for once in my life

We walk through life in search of pieces that were never missing
Constantly weaving a road made from gold strands in our minds 
Plucking the glitter from minds of those who watch 
They wish to save your soul
You blaze fire through the forest and ashes fall through your hands in mourning 
Days and days you search desperately 
As the sun chases the moon 
Winter comes enticing with its silent snow 
But as the cold haunts your bones
You stop 
And turn around to find your gold was made of fools 
And those who followed had long since departed you
Panicked you send a flare into the sky
Praying they will see you as they did before
You have gone too far
And the wise trees have died in your wake
You are alone 
The journey back will be full of missteps 
Haunting and unforgiving 
For fools gold is made for fools 
And fools often lose
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #92 //
Fairy Tail "One Magic”theory and Capricorn ??? (sorta)

~~this is kinda just for fun, super short, has no conclusion because I’m a horrible writer (like shit I, myself don’t even know where I’m going with this) but if you read this and see where I’m coming from feel free to take this info and make a real theory on this!!! cuz I suck!!!!~~

So let’s cut right to the chase 

I believe that Capricorn, Lucy and the One Magic are all somehow are all going to come together/or connected. and maybe lucy might save the day

Just going give some bullets~

  • Lucy’s mom, Layla Heartfilia believes that The One Magic is love and told that to Lucy as well. (Mavis also believes this)
  • Capricorn and Lucy talked about this during training for the Grand Magic Games

  • Capricorn afterwords smiles at her and tells her he likes her idea.

SPEAKING OF CAPRICORN, who haven’t we seen in this entire arc ??????

We haven’t even seen her star dress for it yet (which I’ve said a million times that I’m dying to see it like just imagine her kicking ass in a lil suit) 

Anyway call me annoying, crazy whatever but there has to be a reason Mashima hasn’t showed us yet.


The fact we have yet to see Capricorn and Lucy’s last star dress, that Lucy has only talked to Capricorn about One Magic, that Natsu’s awake now and that one universe is undone and Team Natsu is now heading to the guild where ZEREF is

I don’t know I just feel like Mashima is planning something big… 

or I could just be completely wrong and off but I mean it’s fun to guess :p

ANyway I’m done sorry if this was shitty and made no sense or if you’ve already read a theory similar but please comment if you have more to add or just anything to say<3 

anonymous asked:

Why did you tell me that you loved me, when you really didn't?

“Was it always fake?” I ask. My heart aching, scared to know the truth.

“Of course not; why would you even ask that?” He says, acting as if it were the most absurd thing he’s ever heard.

But it’s not. It’s the truth. He told me he loved me, and he never actually meant it. It’s not absurd to question it. But why? Why did it have to be fake?

“It’s bullshit. Just tell me; why would you tell me you loved me if you never meant it? Why would you lie?”

He never answered. He knew he’d never win, so he walked away.