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I’m so bummed because I recorded the StarKid Q and A, but I lost the file. I feel like I’m about to cry,  but here are some highlights from what I remember so I feel less sad.

I have photos, though, that are safe on my computer, and I’ll upload those once I have them edited so you can see what the hell is even going on.

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“They say you cannot love two people equally at once,” she said. “And perhaps for others that is so. But you and Will—you are not like two ordinary people, two people who might have been jealous of each other, or who would have imagined my love for one of them diminished by my love of the other. You merged your souls when you were both children. I could not have loved Will so much if I had not loved you as well. And I could not love you as I do if I had not loved Will as I did.”


The script is key; it’s your biblical text, the source code. Everything is there and
for me, I can never understand a character without going through that script.
One of my favorite actors, Anthony Hopkins says that he goes through the script
again, again and again until he knows it. There’s something interesting in that, I don’t know if it’s like it for anyone else, but you start to embody it [the character] a little bit – once you’ve read that a character is a certain way, you just start to become it, there’s a natural element that you can’t control. Then there are the learning lines and if there’s an accent, which is more a technical element, but in terms of the soul and the spirit, actors have this sponge thing where we just absorb. I think everyone has it; you know when you’re around someone for a long time and you become perfect at doing an impression of that person? It’s just that.

Weekend Giveaway - Carnivale Edition! - Finished!

Hello hello! Busy times this week - gearing up to help run some panels at Pi-Con in Windsor Locks, CT tomorrow! I’ve still had time to grind, though, which means the usual holiday giveaway.;)

That’s one each of of the chests, one each of the skins/accents that can’t be found in chests, one each of the apparel, and the familiar.:)

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Good luck, and have a great weekend!:)

*edit* And done! (A little late…it’s only just after rollover though!) Congratulations allthesepixeldergs - hope you like it all!:)


please don’t steal my code and put it in your theme! I hope you love this theme because it was made for my wife, hartley. Follow her and requests some things because she’s back and she’s really good and graphics and such! The theme contains a header, three icons and one pop up. You can use the pop-up for updates, what you do, description, plot, whatever you feel like using it for. don’t edit and redistribute without my permission! – please like and reblog once you see!


anonymous asked:

I just started watching One Piece and I love ZoSan! I've just found your blog, I wanted to ask, is there any ZoSan moment in the manga that you like?

Let me dig up my memory a little because damn there’re so many… so many… I must select some symbolic one.

Okay their first attention to each other. (chapter 49)

I completely think that Sanji fell for Zoro at that time, because… Zoro reminded him about how strong his will used to be, that himself once had and is having a dream that he so much wants to achieve too.

It’s just like Zoro came to wake Sanji up from the deep sleep called “debt” that he was using to try hiding his true hunger of wanting to find out All Blue. But Sanji was reminded, his childhood once lived up again, he could remember that himself did risk his life for his dream on the stormy day he bite Zeff’s leg screamed out loud that he’s gonna find out the All blue without any scare of being killed.  Yes, Sanji once ‘threw away his attachment to life’ for his dream. How come he letting himself forget about that.

On outside he gave Zoro the word ‘idiot!’ but he deeply know he was and now can be an idiot too. And watching the battle scene of Zoro and Mihawk did hit Sanji even more. (chapter 51 - 52)

okay said the boy once was like this.

later then in Chapter 58

That why I can totally give objection when people say that Zoro and Sanji are completely contrary to each other so that it’s meaningless to ship them.

They do have different life theory but both end up the same resolution. Even Brook once gave that comment in Thriller Bark arc (ch 486)

Next is one of the hardly moment of Zoro that he expressed his care for Sanji. Really rare compare to many situation thats Sanji did to him. Chapter 367.

But I like this scene very much not only because the caring moment of Zoro to Sanji but also the wise words of Luffy. The captain (just like Brook in Thriller Bark above) understand so well how Zoro and Sanji match each other in their choice and resolution despite their usual conflict in the crew. 

And of course the holy moment to many ZoSan fan I have to say, chapter 485, in which Sanji step out in front of Zoro, told Kuma to just take his life instead of Zoro’s.

That moment to me, is priceless, as it was a beautiful character development of Sanji and Zoro, their bond were reveal clearly, and for once, Sanji through his action at that time, revealed his true admiration to Zoro. He must got the feeling of Zoro is much more important than him, to Luffy, to the crew, and Zoro’s ambition is more important than his All Blue dream. In short, Sanji once admit his lost to Zoro in worth. But Zoro didn’t accept that, he didn’t accept the cook’s choice of putting them on the scale, like he negated the definition of who is more important, the swordman wanted to keep their balance forever the way it has always used to be.

Beside those 3 symbolic moments I love many others small situation too. I must cut down, the post is already too long (sorry)

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“I write a lot of songs about love and I think that’s because to me, love seems like this huge complicated thing. But it seems like every once in a while, two people get it figured out, two people get it right. And so I think the rest of us, we walk about daydreaming about what might be like. To find that one great love, where all of a sudden everything that seemed to be so complicated, became simple.”

— “If the right one came up then i’d love to play music with people. music. .especially writing stuff has always been quite uhm.. i don’t know fairly protective about it. i’ve tried co-writing once a few years ago and it was the most horrible experience in my life . . like ”you can’t do that, that doesn’t make sense! “ but yeah i’d love to do collaborations with people, you sort of can’t plan these things, its never something i’d want to do where its  like the label pushes for it or someone managing is pushing for it… its like if you meet some cool people and they play good music that you like and then it works like that.”

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hi there o/

right now i got 974 follower.  [edit /// hit the 1k on 27.07 - 9:46 GMT+1]
I promised you i do something special once i reached the 1k.
So here’s the plan.

If i reach the 1k, a lucky one of you will get my left 885 EMP.

How it works:
I will random chose the one how won (via
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you can participate by giving this post a like and a repost.
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important notes:
- your character have to be on a Tera NA Server
- If you see you’ve won, pls contact me via tumblr PN (ask) and leave me a message with your Charactername, Sever and what i sould buy for you from Shop (885 EMP). And of corse say me at what time (pls be specific with timezone) you are only to trade :)
- If the one who won don’t send me his/her details in 7 days till i announced a winnner, the 2nd one of the list will win.

got any questions?
Just ask :)

doofyagetoo asked:

Handers prompt, from a quote on awkwardfamilyphotosdotcom: "I used to work at a daycare and was dating one of the dads. He was single and it was totally legit. One morning, in front of the whole staff his kid yells out, 'Hey why were you in my daddy's bed this morning?' Pretty much horrifying." So uhhh...younger bicurious single dad Hawke and preschool teacher Mr. Anders?

Another prompt for Handers week! 

So I think this turned into more of a cute/fluffy piece, mainly because I was picturing my niece as I wrote Garrett’s daughter. I’ve literally never written anything involving a child or child-related subject, so hopefully it turned out okay. I hope you like it! :)

Rating: T

Warnings: some references to sex. I think I say fuck once?

1930 words

I timed myself on this one also - one hour to write the entire thing (minus the first paragraph, which I wrote at work). One quick edit as well.

Anders yawned, rubbing his eyes as he poured himself his third cup of coffee of the morning. He knew it was a bad idea to say yes when Garrett asked him to stay over on a school night, but he couldn’t resist the other man’s charming smile and whispered promises.

He should have known better on a day like today. It was the preschool’s Open House, which basically meant all 60 of their students, plus their parents and assorted relatives, would be cramming themselves into the tiny building to observe their child’s progress and see what a typical day entailed. The afternoon would conclude with some words from the administration and a special performance by the children.

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After three and a half years I’ve finally have a Dressing Gown to call my own. I almost understand why Erik was such a drama queen about crawling into his coffin once he finished composing Don Juan, finishing a project that’s been so near and dear to one’s heart for so long is an interesting feeling to say the least. 

I decided to put off my normal ‘completed project’ photoshoot so I could just swan around in my new robe for a while. 

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!! So the agent who had my full manuscript really liked it and suggested a bunch of edits (which were all really great suggestions) and asked me to resubmit the full one once I’ve cut it down and reworked it! She really loved the character and what I was getting at, there’s just some things to do, which I was expecting and I’m glad she noticed the same stuff I did. I’m so happy that she was so honest and helpful and that she’s excited to read it again. Back to the coffee shop! :):):)


So Blizzard recently announced a further expansion to their online card-game Warcraft spin-off, Hearthstone called The Grand Tournament.  I don’t play Hearthstone since I don’t really care for card games (personal taste), but in the midst of the announcement, they revealed some pretty nice artwork – my favourite is the middle for content (how often is it you see official art orcs smile like that?), but the bottom one for lighting. 

Alas, such artwork remains uncredited (at the time of posting this) so I don’t even know who’s behind it.  Once I get names, this post will be edited accordingly to acknowledge them, and to see if they’ve done anymore.  

In the meantime, the source will have to be where I found out about this in the first place:


sorry my hand slipped


OKAY. Since nobody seemed to care about reading my explanations, I decided to do some new edits so anybody would actually see this. Once again - I’m terribly sorry for editing Dimitri who is not Disney (GUYS, I DO KNOW THIS, REALLY) but I had no choice. He fits the most for Levi and nobody can make me think otherwise ;P Plus, by saying “Disney!Levi” I meant an art style that has been used in “Anastasia”, not the movie itself. Jesus Christ, I never wanted to cause a shitstorm because of this.

Okay, now let’s talk about edits above^. I like Sasha’s one and Annie’s face. Ymir - not really. And Christa… Uhh, I don’t even know. Anyway, I hope you like these.