for once i did serious art

I definitely headcanon Genji and Hanzo as the type of brothers to play fight (when their father or his underlings aren’t watching). I feel like Genji would bully Hanzo more in their youth, with Hanzo being more mature and serious from his training as clan successor and not retaliating to Genji’s childish antics. Once they both were older the fights would become more demonstrations of both their skills, with Hanzo winning most of the time and Genji spending less and less time training and more time partying lol

inspired by this awesome video:


“Mister Potter, I had told you to wear something sexy!” reprimanded the stylist, throwing her hands in her perfectly blown-out hair. “These are the sexiest clothes I own,” Potter replied. Draco huffed and rolled his eyes at Potter’s huge knit sweater and baggy faded jeans, earning himself a death glare from his ex school rival. He was usually extremely professional, but this was Potter and he’d only agreed to be the photographer for his Witch Weekly photoshoot on his own terms and after much pestering. After all, he was the best. “Take them off,” ordered the stylist, indicating Potter’s clothes. “I’ll see what I can do.” Draco turned his back as soon as Harry started undoing the button of his jeans. Earlier than he had expected, the stylist declared: “Wait, you’re good to go.” Draco whipped around and started saying: “Go sit on the stool… ” only to abruptly stop, gulping at the sight of Harry Potter standing in front of him only in his oversized sweater. Draco’s eyes hungrily ran over Harry’s toned thighs. The latter obeyed his order anyway, apparently oblivious to Draco’s sudden burning stare. Draco observed him being fussed over by the stylist. She raked her hands through Harry’s messy mop of hair and took his glasses off, while Draco tried to convince himself that he totally didn’t want to be in her place. Once she deemed Harry ready to be photographed, Draco told him: “Do whatever you want, I just have to take some test shots now.” Harry nodded minutely and propped his foot on the stool, throwing his head backwards in a deep sigh. Draco saw it and immediately recognised it as a perfect moment to immortalise; he wasn’t so taken aback by Harry’s impromptu half-nudity that he had forgotten his profession. He darted for the camera and clicked on the button so fast that one would’ve thought his life depended on it, then quickly checked out his work. “I think I’ve got it,” he announced, regarding the picture. Harry’s head shot towards him. “What, already?” he asked, frowning. “Yes,” Draco responded, “come see.” Harry jumped off the stool with a grace that Draco hadn’t thought he could possess and walked over to him. Draco passed him the camera. “I don’t see what’s so special about it,” Harry commented, scratching his head. “Are you serious?” snapped Draco, grabbing Harry’s arm out of instinct. “If you weren’t you, I’d want to shag you,” he exclaimed, too preoccupied by the insult to his art to realise what he was saying. As soon as he did, he felt blood rush up to his cheeks and let go of Harry’s arm as if it had burned him. Harry, however, gave him a thorough once over. “Then pretend I’m someone else,” he said. At that, Draco’s jaw finally dropped open. Harry had the nerve to actually smirk at him. Draco just had to grab him by the collar of his shirt and and clash their mouths together. Harry’s lips felt simply marvellous against his own, his tongue moving just like Draco loved. “Scratch that,” Draco whispered some time later, detaching himself to get some air, “I want you.” Harry’s reply was lost in another heated kiss.

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I present to you all, Svenn’s tasteful thigh, the ruling meme in the Tyrian Adventure League.  I did the doodle as a warmup yesterday cuz I couldn’t get it out of my head once my brain conjured it.  XD There’s just something about this Norn’s glistening leg that has enraptured the guild.  It may be that he’s so adorably serious about it, or that we just all love Svenn that we can’t get over it, we may never know.  


Omg, +200 ;w; I can’t believe that we are more than 200 people around :,D (Counting on my shitty posts and bad memes that try to be serious stuff, tho) Thank you so much everybody~ 

I finally finished this drawing, I’ve been trying to finish it for three days and I finally did it :DD Don’t see my horrible anatomy and my inability to make skulls please ;v; 

Once again, thank you so much~<333 I hope you continue liking my attempt to ask blog for a while (And my memes too)  (≧ω≦)<3

It’s 5 in the morning and I’m just not feeling like working on the background or reactions. @you-have-a-winter-heart , hope you like it anyway! I’d been trying to draw in for weeks, but I couldn’t get Ryan’s face right. Don’t know where his t-shirt went ;v;

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2, 5, 30

How long have you been drawing?

My entire life. Once I finally figured out how to draw more than horses in middle school I got a lot more serious about it.

What’s your favorite thing to draw?

Right now I’m most comfortable with people, but I’m always trying to push my comfort zones! I’m learning to draw monsters and complex backgrounds so that’s what I’m most excited by right now.

What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?

The other people and artists around me. When I see something I like I want to learn how they did it and to make it myself. I’m always trying to be better and to do more things. I love looking back at my old devientart page and seeing how far I’ve come, and I love looking at artists I admire and seeing how far I have to go.

Send me artist asks


Old art re-upload as per request! Finished in 2010.

This is a 10 page comic that was part of “1920” anthology organized by the lovely and talented Orrie. I’m not good with serious stories so I stuck with the more comfortable short format and threw in few random facts I know about the time period…I don’t even know if I’m slightly funny but I’m delighted by the number of historical people I squeezed in there!


‘Tears which were stinging her eyes before were now swelling and clouding her vision.  Her fingers became coated with frost again and her hands felt cold, like the ice she weaved so easily, and she clenched them tight.

“No, I’m dangerous. I’m no good. I’m a freak, a murderer, a monster…” she whimpered, feeling tired and defeated.  Closing her eyes, she felt a tear sliding down her cheek and she shivered.  “So please… just leave me alone, before you get hurt… please…”

She stood there trembling in agonizing silence, letting herself fall apart again, except this time she felt a sudden warmth clutch around her fists gently loosening them and fingers intertwining.  

Startled, she snapped her eyes open and saw that her frost coated fingers were now intertwined with Hiccup’s own.  They were rough and scarred, but warm and strong—she found a sudden adoration for them, as peculiar as it may have sounded.  Then again, she was a pretty peculiar person. 

“I’m not Anna,” Hiccup said softly and she felt a stab of guilt and shame. “And you’re not a monster.”



So yeah, this scene is one of my favorites (kinda have to read it in context, otherwise it won’t make sense but hopefully you guys still get the gist of what’s going on, because it was just so beautiful I had to draw it o3o)  That story is so heartbreakingly amazing, you guys just have to read.  Go.  Read.  Now.  I’m serious.  

(On a side note, I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much time actually making a comic strip this detailed, I usually make them more sketchy but for once in my life I actually wanted to make this pretty and detailed—the whole thing—so yeah.  Wow.  What do you guys think, did I do good?)

My Diary - Pouring My Heart Out

        I have a very big heart that comes with a very big lock attached to it and occasionally I’ll meet someone that has a key that fits perfectly. But somehow everything goes wrong once its unlocked. I don’t know if I have trust issues or insecurity issues. I look at myself and I see this overly handsome young man, but somehow things go wrong. Is it my weight that I’m insecure about? How did I go from fit to thick? I believe that my weight is the problem, but I’m not doing anything to fix it. I’m so lazy to the point where I get aggravated with myself for not pushing myself into the change that I know I need to make. So what’s the first step? How do I continue to step forward and never look back? 

         Back to my love life, which I know is the reason that most of you are even reading this, but hey… I titled this pouring my heart out so that’s what I’m doing. I love D. undeniably but I also love M. Maybe not as deep as D. but I most certainly love him. I messed it up with both of them. Two good guys that I messed over unintentionally trying to protect myself instead of just trusting that they wouldn’t hurt me. I truly believe that I’m over my past hurt, but I know it still affects me when it comes time to trust. 

         I only see the flaws; I only see the worst in people. Is it a gift or a curse? I think it’s both because I am a good judge of character when it comes to other people and their situations, but when it has anything to do with me I’m clueless, I’m blinded by attraction. Most of the times I overthink every situation and honestly who wants to put up with someone who’s damaged? I constantly say I want to find love but whenever I’m given the chance I chase away everyone that tries to love me, why is that? What’s wrong with me?

So few people wanted me to actually answer the questions so .___.
yea here it goes: 

  1. When did you get into art?
    - I started being serious… somehow… in… December 2012 ??  (ahahaha right before the apocalypse well done me)

  2. What art-related sites have you ever signed up for?
    - I had DeviantArt… once.

  3. Show us your oldest piece of art you have on hand.



    (July 2011 btw)

  4. What defines your artistic style?
    - People say it’s cute .__   . I’m gonna go with it . ___ .

  5. Do you practice other styles/have you tried other styles in the past?
    <secretly I’m learning how to draw realistically>

  6. What levels of artistic education have you had?
    I’m like… Ultra Beginner - Dork Version Deluxe 

  7. Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site.

    Srsly I drew Dean? Goddamn I'm boring

  8. What do you like most about your art?
    - It’s simple and cute 

  9. What do you like least about your art?
    - When I’m trying to draw some serious bloody death scene and people go “aw that’s cute” and I just

  10. Have you ever considered taking commissions?
    - Not yet .___  .

  11. What do you like drawing the most?
    - Currently gay angels and gay hunters. 
    And Charlie, but she’s not ga—    oh wait

  12. What do you like drawing the least?
    - You mean like hands?? Faces?? THE SECOND EYE?? LEGS?? FEET???? SHOES????????

  13. Do you draw more fanart or original art? If fanart, what fandom do you draw the most of?


  14. What would you absolutely refuse to draw?

    - …………. the D

    /stop laughing pls/

  15. What is your purpose for drawing?
    - To bring fun, joy and destiel

  16. What medium/program do you use the most in your art?
    - Automatic pencil and PaintTool Sai!

  17. How would you rank your art? (poor, mediocre, good, etc.)
    - Mediocre but made with love

  18. What do you think you could stand to improve on?
    - Literally everything. 

  19. Do you have a shameful art past? (recolour sprite comics, tracing art, etc.)
    - ………. yeah

20. Draw a picture!

Also Insanelystableimagination asked me for 4 interesting facts about me and I just <??? what is there interesting>

1. I can sleep either for days or not at all, there’s no between. Also my “body clock” is broken - I can’t sleep till 3 am .c.

2. I drink gallons of coffee. Sometimes when I make coffee in the kitchen I’m able to drink it before I get to my room, that’s why I usually make whole pots of coffee, you can find lots them on the desk in my room 

3. I keep my spn drawings in folder named “Carry on my wayward son” (haha wtf)

4.  <Probably the strangest one ???>  

I have my own sequence in buying certain sketch notes. My fav firm makes them in 5 colours. First is orange, then green, red, purple and blue. I’m always drawing in them in this order, there’s no other option.

That’s it! I’m gonna go back to draw destiel now uwu

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Hanna, how do you make finished illustrations? I am so keen on sketch booking and feel so free but when it comes to time to make serious images and make portfolio or website ready pieces, I fall apart. Any tips or advice?

my trick is - I almost never make finished illustrations!

I just make a dumb sketch with a coloured pencil. and then later at some point I ink an old sketch I once did. then at some other point I scan this old inked sketch I’ve got. and I’ll spend some time now and then and blob some colours on it, and woa, hey, there’s a picture (honestly) 

You know how sometimes you have nights where you feel like you can’t draw anything of quality?! Tonight is my night.

This started out as a Mermaid AU drawing and it turned into an Art School AU drawing. I ran out of space for the rest of poor Bog’s head! Sorry this isn’t the cool picture I was hoping it would be! Sheesh!

I have this head cannon that Bog is one of those secret hotties. Doesn’t look buff or anything with clothes on but once he takes them off…… HOLY CRAP WHERE DID THOSE PECS AND SIX PACK COME FROM?! Look at Conan O'Brian as an example. I’m serious go look.

Had to reference my mode packets for this. Like I said it just isn’t my night. Also I remember a Art School AU fanart someone did of the characters sitting around laughing? Yeah I like that one and took inspiration from that. Don’t know the title or the artist so if you know it let me know!

I am trying to make my hands better looking by studying other artists.

Strange Magic © Lucas Films

Monty Python © Whoever owns that thing

Art School AU © abutterflyobsession

Art © Me

Did you guys see the new champ reveal???! SO COOL
Cool check list: Dragon ✔ Space themed ✔ Glowy ✔ Blue&Purple ✔
Ok maybe I’m a little biased since we share the SAME HAIR COLORRR
Anyways, have some fun sketches I did for a humanoid Aurelion Sol <3 much plot wowe
Will probably do more serious ones (including a male design) once I have more time!

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Do you know any good social media au? Thank you:)

well we have a meet online tag and bloggers & youtubers tag but since that doesn’t cover everything social media, I’ll go ahead and make a social media au tag too and give you a rec list here!^^

Hit The Lights by lethallergic - 1-800-HOTLINEBLING

Drive Me Wild by lethallergic - “We should stop because I want to permanently add you to the snapchat story of my life.” (sequel to Hit The Lights)

dating for dummies by sugasus - in which twitter is evil, jeon jeongguk is a bit tsundere, park jimin is satan and kim taehyung may or may not have a boyfriend.

whatta man (good man) by aeterisks - Out of all the kinds of blogs Jeon Jeongguk could have run, never in a million years Taehyung would have expected him to have a porn blog. (Or, Jeongguk runs a porn blog and Taehyung not so accidentally finds it.)

can you be (mine?) by melonnim - Taehyung likes Iced Caramel Macchiatos, the Arts, and a man that vaguely resembles the Adonis statue.(i saw you at starbucks once and immediately started crushing on you and oh shit did you just talk to me? fuck im so weird you’re probably weirded out im so dead kill me now au)

Call Me Tweet Me If You Wanna Reach Me by taekover - you’re a celebrity who just broke up and I tweeted you a selfie with the caption “date me” as a joke but you thought I was serious?

there’s lightning in your eyes i can’t deny by lilacflowers - taehyung films, jungkook is camera shy.

he’s the tear in my heart (i’m alive) by lilacflowers - his blog remained the same, colourless and simple, until kim taehyung appeared in his life.

snapstreak by namjoone - Taehyung doesn’t know much about Jungkook, except that he could probably (definitely) bounce a quarter off that ass. (aka, tae and kook are college frat brothers who meet when a dirty snapchat is sent to the incorrect recipient.)

Mysterious Boyfriend by ohnami - Taehyung is a famous ulzzang who gained popularity on SNS too. To celebrate his 16thousand followers on Tumblr he decided to make a live Q&A on Youtube for the first time. There are a lot of questions but what everyone really wants to know: Who is Taehyung mysterious boyfriend?

Written in cursive by wontaek - because who would’ve known that in-between tears and fashion, the depressed emo would fall for the hopeful hipster? in which jeongguk is bold and desperately wants cursive in his life. taehyung just so happens to be cursive.

Don’t Let Your Love Go To Waste by krscnl - Taehyung and Jungkook meet on Omegle.

angle of refraction by astringxnt - Jungkook is a photographer who mounts every heartbeat on film, and Taehyung is the sort who never stays in one place for long. “the world is such a small place, but still big enough for us to get ourselves lost in.”

Taehyung, Shut Up I’m Vlogging by Yoongi_BTS - The life of a youtuber (or seven youtubers in this case)

Happy by moonlit-lane - Taehyung has a YouTube channel, Jungkook thinks it’s cute.

Of 2.5 Million Subscribers, Bush Hats, and Passion by neorago - YouTubers!au. In which Jeon Jungkook may take the phrase, “I’d rather die than live without passion” a little too seriously, Kim Taehyung meets his idol, and Park Jimin just constantly shakes his head at all the idiocy.

Art/Character taken/used/stolen by a "famous" YouTuber.

So, a friend mentioned that they saw my artwork being used by someone on some forums nearly 2 years ago. I thought about it, then I shrugged it off because, well, it’s a forum avatar. It isn’t doing me any harm. 

After further research, I actually found out that they have based their entire YouTube livelihood off of said image/character. Even their YouTube name is the name of the character. After some digging, it is entirely clear that it’s not a coincidence. They did, in fact, base their entire persona off the character I created over three years ago. I found out that they started going by the alias and using my art almost immediately after the image was posted online. Since then, they have over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, and use the character (not necessarily my artwork anymore, since they receive fan art and use that) and have never, ever, EVER mentioned me once. 

I did some serious research on them, and there are archives of them using my artwork in 2011 as forum avatars, as a Steam picture, on Facebook, Twitter - etc. They basically used my artwork until they started receiving fan art. 

At first, it was art theft, but then it turned in to full-on character theft. Concept theft, all that. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to contact them or what to say. I have a gut feeling they’re going to adamantly deny being inspired by my art (though they’ve even added it as a favorite on the DeviantArt 3 years ago). I’m just sick to my stomach. Had they asked me, or even gave me credit… I wouldn’t be so upset… but no. No word. Just take. 

This isn’t even a character that I ever used. It was just some art I did for fun, and kept up in my gallery as an example. 

I’m utterly disappointed and sickened by it. 

Until I figure out what to do, I don’t want to start a commotion. I want to try to handle this as best as I can between the YouTuber and I, but I’m not sure how it’s going to go. If things don’t go well, I will release the name of the YouTuber/all the proof I have regarding the situation. They’ve been using the character as their alias and “brand” for over three years, so I don’t think they’re going to just drop it with me asking. 

Please, please, PLEASE… I need some advice on how to approach this issue. I’m gutted.