for now i want to hold this warm hand of yours

Bad Idea

Character: Newt Scamander

Prompt: 41

“I’m personally offended that you accepted that solo mission when you knew that you’d be away from me for four months.”

A/n: Super pleased with this one :D

“You never mentioned to me that you were leaving for four months.” Newt said, holding up the letter that the Ministry had sent to you, requesting your talent to investigate Grindelwald’s escape.

Newt looked down at the letter, eyes skimming over the scrawled and curling ink painfully. “And is says here that you’ve accepted.”

You sighed heavily, eyes falling shut as you felt the oncoming storm arriving. “I didn’t know how to bring it up to you.”

Newt folded up the letter and tossed it to the side. “Well now seems like a wonderful time to talk about it.”

You leaned against the kitchen counter, warm teacup in your hands as you tried to find the right way to tell him. “It’s the biggest case I’ll probably get to work on, and they want my talents specifically.”

“Yes, and it’s also investigating one of the most dangerous dark wizards that’s out there.” Newt countered, folding his arms as he stared at you unhappily.

“I’ve done several dangerous cases before what’s the difference?” You argued, setting down your tea before it sloshed all over the floors you had just cleaned.

“This difference is Gellert Grindelwald!” Newt exclaimed, his voice raising louder than you’d ever heard it.

“And the difference is you are in actual potential of getting seriously hurt or killed.” He added on, much more quietly than his last outburst.

You let out another sigh, eyes falling upon the window were you could see stormclouds beginning to formulate in the once blue sky.

“Newt, I’m an auror, this is what I do.” You tried explaining again, keeping the level head.

“I know that.” He said, moving from the table to stand infront of you. “But did you seriously think I would react well to you being away from me for four months, let alone doing something like this?”

“No…” You admitted, looking off to the side. “To be fair though, you have left me on my own to go chasing after dragons and Merlin knows what other ferocious creatures.”

“I can tame those creatures, my love. I know how to control the situation, you won’t be able to do the same.” Newt said, and you could see the worry stirring in his eyes as he thought of every possible bad ending.

“Four months isn’t that long.” You said, reaching up to gently brush a curl out of his eyes. “Four months and then I’ll be right back.”

“The amount of times I’ve heard that sort of thing said followed by a tragedy could could fill the Pacific ocean.” Newt said as he took your hand in his.

“I worry for you, my darling.” Newt said as he focused on your hand. “Being an auror is immensely dangerous, and knowing that it could be weeks to months before I even hear that you’ve been hurt is, completely unbearable for me.”

“And I’ve managed rather well up until then haven’t I?” You asked him, smiling ever so slightly whenever he nodded. “So don’t worry so much.”

Newt moved to nuzzle his face into neck, resting his forehead upon your shoulder.

You stood there, stroking the back of his hair as you knew it always calmed him. “If I could promise you that nothing will happen, I would. But you and I both know there is always a possibility.” You said softly to him.

“Yes, I know.” He said, lifting his head to look down at you.

“So if it gives you any solace, pretend like it’s all going to be okay until you hear from me or until I come home.” You told him, trying to give him any sort of comfort, no matter how small.

“But know that I’m very capable of taking care of myself, and that I will be surrounded by just as skilled wizards and witches. We don’t even know if anything’s there, I could very well go and look at destroyed castle debris for four months and do nothing but complain about it.”

That drew a laugh from Newt. “I can only hope.”

You smiled, gently stroking his cheek. “There’s that smile.” You said to him. “That is the kind of attitude I want you to keep while I’m away, I won’t have you moping about, and that’s an order.”

Newt raised his hand in a salute. “Yes, ma'am.”

You laughed at his antics. “See, this won’t be that hard. And in four months, I’ll be right back here. Safe and sound in your arms.”

Newt placed a small kiss on your nose. “Four months then.”

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Cold Hands

A/N: i considered making this personality-wise (and i might, so) but this means physically cold, like hands-wise…? Also i have really cold hands (ask anyone) it’s like ice


  • Is surprised when you first touch him
  • Like, are your hands always this cold???


  • Jumps like 10 feet in the air
  • “What the FUCK”
  • Gets used to it
  • He has cold hands too


  • Def uses this to hold ur hands
  • The first time he just, “Why are your hands SO cold???”
  • But now he just grabs ur hands and holds them
  • Hunk
  • Not surprised at all
  • Just kinda goes with it
  • Like, “oh wow your hands are really cold. Cool”
  • But will always ask if you want gloves


  • Doesn’t even realize
  • She just, “oh wowhand nice hand”
  • And then she’s like, “oh wow nice hand is vvv cold hand”
  • Will grab your hands and warm them up
  • Will also use your hands as an icepack


  • Totally gets it
  • Notices that your hands are cold and just
  • Wow cold hands
  • But alteans prob have really warm hands
  • So she just warms them right up
I think I fell in love with you last night
Or maybe the night before
Already those lines are beginning to blur
All I know is that the moment I fell for you I fell for the entire universe too
Now I hear you in the firecrackers going off at 2 AM
I don’t run for cover when it rains anymore
Everything is going by so fast and I’m missing it but I don’t want to miss you
Not even one second
And there’s warm blacktop beneath my bare feet
And there’s hearts doodled in the margins of everything
I can’t help but see you in the memories of fireflies on my bedside table
And you weren’t even there
It’s 2AM somewhere
It’s all mixed up in my mind
I can’t say your hand was built to hold mine but I’m sure they’d fit together if we tried
I don’t know what I’m trying to say here
Is this a poem? A letter? A cry?
I don’t bite my nails anymore
I talk to you instead
—  I listen to happy songs now
Dating El Diablo would include:

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Requested by Anon. 

Request: Hiya! I’ve just seen your last imagine with digger and I love it.. Could you do the Same with Chato Santaba? “imagine dating el Diablo, and what would that entail” thanks! ^-^

Warning: Fluff and a bit Smut

A/N: Aww thank you! Of course, I’ll do Chato headcanons. He’s my sweet baby and he deserves everything good in the world. 

In public:

  • Holding hands when going out for a walk.
  • People staring at Chato because of his tattoos.
    • You glaring back at them when they murmur something under their breath.
  • Him kissing your cheek every now and then. 
  • Him keeping you warm during cold winter walks.
  • Going on dates and never going to the same place (excluding the cinema) again because he doesn’t want you to have a boring date with him. 
    • Him always wanting to pay for you.
    • Him being very stubborn about it.  
  • Him introducing you to the squad when they see Chato with you walking around the city at night.
    • Captain Boomerang asking you if you need a new, better boyfriend. 
    • Chato threatening calmly to set Pinky on fire if he doesn’t get lost.
    • Harley Quinn cooing and telling you how cute you both are.
      • Her telling you in secret to be careful.  

In private:

  • Sweet kisses. 
  • Him calling you cute nicknames. 
    • You not understanding every nickname. 
  • Watching your favourite movies and tv shows together.
    • Lots of cuddling. 
    • Falling asleep during the movie. 
  • Him slapping your ass and laughing when you squeal.
  • Having awesome sex.
    • He knows how to make you feel good with only his touches.
    • Trying out rough sex and you being surprised when Chato’s being very dominant.  
  • Chato revealing his past and you comforting him, telling him it was an accident. 
  • Fighting. 
    • About the dangerous mission with the squad. 
    • Him always running away when he has the feeling he cannot control himself. 
    • You feeling bad for making him run away.
    • You both apologizing.
      • Sometimes make-up sex with lots of cuddling afterwards.
  • Chato being very careful with his powers around you.
    • Too careful.
  • Chato showing you his true form after two years into your relationship. 
    • You being shocked, but not afraid.
    • You calling him a God amongs human.
    • “I’m no God, [Y/N]. They call me Devil.”
    • “Bullshit, you’re pretty awesome. Oh, stop sulking and kiss me already.”   

  • You telling him you’re pregnant.
    • “Chato? I think I’m pregnant.”
    • Him being afraid at first and you assuring him that he’ll be a great dad.
    • Him being very happy about the child. 
  • Him being super careful around you during the prenancy. 
    • Chato doing almost everything for you.
    • You being very moody.
  • Having twins. 
  • Him buying you too many roses after you gave birth to them.
  • Harley Quinn coming over because she loves babies. 
    • You suspecting that she wants to have children with the Joker.
  • Deadshot congratulating both of you.
  • Digger coming over and giving the twins their own ‘Pinkies’ and him apologizing about the rude remarks he made.

  • Him proposing to you during a candle light dinner in Mexico.
  • You crying and squealing ten times ‘yes’.
  • You telling Chato to invite the squad to the wedding because they’re his only family. 
  • Chato and you being on a three week honeymoon in Mexico. 
  • Deadshot looking after the twins.
    • Turns out the twins are metahumans (Pyrokinesis/Cryokinesis).
  • Chato being worried but you assure him that everything will be fine.
    • You’re right. Everything turns out to be okay. 

(Requests for Imagines and Headcanons are open.) 

au ideas i thought of at 4 am
  • were in class and you keep throwing paper balls at me why are you doing this au
  • youre in orchestra and im in band, we take our rivalry seriously but holy shit youre hot so hey while they’re warming up wanna make out behind the curtains? au
  • i really cant chose between wanting to cuddle you and wanting to fuck you au
  • ok so im a celebrity and im single, and youre that one fan i see whos literally hella cute lets date au
  • its 2 AM and im knocking at your window, wake up and lets go on a late-night walk or something idk can we just hold hands already au
  • i didnt bring food for lunch but hey can i have half of your sandwich au
  • were in wrestling class and were partners and were in this really fucking awkward kind of sexual position right now au
  • im totally stronger than you but i let you win that arm wrestling contest au
  • we stayed up all night in bed texting each other and while i was confessing my feelings to you i passed out so all i left you with was “i kind of…” and thats it au
  • were in drama and we have this kiss scene together, i dont think i mind this one bit au
  • we did a trust fall but you were too weak to fully catch me au
  • were getting it on in bed and you fucking keep on whispering memes into my ear please stop this au
Spell For Comfort

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 6 Bay leaves - To Remove Negative Energy.
  • A Palm Full RoseMary - To Bring Love And Healing.
  • Dried Rose Petals - For Love.
  • 1 Ivy leaf - Brings Protection as Well as Healing.
  • A Comfort Rune.
  • Matches And A Censer.

Comfort Rune

Begin by Crushing your Bay Leaves and Dried Rose Petals and mixing it with the Rosemary. Put the herbs inside a Censer with the Ivy leaf sitting on top of them. Burn the herbs and inhale the scent.

Take the comfort Rune in both your hands and hold it to your heart. Relax and close your eyes and Visualize glowing hands reaching out and wiping away your tears from your face, Feel the warmth and comfort melting into your skin. Visualize warm arms embarrassing you, holding you, squeezing the hurt from your mind and heart.

Now Visualize your problems being taken away by the hands. Chant the following for as long as you want:

“I asked for comfort
And I found it within myself.
I will embrace the arms of warmth.
I will find comfort in this gloomy world.

Take the comfort rune and wear it as an Amulet, carry it in your pocket or keep in your purse or Wallet.

The Mentore’s Protégé

zoeyjayne: Hi I just found this blog and I adore it already! Do you think you could do a ezio x reader with angst or fluff maybe? Thanks!

A/N: I took a lot longer than expected but it’s here. Don’t be mad at meeeeee. Also, it turned a lot more cheesier than what I initially planned to, so sorry for that too. And I tried my best with Italian, I hope it worked

Tu sei tutto per me, amore - You are everything for me, my love

- Sei un dono per me… vorrei tenerti stretta per sempre, bell’angioletto - You are a gift to me… I want to hold you close forever, beautiful small angel

Your name: submit What is this?

Your hair color: submit What is this?

Your hand skimmed over the water, fingertips caressing its unruly surface rather lovingly, tiny water rivulets forming under your touch. The bathtub water was warm, a little bit too warm to what you were used to — and for that you could thank Ezio, who had brought you a vessel with some bubbling hot water to mix the cold one with —, which made your skin to flush red and he helped to soothe your sore muscles from the harsh training you had that day.

“You know you didn’t have to…” you mumbled idly, hand never ceasing its slow pace, which made you sigh, rolling your head back to rest it against Ezio’s thigh. “People will start to wonder.”

“Wonder what, tesoro?” The man kneaded along your back, his touches not at all sexual; leaning more towards a gentle and loving caress. His palm was calloused and big, which made you shiver slightly, yet gentle; always pressing at the right spot to ease your muscles.

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UnderFell Grillby Fluffy Relationship cannons with an s/o that despises the cold with an unholy passion? ((Seriously, cold weather suuuucks)-Freezing Anon

I don’t know your pain. I live in the land of “yeah, it's chilly” to “eh, pretty hot.” Thanks for the request, hun!! -Mod Quinn


-He’ll tease them about it constantly. He doesn’t know what cold really feels like, so he acts like it’s a silly weakness.

-If they like to rant about it, he’s just going to sit there and smirk.

-He’ll complain about it, but they’re going to end up holding his hand or hanging onto his arm when they’re out in cold weather. He’s really really warm.

-If they want to cuddle in private, he’s going to complain even more, but it’s all for show. He loves being close and affectionate with them.

-His S/O is the reason he now keeps fluffy blankets in the bar, which get stolen or set on fire every other week.

-If they have a habit of not dressing warm enough, then complaining, he’ll roll his eyes and tell them to wear some better clothes. After that, he’ll probably end up making sure they’re wearing a good jacket or sweatshirt or something every time it’s cold out.

I imagine holding your hand
Rubbing thumb against the back of it while we sit through a long drive
I imagine sweet kisses
Snuggling in each other’s arms
Long walks in torrential downpour

I imagine kissing your shoulders
But I also imagine licking them
Running my tongue along your warm, soft skin
The tip of my tongue dragging along your collar bone
Up your neck and behind your ear

I close my eyes
And I can almost hear you gasp
When I dig my nails into your hips
Licking along the shell of your ear
And breathing heavily into it

You’re all mine now…

I can almost feel your hips pressing into mine
Your crave for release
While I suck and bite my marks into your creamy skin

Your moans of frustration against my neck
Laying you down and running the tip of my tongue up your spine
From the base to your neck
Turning to kiss you deeply and pull you on top of me

Your cheeks turning red
Your breathing getting heavier
Your eyes getting dark
Your moaning more desperate

And I would fully succumb to you

Give in to your every want
Give in to your every craving
Give in to your every need

Fulfill every frustration
Quench every thirst
For the repay of your nails leaving Crimson trails down my back
For your teeth leaving purple indents in my neck and shoulders
To feel your teeth sink into my lip
To hear your sweet voice moaning out my name in a plea for more

But mostly
To watch your gorgeous frame arch
In pure, unaltered pleasure
To hear the melody of your screams of total ecstasy
Created by pure passion at the fingertips of someone deeply in love with you

I would succumb to your every want
Your every need
Give in to the total pleasure
Of making love to your entire being

Making Love//DCB


JeanMarco ‘Warm Bodies’ AU. I’ve been wanting to draw this since october. I was thinking of a zombie marco au and this is where my brain went. This is the only way I will accept “dead” marco I swear to god. Captions included lol. Marco picks his full name off the front cover of a book in his plane in this. Instead of going by ’M’. Hope you guys like these because I worked really hard haha.

i am nonfunctioning in the presence of darkness now


i want to hold your hand

i feel like things kind of
in general only really make
sense when i do

keep my hands warm while i
bear my neck to the fangs of

my head is cocked and eyes skyward
while resting upon the curb of
5th and Grant i want you beside
me as the darkness leaks from
shadow and swallows my bones up

self-actualization realized
in a fate only recorded on a
ufology website from 1994
documenting ‘the most fuckin
brutal human mutilation ever’

'male/20 blood drained via
the eyes/death mask suggesting
euphoria upon expiration/dead to
alienation in tHe Most PURE sense’


starved ill blood creep on you
warped haunt you trap me with
your eyes on daily peering from
beyond the shrouded corners
stalking your footsteps

i just want to consume your scent
once more - but sightings of
the gold glinting from my
soul-rotted form sends you running

in the eternal witching hour
when the coven are soaking
themselves with hyena carcasses
i stagger to your home -
from my grave below fish skeletons
in the tampa bay - a song
echoing from my thrashed throat
a serenade that chills your sleep
with nightmares of inhuman loss
and despair deprived of its meaning

i notice the sweat flooding your skin
your muscles twitching in frantic,
unconscious desperation
i lean over your body wracked with
my terror and i try to take in your
smell finally, i feel nothing and
my senses pick up nothing
the mist swimming in the air that
binds me together begins to evaporate
into the heavy air of the afeared room
'i am deserving’ i say as i fall
to my knees

rejected i hold my face in my fading hands
the witches are wailing excitedly under
their hyena pelts as they fuck
virgin men to oblivion / the bay scorches
deep below under the skeletons of forgotten
fish as i scream out / my sins being
finalized in a wave of phantom pain when
my form lastly is dissolved into the air


Everyone who came close to loving me didn’t stay
They took one look at the brokenness inside and ran
They didn’t deserve my poems or the hours I gave them
You are refreshing and warming and more than I’ve ever known

The way you hold my hand makes me want to grow
I want to be my best self, not the one who hates and hurts
You make me want to do wonderful things without thinking
You make me feel like something better than myself

When the train pulls out of the station I can’t look at you
I feel my heart breaking over and over every time

I think about your bed, your hair, anything but the fact I’m leaving
the way your eyes drift between green and brown without warning
I want to be lost in you now, overwhelmed by you

I give myself to you without fear, without resistance
You are the moon, pulling me to the shore
You have marooned me and I do not want to be rescued

owvlery  asked:

answer the ones left that you haven't answered but you want to bc it a fun time (thank u btw)

thanksss yennaaa (u rock)

london: How do you take your tea? 

give me ALL THE HERBAL TEAS (i am a green tea fiend) 

madrid: Describe your aesthetic. 

(i am a hoe and had to chose this one) the sunflower romantic: light touches, paint splattered overalls, hands covered in ink, trying to hold back laughter (and failing), endless unfinished projects, stacks of ideas notebooks, daisy chains, walks along the beach with your feet in the water, gripping someones hand mid-run, dancing in public, melancholy trances, standing up the front of the boat (the wind in your hair, the salt spray in your face), crazy mug collections, passionate ramblings, eyes of a listener… (i could go on but i will stop now) 

oslo: What keeps you warm?

cuddles, favourite jumpers (and sometimes guys hoodies cause yeS PLZ), fireplaces, and discussing the wonders of the universe with people (this was a cute questionnn) 

pretty city asks

kidding around, pt 5


for miss kahn-on-tumblr

Tony’s chest starts to hurt, as he imagines the terrible tightness Steve must feel in his chest, his own heart pounding hard against the casing of the arc reactor.

Steve takes a juddery, whaling breath that makes his tiny frame shudder and Tony calls it. That’s it, they’ll just go down to medical, he’s not going to wait when—

“Here.” Natasha grabs his hand, pulls it away from Steve, and slaps something into his palm.

It’s Steve’s inhaler.

“Oh my god,” Tony says and scrambles to get it pressed between Steve’s lips. “Okay, buddy, this is it, here we go, take a deep breath for me okay?”

Steve whimpers, but he breathes as deeply as he can and Tony depresses the plunger. “Okay, now I know you don’t want to, but hold your breath for a few seconds—that’s it, great job. You’re doing great.”

“One more,” he says when Steve breathes out shakily. He depresses it again and Steve takes another breath, deeper this time. He doesn’t have to be told to hold it this time. “There you go,” Tony says and sets the inhaler aside, rubbing circles on his back. “Good boy. You did such a good job.”

Steve’s lips start to regain color and that seems to be his breaking point—he starts sobbing. Tony gathers him up, cradling him against his chest and slumps back against the couch, holding him close. “Jesus, don’t scare me like that,” he breathes and kisses Steve’s forehead, feels his pulse fluttering like a bird under his fingers.

Rhodey and Pepper come rushing back in. “Tony, we can’t find it, I called medical let’s take him down now before—” Rhodey stops mid-sentence. “You found it.”

“Not me, her,” Tony says, pointing and Natasha. After a moment of just feeling Steve breathe and being overwhelmingly, sickeningly grateful for it, he reaches over and hooks his hand around the back of Natasha’s head and reels her in, pressing a rough kiss in her hair. “Good girl,” he tells her, voice thick. “You were paying attention earlier, huh? You’re so smart.”

Natasha blushes and pats Steve’s heaving shoulders gingerly.

“Is he gonna be okay?” Sam asks, voice high and worried.

“Yeah, yes, he’s gonna be fine,” Tony says and rubs Steve’s small back, shushing him.

“Oh my god,” Pepper says, sinking wobbly-kneed onto the couch, one hand pressed over her heart. “Oh my god, Tony.”

He laughs shakily. “Oh, yeah, we’re fantastic at this.”

“JARVIS, let medical know we’re all clear, will you?” Rhodey asks.

The small noises Steve is making are killing him. “You’re gonna be fine,” Tony assures Steve and holds him a little bit tighter, reassuring himself of it, too. That was awful. God. That was. God.

“Sam, sweetheart, come here,” Pepper says, and Tony looks up to see him crossing to her, eagerly climbing into her lap as he dissolves into tears, too. “Oh, honey,” Pepper says, aching, and starts stroking his back. “It’s okay. Everyone’s okay now. I’m sorry, you must have been very scared.”

Bruce, who appears to have never left the couch, is white-faced, but quiet, watching Tony cuddle the daylights out if Steve.

“I am not cut out for this, man,” Rhodey says and drops down on the floor next to Thor. Natasha sits down next to him and lays down across his stomach to give him a hug. Tony huffs a laugh at Rhodey’s expression, which says he’s dying of cute, and Steve stirs a little, red eyes peeking over his skinny shoulder.

“How are you doing, buddy?” Tony asks, running his fingers through his fine, blond hair. “Better?”

Steve sniffles and curls up even smaller. “Yeah,” he says, but his voice wavers.

“What’s wrong?”

Steve’s lower lip trembles, but he just looks away, curling up into a tighter ball.

Tony smooths down the soft hair at the back of his neck. “C'mon,” he murmurs. “What is it?”

Steve lifts his head so Tony leans in a little further. “Now nobody will play with m-m-me,” Steve whispers.

“No,” Tony says, drawn out, and cups Steve’s face in his hands, brushing the wet tracks on his cheeks away with his thumbs. “That’s not true. Everybody still wants to play with you.”

Rhodey pushes up on to his elbows. “Hey, what? Of course we’ll still play with you.”

“Bu-but I get s-s-sick,” Steve wails and his breathing starts to hitch.

“Whoa whoa whoa,” Tony says, “Steve, breathe.”

“But I want to pl-pl-pl-h-hey!” he sobs.

Tony is flabbergasted. “Steve, nobody is saying you can’t!”

Clint reappears suddenly, his pudgy cheeks set in a scowl. He climbs up into Tony’s lap, totally ignorant of Tony’s ow when he grabs a fistful of leg hair. “I’ll still play with you,” he says fiercely.

Steve manages to get himself under control enough to choke, “Y-you w-will?”

“Nobody wants to play with me either,” Clint tells him and slaps a hand over his right ear a few times. “My ear is broke so they won’t. We can play. If you want.”

Steve sniffles and rubs at watery blue eyes. His face is heartbreaking. “O-okay,” he agrees.

“I’ll still play with you, too,” Sam says from where he’s curled up in Pepper’s lap and then sticks his thumb back in his mouth.

Thor flops against the couch. “My brother likes sitting games. I will teach you.”

Some of the light comes back into Steve’s face and he nods so hard it looks like his head’s going to fly off.

“See,” Tony says. “Everybody still wants to play with you. You just have to take it easy sometimes and we’ll make sure we keep your medicine nearby from now on. Okay?”

Steve nods shyly, beaming at the other kids. Ok, he signs and Clint grins big enough to split his face.

“Okay,” Tony sighs. “Now we’re all gonna sit here and watch some of Meet the Robinsons because you just took ten years off my life. Honest to god, Steve, it doesn’t matter how old you are, you’re trying to give me a heart attack.”

And it’s totally worth it he decides when Steve twists around and hugs him tight. 

**Justin Bieber Imagine**

Title: Roses


You had been planning a dinner for a few weeks now. You both were really busy and it would be nice to have a night together.  You made Justin’s favorite, Spaghetti and dressed up real pretty.

Justin was running a little late so you decided to text him. You didn’t a reply. You were getting ready to start putting everything away when Justin came home. He was holding roses in his hand.

“ I’m so sorry I’m late. I drove all over town to find your favorite roses.” He grinned

“ You didn’t have to do that, Justin” You hugged him

He kissed your forehead “ But I wanted too”

He looked around at the table. “ The food isn’t cool is it? “

“ No, still warm. I made your favorite!” You pointed

Justin rubbed his belly “ Let’s eat then!” 

After putting your roses in a vase you both sat down to eat.

Courfeyrac who’s literally always warm and Combeferre whose hands are always cold (“Your blood circulation is poor, you’re too tall.” – “I’m fine Joly, really.”), so when it becomes autumn Courfeyrac’s like, “Well, we can, you know, hold hands if you want to…because of the cold, you know…” and they basically walk around holding hands for months even when they’re inside and everyone’s basically just facepalming the whole time until Joly knits mittens for everyone and Courf panics because now he has no excuse to hold hands with Ferre anymore but and the next time they’re outside he just stands there a little bit lost until Ferre just smiles and takes his hand anyway and then they just walk on, holding hands with bright yellow and red patterned mittens. (Joly wins the betting pool.)

you have to keep moving even if that means you’re on your hands and knees. they might get dirty and scraped and bloody but trust me when i tell you that if you stop now things will get worse and you won’t have a chance anymore.

your head’s going to bob up and down under the water so many times you won’t want to count anymore but every time you get a breath of fresh air you’re going to remember how it tasted and you will promise me that you will try and try to keep afloat for longer next time. and i swear to you there will be a next time.

i swear you’re going to wake up thirty years from now with someone you love to talk to in the morning with a big smile and fading scars. and before you crack your toes and throw yourself headfirst into the world, i want you to breathe, and feel how good it is to have your legs hold you up again.

—  keep moving
Bite (S.S)
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Storyline: You went in South Carolina for 3 months to learn about your family line, and when you came back Stiles had something to tell you. 


You just came back from your trip and now you were searching for Stiles at school. You spot him beside Scott and Kira, you creep behind him and place your warm hands on his eyes. “Guess who’s back?” 

Stiles hearing your voice immediately turns around and wraps his arms around your waist lifting you off the ground with no force applied. “Have you been working out or what? You laugh and hold onto him. His face drops and he picks your hand up, and leads you to an empty classroom. 

Worried, you look at Scott and Kira who ignores your questioning looks. “Stiles, if you want to break up wi-.” He shakes his head with a grin. “Tell me, I feel your nervousness.”

“Something happened while you were gone,” he sighs and hesitate before continuing. Stiles looks down at your intertwined fingers. “I-I got the bite.” 

At this moment, his head went up and you saw the bright yellow eyes staring back at you. He was beautiful, that’s what he always wanted, but he doesn’t seem to be happy. Stiles is looking straight at you waiting for an answer, before answering his eyes went back to normal. 

“Baby, you shouldn’t be afraid to tell me. I don’t know why you were so nervous, I was in your position 6 months ago. I don’t care if you got the bite, I’m not going to stop to love you because of this. I’m even happy for you.” Your vision went blurry, he smiles and cups your face putting your forehead against his own.

“I’m so in love with you Y/N.” You let out a small laugh and Stiles kisses your lips, he pulled away laughing. “Guys, I know you’re listening at the door.”

Moments later, Scott and Kira was in the room. You started laughing, due to Stiles new abilities. 

Something in your eyes when you look at me gives me this feeling I cannot describe. Your hand in mine, my head on your chest, I smile up at you and you smile back. Sleeping next to you, our breathing now in sync, so this is what it feels like to be complete. Your lips on mine, sends this warm rush through my body - sort of electrifying, and that’s when I know that you’re one of those special guys. In your warm embrace, making my heart race, there’s just something about the way you hold me that makes me never want to let go. Under your charm, I realize that we have this spark of strong chemistry that I’ve been looking for. Could it be?
—  thelastenvelope