (M&K) does not understand tactics.
  15. Jaune was gaining agency as a leader, becoming more serious and a better fighter. And then we get to season 3 and he back slide so fucking hard and is suddenly no good in a fight? Alright. That sounds like terrible writing. But alright.
  16. Team SSSN are useless other than maybe Sun. And what we know of them could fill a thimble and it won’t even fully fill said thimble.
  17. Remember that time Neptune ran to the other side of the enemy team and everyone yelled at him? That was actually efficient tactics. Because it put team NDGO in a bad situation because Neptune can now fire on them forcing them to priorities between going after him or going after the rest of team SSSN.
  18. Can we also talk about the absurdity of Neptune only having a fear of water because his VA can’t swim. When literally he is named off of, and takes literary influence from, the god of the fucking ocean?
  19. Also the fact that Miles Luna has a self insert in every single show he’s ever written for and his only real talent is as a VA.
  20. All in all they have ruined a show I was incredibly excited for when it first came out and was incredibly invested in up until season 3 where it went down hill. There’s probably more but this is all I could think of on such short notice.

I’d complain more about RvB but it’s in not so recent memory so I can’t effectively do it.





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1st place winner: Au meme, Text au, Imagine
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Imagine, Text au
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Suprise Part 2 re-upload

Everyone i am so sorry but I had uploaded my fic to the wrong board!!! 

Bucky x Reader

warnings: Fluff (angst)

Word count: 819

Y/N = your name

Summary: Bucky finds out one of his old gal friends is in town and was invited to hang out. But reader has a bad history with her since she too loved Bucky so she wants to come along, but Bucky doesn’t think that it is a good idea. This leads to an argument that doesn’t end with tears of happiness.

                                     Four years before
Bucky POV

You would go to the café every Tuesday and Thursday for a nice cup of your favorite coffee. Sitting in your chair waiting for your cup, you had seen someone walk in and sit at the table across from you.  And there she was, the most beautiful woman you had ever seen in all of your 100 years of living. You didn’t know what is was about her, but when you had first laid your eyes on her you knew you had to have her. You would come to the café more often after seeing her, hoping to one day start a conversation with the mystery woman. And now was your chance, there she was in a short pink skirt, with a white ruffle shirt. Hair in a ponytail, reading on what you read to be “Throne of Glass”. She looked so focused on what she was reading. You could stare at her beautiful features for days, years, maybe forever. She may have felt you staring at her, because she drew her eyes away from the book and looked right at you. You had no idea what to do so you gave her a sweet smile. She blushed and had quickly brought up her book past her face so you couldn’t see.

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Alright guys, it’s getting to be Halloween, and I’m going to make this post and probably reblog it a few times over October because this is super important.

Some of you might know that I work at a Haunted House – and, in fact, it made it into the top 5 of Buzzfeed’s 19 Haunted Attractions to see before you die. If you didn’t know, now you do. 

This is a list of what to do and what not to do in a haunted house.


Wear comfortable shoes

Jesus H Christ, guys, I can’t believe I have to say this. Do not wear flipflops. You can bet your left ass cheek if you go do a quality haunted house and you lose your fucking shoe, the actor is going to pick that damn thing up and either not give it back until the end of the haunt or taunt you with it until you cry. 

Come in a small group

Coming in a group of 50 people might sound fun, unless you’re after the first 5. Because the scare is over. The first 5 will constantly be scared and having a good time, while your stupid ass has just gotten a spoiler.

Obey the rules

Do I need to explain this one?

Say your friends’ names

Once again, if you’re at a haunt that knows its shit, then those actors have been trained to listen for names. So drop Sheryl’s name once or twice, and she will be followed for most of the haunt with cries of ’Sheryl, help me Sheryl, I’m gonna blast your eyes out Sheryl.’ It’s be best. Trust me.

DON'T (And this list is a lot longer.)

Try to scare the actors

Dude, why would you do this? Trust you me, we can see you long before your dumbass sees us.

Try to find the actors

You are literally ruining your own scares. This is like going into a movie and looking up shit on IMDB while you’re there.

Yell that the actors suck/are stupid/etc

You paid to be here. I am paid to be here. Who’s stupid now?

Touch anything

True story, my first year at my haunt, I was hiding, and these bunch of stupid fuck college boys came through and happened to find the fire extinguisher. So I heard giggles, ‘oh look dude, scare fire extinguisher’. Then I heard it go off, and mutters of 'oh shit man, I fucked up. Fuck.' 

We’ve had props broken because people can’t keep their fucking hands to themselves. 

Touch the actors

Yeah, this one’s separate. Never touch actors, for any reason. It’s disrespectful. Do not grope them, do not fucking hit them, I swear to Christ. We get that you’re scared, but if you know you’re going to swing when you’re frightened, don’t fucking come to a haunted attraction.

And, also, if you hit an actor not only can you be escorted right the fuck out – and forfeiting the money you paid – we can file charges. It is assault. You knew what you were getting into.

Be under the influence of anything

You are a danger to yourself, your group, and the actors. Do not do it.

My haunt had an actor get bitten in the face because some dumbass was on something.

don’t do it.

Try to talk to the actors if you know them

This person is working. They are trying to scare your group. They don’t have time to stop and chit chat when you go 'Oh hai Billy, I found you. Haha.’

If they stop to talk to you, they should be fired, fyi. They aren’t doing their job. 

Added: don’t get pissy when Billy won’t talk to your cranberry fuckles self.

Come at all if you have mental reasons why you shouldn’t

My roommate triggered a PTSD attack in an army vet last year. Yes, she felt awful about it, but our question has to be:

Why did you come to a nationally ranked haunted house?

You know if you shouldn’t come to a haunt. If it is dangerous for you (PTSD, seizures, panic disorders) don’t come. This isn’t really for the actor’s sake, this is yours. 

Take pictures of the actors/props

No you fricka dick nugget, I am not going to let you stop so you can fucking take a picture of me. There are groups behind you. 

And trust you me, if I could 'accidentally’ knock your phone out of your hands and 'accidentally’ break it in this situation, I will.

Stop moving

Once again, there are groups behind you. Please don’t stop moving. Walk at a reasonable pace.

Hide the light source you’re given

Our haunt gives out glow sticks. Because the haunt is pitch black and it allows you to see. Yes, it allows the actors to see you about 30 feet before you see them, but otherwise you are literally blind and are therefore a liability.

If you walk into a wall and crack your head open, because you can’t see where you’re going. I will laugh at you.

Use your phone as a light source

This goes along with the one above this. Like, why would you try to ruin the ambiance of this haunt you dropped money for?

Be a dick in general

If you wouldn’t do it at Disneyland, don’t do it at a haunt. Have some respect for the time, energy and people who are put into this to entertain you. 

This has been a PSA

so…. umm… hi! 

@motorcyclegirlfriends recently posted this and this which might have led to the rambling ficlet that is below. i hope it does their commentary justice. i was shooting for a good fic, but i’ll settle for mediocre as i’m still pretty new to the fic game. 


The knock on her office door startled Lena. She glanced at the clock on her computer. She had been staring off into space for a good thirty minutes now, just letting random thoughts bounce around the inside of her head. Getting lost in her work was one thing. In her thoughts? She hardly ever let herself do that.

Lena tried to right herself before welcoming her mystery guest, smoothing out her blouse and skirt.


Lena’s mouth went slightly agape. “Kara? I mean…” Lena cleared her throat and tried again. “Kara… it’s so good to see you. Come in, sit.” Lena half stood stiffly from her seat in greeting as she ushered Kara into the room.

Kara walked into the large, top floor office timidly, recalling images of the nervous reporter Lena met not all that long ago. How their relationship had changed and grown in such a seemingly short time.

“Hi. Yeah. It’s ummm… been a while? I’m sorry. I just…” Kara waved her had airily as if she could somehow reach out and grab the words she had been searching for.

“Just didn’t want to see the woman who built a device that at worst nearly killed your boyfriend and at best still manipulated the environment as such that he could never return to this planet again?” Lena deadpanned nervously. The gallows humor fell heavily over the room.

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love-elizabeth-the-3rd  asked:

Aaaay can I request how rfa saeran would react to switching bodies with Mc?

Of course, you can, you lovely person, you! Sorry this has taken so long. We’ve been super super super behind on requests, but we’re trying to get to all of them ASAP! I can already tell that this is going to be super fun for me to write. I hope it’s really fun for everyone to read as well~^^ It’s kinda long, so it’s gonna be under the cut haha

그럼 고고씽!

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Defiance, Part 8

[Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7]

Summary: Katara never thought she’d take shelter from the Water Tribe in the Fire Nation. Zuko never thought he’d build a life with someone he is only supposed to be seeing for fun. And neither one knows just how close their countries are to self-destruction.

[For Zutara month, Day 8, “Spice”] 

Katara prided herself on her swimming skills, but the eelhound certainly would give her a run for her money, even including waterbending. It’s a shame they’re cold-blooded, she thought as her ride zipped across the open water toward the heart of the Fire Nation. Dad would love to speed through the ocean like this!

She clung with her knees, the way she remembered doing as a girl when she was still small enough to ride the penguins. Everything from her waist down was below the water line, but the ocean was so warm here, it would have been enjoyable even if she weren’t inured to the cold. By and by, she sneaked a glance at the Blue Spirit, as he apparently preferred to be called. His attention was fixed on guiding the eelhound, though one hand still lay steady on her waist. They were definitely making good time, but there was no reason for her not to help out a bit.

Bringing her hands out to the sides, she made a scooping motion and plunged them into the water. Every few seconds, she repeated the gesture on either side of her.

A stifled laugh vibrated from the Blue Spirit’s chest. Katara couldn’t blame him; it must look like she was trying to dog paddle her way to the main island.

“Having fun?” he asked.

She splashed him affectionately. “Someone has to.”

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