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One of the most frustrating things is that nobody teaches you how to be disabled.

Everybody teaches you how to try to get better, how to blend in, how to be as normal as possible and “lead a fulfilling life.”

But nobody says the important shit.

There is no “Hey, fuck, you’re in a wheelchair and that just sucks balls, but you know what? You gotta fucking do it so here’s some things to make life easier.”

Or “Here’s your new cane! Congrats! Here’s how you use it. Stairs might fuck you up at first but let me show you how to make it easier.”

Or “Hey, you’re autistic, that’s cool. Let me know how I can help as your friend/family. I care.”

No one teaches you, actually TEACHES you about how to deal with daily life moving forward. Once you’re disabled, once people know or once you’re injured or sick or diagnosed or whatever, it’s all about pushing to get out of the chair, to stop using the cane, to blend in. There is no help to accept your disability and move on with life WORKING WITH IT. It’s always a push to work against it in every way possible and that makes it even more exhausting.

me being (very) brutally honest with the signs

Aries- You’re such a goddamn hothead all the goddamn time. Not everyone likes to be constantly doing something every second of every day. You get angry with people for the smallest and most trivial reasons but god forbid someone take a dig at you. You’re such a hypocrite and it’s annoying as fuck. You act like an edgy teenager that’s constantly throwing a tantrum. You also boss people around and expect everyone to just follow your lead and if they don’t, you get pissed at them for having a mind of their own. You seriously need to take a look at your life and stop seeing everything as a fucking challenge that’s rigged against you. My god, I get tired just being in your presence. 

Taurus- You’re a lazy fuck and way too materialistic and possessive. You literally have no desire to do anything because you love to sit on your ass. You take “treat yourself” to a whole new level and not in a healthy way whatsoever. It seems like every chance you get you cause arguments and then you contradict whatever the other person is saying just because you can’t look at anything from a different point of view. Even if you get to the point where you realize you’re in the wrong and the other person is right, you’ll just continue to argue for the sake of arguing and god forbid your ego take even the slightest blow. It’s irritating as shit like you really think you know best when in reality you’re just a stubborn bitch. What a bore.

Gemini- Look, I know you guys get a lot of flak. But take this into consideration…… it’s because most if not all of it is FUCKING TRUE. You have so many different personalities I don’t know which one is even real. You gossip 24/7 and flip-flop between who you talk to and who you talk about. You’re completely unreliable and unpredictable and also clingy as fuck. Seriously, I feel like I can’t get away from you. I just want to go to the bathroom, I don’t need to hear the story right now about how Sarah said that Dylan said that Kimberly found a sock in the dryer that wasn’t hers. Literally no one cares. Another thing that you do is once you get tired of someone, you just throw them away like garbage. (Also Trump is a gemini, and I know you guys can’t control that but like come on. Of course he’s a gemini.)

Cancer- You really need to stop being so whiny or I’m actually going to lose it. Everyone has problems so stop acting like such a victim all the goddamn time. You’re so moody all the time and you act like a small child that needs to have their diaper changed. You also cling onto people as soon as you meet them and cry if someone doesn’t answer your text within 5 fucking minutes. Don’t you have your own life to live? Oh wait, I forgot you spend every second in a dark room and refuse to come outside unless it’s to answer the door because you ordered shitty takeout. You consider changing your clothes adventurous and honestly it’s so boring. Introverted doesn’t even describe you, you’re more like a complete hermit (CRAB. HA!)

Leo- Hey leo, wow, are you actually reading this? I’m kind of shocked because I never thought you’d ever stop looking at yourself in the mirror. Seriously, you’re probably the most vain sign out of all of us. So much so that if someone criticizes you in even the smallest way, you get so offended and act like you’ve been shot in the chest. You think so highly of yourself, and while it’s great to have confidence, you take it to the next level, which is extreme arrogance. You love to have the conversation focused around you. You’re the type of friend that if someone is telling you about their problem or just their day in general, you’ll interrupt them and start talking about yourself and it’s DAMN ANNOYING. How do you still have friends?

Virgo- I’m gonna tell you right now, you’re not as perfect as you think you are. You’re so quick to critique other people that you write them off as not good enough before even getting to know them. You’re the type of person that would tell their friend that they were breathing too loudly. For fucks sake, you’re such an over analyzing pedant it makes me want to slap you in the face with my fucking asymmetrical hand. Your pessimism is damn near blinding, I probably wouldn’t want to hang around you for more than 10 minutes or you’d make me feel self conscious about how I fucking walk or some shit. You can’t take or make a joke. You’re skeptical about everything and you’re completely inflexible. You like to think of yourself as an intellectual but really you’re stuck up, narrow minded and someone I constantly find myself rolling my eyes at.

Libra- You are manipulative as shit. You’ll tell someone they look good without even looking up from your phone. You lie all the time and don’t really give a fuck if you hurt other people’s feelings because you really only look out for yourself. You’re also a huge fucking coward. When your friends need you to have their back and actually be there for them, you run and hide and say, “Oh sorry I just didn’t want to get involved!”. What a lame fucking excuse for ditching your friend in their time of need. You’re also extremely indecisive to the point where it’ll take you 3 hours just to choose where you want to go eat. It’s tiring as fuck. Just MAKE A CHOICE FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE. Have your own fucking opinion. You’re like a goddamn sheep.

Scorpio- Why the FUCK are you so aggressive for no fucking reason? You manipulate people just for the fun of it. You get jealous so easily and usually you don’t even have a reason to be jealous. You just are. It’s pathetic. You like to think that you’re so cool and mysterious but in reality people just see you as a moody and brooding asshole that no one really wants to bother getting to know. I mean, why would they? What’s the point? Every time someone even tries to get close to you, you completely brush them off and act like you don’t care about them because keeping your “mystifying” aura is soo important to you. And if you do let someone in, you treat them like they’re your possession and it’s creepy as hell. You obsess over them and you want to control them. God forbid they hang out with someone that isn’t you and then you resent them for no goddamn reason other than having a life of their own. Do me a favor scorpio and don’t talk to me.

Sagittarius- Honestly if a sag is reading this, you’re just straight up getting a taste of your own medicine. You’re tactless as shit and it makes me not want to be around you, ever. You’re inconsiderate of others and impatient with everyone. If someone isn’t moving up to your standards you will become agitated and aggressive and then you take it out on the person. You constantly need to be doing something else because your attention span lasts about 2 fucking seconds. You act like an 8 year old. You’re also really superficial. You don’t bother getting to know the deeper layers of a person because, like I said, you’re impatient and also just plain lazy. You take people for granted and are careless when handling the feelings of people closest to you. You’re also a really self-obsessed know-it-all. Go climb a fucking tree, sag.

Capricorn- Four words. Lighten. The fuck. Up. You are by far the most power-hungry of all the signs. You take everything so completely seriously that I don’t even know if you understand what “fun” even is. You always have to have two feet on the ground at all times and you can never ever be spontaneous and it’s so fucking dull. You’re conservative and disdainful nature can be so overbearing at times that even your friends need to get away from you. That is, if you have friends. You’re a complete pessimist so who knows if anyone can actually tolerate that. You constantly have to be the most successful person in a room, and you make sure you reach this level of success through abusive and controlling behavior towards the people around you. Your selfishness grosses me out.

Aquarius- I asked you what time it was. I didn’t ask you if I was afraid of time passing or the fact that it’s a manmade construct. For fucks sake, just shut the fuck up about this deep shit for once. I don’t want to contemplate how large the universe really is at fuckin 8:30 am on a Monday. You’re rebellious even when it doesn’t matter and honestly all it does is piss people off. You’re constantly trying to deviate from the norm that you make the same fucking mistakes that other people already made, but you don’t fucking learn from other people’s mistakes because you always have to go your own way. Maybe listen to other people for once? You’re the most detached sign out of all of them and you hurt people by acting aloof all the fucking time but you don’t care because you chalk it up to “this is who I am!!! I need my freedom!!!!”. You need to actually think about how your actions affect people you care about because if you don’t, you’re REALLY gonna end up alone and you won’t be able to do a damn thing about it. 

Pisces- You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself all the time and get it through your head that you’re not always the damn victim. You don’t take responsibility for your actions and you always find a way to blame it on someone else because you’re NEVER in the wrong, are you? Poor little pisces. You’re not as innocent as you want everyone to believe. You’re constantly daydreaming and it becomes really annoying when I’m trying to talk to you and you just completely zone out because you love living in your little imaginary world. You’re the WORST at solving your own problems and conflicts because instead of dealing with them you just avoid it all together and end up leaving the mess for someone else to clean up. You’re really nosy- you love to get in other people’s business. But you don’t go to the person directly, you have to be sneaky about it and gather rumors from other people. You’re also very over-sensitive. Out of all the signs, you’re by far the most likely to respond to this post saying how this isn’t true and that I’m just a “big fat meany!!!” and then add a bunch of angry/crying emojis.

(disclaimer: Don’t worry, I don’t really hate your sign (unless you’re a  * * * * * * … lmao). This was just for fun and I know it’s harsh. Don’t take it too personally. You’re an individual and ultimately you determine who you really are. Except for you, * * * * * * . Fuck you.) 

Games and Piercings (Voltron Langst One-Shot)

Based on the prompt by @ohwhataprettypinkhat ! Please do enjoy!

           Lance had a game as a child, being the middle child. He really didn’t get too much attention from anyone except for the stray little one or two. Or when something drastic happened to him, like a broken limb or something. Which is why he created the game. Whenever he would talk, and he would notice someone not listening. He’d say something crazy. He’d remembered one time specifically. He was maybe eight at the time. With a gap-toothed grin and a mint green band-aid on his cheek as he babbled to his mother. Wild hand gestures and crazy exaggerations as she chopped vegetables at the stove. He remembered her nodding along, humming ‘yes’s and ‘okay dear’s every so often as he paused.

           “Hey Mama, I’m going to go off to war and break my arm, okay? A hum.

           “Okay mijo, go have fun.” Lance frowned before he stumbled off. Later that day he did actually break his arm. His friend’s mom had to call the ambulance and Lance’s mother hadn’t even know he was at the hospital when his friend’s mother drove him home and talked to Lance’s mother herself. Lance had smiled as he was smothered with attention and love from Garcia’s mother. But, it wasn’t his mother’s attention. It wasn’t the attention he wanted.

           They’d never notice.

           Even when he went off to Garrison, the game continued. Telling instructors he was going to go clubbing. Or that he was off to become a rebel fighter. Giving loud, exuberant stories about sailing the seas. Hell. He told his best friend Hunk he was going to go throw himself off the Garrison room. All he got was a absent minded smile and a ‘okay, see you at curfew.’ Lance wasn’t even sure Hunk had heard the leaving part.

           Then he was a paladin. One of five defender of the universe, fighting an intergalactic war. He was the first one chosen in over ten thousand years. And still, when he’d make jokes, or give his serious opinions. No one heard him. After so many years of the same game, he’d finally gotten bored. So, Lance did the only logical thing.

           Change up the rules.

           Allura was one of the few who noticed him, so she helped him out with his little game. Smiled when he told her the rules. How he’d say crazy things to see if someone was listening. Except for now, just like that one time when he was eight. He’d actually do them. And see how long it took for them to notice the changes.

           First was with Pidge, he’d sat in a room with her for three hours. Talking loudly and in great detail about the new blue highlights he was going to get in his hair when they stopped off in the next planet. How they’d be blue and teal and he was going to look like a god damn gorgeous fucking mermaid. Pidge only ignored him, only noticing and greeting him with a ‘huh?’ after three hours of Lance talking. The reason she noticed him was because Allura had entered the room and called his name.

           He’d gotten his hair dyed on that planet, just as he said he would. And no one noticed.

           The next one was his first ear piercings, he had been sparring with Keith, spouting nonsense as they fought in hand to hand combat. Lance was losing pretty much the entire time. But Lance knew that wasn’t anything new. Keith barely could tell the difference from fighting a training bot from fighting Lance. He got his piercing the very next day. Allura had done them herself. After one of their self-care and venting sessions.

           And it just spiraled from there. Hunk was cooking one day as Lance was drawing and talking about a tattoo of the ocean themed Lion he was going to get to cover most of his upper left arm. Shiro was his verbal bouncy wall for both his right eyebrow piercings. Pidge, that was his tongue piercing. Keith caused his lip piercings, both of them. Hunk had driven him for the belly button piercing. Shiro had gotten him the star tattoos on the corner of his right eye. It was fun yeah, Lance loved the little changes in himself. Each one gave him confidence in his appearance, but they also hurt him.

           It was like a reminder. Each thing he got was a time he was ignored. Rejected and alone. There were like constant reminders of his failings to get the attention he craved. Even Allura was getting agitated. Assuring him that she always noticed when he added the more noticeable things, and being surprised and often delighted and intrigued to see the more obscure and hidden changes. Lance always smiled when she fiddled with his new piercings, buying him new shiny ones that she matched with her own ear piercings, when she admired the progress he made in training, or when she traced his new tattoos with delicate nails. In return he always helped to braid her hair, painted her nails. Hell, he’d learned how to speak Altean for her. She was like the doting big sister he’d always wanted. He’d always craved to have.

           Most of the time, it was able to shove away all of the bad thoughts. Enough to stave off the personal demons inside of him. Clawing at him and constantly nagging at him. Reminding him that he was just a speck in the universe. That he could die one day, and there would be not a single person to mourn his death or go to his funeral.

           Those thoughts hurt. Until eventually, they didn’t. Soon the buzzing thoughts became normal in the back of his mind. Fading to silence as his excitement and live retreated in the castle. Being reserved for celebrations on saved planets, or for the Alteans that paid him attention and treated him like the family he saw them as. The paladins only seeing the bored, indifferent side that Lance adopted to deal with the people who no longer seemed to even care what he did.

           At least, he thought they didn’t, but by the time they did notice he didn’t care whether they did or not.

           It was a planet with a higher rate of gravity and magnetic activity. Gahtic’al or something? It wasn’t in a tongue that Allura talked about very often, but Lance was sure he’d get it by the time he meant the natives. The only thing he recognized as noteworthy was as Pidge announced they’d have to get rid of any metal they carried on them. Lance’s eyebrow raised up. His tongue running over and rubbing against the metal in his mouth. He almost felt anxious. It’d been a while since his skin had been bare of piercings. But, Lance knew he’d have to take them out as he watched even Keith give up his knifes. Lance sighed as he stepped up.

           His hands were already reaching to his ears to take off his piercings in his ears when he felt eyes on him. Shiro was gapping at him as he pulled more and more metal off of his face. Then incredulous as Lance even pulled up his shirt to get off his belly button piercing. Shiro studied Lance up and down. There was three holes in each of Lance’s ears, one industrial bar, and two piercing holes in his right eyebrow. Snake bites, a belly button piercing. Were those tattoos on his skin too?! Shiro gaped. He. When? Lance. Who cared more about his skin and hair than he cared about his health, had piercings and tattoos? And dye in his hair?! Shiro looked around, seeing more dazed and staring paladins. Guessing he wasn’t the only one who hadn’t noticed. Maybe it had happened recently? Shiro looked back to Lance, who looked calm and relaxed. Shiro was in awe.

           The boy looked so different. His body was stronger than Shiro remembered it to be, it was still lean. But with obvious strength, power, and muscle tone that didn’t compromise the litheness of his figure. His hair was brown with shimmering hues of blue and teal that framed his tan and tattooed skin perfectly. His face was set in a neutral expression. Not unfriendly, more of a calm blankness that looked like it could change into the most heart warming smile, or the scariest glare in the world. With a sharp jawline and the soft glowing blue lights of the ship, Lance looked striking, almost ethereal. With sharp royal blue eyes that were trained on a smiling Allura. What the princess did next surprised Shiro.

           “Lance, your tongue piercing too?” Lance seemed to gauge her words for a moment before he got them. Immediately sticking out that long tongue, revealing a thick black metal piercing straight through Lance’s tongue. Causing Shiro to catch a noticeable shudder run through Keith. Almost making him smirk. Keith always had a thing for the blue paladin. And a thing for piercings. Keith had to be in heaven. But, how long had Lance had these piercings? Was Shiro so caught up in training and leading that he hadn’t notice so many drastic changes in one of his paladins? Lance grinned at Allura.

           “Thanks princess.” Pidge was the first one to talk, pointing accusingly at Lance.

           “What?! When did this happen?!” Lance quirked an eyebrow at Pidge, the expression on his face was friendly, but didn’t hold that same joking light it once did. Now it just seemed like a cool neutrality, as if he’d just noticed Pidge’s shock.

           “What? The tongue piercing? I got that…” Lance frowned and looked to Allura, [When did I get the tongue piercing again?] Shiro gaped as fluid Altean language left Lance’s lips, as if he’d spoken the language his whole life. The other paladins’ reactions were much the same as Allura answered back.

           [I’d say, eight months ago? Your newest thing was the industrial bar, which was about six months ago, and the tongue piercing was about two months before that. Didn’t you get it at that at the market place on Shero’sic?] Lance nodded.

           “Yup. I remember now. It was eight months ago. Remember? Because I got it shortly after my face tattoos.” Allura nodded.

           “Mmm, I still like your arm tattoo. But the stars are quite quaint.” Lance’s fingers brushed the two small stars just at the outer corner of his right eye. Bringing Shiro’s attention to the little stars that almost looked like beauty marks next to Lance’s almost glowingly blue eyes. Lance placed the peicings into a small bag for safe keeping and handed them to Allura to put with their other metal objects while they landed on the planet. Lance looked back at them expectantly.

           “Well? Don’t we have a job to do?” And Lance walked away from them with Allura, leaving four shocked and confused paladins in his wake. Just what happened to their blue paladin? When had his body changed so much. So drastically in front of them without notice? When had he matured into such a strong young man? Calm and patient. The gleam and innocence of a child no longer in his eyes.

           What had they done to him?

You wanted Part 2? You get Part 2


Apple Cider Love Bringing Spell

A very easy potion for welcoming love into your life. This love can be self love, family love, romantic, etc. 

You Will Need:

  • Apples or Apple Cores (fresh)
  • Water (Moon Water is recommended; I used half tap half moon)
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • Large pot with lid
  • Strainer of some kind
  • Jar with a lid


  1. Take your apples and peel off the skin or if you are using cores left over from apples you used for something else just make sure they are fresh. If you are using full apples cut them in half or fourths.
  2. Place apples/cores into your pot of water. Turn your stove to medium-low and cover pot. Let it simmer for 20 minutes.
  3. Lift lid carefully to avoid being burned by steam and add your sugar and cinnamon. Depending on the amount you are making the amounts will vary but I made about 2 jars full myself and added 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 of cinnamon.
  4. Cover again and leave to boil.
  5. Occasionally check on your brew and stir it clockwise. If you are comfortable you may speak to it each time you stir of what sort of love you wish it to bring into your home. After stirring always recover.
  6. Once apples and cores are soft turn off burner and leave it to sit for 10 minutes to cool a bit.
  7. Carefully, using your strainer, pour it into the containers you wish to store it in. If you are not going to drink it all at once be sure to store it in the fridge. you may add sugar or honey to taste if you wish it to be sweeter.
  8. Sit and enjoy your cup of hot cider and focus on how it warms your core and like a light attracting a moth, it will begin to attract love into your life.

Series: Hoseok | Jin | Jimin | Namjoon | Jungkook | Taehyung

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff; Soulmate!AU where you can hear music only if you have a soulmate.

Word Count: Roughly 3K

Note: Happy Birthday to our very own Min Yoongi! This is basically my way of trying to celebrate it, and it was supposed to only be a drabble but… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

The silence only lasts for a moment. It’s brief, and it’s fleeting, just like your love seems to be.

Jinyoung’s looking at you, you can tell; you don’t need to look at him to know it, since you can feel his heavy gaze resting just between your shoulders, under your neck. The air is cold, just like your heart, and when you finally turn around, to meet his eyes, the gale stops too, as though it knows. Your head is empty, no soft music murmuring into it, and when you look at him, you can tell from the hollowness of his eyes that his is too.

“I guess…” You speak first, softly, fists clenching, “I guess this is where it ends?”

“It doesn’t have to.” He answers, just as quiet, though his stance speaks volumes, “We can still try.”

“It doesn’t work that way.” You cross your arms, head still ringing from the silence, and it’s tough trying to stop your eyes from stinging, “You…You know that as well as I do.”

“Soulmates aren’t everything, Y/N.” Jinyoung asserts, looking at you with his eyes crinkled, not in joy, but in solemnity, “Just because you don’t hear anything doesn’t mean you can’t feel it.”

“You found your soulmate though,” Your words are flat, dead, “I have no place in your life anymore Jinyoung, and I think…I think we both need to accept this.”

You hold up your wrist, showing him the faded mark.

“My soulmate’s dead. There’s no way to turn that around, and I’m okay. But you’re not,” You gesture helplessly at his wrist, where an intricate pattern of flowers blooms beautifully, rich with its pink hues, “You still have someone out there waiting for you, crossing their fingers to find their soulmate, so you can’t leave them all by themselves.”

The tears finally spill out as you take his hands—his warm hands—in yours, smiling up at him through blurry vision.

“Y/N—” He breathes out, his own eyes glistening, and you shush him, reaching up to card a hand through his hair.

“Always remember,” You say gently, voice shaking, before you lean up to press your trembling lips against his, letting the tears slip freely, “That I love you.”

He looks at you once, before his arms come to wrap around you, and you let him.

This is a goodbye, after all.

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Ashley's Alphabetical Prompts

“At least you weren’t stabbed, because hello, I am bleeding.”

“Before you say that, let me pretend to be listening to music.”

“Can I make you stay?”

“Don’t touch that! You never listen!”

“Even I can see that, and I’m blind.”

“For once in your life, can you just not mess this up?”

“Great, fantastic, I’m so amazingly happy.”

“How about we scratch your plan and do this instead?”

“Imagine this, a world where fries fell from the sky. Cool, right?”

“Just kidding, I really don’t care.”

“Kill me, go ahead, don’t be upset if some very bitter people come after you, though.”

“Like, what if I did love you?”

“Man, I’m getting tired of this saving the world bullshit.”

“Nope. That’s a nope from me, goodbye.”

“Oh well, don’t mind me, I’m just enjoying the show.”

“Please, spare me the tears. I know where this is going, I’ll help you.”

“Queens don’t cry, remember?”

“Right then, that’s when I realized I was screwed.”

“So…who’s up for food?”

“Thank you, for you know, stopping him.”

“Ursula! From that Disney movie, The Little Mermaid? That’s who you look like.”

“Very glad you felt the need to share that quite personal information with me.”

“Where in the hell is my sister?”

“Xylophones are my comfort instrument.”

“You are the light of my life.”

“Zebras are such a cool animal, am I right? The stripes are on point.”

Why is no one talking about this?

(Note: this is a long-winded rant(?) about a genuinely minuscule thing that really is just an excuse to nerd out, so if you’re into that, too, keep reading! Otherwise, you might not be that impressed. )

Yup, still on the My Hero Academia bender. Followers may have picked up my obsession over this purple-haired character named Shinsou in particular, but let me tell you that this character has less than some 20 pages in the manga and less than 20 minutes of screen time in the anime and is already more nuanced, complex, and emotionally compelling in that time than most of the characters in the protagonist’s immediate circle.

There are character analyses out there that do a great job of explaining all those points (this is one of the best I’ve seen and you should probably read that first and come back:, but I want to point out a tiny detail that I feel like almost no one has explicitly brought up that says something so enormous about his character arc that, though redundant at this point, is such a small but lovingly crafted detail that it really encapsulates one of my favorite things about this series - subtle emotional storytelling.

Now, there’s mild spoilers for all this, but you REALLY should go watch/read this series at some point anyway. However, I wanted to point something out that’s unique to the anime adaptation. Though some details often get left out in the adaptation process or are edited to fit film storyboarding rather than comics, film has a distinct advantage over manga in two areas - color and space.

Now, the entire point of Shinsou and Midoriya’s duel in the Tournament Arc was to draw multiple direct parallels to each character and highlight the major and really only significant difference between them - luck. In the end, both must fight an uphill battle above and beyond what would be expected of them to achieve their dream; but unlike Midoriya, Shinsou loses and his dreams are dashed. He’s no longer just disillusioned with the popularity games of hero society - he becomes discouraged and disheartened completely from having every last effort and every last plan easily pushed aside from someone more fortunate than him despite his efforts to appear confident and intimidating and to put his rivals off-balance.

Originally posted by fadingsoulss

Midoriya knows exactly the kind of struggle Shinsou has been through, and half the battle was to keep himself from trying to comfort Shinsou, not just because of All Might’s secret, but because they were rivals fighting for their own individual dreams, and attempting to help him would have resulted in Midoriya losing the match and the tournament. He also knew that after the fact there was nothing he could have said to Shinsou that would have given him comfort. Despite every amazing effort, he would once again be put down - the loser who just has to deal with the cruel reality of life.

Okay, nerd analysis time!

MHA is amazing at being emotionally compelling. They hit just the right line of performance, framing, and music to make you feel exactly what it wants you to. The example in particular I want to bring up is this scene (that legit put my husband -who is very much a “manly man”- in tears when he watched it).

Originally posted by cloud-and-tifa

At this point, Midoriya is told by the person he looks up to and admires more than literally anyone else in the world that regardless of his past inability to even come close to reaching his goals he still had the power to become a hero because of something beside and far beyond just having a powerful quirk.

And Midoriya is broken and in tears.

The cherry blossoms are a detail unique to the anime regarding this scene (Chapter 1) and really serve to add to the drama of it - particularly because of the saturation of color and the cultural significance of the Japanese sakura: the beauty and fleeting nature of youth, the coming of spring, and renewal. The Japanese consider the falling of the cherry blossoms to be a reminder that “it’s time to pay attention to what’s happening right now!”

Midoriya has finally experienced his own blossoming as a hero. Based on the scene in this episode and the direction the petals are falling insinuate that this feeling is all around him. His hero is standing over him and telling him that he can become just as great as he is. Everything at that moment has come together to recognize his dream.

Fast forward to Shinsou’s flashback at the tournament:

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Absolutely the cherry blossoms are there, and it’s even clear in the manga that there are cherry blossoms outside the class window. However, what happens in this scene is that Shinsou recollects a point in his life that he considers to be the epitome of his struggle.

“Whoa, Shinsou! That’s a really cool quirk! Just don’t use it on us and make us your slaves, okay?”

“Heh, everybody says that…” 

And the scene goes grey. This should have been his chance to break out and come closer to his dream, but that wasn’t the case. No color, no focus- just a blurred, painful memory to encapsulate the seemingly inescapable feeling of defeat as he lays on the ground, out of bounds, so close but yet so far once again…

And then-


“You’re amazing, Shinsou!”

“You’re the shining star of General Studies!”

“His quirk is so powerful and can be so useful in capturing villains!”

“What a waste that he’s stuck in General Studies!”

“I wish I had a quirk like that!”

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No “what a scary quirk” or “I hope he doesn’t use it for his own purposes”! Just:

“Look at what an amazing hero he could be!”

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Did you see it?

There isn’t a cherry tree for miles around this arena. Everything for so long has been against him from the start. The fire inside him has all but been snuffed out yet again. This should be like every other disappointment he’s had to endure, and yet somehow it isn’t - against every odd.

He may have lost. He may have fallen short, but his real goal has been realized. He’s been seen. It’s time to pay attention to what’s happening right now.  Shinsou has blossomed.

It’s not as flashy or spectacular as Midoriya’s, but it’s just as significant. In fact, it’s exactly the same, regardless of how big it shows on the outside - Midoriya and Shinsou are the same, and they’ve both made it.

Again, this detail of the single petal falling isn’t in the manga (Chapter 34), but it was even more emotionally impactful to me than Midoriya’s awakening because I immediately saw the parallel. I feel that many did, too; but the choice to have the one fall into frame hit me where it counted. It almost wasn’t there, but it was!

I’m done rambling at this point, but really if you haven’t at least checked out this series yet, I highly encourage you to - even if you don’t like normally like anime! Most of the elements that tend to put me off of a lot of popular series are minimal or non-existent, and though it still uses major tropes in the shonen genre it has a tendency to go above and beyond philosophically, intellectually, and emotionally than it has to. It’s not a good anime. It’s a well-written and impactful story!

World Building: Where to Start

For sci-fi or fantasy writers, creating your world could be the hardest part. Building something from nothing is incredibly difficult and, while you don’t want to be conceited, you are being a God. You are reaching into this nothingness and pulling a whole planet, whole civilization, towns and people and cities and governments out of nothing. 

You have to always keep in mind that your world, once created, exists without you. Your world existed before you dropped your characters into it, and your world will exist long after your characters die (unless they somehow end the world).


I have always thought the best place to start would be geography. If you open up a history textbook, for any country, geography is often the first thing that you see. How large is this world? Is it a full planet or just a landmass that you are discussing? Where in space is it? Do you know? It is in this universe? What does the sky look like? Are their islands? Mountains? Rivers? Oceans? Lakes? You need to know the layout of the land.

Start off with a piece of paper, and explore where your want your characters to go. If you look at Harry Potter, there is an entire world built inside of our world, living amongst us. If you look at Lord of the Rings, there is an entire different world out there that we haven’t reached and doesn’t know about us. Pokemon has it’s own region, with little towns and usually some islands. Firefly has earth-like planets in a different universe, but they know of Earth (Earth-that-was). Is your world build on ours? Build away from ours? Built after ours? Can they interact? Have they ever interacted?

Let There Be Life

Once you have a basic layout for landmass, think about the first interaction with our world. So, for example, I created a world called Fallamore, which exists underneath Earth and was built by magical folk during the witch hunts in order to escape prosecution. This is the kind of information that will probably never make the story, but it is cool to know for yourself. How long has history existed for this world? Where do they believe life started? God? Science? Aliens? 

Knowing Every Rock and Tree and Creature

You obviously don’t need to know every tree and rock that exists in the world - but you do need to know what species are around. Are trees like they are on Earth? Brown bark and green leaves? Do they change colors in the fall? Are there even seasons? While you don’t need to make note of every type of flower or tree, it’s good to have an idea of what things might look like. 

Another good idea would be knowing what kind of species exist in your world. Humans? Witches? Vampires? Goblins? Elves? Fairies? Aliens? Something you invented? Do they all live together, or do they have their own communities? Do they get along, or are they racist of each other? 

Vague and Yet Menacing World Government 

You have a lot of options for governments in your world, and are also free to make your own.

You can do a traditional monarchy: king, queen, princess, prince, etc. Is your monarchy going to be a patriarchy, a matriarchy, or equestrianism? (Will the eldest son take over? Eldest daughter? Oldest child? Most prepared / smartest child? The parent chooses? It’s a vote?) 

You can have a President, or Minister. You can have a dictator. You can have a council. You can have a religious leader double as a political leader. All political decisions can be asked to a magic conch shell. 

Also, you can mix and match these. For my upcoming NaNoWriMo novel, I have a world with many different regions. The entire world has one royal family in charge of everything ( a patriarchal monarchy ) that defends the realm and all things in it. However, the monarchy allows the different regions to govern themselves as long as they follow the monarchy’s policies. Several regions have established their own monarchy that bows a knee to the main one. A goblin region has a council that reports to the monarchy. An elf region has a matriarchy. A final region is led by a very wise educator, who has been appointed as leader for his knowledge. 

You also need to decide how important government is - but it is necessary. If you are telling the story of a very young girl who finds a unicorn in a meadow, knowing that she lives under the rule of a beautiful princess in a far away castle is not relevant and doesn’t need to be shared. However, in The Hunger Games the government plays a huge role in the plot of the story. 

Now, there is a lot of other things to think about when creating a world, but this is just a place to start. World Building is a lot of work and takes a lot of time and effort and dedication. 

Best of luck, and happy writing! 

I won’t curse without proper cause.

I won’t curse my ex partners just because we broke up.

But that ex who lied to me for years about who she was and when I called her out for cat-fishing me she called me homophobic? Your ass is cursed.

I won’t curse mean teachers who are mean on the surface but are cool people once you get to know them.

But that teacher who abused her students physically, sexually, mentally, verbally, and emotionally? Yeah get wrecked bitch.

I won’t curse that annoying girl who used to bully me behind my back because frankly her life is shit enough without me adding to it.

But those bullies who beat me down, physically assaulting me because of my hairstyle? Enjoy your illnesses, babes.

I won’t curse people I mildly dislike. I won’t curse people who simply annoy me. I won’t curse people “just because”. I need a reason. A proper cause. Differing opinions, stupidity and ignorance, and annoyance do not count as proper cause. Starting riots that destroy cities? Being bigoted and laughing away those that call you out? Harassing me/my family to no end? Those are proper causes. Those can warrant a curse.

may i present, international kpop sensation sunshine rainbow traditional transfer USB hub BTS featuring:

- smooth af hobi, fixing his glasses while running like it’s no big deal

- kool kookie, who manages to make holding his hat look like a model pose because he’s just that cool 

- cinnamon bun chimchim, running around happily while proving once again that he just can’t wear a jacket properly

- the eldest jinnie, trying to catch up because these damn kids show no respect and certainly didn’t wait for him

- grandpa yoongi, showing off his grandpa running with an on point technique 

- the group’s dad namjoon, always keeping an eye on his precious members

- flower kid taehyung, enjoying life to the fullest while looking like he just got off the “hair” musical set

as you can see, just a bunch of fluffballs running their way to your heart (✿◠‿◠)

stop romanticising mental illness. start romanticising recovery instead. romanticise the first day you get up on time and get your work done. romanticise the realisation that you have woken up after months, years of being tired. romanticise the moment when you go to a concert and it actually excites you. romanticise things exciting you again. romanticise gathering back focus and doing things you once overthought about before abandoning them. romanticise discovering your own personality below the fog. romanticise recovery. end this toxic “you have to have a mental illness to be interesting and/or cool” culture. romanticise the strife to get better and returning to life. recovery is so much more beautiful than any sad poem could ever be. 

Some things they don't tell you about transitioning

• you’ll probably have bad acne. And also get facial hair. these two things together hurt like hell. Shaving is a bitch.
• the farther along you are in your transition, the less safe women will feel around you. Don’t be offended by this. If you’re walking at night, give women that you run across plenty of space. I’m sure you’ve walked by a man at night and clutched your keys a little tighter. Don’t give her a reason to feel scared.
• Carry extra deodorant in your bag. You’ll feel smelly all the time, and even if others don’t notice the smell, it’ll make you feel less anxious knowing you can put some on whenever.
• Your crotch will get more hairy. Like, a lot. If you shave, you’ll have a hard time getting it all. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.
• Your pee and your crotch in general may change smell and become a lot more pungent. As weird as it is, it’s normal. If it’s painful, see a doctor.
• Your face shape will change. At first, you may feel really ugly. It’s just because you aren’t used to how you look. As it becomes more familiar, you’ll see just how handsome you really are :)
• Some symptoms of T are also symptoms of pregnancy. Use protection during sex and buy a pregnancy test if you’re worried. T isn’t a foolproof pregnancy prevention.
• Some days, shots are harder to do than others. It’s okay. Take your time, and take deep breaths.
• Get used to voice cracks! They’ll happen often, and may be embarrassing, but eventually you won’t even remember that stage of your life. Singing is impossible during the voice crack stage.
• If you haven’t changed your name legally, picking up your prescription may be hard for you. Just imagine you’re picking up someone else’s order. Hundreds of people pick up medication there daily- they won’t remember your name.
• A time will come when strangers begin referring to you as he. It may throw you off. Try to play it cool, and celebrate once they leave
• There will be days where you feel like shit. Try to take a picture of yourself or record your voice pre-T. Seeing how far you’ve come can be a nice pick me up on those rough days.

It’s going to be tough, but you’ve made it this far. I’m so proud of you and what you’ll achieve. You’ve got this :)

What I’m Looking Forward To Seeing In Season 2

With the long awaited annoucement, I can finally make this shitstorm of a post (and my life has purpose once again). Massive manga spoilers incoming!


The King Arc!! And the King Engine!!

Saitama being his usual self

This scene :’)



The queen and her high school popularity antics 

Kirk Summation speech.jpg

“I’m tired of your shit Jack O’ Lantern”

This face 

Samurai Squad!

Bang’s cool oni-san

Tippy toe Garou 

The start of a beautiful friendship

Garou being a sweetheart 

Garou being a little shit 

That A1 fanservice™

“I fucked up”

“Can we go out on a date sensei”

More Metal Bae kicking ass

This godly fight 

World’s Toughest Imouto™

Sait-I mean Charanko in Super Fight 


Thicc mom vs. BDSM mom 

This poor asshole getting the slap of the century 

Genos not losing his arms fOR ONE GODDAMN EPISODE

Perfect Cell-Cockroach edition 

“Don’t touch my fucking wig”

This fucking face 

Fubuki Psycho 100 

Yandere oneechan strikes again 

“The Stronk”

And finally

The arc where we get to see our beloved S-Class assholes get their asses handed to them (or the beginning of it at least), and much more.

Murata has been fired up lately with the updates, lets wish him the best and let the hype train carry us to season 2!


Things I don’t want to see in season 2:


  • Fire - sit down and relax. Let pure universal energy enter through the top of your head and let it connect with your own life force. Once it’s connected and working together imagine a small flame spreading from the inside of you. It can start anywhere you’d like, the center of your stomach, your head, your palms, your legs, anywhere that feels comfortable. This is not a fire that destroys and burns, this is a pleasant fire that makes you feel loved and warm. Once you’ve set yourself on fire, once you’ve felt the flame all around and inside your body, slowly let it spread on the inside of your house. This can be done with a slow small flame, or a violent huge one. Just let everything burn, imagine the fires cleansing properties burning away all the nastiness inside your house. Imagine ashes flying everywhere, and all the negativity burning away into nothingness once it’s been touched by the flames.
  • Water - sit down and relax. Let pure universal energy enter through the top of your head and let it connect with your own life force. Once it’s connected and working together imagine yourself as a fluid body. See and feel the cool refreshing touch of water on your body. Feel the fluidity inside yourself. Then imagine huge water, huge waves, flooding your house, pushing everything it comes in contact with. Let it mess up your house. See this water, running from one door to another, flooding everything, and destroying everything just like a tsunami would. Imagine this pure, clean and clear water gathering all the negativity in itself, taking it away with her. When you’re done, imagine one window or more, or a door open in your house and let the water go away.
  • Earth -  sit down and relax. Let pure universal energy enter through the top of your head and let it connect with your own life force. Once it’s connected and working together imagine huge roots bursting through your floor, intertwining all around your body. Once they’ve intertwined imagine them giving birth to flowers while all around you. Imagine these intertwined roots going all around the walls, the windows, your mirrors, your table, your bed. Imagine beautiful moist soil pouring out of the holes left by the roots. Imagine this soil filling up your house, gathering in itself all that is no longer needed and negative. Imagine transforming that negativity into something beautiful. Imagine the poisonous bad energies transforming into love and light inside the earth. Once they’ve transformed imagine this earth giving birth to more beautiful light green roots, leaves, and the most beautiful flowers you’ve ever seen. Let your whole house fill up with these beautiful flowers and roots, replenishing everything in your house. Feel the flowery scent all around you. When you’re done imagine all these roots and earth slowly going back into the whole where they came from, leaving everything intact but cleansed and fresh.
  • Air -  sit down and relax. Let pure universal energy enter through the top of your head and let it connect with your own life force. Once it’s connected and working together imagine violent winds forcing their way in your house through the window. Imagine these winds entering and bursting through like a hurricane through your house. Even though they are violent, they are here to help and leave everything in a better place.They’re coming straight for you. They start whirling around you, you can feel it’s pleasant coolness on your skin. You can hear the sounds of the wind. They are so strong, yet so caring and pleasant. As they whirl harder and stronger around you, they lift you up in the air, whirling even harder than before. Now, imagine them turning to the rest of your house. Imagine them leaving a mess wherever they touch. All of your notebooks are in the air, your tarot cards are flying everywhere, your clothes go all around the place, your crystals fly from one wall to another. Let these fresh and cool winds clean your place. Once you’re done, imagine these winds leaving through the window they came from.
The Art of Remembering // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader is left without her memories after surviving a car accident involving an unsub.

Requested by: Anonymous

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Spencer could hear himself scream your name as he watched the scene unfold.

It was difficult to see. He watched the unsub’s car, the one with you inside of it- tied up with rope that dug into your skin and tape across your mouth that muffled your screams. He saw it hit the wall. He wasn’t sure if the unsub had lost control or whether he had done it on purpose, choosing to end his life instead of facing the consequences that came with being caught. All he knew was that his heart stopped beating the moment the car crashed into the building and sent you flying through the broken windows and onto the hard pavement.

He was sure you were dead. Your body laid limp amongst the shattered glass on the floor. Blood was seeping from the back of your head and he could feel his heart being torn as he ran towards you, his eyesight blurred at the tears that instantly filled his eyes.

It was all a blur. He remembered bits and pieces. The harsh flashing lights of the ambulance. The blinding white walls of the hospital. The hard seats of the waiting room. The feeling that overwhelmed him when the doctor came in to announce what had been your fate. He remembered the sense of relief when he said you had made it.

His heart didn’t truly shatter until he was allowed to see you. You were finally awake and he was ecstatic as he rushed in to wrap his arms around you. What he didn’t expect was the way your body froze in a mixture of alarm and confusion. He pulled away and he immediately saw it in your eyes. You didn’t remember him.

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Scott Pilgrim Starters:
  • “If I peed my pants, would you pretend I just got wet from the rain?”
  • “I just sort of feel like I’m on drugs when I’m with you.”
  • “You know what really sucks? Everything.”
  • “I’ve dabbled in being a bitch.”
  • You suck at drawing, don’t you?“ 
  • "We all wear swank-ass nudie-suits.”
  • “What is this, phone sex?”
  • “If you want something bad, you have to fight for it.”
  • “Does this mean we have to stop sleeping together?”
  • “I wanna have his/her adopted babies.”
  • “This song is called ‘I am so Sad, I am so Very, Very Sad.’”
  • “I’m in lesbians with you.”
  • “Being a vegan just makes you better than most people.”
  • “I was thinking about asking you out but I realized how stupid that would be.”
  • “This next song goes out to the guy who keeps yelling from the balcony. It’s called ’We Hate You. Please Die.’”  
  • “Do they rock or suck?”
  • “You’re totally my bitch.”
  • “I know you have reasons for not wanting to talk about your past.”
  • “I can’t believe you’re worried about me gaying up the place.”
  • “I gotta pee on her/him.”
  • “I’m sorry about me.”  
  • “We almost held hands once but then she/he got embarrassed.”
  • “Have you ever dated someone that wasn’t a total ass?”
  • “You had a sexy phase?”
  • “[NAME], if your life had a face, I would punch it.”
  • “I didn’t make up the gay rule book.”
  • “I’m too cool for you anyway.”
  • “You punched me in the boob!”
  • “Prepare to die.”
  • “You made me swallow my gum.”
  • “Pirates are in this year.”
  • “I have to go pee due to boredom.”
  • “I hate that bitch so much I kind of love her/him.”
  • “I don’t think I can hit a girl/boy.”
  • “We’re/I’m here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff.”
  • “You’re under arrest for veganity violation.”
  • “It’s probably just because he’s/she’s better than you.”
  • “Are you a pirate?”
  • “Sounds like someone wants to get funky.”
  • “I thought you didn’t drink.”
  • “Hey, so can this not be a one night stand? For one thing, I didn’t even get any.”
  • “Guess who’s drunk?”
  • “Double negative.. tricky.”
  • “I’m tired of people getting hurt because of me.”
  • “I dislike you, capisce?”
  • “Got any embarrassing stories?”
  • “Don’t you talk to me about grammar!”
  • “Next time, we don’t date the girl/boy with eleven evil ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends.”
  • “How are you doing that with your mouth?”
  • “What’s the password?”
  • “Don’t use the 'e’ word in this house.”
  • “[NAME], you know I love you. But I need my own bed tonight. It’s for sex.”
  • “I just spilled hot cocoa on my crotch!”
  • “I’ll tell you what you are: a pain in my ass.”
  • “You may have just seen a dude’s junk.”
  • “Are you coming to my party Friday or are you busy babysitting?”
  • “Garlic bread is my favorite food. I could honestly eat it for every meal.”
  • “I feel like we/I just washed our/my sexy laundry in public.”
  • “You met on the bus with her/his mom?”
  • “Well, obviously one of us went to professor Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters and one of us didn’t.”
  • “Obviously, one of us is a total nerd.”
  • “He/she is as hot as the flames of hell you bitches are going to.”
  • “You’re much too dopey to be a lady-killer.”
  • “Let’s be friends based on mutual hate.”
  • “I have dipping sauce for you! I’ll be your dipping sauce bitch!”
  • “If you need me, I’ll be in the bathroom crying.”
  • “You know you’re gonna have to fight him/her eventually… or sleep with him/her.”
  • “I posted a drunken rant on Craigslist.”
Sweetest Thing

Pairing: Finn Balor (Fergal Devitt) x Reader 

A/N; If Finn Balor told me he wanted to punch me in the face, I would ask if he wanted to hit my left cheek or right

Summary: Finn Balor thinks you are just the sweetest thing. So much so that all he wants to do is drag you through a crowded room with his arm around your waist and a shit eating grin that tells everyone that you are only his to stare at. 


“Ouch! Seriously Y/N, I’m not a damn voodoo doll”. 

“Piss off Lexi, you wiggle too much. Not my fault”, you grumble out with a mouth full of pins and a roll of your eyes. 

Alexa lowers her eyes and frowns as she watches you kneel in front of her, trying your best to hem the shit out of the gown that was obviously too long for her tiny stature. Between the two of you, it was no secret that Alexa Bliss was the hardest to dress for formal WWE events, but at the end of the day, as the stylist to the superstars, you had always found a way to make her shine. With that in mind, she should have been more appreciative about your grueling attempt to make the gown for this particular charity event fit. 

Everyone was going to be there tonight. It was a gala for one of the many charities the WWE sponsored which meant the most notable stars from both NXT and WWE needed to make an appearance. Now, as the head of the clothing and costume department, that meant that you and your team were in charge of making everyone dress like royalty. Particularly for you, that meant fitting and styling the best of the best. 

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ok but consider this: Richie and Eddie together at prom because i am SELFISH and want all the GOOD THINGS
- Richie asks Eddie with a huge fucking banner that says “WILL YOU COME TO PROM WITH ME EDS?”
- (”Don’t call me Eds.”)
- Eddie acts all cool about it but freaks out to Beverly later on because what is he going to wear he’s never done this before what is he supposed to do
Richie is acting super confident and is his normal self
- “Should’ve asked your mom”
- Richie picks Eddie up and is speechless for once in his fucking life because his boyfriend is beautiful 
- ❀❀❀ gives Eddie flowers that he picked himself ❀❀❀
- lots of it
- they dance under a gazebo because shhh let me have this
- (Eddie kisses Richie as a thank you for the amazing night and Richie melts jfhskkfh)
- the entire Losers Club has a great time dancing and having fun together and there are no sewer clowns and everyone gets home safely the end

the losers club’s master plan [r.t.]

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Pairing: Richie Tozier x reader

Summary: Richie realizes just how much of a badass you are one day and realizes that he’s liked you for a long time. He proceeds to ask the losers for help, not knowing that they’ve been waiting for this day to arrive.

(sorry. this was written while I was half asleep.)


That was the only word you could think of as you looked at the boy who stood in front of you, running his mouth at the speed of light. He was talking to you about god knows what but you couldn’t help but stare, nodding your head slightly to make it seem as though you were paying attention.

“(Y/N)!” Richie shouted, snapping his fingers in your face.

You jolted out of your stupor, blinking rapidly as you focused on Richie’s mouth. The words he was saying, that is. Not the way his lips looked chapped yet soft and how your mind couldn’t help but wonder…

You shook your head, snapping yourself out of your thoughts once more.

“Were you listening to anything I said?” Richie asked loudly.

You shook your head sheepishly. “No. But knowing you, you were either talking about your wang, Eddie’s mom’s vagina, or the mullet wearing asshole known as Henry Bowers.”

Richie barked out a laugh before shaking his hair in your face. “Feel that! Feel that shit (Y/N)!”

You rolled your eyes as you ran your hands through his hair, missing the way Richie grinned at your actions. You couldn’t help but notice how soft it was, even though it was all tangled.

“Its wet because he dunked my head in the motherfucking toilet,” Richie spoke, a pleased smirk inching across his face.

“Richie!” you yelped, wiping your hand on his button-down.. “That’s gross!”

“I know rig-”

Richie’s response was cut off as someone plowed into him, throwing him to the ground. You groaned internally as you heard the familiar clicking of a lighter. 

Where there was Patrick, there was most likely Henry.

You were correct. Henry Bowers appeared right in front of you, picking up a strand of hair and twirling it around his finger. 

“Hey (Y/N),” Bowers greeted. “You know, I still don’t understand why you hang out with this loser when I’ve offered you my company various times.”

You sneered in disgust at his words, backing away from him slightly.

“Because, why would she want an almost nonexistent wang when she can just have mine?” Richie’s voice rang out, causing you to snort.

You noticed Henry step towards Richie and intervened, grabbing Richie’s hands and pulling him up to his feet. You proceeded to walk away when you hear Henry mutter something under his breath.

You felt Richie being pulled back and turned to see Henry grabbing him by the collar of his shirt.

“Hey!” Richie cried. “Let go of me you dick-sucking fucker.”

Henry smirked as he pushed Richie up against a wall, holding him still as he pulled his fist back. As Henry moved to hit the curly-haired angel boy, you did the only thing you could think of: intervene.

Everyone went quiet at the dull thud that was heard as Henry’s fist met your face.

“What the fuck,” you heard Richie whisper. 

You felt yourself stumble back, not really thinking about your actions as you imitated Henry, rearing back your fist and letting it fly.

All hell broke loose as Henry crumpled to the ground. Patrick dropped his lighter in shock and you blinked rapidly, trying to make sense of what had just happened.

“What. The. FUCK!” Richie screeched once more, breaking you out of your stupor. In one swift motion, you scooped up Patrick’s lighter and entangled your hand with Richie’s, tugging him along as you sprinted towards the quarry. 

You both made there in record time, with you making sure that you weren’t being followed and Richie sputtering out curses as he tried to make sense of what had happened.

The rest of the Losers sat up straight as they heard Richie’s shouts. They were met with the sight of the two of you breathing heavily, hands intertwined, with Richie staring at you in awe.

The Losers all shared knowing glances as you came to a stop in front of them.

“So guys, anything new?” Beverly asked first, glancing down at your joined hands. 

Richie followed her gaze before looking up at you, a bright blush blooming on his face. You shrugged nonchalantly and let go of his hand, tossing the lighter at Beverly before making your way to the edge of the quarry, ridding yourself of your dress as you did so. “I don’t know, Bev. You tell me.”

The Losers all recognized Patrick’s lighter and stared at you in shock as you dived into the water. Getting no response, they all turned to Richie, who began to ramble about what you had done. 

He enthusiastically told them all about the way you had taken a punch from Bowers before proceeding to deliver an equally devastating one yourself.

“She just reared back her first and BAM! It hit Bowers right in the fucking jaw!” Richie exclaimed. “He went down and she just took Patrick’s lighter like some kind of trophy. Speaking of which, hey Bev, can I have it?”

The rest of the Losers shared knowing smiles as Bev tossed the lighter towards Richie. “Sure Rich. You can have it.”

Richie caught it with a grin before he stuffed it into his pocket and began to strip. ”C’mon guys! What the fuck are we standing around here like a group of dumbasses for?”

The next day found the Losers in the exact same position as the day before. 

Beverly, Ben, Bill, Mike, and Stan had been lounging around the quarry, waiting for you, Eddie, and Richie.

They were soon joined by Eddie & Richie, the curly-haired boy talking non-stop as Eddie groaned loudly.

“For once in your life, shut the fuck up Richie!” Eddie exclaimed, running a hand through his hair.

“What’s g-g-going on guys?” Bill asked, slightly bewildered at Eddie’s actions. 

“He won’t shut up about (Y/N),” Eddie said, glaring slightly at Richie. “He’s obsessed with her!”

Richie flushed as he shook his head, vehemently denying Eddie’s claim. “No I’m not!”

“Richie, do you like (Y/N)?” Ben asked softly, already knowing the answer.

Richie looked down at his shoes. “She’s fucking cool, y’know?”

Hearing no noise, Richie looked up to see each of the Losers handing Ben and Mike fifty cents. 

“Hey!“ Richie shouted. “You fuckers were placing bets on me and my fucking feelings?”

The Losers looked at him, guilty smiles on their faces.

“In our defense,” Beverly started. “We’ve known that you like her for a long time. We were placing bets on how long it’d take for you to figure it out.”

Richie’s anger soon melted away, however, when Patrick’s lighter fell out of his pocket.

“Guys!” he cried. “I still can’t believe she fucking decked Bowers! I mean, is there anything she can’t fucking do?”

“B-b-beep beep R-r-richie,” Bill stuttered when he saw you approach.

Richie twirled around, his cheeks immediately flushing as he noticed you leaving your bike next to his. “Hey (Y/N/N)!”

You flushed slightly, glancing up at Richie’s big brown eyes. “Hey Rich.”

The Losers all rolled their eyes at the interaction, Mike even snorting as he noticed Richie swoon at your nickname for him. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Richie cracking jokes and you laughing at every single one while the Losers hatched a plan to try and get you two together.

You groaned as you trudged up the hill, Beverly walking alongside you. The rest of the boys had sprinted up earlier, Richie leading them as he taunted them about their speed.

You smiled as you finally arrived at the top, seeing the boys laying out blankets on the grass.

“I’m so tired, I need to sit down,” you complained loudly, slowing down as you approached the group.

“I got somewhere special you can sit right here doll,” Richie chimed, a shit-eating grin spreading across his face as he patted his lap.

The Losers all stared in shock, jaws dropping as they heard his words. 

“That’s not how you get the girl dumbass.” Eddie hissed in Richie’s ear, causing Richie to smirk even wider.

“Fucking watch me,” he whispered back.

The rest of the day was spent with Richie making suggestive comments and you blushing, as the Losers all exhibited varying degrees of disbelief, Eddie facepalming everytime Richie said or did something inappropriate.

When you were making your way back to the quarry, Richie slowed down a bit before whistling slightly. “Hey (Y/N)! Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Because you got a pretty sweet ass.”

Eddie immediately turned around, mouth open in horror as he punched him, not noticing the way you looked down and blushed before walking off once more.

Once all of you had reached the quarry and jumped into the water, Richie had made yet another comment. “Hey (Y/N/N). Wanna go on a ate with me? I’ll give you the ‘D’ later.”

This time, Eddie had squeaked and pushed him under the water. You, on the other hand, had thrown your head back and basically cackled, causing Beverly’s eyebrow to arch.

You were walking home when you felt someone behind you. You turned to see Bill and Beverly standing behind you, matching smirks on their faces.

“You like Richie!” Beverly exclaimed, walking faster and throwing her arm around your shoulders. You opened your mouth to deny her statement, but you were cut off by Bill.

“D-d-don’t try to deny i-i-it. We s-s-saw you blushing,” a smug smile made its way across his face. 

Your face flushed at his statement, before you began muttering weak protests.

“You know he likes you too right?” Beverly asked you. You quickly shook your head.

“No he doesn’t. Why would he?”

Bill frowned slightly. “W-w-why wouldn’t he? You’re r-r-really pretty.”

You shook your head, causing Bev and Bill to exchange upset glances. 

They were gonna make sure you and Richie ended up together.

You woke up the next morning and headed to the quarry (big surprise). When you got there, Eddie and Richie were already waiting for you.

You walked over to them just in time for Eddie to tumble to the ground.

“Eddie! Are you alright?” you exclaimed.

“I’m alright but do you have a Band-Aid?” he asked. “I think I scraped my knee falling for you.”

You blushed and chuckled slightly, missing the angry look on Richie’s face.

This continued on for a while until the rest of the Losers arrived. By that point, however, Richie was fuming and proceeded to push Eddie into the water. Unfortunately, you were standing too close and got pulled in, shrieking as you and Eddie fell into the water.

You helped Eddie out and you both proceeded to rejoin the rest of the Losers. To your surprise, you were met with a smiling Mike holding a towel out for you. 

He led you over to a rock, wrapping you up in the towel and then joining you, keeping you in the sun to make sure you dried off properly.

Richie pouted as he watched, his bottom lip sticking out more than the Losers thought was possible. He couldn’t help but feel the jealousy bubble as he observed you and Mike.

You threw your head back as you laughed at a cheesy joke Mike had told you, causing Richie’s heart to flutter. His attention, however, was caught by Mike when the young boy proceeded to turn towards him and smirk, a quick wink being directed towards Richie.

Richie clenched his fists as he realized what the Losers were doing. He spun around, facing them.

“You fuckers,” he hissed. “I know exactly what the fuck you’re doing. You know I fucking like her!”

Beverly stared at him, smiling innocently. “Seeing as how you weren’t doing much, Mike decided to try his luck with her. If he fails, then we’ll see how well I do. I mean, look at her Richie. She’s gorgeous. Somebody will come along and scoop her up if none of us do.”

Richie knew. He saw Beverly’s damn smirk. He knew that they were just testing him, trying to see how far they could go before he snapped. Unfortunately, he had never been good at controlling his emotion and as he felt his feet move in your direction, he mentally cursed the Losers in his head.

You were still laughing when Richie approached, a nervous smile on his face.

“Richie, what-” you were interrupted by Richie grabbing your hand and pulling you up. He had underestimated his strength, however, and you were sent sprawling into his chest, his arms coming to wrap themselves around your waist.

In a quick smooth (not really) motion, Richie leant down, tentatively capturing your lips with his. You responded eagerly, your hand shyly coming up and entangling itself in his hair.

You broke apart when you heard some slapping and looked towards the Losers to see Mike high fiving everyone. 

“Well, it looks like my job here is done,” he smirked.

“Hey, what the fuck guys?” Richie cried.

“W-w-we all knew y-y-you were too m-m-much of a p-p-pussy to say anything Rich. S-s-so we decided to s-s-s-speed up the process,” Bill chimed.

You locked eyes with Richie and smiled. “Glad to know you like me too trashmouth.”

Richie grinned stupidly. “Well thank fuck for their dumbass plan.”

Richie took your hand and pulled you in closer, wrapping his arms around you once more as you both tried to ignore the coos of excitement coming from the rest of the Losers.

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