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so i thought i’d share with you guys the nail art that i did for the release of TLJ earlier in december. they are some of my favourites. my right hand has lightsabers and galaxies, my left has the first order and rebel symbols, star wars, and rey and ben’s silhouettes facing eachother bc reylo ;)

Day 92

Rosie the Riveter Nails!

I painted these after a semi-well known blogger sent me a pretty rude email. I won’t get into the ins and outs of it but it left me thinking about how it’s a shame that something that is supposed to be creative expression and a fun hobby can cause women to turn against each other. 

I think it would be really great if women could all support each other, whether that’s through something minor like a blog, or through much bigger things such as the stuff we’re seeing all over the media. 

So I just thought it was important to celebrate all the great creative women out there and to let Rosie the riveter remind you all that we can do it.

Anyway, rant over!

Products used-

Yellow- Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet by OPI

Details- Acrylic paint

Topcoat- Magic Super Matte Top Coat by Beauty Big Bang- (you can get 10% off anything on the site using the code ‘BETH’)

I’m fashionably late by a day, BUT!! THIS IS FOR YOU @vixenfur!!! I was your Secret Santa!! :,D you asked for something cute, for Abe being head over heels for Mihashi, I hope this will suffice!