for once all rp blogs huh

Handy tips for users with multiple blogs !!

Have you ever wanted to be able to check on all your blogs at once? Do you use Google Chrome? Well, here’s your opportunity to do so without having to worry about logging out and logging back in again - your fears of losing passwords and emails are far behind you. 

First of all, if you type your email and add +word at the end, it will still send you emails to that account? Neat, huh? For example blank+blog1@blank.blah will be your email address for your new blog !! You can do this as many times as you like - not just for tumblr - though be wary of creating more than one in the same day !! This way you also just have to keep track of the one e-mail address. (Hint: Some email providers even have a handy tool to create folders for the different addresses you use !!)

Now for the other fun part. Multiple chrome users !! 

First of all, go to the top right hand corner of your Chrome. There will be a little button with three thick lines. Click this and you should have this following window appear: 

When you get this window, click Settings and scroll down the page until you see a header titled People. You should already have one user and if you have a google account it will probably be titled under that name. Here comes the fun part. 

Select Add Person and you will be prompted with another small pop-up window that offers you a variety of user pictures to choose from. It also offers the chance to name your user and if you’re a roleplay blog or if you have separate blogs, this is a good way to identify which is which. (I personally also use identifying colours for my blogs that connect with those characters !!)

Once you have selected your image and name, click Add. This will create your new user and they will have their own header/browser. 

When you right click on the name in the top right hand corner, the users you have created will be listed there. You can select them by clicking on them fairly easily and you will be opened to a new browser window. Once you have a window open, it will automatically switch to it upon clicking, rather than opening a new window each time. 

If you wish to have xkit installed, you must add the extension to each individual user’s chrome. But this does mean you can have separate tags & blacklists depending on which blog you are on, also !! 

I really hope this helps some of you !!