for once i actually really like a canon pairing!

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If it's derogatory or something plz tell me, because I thought it meant something like a secret ship or something that you ship a bit. Like for me it's sesskog and inukag

ok I’m like 90% sure crackship means like. a crazy/unbelievable ship that is very Improbable/you’d have to be on crack in order to think of it. it’d be something way out there, like Einstein/Naruto or something like that.
so applying this term to gay ships that actually have some grounds in canon can be less than cool because the message you’re sending is “I don’t view this pairing as legitimate.” and doing this once or twice is forgivable, it happens, but after a while, microaggressions add up you can see how it gets tiring having to prove that validity of gay relationships
so “crackship” isn’t really a derogatory term on its own, but used again and again to dismiss gay ships, it can have a hurtful effect

Please stop...

I’ve seen countless posts in this fandom portraying the straights as the bad guys. “The straights say it’s platonic love”, “In your face straights” and many more. STOP, because it’s not okay!! It’s not the straights who hate on Victuuri, it’s the homophobic assholes. I have quite a few queer friends who actually aren’t quite convinced that Victuuri are in a romantic relationship . But I also have many straight friends who are genuinely happy because Victuuri is canon. Believe it or not but this is pretty offensive. YOI NEVER, not even once has it mentioned anyones sexuality in the show. Why? Because that’s not what’s important. The deep and meaningful relationship Victuuri has is important! Please, don’t post things like that because it can really hurt someone’s feelings. I’m hurt too when hardcore fanboys call queer people disgusting for shipping a male x male or female x female pairings in anime. Please don’t make this about someone’s sexuality. Thank you.
(before you get offended by this post thinking that another straight is offended, let me tell you that I’m a bisexual myself)

So there’s a lot of anti comments going around (again) about how Swan Queen shippers should stop complaining and be happy about whatever throw away LGBT couple is coming up. And I will even momentarily set aside the argument that side characters are not remotely satisfactory as representation as I ask these people: Let’s say Neal came back. Somehow, he’s back. Emma realizes she’s always loved him and leaves Hook. Should CSers not be upset? I mean, they still have Regina and Robin, or Rumple and Belle, why isn’t that good enough!? Do you see how stupid that argument is? Because one has nothing to do with the other! And then there is there the fact that not every LGBT viewer ships every LGBT ship. Just like not every straight person ships every heterosexual ship. Shocking, I know. And if you really, truly think that a tossed together same sex pairing is anywhere on par to a couple that has seasons worth of interaction in nearly every episode (I’m not even talking swan queen… I’m talking the canon couples that are in our faces every damn day) then you are literally just ignorant. Like, if you can’t pull your head out of your ass to actually consider what you’re talking about, maybe you just shouldn’t be talking about it at all.

I’m starting to think that they are deliberately keeping Stiles and Derek apart in order to weaken the Sterek fandom.

They used to put in these little random scenes, like the one in Deaton’s office (It’s the internet, Derek) or the “let me see that fist” scene and now - nothing! They were at the same place and yet they didn’t even pass each other and the fighting scene in Derek’s loft doesn’t really count, since they didn’t say a single word to each other.

And if the season 4 spoilers are actually valid, we won’t get any Sterek interaction for at least the first half of the season. And next week’s episode will be the last of 3b. What we can tell from the trailers and spoilers is that Stiles will most likely be fighting alongside Scott and Kira and Derek will get severely injured while he’s at the loft. So, once again, absolutly no Sterek scene!

It’s like they want us to forget the ship so they can promote other pairings, like Stiles/Malia or Stiles/Lydia.

I don’t need Sterek to be canon in order to ship it but I really miss the snarky banter, this whole i-hate-you-so-much-but-not-really-actually-not-at-all-fuck-you’re-in-danger-please-don’t-die! thing. Even if you don’t like the ship, you can’t deny that the Sterek-shippers are a significant part of the TW fandom and if they are really trying to cut us out by denying us any interaction whatsoever I think they are making a huge mistake!

Because a lot of people know about TW because of Sterek. That’s how I became aware of the show in the first place, because it was literally everywhere - tumblr, ao3, lj, deviantart. It doesn’t mean that everyone watches the show for it, but a lot of people get curious about it because they see al the art work and the fics.

So I don’t want to tell the writers what to do with their show or to demand intense Sterek scenes every other episode. I just feel like they try to fade us out and that’s kind of disrespectful to all the Sterek-shippers who did so much for this show.