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some trick ass youtube bitch in 2010

japan sure is weird guys isnt it weird how different japan is

isnt it crazy how japan is so weird! oh japan! you so weird! *laugh track*

isnt weird how a culture and societal code of conduct can be different from ours, especially under the circumstances that lead japan to be isolated from the rest of the world for so long, leaving it to progress uniquely to most western civilizations?


one time i saw a japanimation and there was a hot babe and she saw a tentacle and it was a porn of tentacle how fuckin wacky is that


“because when i looked at his face, i saw me. that look in his eyes, the d e s p a i r. i had it, back when i was in the foster system. just a l o s t little girl. who didn’t matter. and didn’t think she ever w o u l d.”

  • BBC Three: We're going to make #ClassDW the official hashtag for this show but do an abysmal job promoting it while creating confusion by tweeting from a bbcClass twitter handle.
  • Tumbler: Organically settles on "bbc class" as a the hashtag for the show.
  • BBC America, months later: Let's still make try to make #ClassDW a thing.

A girl who loves ice skating is cursed to break the ice she skates on, yet she continues doing what she loves and inspires others to do the same. 

My first year film is finally done! This has been a huge learning experience and I can’t wait to make cooler things next year. ✌

I think about you everyday,
But I don’t feel the urge to dial your number today.
I think I’ve finally realized the person greeting me at the other end won’t be the person who resides in my heart but Someone who left in the middle of the night and robbed me of all my faith in people.

For the longest time, I hated you.
I couldn’t understand why you would leave me when I needed you the most.
I just couldn’t understand why you couldn’t do 10% of what I did for you all these years.
You had to be a rotten person with a rotten soul.
Right? Right? Right!


I think I’ve finally come to understand the fault in you and that in most others around me.

You aren’t a bad person.

You are just weak.

I was expecting strength from a person who wouldn’t even know what that is.

I was expecting courage from someone who was filled with cowardice from head to toe.
I can’t really blame you for being weak but I can learn to not surround myself with people who don’t match my strength.

When I use the word ‘weak’, it’s not what you think.
I cry. All the time.
I display my emotions like I own a boutique.
I have weekly breakdowns.
Sometimes, I get nightmares while doing daily chores.
None of that is being weak.

Being weak is running away.
It is being selfish.
It is not being able to stand up for what you believe in.
It is not being able to say what you feel.
It is seeing someone suffer and rolling your eyes.
It is lies instead of a vocabulary.

You are weak.
I can forgive you.
I understand you aren’t a bad person.
I forgive you.
I have the strength to do so.

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A concept: Soft MacDennis slow dancing in the bar after hours. Nighttime, dim lights, Mac is glowing and Dennis is feeling™ and there are hands on waists, extremely gentle and tender. They both have tears in their eyes and don't try to hide it. They don't talk about it in the morning

“Put on that one song again,” Mac says shyly, looking up at Dennis while he wipes down the bar counter. It’s their turn to close up Paddy’s for the night, and Dennis is avoiding doing any kind of actual work as usual. He’s been making eyes at the jukebox from his perch atop one of the bar stools for the past half hour, and Mac figures it couldn’t hurt to indulge the guy. He’s almost done with the cleaning anyway.

Dennis is already halfway out of his seat, ready to make a beeline for the jukebox. “Which song, dude?”

“You know. That slow one.”

A small smile lifts the corners of Dennis’s mouth as he heads toward the jukebox, fiddling around with the buttons until the familiar sweep of piano chords begins to play. He turns around to look back at Mac, who’s already tossed aside his dishrag and hopped over the counter, making his way to Dennis.

You know our love was meant to be…”

Dennis reaches over and flicks the light off, leaving the interior of Paddy’s illuminated solely by the various lamps hanging around the bar, creating a hypnotically hazy palette of neon colors. Of course, Mac glows with an incandescent intensity of his own, his warm gaze easily the brightest thing in the room.

…the kind of love to last forever…”

It’s routine, this. They’re facing each other, separated only by a couple feet. It gets easier to find a rhythm with each time they do this, and tonight is no exception to that rule; they’re mirroring each other’s gentle swaying in a matter of seconds. 

…and I want you here with me from tonight until the end of time.”

Dennis hooks his thumbs around Mac’s belt loops and pulls Mac flush against him, hiding a content sigh as he feels Mac’s lightly calloused hands find their place on either side of Dennis’s waist, thumbs stroking tiny circles along the skin peeking above his jeans. Dennis lets his head tip forward and rest against Mac’s, and they spend the next three minutes in their own little soft rock world.

Unsure of how to put into words the fact that these nights are all that he ever looks forward to anymore, Dennis settles for tangling his fingers into the other man’s hair and pressing feather light kisses against Mac’s forehead. “You’re my inspiration,” he swears he hears Mac say in a feverishly reverent whisper, before the first drops of water make their descent down his cheeks.

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Alright they're all with Joon as usual Jin 5 // Yoongs 3 // Hobi 16 // Minnie 8 // TaeTae 9 // Kookie 11 // ot7 20 (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

5. Angry kiss

3. Drunk/sloppy kiss

16. French kiss

8. Seductive kiss

9. “War’s End” kiss

11. “Spiderman” kiss