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Anon Asks: How would Summer settle any fights between the Branwen twins?

To quote Archer: simple misdirection

Raven “Queen of Sass” Branwen, everyone

The twins are kind of like a twister when fighting: you don’t want to get caught up in the chaos or you’ll likely experience bodily harm. Summer was, however, very close friends with the twins and often diffused their fights with multiple tactics. Taiyang had tried before to break up the Branwen’s, but while Raven was calmed, Qrow just would end up growing more agitated and they’d fight anyway.

Two tools she often used was her food (more importantly her baking) and free hugs and nuzzles. Once STRQ begins to pair off with dating, it becomes easier to silence the twins with kisses. 

But for now? A picnic will suffice.

How Got7 Would Hug You

A/N: Not requested. I just kinda need a hug right now so imagining how Got7 would hug me will suffice. That and I love doing these kind of posts :)


His hugs would essentially be all the words he doesn’t say. When he sees you’re upset, or when he’s at a loss for words at how to say, “I love you,” he translates it through a hug. It would be tight like a bear hug and he wouldn’t let go for quite a while.

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JB’s hugs would almost be possessive like. They wouldn’t typically be his go-to skinship act, but when he does give you a hug, it would be with his strong arms wrapped completely around you as if to shield you from everything in the world.

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He would definitely be a big hugger. I see his hugs being the type where he picks you up and spins you around a few times before setting you down. They’d be playful and full of love, while also soft, intimate moment between the two of you. 

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Two words; Cuddle. Hugger. The time where Jinyoung is the most clingy would be when you two are just lounging around. Maybe he’s reading a book and you’re listening to music while he snakes an arm around your waist and plays with your hair. Very casual to say the least.

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Now Youngjae would be a big snuggler, similar to Jinyoung. You may not hug too often throughout the day, but when it’s time for bed, he would have every limb possible entangled with yours. He loves being able to run his fingers through your hair while looking at your sleeping face.

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I cannot express how much Bammie would love to give you forehead kisses, so his hugs would almost always include them. He would wrap his long arms around your waist and rest his lips or chin on your head as you swayed side-to-side. Relishing in the moment.

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Backhug. Did you hear me? Backhug. He’s a tall boy, he’s also like a koala, so if he sees an opportunity to wrap his arms around you and push his chest flush against your back, he would. Especially while you’re cooking, cleaning, or getting ready for the day.

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How to report child pornography to Tumblr.

Go to You’ll be taken to this:

From there, you proceed like so,

Then you do this,

The final step is this form,

This text is what I use to explain drawn child pornography of underage characters:

This, and many other artworks on this user’s blog, contains drawn child pornography of fictional characters that have been confirmed to be under 18.

In the field where they ask you to tell a little about yourself, saying your name, age, and why you chose to report the content should suffice.

Voila! You’re done! Now go report those nasties!

notes: just a drabble i was struck with the inspiration to write when i should’ve been working on my project. au where orihime’s ill and kazui aspires to become a doctor

disclaimer: disclaimed

“Okay, now I need to check your heartbeat.” 

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jungkook; the reason why

❝jungkook, the reason why you don’t need a stool…and the reason why you do
►1006 words // scenario, get the frick away jeon jungkook
♡ for the love @yoongihime​ before she comes at me

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there are times where you just think… who the fuck put it on the highest shelf? indeed, you were the one who buys the groceries. you, handpicked everything, checking from price, to expiry dates and packaging conditions, you chose everything but how is it when it came to placement and storage, it isn’t where you last thought it was?

breakfast became a chore sometimes. and in those days, today, a bowl of cereal and milk would suffice. but now there’s one very important ingredient missing.

fucking lucky charms.

you’ve taken out your favorite bowl, one that’s big enough so the milk doesn’t spill out if you’re too careless and not too big that you can swim in it. fresh carton of milk on the island, a big spoon because teaspoons are a disgrace to cereal bowls.

now you’re left to huffing up to the shelf that you know is up there but you’re far too lazy to grab a stool. ah, humans, such confusing beings when the solution is there but turning a blind eye is much easier. so what do you do? do you walk over to the corner and drag the one thing that can help you get what you want or do you call over someone who could get the job done?


you decide to struggle with inching fingertips desperately reaching for it and it elicits a chuckle from the doorway.

it’s as if he’s laughing at your misery when you look over your shoulder with a huff. jungkook stands there with crossed arms and mischievous eyes, his brows doing that thing when he knows he can be of help. jungkook was never the kind to constantly poke fun of your height (though it’s something that was a vast difference between the both of you), he doesn’t really bring it up.

but it’s moments like these where he finds it amusing and he can’t help himself. you were making it too easy and irresistible. who asked you to look so cute in his oversized hoodie and a pair of shorts? who gave the audacity to look helpless to the point where all he want to do is grant you what you want so you’d start smiling and blushing when he does?

hey, the world wasn’t fair.

“need help?” he coos, stepping into the kitchen with his bed hair; clad in nothing but boxers hanging off his hips and jungkook’s reached that stage of being comfortable around you (which was a good thing). and with confidence that just gets him to - “what do you want, hm?” he sing-songs, stepping in front of you to face the shelf and you croak out a soft lucky charms… that he snorts, effortlessly reaching up without his tippy toes (like how he saw you doing for the past two minutes) and already he has the box of breakfast meal in possession.

he watches how hearts are shaped in your eyes as you try to take it from him but he holds it up above your head, to which your eyes follow and you whine, “jungkook!” you stretch your arms out, grabby hands at what he floats atop of you, “give it!”

“on one condition,” he puts the box up higher, to which it’s no hope for you and you’re scoffing, rolling your eyes with crossed arms, “what…?”

“agree first,”

“that’s like asking me to sign a contract to do a business i don’t know of,”


“fine! sell my organs!” you throw your hands up dramatically and jungkook chuckles, handing you over the box of cereal just like that and you find this skeptical. you narrow your eyes at him and he shows no sign of making jokes (yet, you think). testing the waters, you slowly walk to the island, dragging the bowl towards you and you peek at him to see he’s still standing there, motionless.

you click your tongue and open the box up, tearing the corner of the plastic to start pouring it into the bowl. his eyes fixate on you as you start to uncap the carton of milk and as you put everything together, a bowl of cereal with a spoon ready to be fed in your mouth, he’s still watching. his eyes, as if they’re saying go on, remain on you when you put the spoon in and you empty the contents before putting the spoon back into the bowl.

with a mouthful, and a stomp of your feet on the marble tile, jungkook cracks up when you - “take a picture, it’ll last a lifetime,”

he shakes his head with a grin, stalking over to you and you immediately freeze when he stands behind you. gulping everything down your throat, you remain still when he murmurs this is your payment and before you can process it, his long arms snake around your waist and you close your eyes, finding it ridiculous.

this was his choice of payment?

he purrs in delight when your palms brush over his arms tight around you and he starts to sway you along to his chest left and right in a soothing pace that makes you chuckle. he presses the side of his head next to yours, his body heat radiating through yours that it compliments the cold milk and sweet cereal nicely.

“what’s so funny?” he rasps, throat dry and you chuckle a bit more before answering, “nothing,”

“then why’re you laughing?” he does that thing with his lips, a pout and a frown that makes you snicker, poking his cheek as you do so, “well, it’s just amusing, really. you could’ve asked for anything but this is your choice of ‘payment’?”

“when in doubt, go for the best,” he murmurs, grinning sheepishly as he buries his face in your neck, “you’re the best.”

((”it was you, wasn’t it?”

“don’t know what you’re talking about,”

“you sure in hell do. who else would’ve put it on the highest shelf?”

“…we have unexpected guests?” … “i might want to run, don’t i?”

“oh yeah.”))


2015 vs 2017 booty gains. My butt has always been one of my biggest insecurities. One day I decided I was going to work on it and today I am so very proud of myself. Hopefully next year I will have a bigger and better booty, but for now this will suffice. I will continue to push myself and not give up on my goals.

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So my boyfriend's friend is half Salvadorian & half Ecuadorian and he HATES pupusas. I was trying to find an excuse for such blasphemy, but then again, i realized that liking, nay, LOVING pupusas is innate among salvadoreños. Even if you're only half salvy. Suffice to say that he is now blockt & reported.

pupusas being anything other than god tier is #alternativefacts


Oh my God I cannot wait why couldn’t keep its originally release date this will have to suffice for now.


have some TEW artdump cuz i have nothing new worth its own post and i hate this game

Monster (M)

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Summary: In Namjoon’s eyes, you were just a simple worker in an office somewhere in Seoul. And in your eyes, Namjoon worked as a corporate lawyer for one of the many different companies around the city – what the two of you didn’t know is that you were actually working for rival businesses who fought dirty, which is why they hired both you and Namjoon respectively as assassins. But things take a turn when you’re handed a folder with your boyfriend’s picture and name on it, the love of your life now labeled as your next kill.

A/N: It’s finally done!!!!! This was both fun and challenging to write but I think it turned out okay. At least I hope it did, lmao. It’s definitely the longest thing I’ve ever written but it’ll suffice for now. This is also loosely, and I mean loosely, based off of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Enjoy, loves. xx

Words: 6,885.

Warnings: Assassin!AU, rough sex, swearing, breathplay, dirty talk, mild violence, fingering, and gun use.

The scent of bacon and coffee fills your nose as you walk down the stairs, your eyes closing as you relished in the delicious smells filling the house. Slowly opening your eyes, your gaze falls on the bare broad back of your boyfriend standing at the counter, muscles flexing with every move he makes. A small smile forms on your lips as you walk towards him, your arms wrapping around his waist and your face pressing into the flesh of his back as you kiss his skin softly. A quiet hum of appreciation escapes him as he stops what he’s doing and turns around to face you, a dimpled grin forming on his face as he wraps his arms around you.

“Morning, beautiful,” he chimes, locking his hands together around your back and pulling you in close. Lifting your head to look up at him, you grin.

“Morning handsome,” leaning up on your toes you nudge his head down gently with your hand so that you can press your lips to his, properly greeting him before pulling away. “Breakfast smells good.”

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Sociology feels like a whole new level of BS papers…