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What season was Scully in love with Mulder the most?

I think it’s impossible to quantify love. But she was utterly infatuated with him in season one, for challenging her in ways she’d never dreamed were possible. For showing her a world she could have never imagined. She loved him in season two for not giving up on her. For the strength of his beliefs. For his friendship. She loved him in season three for his bravery, his tenderness, his genius. For not being able to shoot her. 

She was frightened by the revelation that she was in love with him in season four. She was frightened by how painfully she wanted him, in every possible way. And in season five, she loved him for saving her life, and for trying to save her daughter. 

In season six, she loved him despite the fact that another woman loved him too. If anything, it made her love him more. And she loved him, so fucking much, for wanting to give her a child. And for not giving up on miracles. 

She loved him well in season seven. Good Lord, did she love him well. And when she thought he was dead, in season eight, she loved him for the impossible gift he left her with. 

In season nine, she loved him in his absence. For trying to create a better world for their son. For trying to protect them by leaving. And for his weakness, his emails, his voice breaking on the line. 

When he was sentenced to death, she hated him. She hated God. She hated herself. 

In season ten, she loved him for fighting his darkness. For coming back to life. For asking her to come home, over and over. And in season eleven, she loves him for finding their son. 

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So I'm curious... we've seen that the Power Couple can't be topped when it comes to smooches, but what about all the other sweet nothings that come with going steady? What're their thoughts on Long Goodbye Hugs Before Work, Couch Cuddles during rainstorms? Does Bendy bring a pair of comfy loafers for India after intense dance sessions so her feet can take a break? Don't gotta be in I Love Lucy territory, but what's their favorite parts about being Happily Tied At The Hip~?

(Good question… I’m not completely sure how to answer it. I get what you mean, but the thing is that Bendy and India kinda… skipped that stuff, in a way? It’s not that their relationship has taken a step up, it’s more that barriers have gone down.

Like, for example, I don’t see Bendy suddenly sending India flowers or India making him lunch; because Bendy already has a bittersweet habit of definitely stealing flowers from gardens just to see if she likes them enough to not chew him out. India already makes lunch for everyone, not just Bendy; and she’s already made him his favorite things to cheer him up plenty of times.

Essentially like, they’re just already part of a whole family. They already have a routine. They’re already cuddling during rainstorms, the difference is that the barriers have come down; so when they do that they don’t have to worry about getting too comfortable; now that they’re together, they’ll get super comfortable and don’t care who sees. When Bendy swipes flowers to give to her he doesn’t have to pretend it’s just a joke; and when she gives him the best piece of cake she doesn’t have to come up with an excuse for why he gets special treatment.

So their favorite thing about being tied at the hip is the freedom of not having to hold back anymore, the relief of being able to be as affectionate as they want. The bliss of knowing that they belong to each other, and the comfort of finally being where they feel like they should be, which is together. -HG)

I met love for the first time at 18. Love was beautiful. Love was kind. Love was funny. Love was mine. Love was consuming. Love was impairing. Love gave me fear. Love gave me tears. Love drove me insane. Love gave me pain. Love was rough. Love wasn’t enough. Love was never a mistake. Love was just a heartbreak. Love was a lesson. Love was a blessing. Love became a memory but never forgotten.

I met love again at 24. Love was not perfect. Love was not what I expected. Love couldn’t sing but somehow it had the right ring. Love was a mess, but that never gave me stress. Love was warm, and I never felt like I was in harm. Love was content, and willing to stay dormant . Love became stagnant, much like a refrigerator’s magnet. Love was predictable, and it made me miserable. Love did not grow, and that was something I could not follow. Love had lost its connection, and we soon headed in different directions. Love ended but we befriended.

I met love again at 27. Love was a beautiful reflection. Love is alone, but happy. Love is still growing, but confidently. Love makes mistakes, but love is still learning. Love loves love.

-This is not a love story.


  • <p> <b>Person:</b> So I was reading about the shooting...<p/><b>Me:</b> Which one?<p/><b>Person:</b> So I was reading about the Muslim ban...<p/><b>Me:</b> Which one?<p/><b>Person:</b> So I was reading about the cop who killed an unarmed black person...<p/><b>Me:</b> Which one?<p/><b>Person:</b> So I was reading about this lie Trump told...<p/><b>Me:</b> Which one?<p/><b>Person:</b> So I was reading about this person Robert Mueller is investigating...<p/><b>Me:</b> Which one?<p/><b>Person:</b> So I was reading about the Republicans' healthcare repeal plan...<p/><b>Me:</b> Which one?<p/></p>

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I love how happy bendy looks with India and vicevers, it's just so heartwarming (english is not my first language btw;;)

(In that case you might wanna flee before things take a turn for the not-so-sweet. Of course I guess happiness remains pretty unchanged; and idk what you consider heartwarming. You can stick around if you want, they don’t mind. -HG)


18.10.17 | Cozy evenings 🍂🍁

My subjects at university recently got pretty serious, therefore I have a lot to study everyday. Right now I’m working on microbiology and all the different types of cell cultures. I’ve decided to try a new study method using a white board. We’ll see how it goes! 📚

I’ve also started volunteering at one of our uni’s labs, where I’ll be learning about stem cells 🔬 It’s really interesting and so far I have to say that I’m ABSOLUTELY loving it!

Have a productive evening! 🌟