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Owen: jesus christ, you’ve really done it this time .. 

Lennon: I know that! don’t make me freak out even more than I already am about this!

Owen: well you should be freaking the fuck out, Lennon! Dad is literally going to kill you! do you even know who the father is? 

Lennon: whats that supposed to mean? of course I know! 

Owen: [mumbles] I mean I had to ask .. 

Lennon: you know what- I told you this because I thought out of everyone you would be the only one who didnt get mad at me-

Owen: well I thought you knew better than this, so I guess we were both wrong

I’ve been doing digital art for almost one year now, and this is how i’ve progressed over the year

To people upset about TWD tonight, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry if your favorite character was the one that got a death sentence.  I’m sorry that Gimple once again messed things up.  I’m sorry that you are mad.

I just want you to know, it’s okay to stop watching.  I know it’s really hard to quit something you have put so much time and energy into, but it’s okay to do it.  It’s okay to realize that it’s making you angry and unhappy.  That it has more of a negative effect on you than a positive one.  You don’t owe anyone anything.  Not your fellow fandom members, not the actors, not AMC, no one.

And if you do quit, or have already quit, remember that it’s okay if people choose to keep watching.  If they choose to hold out hope that it will get better.  Or if they choose to watch for one actor or one character.  It’s a hard thing to quit something you once really loved.  If they still love it, that’s okay too.  <3

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It's incredible how much he looks like Tammi now.He just looks like both of them really.He's like Brangelina's Shiloh.If you put him next to Brad he looks like him but if you put him next to Angelina he looks like her.A perfect mix that kid is!

brett and tammi got it right 

happy birthday, @illustraice 🎡

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Gender: she/her pronouns

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Time: 12:51 pm

Birthday: aug 4

Favorite bands: rush yes genesis pf lz

Favorite solo artists: todd rundgren david bowie

Song stuck in your head: something from high school musical 3 bc my sister is watching it

Last movie: oh fuckk it was “a ghost story” which is like??? not even a movie??? it would be better to just call it a piece of art??? dont watch it if youre easily susceptible to existential crises but. it’s good

Last TV show: documentary abt TV of the 90s

Why did you create your blog: ok originally it was bc i had a huge crush on jimmy page & wanted to find more pictures/people who felt the same. thankfully ive moved past that. (but also just bc i liked music in general)

What do you post/reblog: music or whatever (most of my original posts r rush related)

Last thing you googled: “i hear a hissing sound in my ear” (im gonna go deaf by age 20 i swear)

Other blogs: @stillhavetoomanydrafts for non music stuff and 4 or 5 others that dont really matter

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Dream job: musician

Dream trip: oregon. or everywhere

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Favorite song right now: hmmmmmm the weapon ?

Last book I read: god i can’t remember…. the things they carried maybe?

Currently reading: clockwork angels

Top 3 universes: i dont know what that means so im gonna do what @bkabbeko did. 1) a universe where time travel is possible 2) a universe where hearing regenerates 3) a universe where time travel is possible AND hearing regenerates (4) a universe where everyone has access to a good amount of money)

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I love Gordon Ramsay so much.

He comes from a very poor family. His father was an alcoholic who beat him and his mother (he once poured hot tea over her and put her in hospital several times), his brother is a drug addict, he literally built an empire out of nothing.

He credits his mother as his biggest inspiration and often has her cooking in his shows.

When he left his first restaurant he pulled a successful Jerry Maguire - the entire kitchen staff went with him. That tells you what he’s like to work with.

He was one of the first to give a restaurant to a female chef.

He went to prison (Gordon Behind Bars) and taught inmates to bake and they opened a bakery (Bad Boys Bakery) that is still running. He hired one of them when he got out.

He did documentaries about the cruelty of shark hunting and cocaine. (when he discovered cocaine was used by his staff he didn’t fire anyone but made sure they are offered treatment)

His kids are a treasure.

He is always ALWAYS kind to servers.

When one of his partners (Marcus Wareing) wanted to leave they got into a fight and settled it in court, they no longer speak to each other but this is what Marcus said about him after the fight: 

I feel bad that the first association to him for a lot of people is this shouty TV chef when he’s truly a wonderful person. 

Oh and then there’s this:

this entire episode 

“You steal the air out of my lungs, you make me feel it

I pray for everything we lost, buy back the secrets

Your hand forever’s all I want

Don’t take the money

Don’t take the money”