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i haven’t made my own studyblr post in nearly a year…*sighs*

Well here’s an update of my study space/room if anyone is interested! the last time i posted a photo of this area, it didn’t have all those photos on the walls. But i’m really glad i have them now because every time i’m staying up super late at night trying to plow through some procrastinated homework, looking at all the different pictures makes my mood at least a little bit better :-) 

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I don’t care if I get dragged or whatever over this but Dove’s penchant for having her real life romances in her work and also lack of professionalism will be her downfall. She wants to be a real working actress in real budget films and television shows. They are not gonna allow her to keep dragging her real life loves in their movies or shows because she is too insecure to keep the two things separate. She will not find work among prominent players because other actresses will not allow her to railroad them because of her fallacies and foolishness. She will be blacklisted and deemed difficult to work with because Hollywood is built on reputation and having that as yours is not a good look. 

Closer to Midnight {a shallura fic}

Rating: mature/explicit (it’s smut, people)

Summary: they get in the healing pod together as a prank and their minds become temporarily linked. interesting things happen.

Notes: I don’t normally write any smut? At all? But a while ago I had this idea for a cute fic where Shiro and Allura get into a cryopod together and their minds get joined and they can read each other’s thoughts like Allura can do with the mice. And then I thought ‘why not turn this into some smut’ and I just rolled with it.

{Read it on ao3}

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chuxas chuxas chuxas

Anonymous said to livelivefastfree:  Can I put in a request/vote for chuxas on the compromise list?

Anonymous said to livelivefastfree:  Request drawing from your fic list huh? Hmmm, would be a crying shame if somebody requested some Chuxas to the list now wouldn’t it? *nudge nudge wink wink*

WELL OKAY THEN!  Some drama/angst and some cutes, since so many people asked!

Texas stares at it for a second, and then up at Chuck, and then back at the bruise.

“…you sure that was me?”

“Well seeing as how that’s where you ‘friend-punched’ me so hard I fell over, and then laughed at me…” Chuck pulls his shirt back up. “…yes.”

Texas settles back, looking distinctly unsettled.  “…It was just a buddy-punch,” he says, a little bit plaintively.

god chuck third person is HIS thing you can’t just STEAL A GUY’S THING

To all my followers

This is a message to all the followers who started following me or want to follow me simply because my body looks good. I have news for you.

Today, 4 months ago, I gave birth to a baby boy. This is us on his first trip to the beach.

This boy is my world. Being a single mom isn’t easy but he is the light of my life and I can honestly say I’m proud to be his mother. 

Going back to my thirsty followers. As you may or may not realize, pregnancy changes a woman’s body. In my case, I gained over 100 lbs and after recovering fully, lost about 70 lbs. All that in the span of a year. You know what that does to the human body? If you don’t know, you’re in luck. I’m going to show you. 

I’m not apologizing for the crappy webcam quality of the photos either. 

I have stretch marks. God do I have stretch marks.
My boobs are uneven and a little saggy from breastfeeding.
My hips are significantly wider.  
I have a bit of flappy skin on my stomach.
I have rolls when I bend at my waist. 

Ladies and gentlemen, 

I  am  beautiful

I stand before the internet in my bikini bottoms and a sports bra and expose what I was ashamed of for too long: my real body. 

If you can’t stand to see skin that has stretched to accommodate a rapidly growing human being for 40 weeks, unfollow me.
If you can’t handle my love for my uneven breasts that readily supply vital nutrients to my baby, unfollow me.
If you can’t accept my body the way I have learned to accept it, unfollow me.  

You only have one body in this world. You’re the one who lives with it all. the. time. Your body works so hard to keep you alive. It may not live up to your expectation of perfect but damnit, it’s trying. It’s trying every day and every night to keep you here and to keep you healthy to the best of it’s abilities. 

I am tired, so tired of seeing people being torn apart for loving their body. I hope that these photos help others see the importance of loving yourself. 

Golden | Jungkook (M)

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Summary: Jungkook will show you just how golden he really is.

Word Count: 6,670

Genre: Smut/fluff

A/N: Jungkook smut for my thirsty followers who didn’t get enough in AL. Btw I hope you enjoy it @helloblamebts :)) sorry for the wait bc I know you’re just as thirsty as everyone else

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guuuuyyysss sorry to self promote again but I’m doing this cool on insta where I post pretty Romanian words & their meanings and nobody is appreciating it cause I’m losing followers fast lol, so if you’re interested in this please follow prince.hylas on instagram for more pics + the etymologies and meanings of these words!! pls & thank u

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I feel like not enough people talk about jikook's choreo part in the intro of bs&t.. like that's some hot stuff, the way Jungkook pulls Jimin back by an invisible leash and the synchronization? A+ quality artistic and sexy content, thank you choreographer.


omfg i remember i didn’t really notice it until jungkook kept making those…faces when it came to that part :o

I just looked it up on my blog and actually it was the time both of them were… *o*


and then i went back and released the choreography is literally leashing pulling in a song that is clearly about sinning in a sensual, sexual way and i’m like OMGGGGEEEEEEEEE

so i remember pleading for @yourpinkpill to make a gifset for my thirsty soul to basically follow up the gif she made above of all their leash pulling from the beginning because it’s like the best thing ever and now it’s easilymy top five favourite gifsets easy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


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I miss you!

It’s too late. It was only a matter of time before this happened. Out of cash, out of a job, out of my house, I only have this place where to vent out. I don’t want to supplicate for help, or bore you with my sad story, I only want to open your eyes, be honest for once. This blog, and all the work published on it, was just a desperate attempt to fight back the growing insanity that overwhelmed my mind ever since I‘ve learned about the truth…

And the truth, you shall learn, if you’re willing to listen.

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I don’t know how it happened, but I reached 7k followers on Tumblr wow. That’s why I want to thank the people I absolutely love the most on here, the ones who I follow for so long and who I adore. 

First of all, my favorites from Poland: @lookoverboundaries @eyesoutoffocus and @absolutelynormalswiftie - I love you girls and honestly it’s so nice to follow someone who knows Polish like I do and who undertsands the feeling of living on “concert Narnia”. You both are so amazing and I am so happy you are my mutuals!

@sunflowershealing - Alison, we probably have never talked, but I follow your blog from the start of my Tumblr journey and your blog is so calming and peaceful and hopeful. Thank you for always making me smile with your posts.

@troublexswift - Nella, @put-my-name-on-the-topofyourlist - Sarah @thebestpeoplearefree - Molly - You are my very first Tumblr friends and I am so thankful I crossed my paths with yours. You both are sunshines and my dash wouldn’t be the same without you.

@jtmaster13 - Jess, I could write a whole essay about why you are the most amazing human being on this planet, but I will try to say that in few words. Your positivity is contagious, you always make me smile, you always care, you always put others first, you always help others, you are the light of this fandom. Only god knows how many times your messages and posts brighten my day and I am so so thankful that I have you in my life. You are beautiful inside and out.

@taylorswiftz - Aurelie, @thatwasthenightthingschanged - Sarah, @taylor-is-shining - Nihan @anzengi - Aliye @mayaaswift - Maria - You girls are honestly the most wonderful people. I love seeing you on my dash, I love reading posts about your life, I love talking to you. You are so sweet, smart, genuine and lovely. I wish I could meet you all and give you the biggest hug and then thank you for everything you’ve done for me, cause believe me - you did a lot. 

@dancingswifts13 - Manca, you have a special place in my heart. You are the reason why Taylor follows me, and you are my first best friend I met on Tumblr! We went through some hard times but our friendship survived and I am so thankful I have you in my life and that I can always message you and talk to you. I hope we will finally meet!! 

@got-a-short-list-of-ex-lovers - Marion, I adore you. I can’t even think about all those times when you were here for me when no one else was. I love you so much and I am so glad we started to talk cause you are one of the most selfless people in this fandom and I am so happy I can call you my friend!! 

@13alltooswiftie - Jehle! Oh my God, I am so thankful for you. You are always here to talk, you always care, you always are supportive, you are the first person with who I can freak about Taylor when she does something, your advices are always amazing, you are genuine, smart, lovely and I am so so so happy we started to talk one day and became friends. Thank you for the bottom of my heart for dealing with me all the time! 

@justaboyfromthenetherlands - Roel @thesethingswillchange - Steph @bellepetiteswiftie - Amy @isnt-this-just-fabulous - Ella @lifeofswiftie89 - Meredith @in-her-wildest-dreams - Emily @randomgirlsdontunderstand - Kelsey @swedish-mathematician @stillgotscars - Ebony @youfitinmypoem - Celine @93emb - Elizabeth @swiftful-thinking13 - Bella @tswiftserbia - Katarina @13shakeitoff - Den @lost-insidewonderland - Becca, @wiiiiiine-stained-dress - Michelle @haleenazman86 - Halen - GUYS. I adore your blogs. We don’t talk very often but I am watching you on my dash and I am so happy I can see your posts. You all are so smart, sweet, caring, funny, creative and beautiful inside and out. I know I can always count of you and I am so glad that one day I decided to follow you cause you always make my “tumblr time” brighter. My life would be a bit darker without you and your positivity. I love getting to know you, I love reading about your life, and thank you for following my thirsty ass back. 

And finally @taylorswift - Tay, you are the reason why these people are in my life so thank you, thank you, thank you! And thanks so much with dealing with my posts and blog, I still can’t actually believe that you follow me for like 3 years now. I LOVE YOU.

PS: I love all my followers so much, I just wanted to give a special shoutout to the people who are here for so long and who have a special place in my heart <3 But thank you to all of you for following my messy blog! 

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Those 2 in yukatas made me reeeaaalllyyyyy thirsty! 💦💦💦💦💦 Gimme water :3

*passes water*
I wouldn’t survive a lawsuit

Hump Day Smut

Well, here’s what I was able to get between Sunday and today. 

Show You by castielsdirtykitten (Reader’s boyfriend calls her fat, Sam and Dean won’t hear it. Threesome but the boys don’t interact, aka no Wincest.)

In The Backseat by deandoesthingstome (Teen Dean takes reader’s virginity in the backseat of the Impala. Fluffy smut!)

Hard by kittenofdoomage (Soulless!Sam smut. Rough and hot.)

Sleep With Me? by winchester-with-wings (Long one. Starts out with fluffy and cute Dean, and then you get some smut to top it all off.)

Apple Pie Life by castielsdirtykitten (Fluffy fluffy Dean fluff with some wedding night smut.)

Plaid on Plaid by supernaturalimagines (Dean is turned on by seeing you in his shirt, so he fucks you in it.)

Cakes, night and summers by thenightyouknow (Pregnancy fluff and smut with Dean. What a good little hubby.)

Daddy by deanwearingsweats (Reader has a daddy kink, Dean finds out.)

what do you call even this by winchestersandwordprocessors (Chris just talks about Sam and Dean’s favorite positions and I’m all worked up now.)

Show me what you got, Winchester by takeitoffwinchester (Reader likes it rough, Sammy is happy to oblige.)

Fighting for Dominance by castielsdirtykitten (Demon Dean and Demon Reader)

Tied Up by deanwearingsweats (Reader takes advantage of her situation after rescuing an already-tied-up Dean.)

Rain Check by winchesterwhisper (Shower sex with Dean Winchester.)

Birthday Spankings by meteoraangel (The first Cas fic to make it on a Hump Day Smut post.)

Distance Makes For Desperation by bovaria (Long distance relationship with Dean, he shows up and shows you how much he missed you.)

Dean having sex in public fic by winchestersandwordprocessors (the title says it all.)

Private Lessons by deansdirtylittlesecretsblog (More professor Dean. If you aren’t reading this series, get your life together and start now.)

Stake Out by sp-oops (I would have posted this fic earlier but for whatever reason I didn’t want to post two of her fics in a row (weird, I do that all the time) and then I forgot to put it on the next post and anyways here it is. It’s great and you should definitely read it. Dean and reader are on a stakeout and witness a couple having sex, then get all hot and bothered. Voyeurism obvi. Enjoy.)

Sex on Fire by ilostmyshoe-79 (Dean rolls into town and gives you quite the night. This one gets extra love from me because it was written in honor of the shitty day I had yesterday. And it put a big stupid grin on my face.)

Y’all thirsty yet?

Smut Timeout:

Well, well, well. Look who did it again. Little miss Jess (better known as abaddonwithyall) Has gotten herself right back in the hot seat. Two weeks in a row, Jess? Really? I don’t know why you love to hurt me so. Maybe because you love writing the makeup sex? (My favorite fic, aka A+)

Here’s Photograph, it got Jess thrown into timeout. She drew me in with smut and then cut me down with angst. Fluffy kitty is not amused by your angst, Jess.

And here’s a nicer, happier fic that Jess wrote, that was listed with the other fics, but like I said, abaddonwithyall has gotten herself thrown into timeout. So I had to pull it and put it down here with grumpy kitty. This Is My Jam.

Now, Jess, you go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

Since I’ve got the bitter taste of angst in my mouth, and I don’t want to leave you guys on such a negative note, here’s some happy gifs. 

a lot of horrible great pickup lines that never always work!
(compiled with assistance from friends, the internet (especially these guys), and myself)

  • are you a cigarette because you got a hot butt
  • you turn my software into hardware
  • am i dead because you must be an angel
  • are you shampoo with moroccan oil because you’re giving me body
  • your dad must be a baker, because you got some nice buns
  • are you a mophie case because you’re giving me extra juice
  • help me! i’m lost! can you give me directions to our bedroom?
  • are you homosexual tendencies because i don’t want to tell anyone about you until i’m ready
  • what is that in your eye? oh yeah it’s a twinkle
  • i’m gonna need a library card because i’m checking you out
  • are you lady gaga because you make my (he)artpop
  • are you a pokemon because i wanna pikachu
  • are you an easter basket because i wanna hold your eggs
  • are you a fast food sandwich because you’d be a mcgorgeous
  • are you roadkill because i wanna take you home for dinner
  • are you caffeine because i can’t go a day without you
  • that outfit looks great on you but i think that i’d look better on you
  • are you from tennessee because you’re the only ten i see
  • are you gluten free because i want your glutes on me
  • are you big bang theory because my parents love you
  • are you earwax because i can’t get you out of my head
  • are you the movie chicago because i watch you a lot
  • are you a nun because you are nun like any other
  • you must be starbucks because i crave you five times a day
  • i lost my teddy bear! can i sleep with you?
  • if i was a superhero, i wouldn’t be batman, superman, or iron man, i’d be your man
  • did you feel this shirt? it’s boyfriend (girlfriend) material
  • my love for you is like diarrhea, it is out of control
  • are you a palm tree because i am coco-nuts about you
  • are you the new mariokart because i want you so bad
  • are you megan fox because you’re hot
  • are you a bunny because you hopped your way into my heart
  • if you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple
  • did you invent the airplane because you seem wright for me
  • do you have a band-aid because i just scraped my knee falling for you
  • are you an interior decorator because when I saw you the entire room became beautiful
  • are you religious because you’re the answer to all my prayers
  • did you sit in a pile of sugar because you have a pretty sweet ass
  • your body is 65% water and i’m thirsty
  • my doctor says i’m lacking vitamin u
  • can i follow you home because my parents always told me to follow my dreams
  • did we take a class together because i could’ve sworn we had chemistry
  • was your dad a boxer because you’re a knockout
  • you’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line
  • if i had a star for every time you brightened my day i’d have a galaxy in my hand
  • if being sexy was a crime you’d be guilty as charged
  • i was wondering if you had an extra heart because mine seems to have been stolen
  • if you were a vegetable you’d be a cu(te)cumber
  • if I were a cat I’d spend all nine lives with you
  • do you work at starbucks because i like you a latte
  • are you a banana because i find you appealing
  • did you read dr. seuss as a kid because green eggs and damn
  • is your dad a drug dealer because you’re so dope
  • me without you is like a nerd without braces, a shoe without laces, andasentencewithoutspaces
  • your beauty makes the morning sun look like the dull glimmer of the moon
  • most people like to watch the olympics because they only happen once every 4 years but i’d rather talk to you cause the chance of meeting someone so special only happens once in a lifetime
  • i must be a snowflake because i’ve fallen for you
  • there’s something wrong with my cell phone; it doesn’t have your number in it
  • if you were words on a page, you’d be fine print
  • do you work at dick’s because you’re sporting the goods
  • you must be a hell of a thief because you stole my heart from across the room
  • i’d like to invite you over, but i’m afraid you’re so hot that you’ll skyrocket my air-conditioning bill
  • excuse me, but i think i dropped something, my jaw
  • if you were a booger i’d pick you first
  • if i were to ask you out on a date would your answer be the same as the answer to this question
  • if this bar is a meat market, you must be the prime rib
  • are you lost because heaven is a long way from here
  • are you a campfire because you are hot and i want s’more
  • you’re kinda, sorta, basically, pretty much always on my mind
  • put down that cupcake because you’re sweet enough already
  • you’re so fine you make me stutter wha-wha-what’s your name
  • when I first saw you I looked for a signature because every masterpiece has one
  • i like legos you like legos why don’t we build a relationship
  • i might not be sriracha sauce but i sure will spice up your life
  • are you jewish because you israeli hot
  • you may be asked to leave soon because you’re making all the other (wo)men look bad
  • are you chapstick because i wanna rub you all over my mouth
  • did you just fart because you just blew me away and the whole room smells really bad