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Another year has passed, and so as Christmas is here so is the abundance of ff’s. It’s only natural that when the Holidays arrive we don’t only give presents to the people around us, but also want to express many thanks to the people that make your days better constantly, the people that cheer you up when the mood is down, and the people that you can share laughs with at 4am, because sleep is for the weak.

So I wanted to say thank you, for all this, for being better friends to me, than the ones in real life sometimes are, for filling my dash with all those gorgeous gifs and graphics I sigh over jealously because I’ll never be able to make them so pretty,

I wish you all the best, a peaceful Christmas, loads of presents under the tree, many laughs and few heartaches in the upcoming year.

Listed under are my very special snowflakes that I can’t imagine life without. Italiced are the blogs I secretly stalk and admire a lot, but nevertheless, if you’re on here, you have a special place in my heart.

Allie Aurelie MarcieCatHelenaBrunaErinTefyJessicaNatalieMartaNidzIzzyAaliyahPauline Ana ❅ VanessaIrma

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And the two blogs I will never ever ever unfollow:

katuriankaturiankaturian offpistepursuit 

Merry Christmas everyone!

Since the new year is just around the corner, what way to start it than with a fantastic Spoby fanclub activity! We are bringing to you the first official activity of 2014, THE SPOBY APPRECIATION WEEK 2014, which will start on the 1st of January and lead up to the 7th, which is when our beloved couple will be back on screen. ;)

So lets not waste time and get to the details :D

Day 1 [1st January] : Best Spoby moment from season 1

Day 2 [2nd January] : Best Spoby moment from season 2

Day 3 [3rd January] : Best Spoby moment from season 3

Day 4 [4th January] : Best Spoby moment from season 4

Day 5 [5th January] : Best Spoby moment which you love for Toby

Day 6 [6th January] : Best Spoby moment which you love for Spencer

Day 7 [7th January] : Free Choice

The official tag is staw2014. Everything posted on that tag will be reblogged onto this blog.

Yayyy! Since season 5 is almost here, we present to you the first of our three season 4 based appreciation weeks, the

Spencer Hastings Season 4 Appreciation Week

Dates: 1st -6th June 2014

Day 1 [1st June]: Favourite Overall Season 4 Episode

Day 2 [2nd June]: Favourite Quote(s)

Day 3 [3rd June]: Most heartbreaking moment

Day 4 [4th June]: Favourite moment/scene

Day 5 [5th June]: Favourite friendship/relationship/family moment

Day 6 [6th June]: Free Choice

Official Tag: shs4aw [all posts in the tag will be reblogged onto here, defacto]

Hellooooo babiesss!

Thank you all for your participation in the Spencer Hastings Season 4 Appreciation Week. :D Now we are happy to bring to you, the second of our season 4 appreciation weeks, the official TOBY CAVANAUGH SEASON FOUR APPRECIATION WEEK. We hope ALL of you participate. You don’t even have to gif/graphic. You can post videos, metas, anything! Feel free to just show up and show your appreciation for this cutie potato. :*

Schedule is as follows.

Day 1 [June 8] - > Favourite Overall Episode

Day 2 [June 9] - > Favourite Quotes

Day 3 [June 10] - > Most Heartbreaking Moment

Day 4 [June 11] - > Favourite Moment or Scene

Day 5 [June 12] - > Favourite friendship/relationship moment

Day 6 [June 13] -> FREE CHOICE

The official tag for this is tcs4aw