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request! mccree and hanzo arm-wrestle... who wins?

it was rlly hard to pick a winner but..

i talked to @overdrivecow who figured out that theres more to arm wrestling than just pure strength; a lot of it is in the technique, which mccree certainly learned somewhere at some point!! 

the boy who stole sweaters

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so im in the process of putting all my art from this blog onto my art only blog @polkadotlemondrops

right now ive only queued the art from 2015 but as that wears down ill start putting in 2016 and 2017 as well

at some point i’ll work on reorganizing the tag list page so the blog’ll be a lot more easily accesible

if youd like to go give the blog a follow and see a bunch of my old homestuck and su art go ahead

otherwise ill make a post when all the art’s reblogged over there, and probably around that time i’ll change this into an art inspo blog, start using my sideblog @strictgrammarian more often, and keep all my art organized @polkadotlemondrops

Thank you, I’ll say goodbye soon
Though its the end of the world
Don’t blame yourself now 

i s2g if i have to see her die again… [transparent]


Me: Wow! 200+ followers on my Matsu blog?! Time to put out some quality Matsu artwork!!
Also Me: *posts this instead*

*Jyushimatsu hit that slide at about 300 mph and he will be greatly missed


I promised progress shots and now my lazy ass has to deliver. It’s not much, not nearly enough to fill the space I’m using, but I’ve got the rough ideas down for where in space to put them all.

And Imma tag the owners of each character under the cut for each update so… tada! Send in your ocs or monstersonas if you wanna get in on this andalsohelpapoorartstudent

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tiny Aletheia “So embarrassing even demons are too put off to mess with“ Trevelyan can’t do her best impression of Krem without assistance.

but idk, I’ve had this sitting in my sai folder for like a month now and I dunno if I want to color it or just leave as is. orz

help if you can!

yo guys, im in a bit of a sticky situation because i really am in need of a new binder. my current one is causing me a lot of pain to wear now, and barely does anything to bind. its been really putting me down and worsening my already fairly bad dysphoria.

if you could spare any money at all, i would be really grateful. theres a paypal donate button on my sidebar, and if you donate over $10 ill gladly sketch or maybe even colour you a picture, of whatever you like! check out examples at /tagged/my-art.

even if you cant donate, reblogging to boost would be largely appreciated! thank you so much, everyone.

The first batch of rlly quick url doodles!! if urs was nsfw or i didnt know what to do i just drew whatever so?? idk ill get to tagging now 😇✨ ALSO sorry if i spelled any of ur urls wrong??? these were rlly quick omg,,

(from left to right, top to bottom)
a-esthete lifesanadventure15 killuazoldycs frootypie matissejpeg divrita mais-dieu eternallyspotlesssunshine pxssyprincess @thelittleflowerprince tightropesun ninetailfawks monetsgal leagueofuselessness me-irma edwardmantishands menakete (i put judetxt bc thats wat was in my notes at the time! srry!) ewxtwo officialdragon latinxwitch vanartho peachymay mangomonet redhero15 kashlma @busytrynabesomebody

Commissions !!

hi!!!!!!!! my name is lili and i hardly post art on here bc of anxiety but recently our rent has gone up because of a number of things and we’re still trying to get use to paying more for utilities and such so as of right now we’re low on shampoo and soap and run very little on food very quickly within each month, especially now since our foodstamps have been lowered by about 500 dollars…so ive decided to build up my courage and ask for commissions ;__; like i said, i dont post a lot but you can take a look at my art tag  !! and ill put some examples at the end ! im willing to draw anything !! as long as its morally just of course..
i wont be charging a lot for these probably $20 at most depending on if its full body, colored, with background and stuff, we can discuss pricing ^___^ payment goes through paypal at !!! 

Thank you very much ~!!! :3