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Can I ask for some Mitsuhide headcanons? He's my favorite but I don't feel like he gets a whole lot of love... OTL

hey fam i got u!!! i like mitsuhide a lot myself too–but i don’t think voltage gives him a lot of good writing lol. so hopefully these show some well-needed love for ur fav???

  • is genuinely nice but his temper is just as short as nobunaga’s–mitsuhide is just a helluva lot more graceful about it
    • speaking of nobunaga, mitsuhide’s the only one allowed to yell at him and get away w/ it
    • “i would take lord nobunaga over lord mitsuhide any day thanks” – toshiie probably
  • everybody has accidentally called him dad at least once it’s rly embarrassing nobu is the worst offender
    • mitsuhide: what do you think i enjoy having to look after you lot?
    • literally everyone: yes
  • was lowkey a punk ass bitch as a kid and was one of nobu’s Delinquent Friends but nobody believes nobu when he tells them this bc Mitsuhide Is An Angel (or he is now, anyway lmfao)
  • speaking of angel, he is like. Ridiculously Beautiful. have u seen his cgs. my god. is a rly popular groom candidate with other lords who have daughters everybody wants him for a husband
    • clearly i’m talking abt mitsuhide himself have u read his damn epilogues
  • is actually pretty cold and calculating–can easily remove his emotions from most situations and trust, you don’t want to be in the interrogation room with him
  • literally just this pic
  • babies love him??? but he also Love Babies. Dad Of The Year Award for when he has kids bc he knows everything that needs to be done and his wife can rest easy
    • actually probs a dad that like. extensively writes out a list of The Best Foods for the baby’s development and has them writing at like. One Year Old. strict dad, worried dad.
  • has unwittingly given out more love advice than he ever wishes he’s had to. hideyoshi and toshiie, for example, are compeletely hopeless and wander into his chambers in drunken complaint every once in a while
    • he listens to them while he finishes his paperwork and gets them out extra bedding anyway bc he’s nice like that but he lectures them in the morning
  • Everybody Is Always Really Worried About Him the man never rests like ever
  • ur not allowed to dirty talk him ever in public all of his affections are very very private and u will pay for it later after he Very Badly tries to stop u
    • mc: you have such nice fingers, milord.
    • mitsuhide: thank you…?
    • mc: i bet they’d feel even nicer inside–

You know just once i would like to swap places with my husband for a week. Yes he does a very stressful job (legal stuff for a power company), but just ONCE i’d like him to experience the utter exhaustion and frustration that comes with being a self employed stay at home parent. The exhaustion of dealing with tantrums and refusals to eat anything other than yogurt for breakfast, even after you make a nice breakfast and have to sit through the tantrum that its not yogurt. That you finally give your child that fucking yogurt because your head is pounding after only getting 4 hours sleep the night before thanks to afore mentioned child.

The frustration that you have ideas for your business, for marketing campaigns or things to make but unable to do any of it because they’re not things you can do with a toddler around. That you can’t use a computer or laptop whilst the toddler is awake because they’ll try and climb onto your lap and play with the keyboard instead of the toys and games they have.

Frustration that if the TV is on it has to be loud and bright cartoons with presenters inbetween who have had far too much caffiene and are probably on LSD to be that cheerful and 100% dont have children.

Frustration that you try and sit and play with your kid but they will then choose that moment to be thoroughly engrossed in a book, but the minute you sit down to look at your phone - your only real adult interaction - thats the moment the child will choose to run off/climb the furniture/pull every single toy out.

Frustration that when your partner gets home and sees the mess and sees the admin and work still to be done and thinks you’ve been doing nothing all day, ignoring the clean laundry, the swept floors (that take twice as long because your child insists on playing with the sweepings), the three well thought out meals you’ve made but all he sees are the empty yogurt pots in the pile of recycling.

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I just thought of something. So I'm pretty sure you've either said or implied that the skelebros don't have much money in the Underground. Now imagine this, due to how much gold is worth in our society, when the skelebros get to the Surface, the little bit of gold they've saved up over the years allows them to live nicely. Not like super rich or anything, but they can live comfortably for once without having to worry about finances.

That would be nice - all the savings Sans made from all his jobs letting them find a house and relax…for a lil while.

Papyrus would rush out to find a job, because he’s Papyrus, he wouldn’t be able to resist going out there to meet the humans. And knowing him, he would be too afraid Sans would get even more lazy, staying in the house. They would end up with jobs anyway XD

not to be a downer or nothin but just once id like to hear someone from my family say theyre like, excited that im goin on to college n movin on w my life vs constantly hearing ‘youll never make it’ and sayin shit like it hurts them that im movin away like. damn imma prove u wrong n all that but maybe a little ‘okay good luck’ would be nice ykno :^/ 

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I know Stefan said some nice stuff about every girl he was with including Elena but I was hoping for once he declare his love for Caroline or Elena in over the top way . Like Damon does for Elena or like Elena said stuff about Damon . A quote to remember forever n ever doesn't matter it's about Elena or Caroline . We have some great Stefan quotes but when it comes to his romantic relationships

Stefan isn’t Damon. I for one am perfectly happy with the lack of annoying empty speeches and would much rather all of the things Stefan does for Elena, helping her through her emotional storm when she flipped on her humanity, fighting compulsion for her, catching her from the bleachers. If you want over the top ridiculous speeches then go to DE.

And a woman once in Oregon came up to me at a bookstore and said, you know, in one of your books, you teach that it is sometimes necessary to lie. And that seems like a very disturbing lesson to me. Can you name one time when it would be absolutely necessary to lie? And I was so happy that the answer came to me right away, instead of, you know, as it usually does when people say something to you. … And I was able just to turn to her and say, nice sweater.
—  Daniel Handler/Lemony Snicket on Fresh Air
john mulaney and pancakes

ok SO john mulaney has a new live show on the netflicks (the comeback kid) and i was lucky enough to see him do this act live in milwaukee this summer!!! but the recorded show is missing something special

so summer in milwaukee is known for being like. comically humid. disgustingly, oppressively humid. ‘can’t tell the difference between being downtown and being literally submerged in lake michigan’ humid

and poor john mulaney was wearing a nice-looking but also very warm suit. so once about every 10-20 minutes he would pause whatever spiel he was on, wipe his forehead, flutter his jacket about, regret his fashion choices and ask what was wrong with us that we don’t properly air condition our venues

about halfway through the show, a woman in one of the front rows stood up and started to walk out so in classic mulaney fashion he razzed her that she couldn’t take the heat either and asked her to bring him a pepsi - she didn’t break stride (i would try to play it cool too if over a thousand people were suddenly watching me get razzed by mulaney)

as soon as she was out of the theatre, he turned his mic off and started yelling to those of us who were still in there

okay guys, we’re going to play a little prank on her! can everyone hear me? WE’RE GOING TO PLAY A PRANK! at some point later in the show i’m going to say ‘you know what they say in milwaukee!!’ and you’re all going to wave your arm around like this’ - he jauntily waved his arm with his first finger outstretched, like an 80 year old man doing the charleston - ‘and you will all shout ‘gimme some PANcakes!!!’’

we did a few rehearsals of this until he was satisfied, and he turned his mic back on and continued with his act

a few minutes later the woman walked back through the theatre but passed her row, walked all the way up to the stage, and set a can of pepsi at mulaney’s feet. he stopped, mouth agape for a moment and touched his chest. ‘is this really for me?’ he asked. ‘did i ask you for pepsi? i have no idea why i would do that, i hate pepsi.’ he thanked her sincerely several times, and when she turned his back to him to return to her seat, he made frantic ‘kill’ motions across his throat to signal to us that the prank was off

he continued to lament the heat for the rest of his act, eventually lost the jacket and drank the gifted pepsi, grimacing cartoonishly every time. at the very end of the night he thanked us for being a great audience, thanked the woman in particular for her kindness, and triumphantly said ‘BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY IN MILWAUKEE!!!’ and 1 very generous women was hopelessly confused when 1299 people shouted ‘GIMME SOME PANCAKES!!!!!’


here’s another bullet journal spread, but i made this a while ago :’)
i figured that it would be nice to post this bc i’m playing dragon age origins right now ahahahahahhaa

it’s good to indulge in something that you like every once in a while. you have to take care of yourself and do the things that you love to do. you don’t have to study every single minute of every single day ;; remember to take care of yourself, okay? ♡ ♡

“girlfriend? no not really my area”
“theres all sorts round here”
“for you and for your date”
“may we expect a happy announcement”
“just once would have been nice” “i was waiting til we got married” “that was never gonna happen” “yeah”
“i know what kind of man you are”
“the fairer sex is your department”
“youre the expert on women”
“you repel me”
“what happened to the lipstick? i thought it was a big improvement. your mouth’s too..small now”
“something in the media going by the frankly ALARMING shade of pink”
“look at her hair! she color coordinates her lipstick and her shoes, shed never leave anywhere looking like that”
“gay. i mean, hey”
“this is just losing”

Theory on Y/N and Peter Pan

Whenever I want to read some Peter Pan imagines, I always end up disappointed because people tend to write Y/N as this innocent, naive, damsel in distress and sweet girl and that gets…on my….. nERVES. I am honestly so tired of this.

I don’t think that’s the kinda girl Peter would go for. Like, at all. Not that nice girls aren’t good characters. All in all, I just think this persona doesn’t fit in this particular situation.

Just imagine that:

- Y/N attacking Pan the first time she runs into him, because that’s the logic fucking reaction when you wake up in an unknown place and meet a creepy stranger who wiggles his eyebrows.

- Y/N not caring not having girl stuff on Neverland, or even privacy because when you’re in a tough situation you gotta toughen up, and survival tops comfort

- Y/N NOT playing the ‘mom’ with the Lost Boys, or cooking, or singing the boys to sleep for the sole reason that she is the only girl, bc that promotes gender roles and it goes against everything we girls fight for, DUH

- Y/N learning how to fight (good) and not stopping to annoy Felix and Pan until she gets private lessons, and accepting beng beaten to a pulp if that helps her improve and become able to take care of herself because depending on the boys to survive is humiliating for her and burdening for them.

- Y/N being confident and not taking the boys or Pan’s shit and talking back when they are rude.

- Y/N always not-so-gently reminding the boys (including Pan) that they ain’t a bunch of animals and they gotta behave and use their brains instead of their hands

- Y/N winning Peter’s respect BEFORE winning his heart, because she can stand up for herself and put him back in his place when he crosses a line or orders her around, and that’s what a healthy, long lasting relationhip is built on: respect. Repeat after me: R.E.S.P.E.C.T

- Y/N not blushing, or stuttering, or looking down. Y/N grinning and flirting and playfully teasing Peter whenever she gets the occasion just bc she can and it makes him lose his composure bc damn nobody else ever did this

- Y/N being a fucking badass who can kick ass and be feminine and be Peter’s equal because that’s the only kind of girl I can picture him with: someone who’s on the same level as him (maybe not on magical terms bc he’s too pwerful) but in spirit

Why y’all turning Peter into this beautiful lil cinnamon roll that he obviously isn’t? Stop writing Peter as a bad guy who becomes nice for Y/N’s lovely eyes. Write about a badass, murderous, dark minded Y/N. Write about a hot couple of villains who defeat the heroes for once. Dammit.

Honestly, give me an OC like that and I will read the shit outta it.

Until then, I’m just gonna have to write some myself.

You can read my work here “Let Us live” : Part ½; Part 2/2

And In the Name of Love: Here

Once Upon in Neverland: Part 1 Part 2 & Prequel

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do you ever think about the fact that, like, as a couple, james and lily must have had the entire hogwarts population (minus the bigots but you know who cares about them) under their thumbs?? like their combined charisma and leadership power must have been truly awe inspiring. james was practically a king of hogwarts before becoming head boy, and then he had the title to go with the status and that boy must have been unstoppable because really if you were a twelve year old and james potter stopped and told you to do something you wouldn’t have questioned it for a second. and everyone was literally in love with lily evans like i’m pretty sure half the population of hogwarts would have taken a bullet for the girl because she had probably done something nice and wonderful for every single one of them. and you know both were the kind who somehow remembered everyone’s names, even that random first year who they’d met once in the library years ago, and greeted them randomly in the hallway. like, attention from james and lily potter probably sent people’s heads spinning. true power couple right there

Once upon I time I was on a POT date, and ended up comparing myself to a high end gym

It makes sense, hear me out

I was on a date with this god awful POT who was dead set on low balling me and claimed he didn’t see the “reason” behind a monthly allowance and would much rather pay per date, and here’s where it got interesting;

“Would you happen to have a gym membership?”

“Yes, I do”

“And is the gym you go to a nice gym?”

“Of course”

“Okay then, think of it like this. I am your gym, you come in and partake in your gym activities, use all the amenities provided to you by said gym. The hot tub, sauna, weight room, eliptical, treadmill, showers, locker: you use all of that. Why are you able to do that? Because you are a member and you pay a certain amount every month to do so; does your membership rate change if you go 4 times a month VS you going once a month? No it doesn’t, why you ask? Because regardless of whether or not you’re there, the gym needs to keep running, the electricity, water, and rental space all need to be paid for in order for that gym to run properly. Now, you say your gym is pretty nice? Which means you are willing to pay more for it because it’s nicer, the same rule applies to me. The more money that comes in, the nicer the gym is; better machines, it’s clean, and you end up getting more perks, why? Because since you pay extra you get extra. Don’t wanna pay that hearty membership fee? No worries! You can go to a cheaper gym! Will you get the same service? Will it look as nice? Absolutely not. Now say you don’t feel like working out in the same place as other people, and much rather have the place to yourself? That’s cool too! Now you’ve just built your own home gym AND hired a personal trainer who is there for you and you only! And you know what? That’s even more expensive, why? Because now you have exclusivity, and that gym is for you and you only. Does it make sense now? If you want a gorgeous, poised, clean cut, elegant sugar baby; you will have to pay a larger amount than if you just want your average Susie Q, and don’t get me wrong; there’s probably nothing wrong with Susie, but is she anything special? Is she a luxury? Does she fit seamlessly into your high rise lifestyle? Absolutely not. Therefore you should not demand YSL product at Walmart prices, you cheap piece of shit" Needless to say it didn’t work out and he ended up going back home to his Susie Q wife

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y’allll I have a cool idea. The first 365 people to reblog this will get their URLS put into a jar and each day I will pull out a URL and send the blogger a cute lil message on anon. It could be a positive quote, affirmation, or just something nice to brighten your day! For this to work, please only reblog this once, and please do not like this post. If you only like the post, your URL won’t be counted!

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Happy 2017 everyone! I hope this year holds lots of good things for you guys! I thought this would be a nice lil way of making 2017 more positive!!

tbh this isn’t even me trying to be #edgy and going against the grain, but if justin bieber wins any grammys for purpose, especially over another far more deserving black artist, then i’ll actually be so fucking pissed i have been watching sub-par, racist, ignorant, mediocre white men win at everything for the past year and i am so fucking sick of it call me dramatic but sometimes i feel like music and art is the only thing that black people (and more widely people of color) have left and it would be nice if for fucking once they didn’t fuck that up by giving [what’s supposed to be] a prestigious award for musical artists to some crusty white boy who says the n word and appropriates black culture left and right

Blue Lion Theory Headcanons

I’m quite amazed by how much the Blue Lion Theory is starting to spread around the Voltron fandom (and still quite amused by the Shiro vs Lance dying meme that appeared for a short while. Guys chill- I assure you that if my theory comes true, from a writer’s standpoint, it’d be more logical for it to happen in a later season once the team is all reunited for a while and all nice and bonded, so worry more about Space Dad right now.xP

Anyway, back the subject, you guys’ support, ideas, and own theories has made me ponder more about this theory of mine and what the Voltron team’s reaction to  Lance’s sacrifice would be like. PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR SOME DELICIOUS ANGST!


-Let’s start with the possible next Blue Paladin shall we? It’s a shame that we don’t see much bonding between Allura and Lance in season one, but I’d imagine by this time, they’d have bonded just a little, but not as much as Allura herself would have like. Because of this, after Lance’s sacrifice, she’d probably feel a strong sense of guilt and regret that as a princess she had let the Blue Lion be destroyed and lost one of her paladins because of this error, but also as a friend, she had never made much of effort to become closer to Lance. She never even got the chance to tell Lance why the Blue Lion chose him to become her paladin. 

-Her confidence as a leader will waver and is only after she tearfully tells the Blue Lion (Lance) about these insecurities and her guilt that he will reveal that he has chosen her to be the Blue Paladin and speak (well in the way the Lions are able to speak) for the first time since the sacrifice. 

-Of course, as the Blue Paladin and Blue Lion, Allura and Lance will grow closer through sharing memories with one another and perhaps Allura will start to make more of effort to strengthen her friendship with the other paladins (with some helpful mental prodding from Blue Lance).

- If Lance is ever able to return to his original body, I’d imagine she’d still affectionately call him ‘her Lion’  and vice-versa ‘his pilot’. They’d have an unbreakable  queen and protective bodyguard relationship mixed with playful flirting that goes absolutely nowhere.


-Whether or not Klance has happened or not, I’d imagine Keith would take Lance’s sacrifice very, very hard. All his grief and anguish would boil over into furious aggression. For the first couple days after the event, Keith would spend in the training room, tearing apart Gladiator after Gladiator, yelling in a berserk rage over that fact they he was there and couldn’t do anything to stop it from happening. He’s angry at himself, at Lance, at his team, at Zarkon and Haggar, at the whole universe for what happened. And that. He. Could. Not. Stop. It.

-Keith would only calm down after he goes down to the Hangar where the Lions are kept and starts a yell fest up at Blue Lance. At this point Blue Lance has not spoken since he does not have a paladin yet. The fact that Lance, the Lance he loves that never shuts up, is now silent is what make Keith most upset. He screams, yells, and even punches the Blue Lance’s metal leg (instantly regretting it) angrily demanding “WHY THE HELL DID YOU EVER THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA!? YOU SELF-SACRIFICING IDIOT! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO THE TEAM?! EVERYONE’S A MESS! WE ALL MISS YOU! I…miss you…please….come back…”  Cue a Keith breaking down to cry for the first time since it happened. Hunk and Pidge would probably find him and offer their comfort in a massive group hug, which would mark a new Garrison Trio being born. 

-Of course when Blue Lance becomes active again once he has Allura as his Paladin, I’d think that  Keith, Hunk, and Pidge as well as Allura and Shiro would start to have sleepovers in the Blue Lion’s cockpit as a way to try and stay close with their buddy.

-Blue Lance would still try and keep up a rivalry with Red and Keith. Allura hates it when a calm flight suddenly becomes a race against her will and she can only cling to her seat in horror as her ship starts doing loop-di-loops and flying through asteroids and shit. Keith and Red only encourage the bad behavior.

-If the suggestion that Lance will probably start losing a bit of his personality as he becomes and more like the old Blue happens then Keith, once he realizes this transformation is starting, will go all or nothing to try and get Lance back into his body even if it means getting help from a Druid. Of course, he’d try and do it in secret but Allura would find out, but instead of stopping in and telling Shiro or Coran, she demands that he take her with him to help since Lance is her Lion so as his pilot, its her duty to help him, royal titles and duties be damned. Keith is not pleased cause NO! I’M GOING TO BE THE ONE TO SAVE LANCE. WE BONDED DAMMIT! Pidge would probably find out and come with them to help and have to suffer through Allura and Keith bonding aka arguing on who’s going to help Lance more the entire time they’re kidnapping a Druid.

Aaaaannnddd that’s all for tonight. I’ll do the rest of the team tomorrow. Hope you guys were entertained! And if you have some headcanons yourself about the Blue Lion Theory feel free to let me know in a message or comment!^^

Finding a Familiar

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Animal of choice
  • Candles (optional)
  • Hand
  • Voice

When you find a creature that you wish to become your familiar, you must first ask its permission by passing your hand over it and crying: 

By the Moon that shines at night, and the Sun so very bright,
I ask you once, I ask you twice, but more than twice would not be nice. With a wag, a croak, or mew, pray tell me now what you will do. Will you my familiar be? Give your answer to me.

Wait until the creature does something you take to mean, “Yes!” While the animal may have had another name like Blue, Jebbert, or Charlie, it is now important for you to choose a secret magical name.

She wasn’t pretty, not by conventional standards. She was among a certain number of women who don’t own a nice, easy-to-look-at set of facial features. And yet, I was drawn to her looks. She wasn’t outright appealing, not to a regular person. But there was something about her - either her eyes, her disposition, or perhaps her demeanor - that pulled me in with a force stronger than gravity. Like perfume, she wasn’t the generic scent that everyone wanted to buy. She was the scent that appeared only if you asked the shop, but would make you obsessed once you take a whiff.
Summed up

I love your blog and Suga is my bias soo I thought it would be nice to request. Jealous Suga / angst. Scenario is all your imagine. Something whit cute, happy end! ^^

Hello can i req one yoongi smut scenario?

~Here you go sweetie. This one didn’t turn out. It has a weird flow, I wanted to try something new. I hope you like it!~

Word count: 5016

Genre: Angst/ smut


It was a Friday night and you were, once again, helping your drunk boyfriend to bed. You couldn’t keep living like this. You sat him down on the bed and looked at the drunken mess in front of you. This wasn’t the Yoongi you first met. The one who promised you the world, the one who actually gave a damn about you was gone. Not even in the sober Yoongi did you see him, but how often did you really see him sober?.

You gave him a glass of water and kissed him on his head goodnight. Through all of this shit, you still love him, and somewhere in there was the man who loves you back.


The smell of alcohol led you to sleep on the couch that night.

You were woken by someone pushing your shoulder.

“Hey, Y/N.” It was Yoongi, nice to see that he hasn’t forgotten your name.

“Hmmmm?” You moaned sleepily  

“What are you stupid? It’s cold down here you could’ve gotten sick. Why are sleeping down here anyways?” His sliver hair shone as he opened up the curtains, letting the sunlight spread across his face. Showing off his handsome features .

“Because I hate the smell of alcohol.” You said while looking at him in amazement. He was shit faced last night, but he seems fine. “How are you?”  

“I’m fine.” He said getting some beer out the fridge.  "Why did the bed smell like alcohol?“  

You scoffed "You really don’t remember anything from last night do you?”

“No.” He said while taking a sip of his beer.

“You got drunk again, completely wasted. You came home with a magazine in that had you on cover talking about how this son of a bitch stole your look.”

“Oh.” He said putting down his drink to go get some bread.

“Oh? Yoongi, do you know what yesterday was?”

“Friday.” He said putting some bread into toaster.

You started to feel tears fighting to get out. “It was my birthday.”

“Oh.” He said still not turning around to look at you. “Why didn’t you come with me?”

You had to hold in a scream “Be-because you told me you didn’t want me there.”

“Oh.” He replied while putting his toast on a small plate “I remember saying that. Well there’s always next year.” He said while grabbing his beer once again.

How many times have you heard that? Too many.

“You’re cold Yoongi.” You said as the tears threatened to get out. He raised an eyebrow at you while biting into his now buttered toast. His stare reminded you of broken glass in a winter storm. “You don’t give a fuck about me and I’m not sure you ever did.” The tears now threatened your voice, making it shaky.

He grabbed the beer with his free hand “Maybe I don’t. You sound so sure of yourself.” He said in a matter of fact voice that showed no emotion, the voice that made you shiver. He started to walk back up the stairs, leaving you alone with your tears.

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