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Super Junior D&E- Strength Of Love


The Lords’ Whispering Love x Proposal Chibizz

Part (1/2)

I just give up searching for rare Mitsukechi Proposal Chibi that I…


make Nobu a Cinderella~ hope the glass shoe fits milord

“Today I mourn.

I mourn for the giant step backwards in time we’ve taken as a nation.

I mourn for the planet that will now suffer greatly under the regime of a man who thinks global warming is a hoax, and holds significant stock in two companies directly funding the Dakota Pipeline project.

I mourn for the people I love in the LGBTQ community that no longer feel as safe or accepted. I’m truly baffled that after a year of so much progress for LGBTQ rights we’ve elected a man who has pledged to sign a bill making discrimination against this community legal.

I mourn for minorities; for the families that will be torn apart by "the wall”; and for those that no longer feel safe in their own skin because a man endorsed by the KKK is now your president. I can’t do much as an individual but I will stand with you in the face of the injustices to come.

I mourn for religious freedom as this term is about to have a very narrow meaning. I never thought America would have put a man in power that would call for a “total shutdown of muslims”. I thought we’d learned something from the last time someone tried to shut down an entire religion.

I mourn for my fellow women. I can’t comprehend that we’ve taken that creep on the street that won’t take no for an answer and put him in charge of our country (and our bodies with the policies he’s got in mind).

I mourn for foreign affairs and the chaos that will ensue under the leadership of a man who can’t seem to understand the word “no”; or that imitating the people you’re negotiating with isn’t appropriate.

I mourn for the national debt. Trump may be successful at the moment but let’s not forget this was achieved through trial and error. These errors include a number of bankruptcies. Running a country is different than running a business and we don’t have room for trial and error.

In the land of the brave, we allowed fear to win.

I’m not trying to bash you if you voted for Trump. You’re entitled to your opinion, and I am simply sharing mine. I may not understand your reasoning but I ask that you respect my time of mourning and refrain from any negative comments if you would.“

-Facebook status of my friend, Nov. 9, 2016

anonymous asked:

yes!! and that other ask mentioned how people believe that if you fly the lgbt+ flag you should be able to fly the confederate flag. southern states have the confederate flag all over tbh like flying by official buildings. but like? at least the lgbt+ flag isnt used by white supremacy groups like the kkk

yeaah now that you mention it i’ve seen people with those flags before which is?? so gross? why shouldn’t lgbt people be allowed to wave their flag around when these guys do it smh…

160109 Ryeowook banning Kyuhyun’s song from KTR

Listener said Ryeokdi is cool but she requested Kyuhyun’s A Million Pieces.

RW: … DDAENG! What is this? Why are you doing this to me now? kkk Why do you request KH’s song? Are you making fun of me? But it’s okay since I’m in the mood kk … Actually Kyuhyun-ssi’s song cannot be played on Sukira. I randomly cut the song. Recently Kyuhyun-ssi is treating me badly, so the more I wanted the cut his song kkk Why he treats me bad? Next time I’ll explain it to you~ (©)


[Trans] @kimheenim: When I look at this photo, it’s completely awkward🙊🙊 The days when I was not close to my now close friend Lee Hyukjae. That time, we said didn’t even know each other’s numbers😨😨 But, these two appeared on “Intimate Note”…. #lifeprogram #IntimateNote #Heenim #Eunhyuk Now that I think about it, fans gave nicknames like ‘KangTeuk’, 'HeeKyung’, 'EunHae’, 'ShimShin’.. With this kid, it’s awkward no matter what I think of. HeeHyuk, EunChul.. Oh! There is one that is suitable! 'ChoBum’. Choco❤️Heebum

If you love your country, you’re a Nationalist.

If you agree murder is wrong, you’re a Christian. 

If you think your boss is a pain in the ass, you’re an Anarchist. 

If you would be mad if someone kicked your dog, you’re a PETA member.

If you believe criminality must be stopped, you’re on the KKK.

Now, if you can see how stupid the previous statements were, you can see how stupid the following statement is:

“If you support gender equality, you’re a Feminist.”