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During her concerts, Adele showers fans with confetti that’s been personalized with handwritten song lyrics. On her 5th anniversary with her son’s father, he secretly added in pink confetti with handwritten notes like ‘I love you’ and 'you are an angel’ to surprise her on stage. Source




Registered for spring semester! After that, I only need three more classes and have to transfer :-( That’s a scary thought, but so was this and now I love it. Continued my geometry notes  + did my online assignments. I got a 76% on the little quiz, even though I did it three times (I kept getting the same three questions wrong because I have no idea how to do it + it wasn’t explained.) I’ve started my paper due on Tuesday. For this, I am beyond excited because it’s about Emily Dickinson! Listened to the Smiths + read a bit. I really like my bag :-)!

*The fountain pen is Pilot’s Penmanship + Noodler’s X-Feather Ink. This combo writer even finer than the G2 pens. And X-Feather does not feather (duh, but I mean even on paper towels) or bleed through anything. Warning, the reason it does not feather even on cheap paper is that it takes a very long time to dry.