for once i managed to draw a thing for myself and its not hs

Ah, so very interesting story here.

Mum has always liked manga and drawing. Back when she lived in Japan, she and her brother had a very impressive collection together. In college, she was in her school doujinshi club (doujinshi meant something very different back then than now, it just meant amateur comic, not necessarily derivative fanwork). Then, she got in an arranged marriage (very common back then) and abandoned her hobbies to be a Good Respectable Wife. They got divorced then she got married to my dad and had me, but then they moved to the States and mum started working on her Masters then Ph.D, so no time for hobbies. When I was very, very young, she would draw for me and that’s definitely the starting point of my own interest in drawing, but she didn’t have the time or energy to draw as I grew up. She continued to be super workaholic (and divorced dad), but never discouraged my own fandom tendencies, always joining in during what little time she had (we loved LotR and PotC together back when I was in elementary school).

Getting long, so beneath cut, but fascinating story if I do say so myself, please read on if interested ^ ^

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