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“Worst Case in Phoenix History”
Angela Simpson

In early August 2009 in Arizona, Angela Simpson lured wheelchair bound Terry Neely to her home, under the pretence of sex and drugs. However, once inside Simpson put Neely in front of a mirror so he could watch the abuse and torture he was about to endure for the next few days, before his death.

Neely’s injuries included 52 stab wounds, his teeth pulled out, a nail hammered into his brain, a slit throat and partly dismembered. The dismembered body parts were set on fire in a trash can.

“I beat him to death… I killed him and cut him up”, this is what Simpson told authorities. She claimed she wanted to kill snitches, there was no proof that Neely was a snitch.

In 2012, Angela Simpson was sentenced to life

10 Reasons why Jesus Christ, Superstar (1973) is the greatest movie of all time:

1. The framework is a bunch of hippies driving into the desert on a bus to reenact the crucifixion story
2. Racially diverse cast
3. Jesus has a lazy eye
4. Supremely gay dance number @ Herod’s palace
5. Actually shot in Israel
6. Ted Neely’s vocals
7. Carl Anderson’s INCREDIBLE EMOTION like holy shit is he the real Judas???
8. The line “Hey JC, JC would you die for me?” and then it freeze frames on Jesus’s face
9. The very raw and genuine depiction of Jesus and Judas and Pilate and their motivations and inner struggles

policygal  asked:

Hi ya! This isn't an ask, but a compliment. I think Blake Neely is so underappreciated. His Arrow score (and his other DCTV scores) are absolutely phenomenal. They rival any movie score that I've heard in recent years. The man deserves an Emmy nomination. Please let him know how much we appreciate his dedication. "Convince Him" is, of course, among my favorites.

It will be my distinct pleasure to pass this on to Blake.  He is a singular talent.