for nikita

Beauty without kindness and bravery is just a pretty empty shell, my dear. And you can find plenty of those on the beach. People use them to decorate their rooms. So I hope you aspire to be so much more than just beautiful. I hope you aspire to be so much more than a pretty little thing that decorates the room you walk into.
—  Nikita Gill, Excerpt From Life Lessons From The Not So Wicked Witch To Dorothy”
If a boy hits my daughter, I will not tell her it is because he likes her, I will instead teach her how to fight back and defend her feelings as much as her body. And if a teacher tries to excuse his behaviour, I will remind them how inflicting pain on someone is a terrible way to show them you like them and a worse way to get attention. Little girls who know how to roar are not sheep to little boys who think they are wolves.
—  Nikita Gill