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mileven? toxic and bad in any au or canon that you make up because in Real Canon it negatively affects both mike and el’s positive character traits. that includes mike’s openminded and accepting personality - shown towards his trusting attitude towards el in season 1 when she was a stranger to the party (paralleling max’s appearance and mike’s subsequent exclusionary actions in s2), and el’s care for her friends. instead, their serious toxic relationship makes mike impulsively mean and ostracizing towards max, and el violent towards max because of her jealousy.


See It Turning Red

Coming Feb 1st - Feb 14th

“So…” Harry placed his champagne glass down on his dressing table and approached Louis. “How much does one charge for simply a kiss?”

Louis looked perfectly composed, unsurprised by the question and unbothered by Harry’s display of dominance. He tilted his head and, with a small smile, he ran the back of his index finger over Harry’s cheekbone.

“Does His Royal Highness believe that he’d be able to stop at simply a kiss?”

It was as good a question as any Harry had ever heard. “I am a man who has complete control over himself.”

“I do not doubt it, Sir. But can you resist giving in to what you want?”

Prince Harry employs a male escort to accompany him to official functions to spite his father, King Edward, but Harry has a little trouble keeping his head.

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my mental health pretty much crashed today from burnout. I am so grateful for all the orders, truly i’m pretty much in tears that many people wanna support me and i’m so excited to share my merch! But I’m also just so overwhelmed bc of the preorder explosion of orders + all the commissions I have to do and just pretty much everything else in my personal life.

I kinda miss drawing just for fun, like doodles, my sw tarot card series or just my own stuff but I haven’t gotten any chance bc everything else takes up my time and i’m just kinda sad that i’ve been completely eaten by everything. Idk how to cope with the overload

HEY HERES A CONCEPT. kamimina but… lesbians

if you tag this as genderbend i WILL come into your house and kill you with my bare hands

Faking It - Part 1 - Bucky Barnes

Summary: loosely based on Faking It by Calvin Harris feat. Kehlani & Lil Yachty (watch here, listen here).

Warnings: language, a little angsty for now, slow burn (? not really, maybe)

A/N: notice how i said ‘for now?’ please remember that. also i love this song so so so so so so much.

You didn’t know how to be around each other anymore.

You seemed to race out of any room he entered. The kitchen, the gym, the living room— anywhere you saw Bucky Barnes, your feet would carry you in the opposite direction.

You justified it to yourself, you told yourself it was okay not to be completely over him yet. After all, that clench of his jaw was just too perfect, the blue of his eyes was just too intoxicating, the memory of his touch was just too haunting— you were allowed to find the mere warmth of his presence terrifying, you were allowed to still feel the weight of your feelings for him in every part of you. You were entirely allowed to still be in love with him— but he could never know that.

He thought you might not want to trace his features with your eyes like you once did with your fingertips, he thought you might not want to breathe the same air as he did when you once found your oxygen in him just as he found his in you. And it all hurt him, it all forced his heart into his stomach and his stomach into jerky somersaults.

But he justified it to himself, he told himself it was okay to not be completely over you yet. After all, that snorting laughter of yours was just too transfixing, the curve of your body fit into him just too seamlessly, the twinkling of your eyes was just too mesmerizing— he was allowed to find your retreating steps heartbreaking, he was allowed to still drown in every drop of love he used to swim so easily in. He was entirely allowed to still be in love with you— but you could never know that.

His first thought rang loudly in his head upon seeing you as you stumbled out of the elevator. Your hair was tangled and messy, your lips were pulled into a wide smile, and your feet were bare. He almost mumbled those three words his mind yelled when you giggled as you placed your left ankle boot atop Sam’s outstretched hand, the right dangling from your index finger.

You shrugged when Sam looked at you in a mixture of humor and incredulousness. “D’you want the other shoe or something?”

“Didn’t want the first one.”

“It’s a nice shoe, Sam. Cost me, like, six-hundred bucks.”

He snorted, taking the other boot from you anyway, nodding at Bucky in greeting when he spotted the brooding brunette on the couch in the common living room. “Cost you six-hundred bucks?”

“Okay, cost Tony six-hundred bucks,” you amended, following Sam into the kitchen and accepting a cold bottle of water gratefully. “They were a gift.”

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I’ve got a dude friend who’s been single for 15 years. Since online dating and dating apps started I’ve been subjected to a decade+ long monolog about the horrors of being single and how I just cannot understand blah blah blah etc.

Last month he got a girlfriend. We’re all very pleased and want to send her sympathy flowers.

Now it’s “What do I do? Where do I take her? How do I date? What do we do together? What do couples do? I need suggestions.”


Also, don’t ask me for suggestions, because the first thing that’s going to pop outta my mouth is, “Oooh! Boylesque!”

Other people’s lives are awful. Why do they have them?