for once i'm kinda proud of something

Fairy Tail "One Magic”theory and Capricorn ??? (sorta)

~~this is kinda just for fun, super short, has no conclusion because I’m a horrible writer (like shit I, myself don’t even know where I’m going with this) but if you read this and see where I’m coming from feel free to take this info and make a real theory on this!!! cuz I suck!!!!~~

So let’s cut right to the chase 

I believe that Capricorn, Lucy and the One Magic are all somehow are all going to come together/or connected. and maybe lucy might save the day

Just going give some bullets~

  • Lucy’s mom, Layla Heartfilia believes that The One Magic is love and told that to Lucy as well. (Mavis also believes this)
  • Capricorn and Lucy talked about this during training for the Grand Magic Games

  • Capricorn afterwords smiles at her and tells her he likes her idea.

SPEAKING OF CAPRICORN, who haven’t we seen in this entire arc ??????

We haven’t even seen her star dress for it yet (which I’ve said a million times that I’m dying to see it like just imagine her kicking ass in a lil suit) 

Anyway call me annoying, crazy whatever but there has to be a reason Mashima hasn’t showed us yet.


The fact we have yet to see Capricorn and Lucy’s last star dress, that Lucy has only talked to Capricorn about One Magic, that Natsu’s awake now and that one universe is undone and Team Natsu is now heading to the guild where ZEREF is

I don’t know I just feel like Mashima is planning something big… 

or I could just be completely wrong and off but I mean it’s fun to guess :p

ANyway I’m done sorry if this was shitty and made no sense or if you’ve already read a theory similar but please comment if you have more to add or just anything to say<3 

As I walked in the store today I looked out the windows at the wind and storm clouds and was like that’s kinda like my life and I looked in the mirror and saw something in my eyes I hadn’t seen in a while. I looked at my myself and thought your a badass guy. Been to hell and back multiple times in my short little life. I saw someone that’s strong, independent, compassionate, and caring. To find something within yourself that u can be proud of is one of the greatest feelings. That is all….wanted share my happy thought of the day.

anonymous asked:

I'm really proud of Kat and Dom. For once when it came to their scenes i actually felt something. I've tried really hard since season 1 to have some kinda feelings for Clace but they have always missed the mark for me. Their chemistry just hasn't been right and they never made me feel a connection through the screen like Malec. When you have a couple with so much spark like Malec a lackluster pairing really stands out in comparison. This time though I finally felt like they had that connection.

Same, Anon, same, same, same. I mean, I am still all over Malec, duh, but for once I wasn’t really annoyed by Clace. The kissing, the desperation, the looks, the longing and touching… it really felt on point this time and it made sense. This was so much better than the hilarious BS from last week with the glowing runes and the cringeworthy dialogue in the infirmary. Like, God no. 

I hope they will go on from there because if so I can really get on board with this ship now. Not to mention … Kat was really, really good. I think this was her best acting in the whole series. I gotta say, I really felt for Clary and she made me care for her, something that’s usually not happening. So yeah, as I said, 2b was so good and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for s3 now.


“ I’m still friends with my ex but it’s still quite fresh, quite raw. So, it can be a little bit hard I think. It’s almost really hard to walk away from something you invested so much time into. And when you truly loved someone, you kinda want to make it work as friends. Cause it’s just a shame to spill it away and act like it never happened.”