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Hi! Little shy about posting this buuuuutt, I really like all the character analysisy stuff that goes on here and I wanted to chime in! Well at least on something that I haven’t really seen anyways, which is string instrument players and the relations between the parts! So my friend and I both are string players (Violin and viola respectively) and we understand how the usual relationships work between all of the parts (because middle voices are the best) and I was thinking about how Patton, Logan, Virgil, and Roman could fit in an orchestra setting, because orchestra is cool and all that. Now most of this analysis is based off of what my orchestra experience has been like, and most of this probably doesn’t apply to every single string player, but this definitely applies to my orchestra.

Without further adu here is my interpretation as to what the Sanders sides would be in orchestra!

Roman: Violinist. Without a single doubt, to be even more specific he would be a 1st violinist. Almost everything about being a violin would fit Princey. Violins are a very popular instrument that most people prefer/can recognize, and are some of the most dramatic instruments out there. (Think trumpet only of the string world). Which is his character of being the most dramatic and “extra” of the sides. He has confidence in spades, almost to the point of being self centered. When it comes to violins, you need a good chunk of confidence especially when it comes to being a 1st. 1sts tend to be the melody and the center of the show and Princey is exactly that. Center of the show, almost like a lead in a musical. Now most violists will joke that a 1st would not know how to play accompaniment to save their life, and Princey never really enjoys playing second fiddle (Ah music puns, so much fun) He’s Thomas’ ego, it’s understandable that he doesn’t really like being in the background, it’s simply not his character to do so. And as a violist, I can confirm that violins have egos and plenty of it. Not that it’s a bad thing, just they are very confident in their job as being the front and center in most music scores.

However, not only does he have the primary characteristics of a violinist, but the relationships he has with the others highly resembles that of violinists with the rest of the parts. 

His relationship with Virgil in particular is so similar to that of a violin/viola relationship (And is actually the reason why I have this entire headcannon basically). But their relationship is basically mixture of teasing/antagonizing (Depending on how you look at it) and mutual support. Because without anxiety creativity wouldn’t be trying to push the limits and being the best it can absolutely can be. And without creativity anxiety can’t come up with all the worst case scenarios. And other ways the support each other (Which I will get into with Virgil and I can full out geek out, because he’s my instrument *Cheers) But that is primarily what the violin/viola relationship. The viola helps the 1sts be amazing and soar over the rest of the orchestra and the 1sts are there to give violas something to do basically. In a healthier relationship, it would be one of the most supportive relationships in the world because the violist gets to see the 1st show off and be a brilliant bouncy person hogging the entire spotlight as they should, and the violinist would get to have some of the best backup and support groups out there (basically what I’m saying is that violas are the ravenclaws/hufflepuffs of the orchestra. Ravenpuffs ftw!). But as it currently stands, it’s most typical viola/violin relationships which aren’t terrible by any means. It’s just where the canon is currently at is all :)

Logan and him resemble that of a violin/cello relationship too! Granted this is just based off of my observations as a violist buuuuttttt… Both of them tend to be more front and center sides. They bicker, not a lot but enough to be noticed, a lot like how the 1sts and cellos tend to pass the melodic line back and forth. Cellos and violins are also the more “outside voices” which is a fancy way of saying “instruments that get the melody a lot” making them the more outspoken of the instruments. And Logan (like a cellist) tends to back off quietly and let Princey (the violin) have the spotlight again, but still stewing on it a bit (usually with the violists). (If a cellist can chime in on what the dynamic between the violin and cello is that would be great)

Then there’s Patton and Roman~ Bass/violin relationship aLL THE WAY! Basically the violin/viola relationship but little overexaggerated. The bass section is one of the most supportive roles in the entire orchestra and the violins always has to listen to the basses, for pitch and for the downbeat usually. Likewise, Roman has to listen to Patton, and when he doesn’t. Doom on the entire orchestra. Patton tends to give Roman the emotion “Downbeat” for creative ideas (cuz I’m pretty sure that most of the ideas bouncing in Roman’s head have some emotion context), plus when it comes to situations that deal with more emotional finesse for lack of a better word, he follows Patton’s lead err pitch.

So yeah 1st violinist Roman :)

Virgil: Violist. Personally I really really like the idea of Virgil being a violist purely for the relationship dynamic with Princey being a violinist. ANYWAYS, if Virgil isn’t a violist, then I betray my loyal instrument of 8 years. Virgil does most of his work in the background, much like a backstage crew member. He hates the spotlight, but he does like the occasional praise (Usually from Patton, but then again he did regret it in the Accepting Anxiety part 2…). All of those things are staple middle voice characteristics. Middle voices is basically people who play harmony all the time. Virgil is the person who makes sure that Thomas, and the rest of the sides are doing the absolute best that they can do. He also tends to underscore Princey and pushes him specifically. THAT IS SUCH A VIOLA CHARACTERISTIC. Violists are always under the melody and become very good at playing accompaniment because basically that’s all we do (unless a composer is nice and knows that violas are far better). Violas play a part that basically works at making everyone else sound better. They hold chords and play the ‘cha’ to the ‘um’ of the bass. The part is usually less glorious and no one really pays any sort of attention to it. But when you do, ohhhhh man, there are sooo many intricacies in those parts that it makes me geek out, and I haven’t even taken any music theory classes, and I love it because of it.

Now again the relationships between him and the other sides also sells me on him being a viola. I personally think that violas have some of the most universal chemistry with all the parts simply because we give supporting material to everyone (Except maybe bass, but basses and violas are pretty tight regardless)

Roman and Virgil, I’ve touched on the more violin-y side of things, but now I can talk the viola side of things. Virgil appears in the canon to usually be second fiddle, throw sarcastic remarks, shoot down ideas, but also being helpful and pointing out things that Princey tends to overlook. In my school, the great violin/viola war is intense. Now admittedly, it’s all bark, no bite. We throw insults and snub our noses at the other side, but we usually (begrudgingly) admit that the music would suck without the other (unless it’s second violins and violas, we usually agree that we can ditch the 1sts, middle voices unite) And violas that are meant to be violas, are completely fine with letting violins dominate the melody and go climbing into the stratosphere on that e string. We just provide the support and let them do their thing. Basically, Violas bug and annoy violins because we can, but we care and want to set them up for success.

Now Cellos and Violas are like bros. Have the same strings, tend to have the same temperament, and mutually agree that violins are too extra. Logan and Virgil in a nutshell. Cellos and violas bounce off each other and tend to work the most together (aside from 2nd violins which are basically violins with a viola part, but that’s not what Princey is so not the point), like Virgil and Logan. Their temperaments are fairly similar, Logan being a realist and Virgil being a pessimist. Plus when cellos have to work on a section the conductor usually has the violas play, because violas are the supporting role, it’s like Logan and Virgil’s debate in Negative Thinking.

And if the Cellos and Violas were bros, then Violas and Basses are like homies who have lived together for like, lifetimes. aka Virgil and Patton. Now basses and violas get to have the battle for “world’s most underappreciated section” award, but it would most likely be a tea party and polite discussion on the awesomeness of each other, because the bass/viola relationship is so pure. There is only one section that the violas will trust with their very lives and that is the bass section. Like, the bass downbeats and pitches are sooo important in the life of a viola. I’m pretty sure I don’t really need to dive into Moxiety and how the parallels exist because I’m pretty sure that Patton and Virgil would die for each other and that’s basically a bass/viola relationship right there so yeah. Love you bass players.

Logan: Cellist. Basically he is the one that “provides the explanatory exposition”, meaning he is the countermelody to the actual melody. There is only one part that has the kind of positioning that Logan has and that is the Cello. Now I wish I had more instrumentaly drive analysis here, but I really don’t, but nevertheless! Cellos are also some of the most laid back of the instruments, but on the flip side the cello has some of the most intense players (Looking at you Yo-Yo Ma, 2Cellos, and PianoGuys), which I feel like describes both of Logan’s main characteristics, the Laid back teacher from the vines and his very serious Logic no funny business side.

Again since I, myself, am a violist I’m going off of more observations than actually knowing what cello interreationships are like, but moving on.

Cello/Violin is the relationship that tends to show more of a opposites/complement idea of Logan and Roman’s relationship, in my mind those two are more opposites than Patton and Logan are. Mostly because Fantasy/Ego/Dreams are the exact opposite of what logic is, and violin/cello has more of that dynamic in it than the bass/cello dynamic. Plus in the kinds of arguments that they get into, it’s more of a cello counterpoint melody with violins passing the melody back and forth between them.

As I mentioned in Virgil’s Cello/Viola section, this is like brotp kind of relationship. Both Logan and Virgil get each other, even though Logan feels like Virgil is little too deeply rooted in negative, he doesn’t seem to mind too much. And that sentence pretty much describes all the vibes I get from nearly every cellist ever. Correct me if I’m wrong cellos.

Then there’s Cello/Bass, now this is a relationship that I feel like it’s kind of like the viola/bass relationship. But instead of being intensely awesome together, they’re like, chill with each other. Bass/cello relationships seem to be natural and not even forced, even though Basses seem to be frequently forced to play with cellos (I think it’s the nature of bass literature, like violas forever stuck with violins), and Logan and Patton seem to have a more naturally occurring relationship in all the possible side pairings.

Patton: Bassist. Patton is probably one of the most underappreciated sides, Logan and Roman talk over him a lot of the time, usually dismissing his thoughts (Which typing that sentence out makes me really sad for Patton). But the Virgil is like “No, Dad you cool.” and then the awesome relationship between those 2 works out. But Patton is the bass because he is what a bass is. A base. If he ducked out like Virgil did, I don’t even want to think about what might have happened. Because if the entire bass section was gone for a day, the entire fucking orchestra is doomed. like d-e-d doomed. like i’ve only had to deal with that a few times and dear god is sucks and the orchestra just falls apart AND NO ONE WANTS THAT. IT’S LIKE AN OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIE. PRIMARY MADE OF RAISINS, NO ONE WANTS THAT. *Cough* errr anyways, Patton is one of the most essential sides and he knows it. And he doesn’t mind being in the background as long as he supports them all in his way. As a bass, he does what the viola does, but on the most basic fundamental level ever.

Like, I know I’ve talked about the all relationships at this point, but good god, is Patton a bass. He is the one who quietly makes sure that everyone is motivated, makes sure that even if they don’t want to keep going they know it (Virgil and Am I Creative) and has the general motor to keep the ball rolling. But when he is flustered with all of Thomas’s emotions, everything grinds to a halt because you can do anything when your literal base is gone. Basically, if you have a bass in your life, never let them go because they are some of the most important people, SHOWER THEM WITH LOVE (Yes this is my way of showing appreciation to the bass section, quiet down)

But yeah, my interpretation of the Sides as string players! This took way longer than I thought and this is a mammoth of a post…..whoops…. I regret absolutely nothing.

If anyone wants to add to this please do. I’m merely a violist with a lot of violin/viola friends. My only regret is that I don’t nearly have the same amount of knowledge of cellos and basses that I can apply to this. SO YEAH, I’m a peasant to the lower strings of the orchestra, but this has been rattling in my head for a while now and I had to get it out (Also sorry if there are any spelling/grammar mistakes)

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anonymous asked:

Hello, I hope you don't mind me asking this question, since I'm not a music major yet. I was wondering how difficult it is to get into music school? I'm a viola player, but I'm worried that my skills aren't good enough to enter. Thanks for your advice :)

Honestly it depends on the school. Julliard? Near impossible. Your state school? A pretty good chance! Ask your teacher or director for their honest thoughts on how you’d do in music as a degree, and they can point you in the direction of a school that will fit your abilities.

Man, I have a really good business card for my jazz combo in the works.

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