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star light, star bright

The stars are for wishing, they say.

[read on ao3]

The first star of the evening flickers and dances high above the rooftops, a distant spot of silver in the purple, velvet sky, and Vex, lying spread-eagled in their dirt-and-grass garden, brightens to see it.

“Mama!” she says, word round and soft in her mouth. “Star!”

“My, what sharp eyes you have,” Mother says, following the line of one pudgy finger to the spot of light. “Are you going to make a wish?”

Vex twists her head around to look at her mother. “A wish?” she asks, dust and leaves catching in her hair, and Elaina laughs and beckons her closer. Vex scrambles up to settle in her lap. She so rarely gets Mother all to herself, but Vax is in a mood today––that’s what Mother says, anyway, with a fond shake of her head––and has spent the evening sulking in their room. Vex thinks that’s rather silly of him, but Mother says boys are often silly like that, so Vex puts it out of mind.

“A wish,” she repeats with a nod. “You’re supposed to make a wish on the first star of the evening.”

“How come?” Vex asks, and Elaina laughs.

“I’m not sure, love,” she admits. “It’s something my mother taught me.”

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Callout post @ Dawn

Apparently @lordnegan bought me a gift for no reason other than being an actual angel? An actual saint who I do not deserve?? Like what the fuck Dawn why are you so amazing? Why are you so good to me? What did I do to deserve such a perfect human being as my best friend??? Literally what?

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Til the daylight comes or I'm dead and gone

Of course it would be her brother. Of course.

@pansychubb said: one member of VM is lost/separated/restrained and taking continual damage from a slow-working poison and they have to find him/her before it’s too late, meanwhile only being able to communicate via earpiece


They’re eight days underground, roughly––the cycle of day and night is hard to judge without sun or moon or sky––and mostly it just reminds Vex of the Underdark. It’s the same oppressive dark, the same claustrophobic press of stone, the same damp silence. Gods, but it makes her miss the open air.

They’ve work to do, though, so she swallows her frustrations and pushes on.

And, for eight days, it goes fine. Slow, yes––the caverns are a twisting, winding warren of low tunnels that bend and turn back on themselves, and more than once they’ve had to retrace their steps as they’ve gotten lost among the caves––but fine. After the world-shattering disasters they’ve dealt with, this is practically effortless.

So, of course, they get complacent.

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=A Layer of Dust=

They take Coruscant two years after Endor, on a cold spring day of cloud and wind and intermittent, fitful rain. Nonetheless, as Leia leans against the window in her old Senate office, she watches as revelers dance in the streets, waving burning flags and chanting a thousand prayers in a thousand different tongues. There is an air of wild celebration hung across the city—across the planet, perhaps across the entire galaxy—a sense of finality, of triumph, of joy despite the blood that the rain washes from the streets and gutters.

“It’s over, Papá,” Leia whispers silently to the hollow shadows pressing in around her, and for an instant she wonders—like a lonely little child yearning for her parents—if the ghost of her father can hear her. “We’ve won.”

It’s over. This war—it’s finally over. But the words seem meaningless, hollow, though they tumble through her mind with soft, soft whispers of hope and joy. She feels empty—despite the pain thrumming through her right leg, despite the final, fading traces of adrenaline, despite the echo of memory stinging at her eyes—as if something has been stolen from her heart, from her gut, from her tongue or her hands or her head—like something is lost.

The door slides open, silent but for the snaking hiss of decompressed air, shaking Leia from her musings. She turns away from the window to see Luke crossing the threshold, his flightsuit crumpled and singed in more than one place, his face streaked with dried sweat, and a trailing trace of blood creeping from one temple.

“Hey,” he says softly, coming to a halt just inside the door.

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the words we do not speak

“By the time I tried to return you, it was too late.”

Or, what if Syldor knew of the fate that befell Byroden, and Elaina, and chose to remain silent?

spoilers for episode 60

“Lord Ambassador?” His courier stands at the door of his office, face drawn, fiddling with the scroll clutched in his hands. Syldor spares him a brief glance, returns to the trade agreement he has almost finished drafting, signs it with a flourish, and stands.

“I did not expect you back so soon,” says the Elven ambassador, tucking his hands into the draping sleeves of his robes. “Is all well?”

“I’m afraid not, sir,” says the courier, and Syldor thinks he should be concerned, or displeased, but in truth he is nothing but tired.

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And it was in your struggle and it was in your mind

Mother is sending them away. The twins do not want to go. (You regret them, sometimes, the goodbyes unsaid.)

Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s a sad story about the twins leaving for Syngorn.

Title from “Through My Prayers” by the Avett Brothers, which always makes me think of the twins and their mom, and then I cry.

“She wants to send us away.”

Vex looks up just in time for Vax to throw himself down next to her, the thin dust of late summer clouding around him as he settles himself under their tree. Deep green leaves wave over them, like it’s already saying goodbye. Vax scowls up at the clear summer sky where it peeks through the branches.

“She wants us to be taken care of,” Vex argues, back pressed against the warm bark, but it sounds empty to her ears too. You’ll go stay your father. He’s very excited to meet you, and he will take good care of you.

“I don’t want to be taken care of,” Vax says, because Vax is very good at saying what she is thinking. “I want to stay with Mother.”

“Well, we can’t,” Vex snaps, and Vax turns to scowl at her instead of the sky. Vex scowls right back.

“I hate this,” Vax says finally, leaning back next to her against their tree.

Vex couldn’t agree more.

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