for new friendss


woop my face (ft. my curtains bc natural lighting yo 👌👌)

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  • must be following daniel and dylan
  • reblog this post (can reblog up to 2 or 3 times)
  • put in your tags why you want to be in the group
  • will choose on Monday June 23rd


  • Must be mainly teen wolf blog (multifandom too as long as you blog/like teen wolf)
  • must hate to love dylan o’brien and daniel sharman
  • be an active blog please!
  • be friendly and willing to make new awesome friends!!!


  • new friends to cry about dylan and daniel with
  • a spot on our new network page
  • follows from all other members and their followers
  • promos when you want/need them
  • help with edits/html/etc
  • notes on selfies/edits/gifs etc
  • did i say new FRIENDss!!

If you’re chosen:

  • we will message you and/or make a post with all the members
  • send us your email
  • follow all other members 
  • please send in your name and icon and description for your spot on the network :)

Other stuff:

  • to better your chances, talk to us! and/or make a post about why you want to be in and tag #d2network
  • track #d2network
  • we will pick around 20 people
  • post must get 40 notes or it didn’t happen 
  • if you have any questions, just ask either of us and we will help!
  • good luck! :)