for my sister because its her birthday

Meshmesh has just helped herself to a huge piece of my sister’s birthday cake, and she’s not even sorry, because birthdays might come once a year, but Cat Day is every day, and she’s the queen of the house. Submitting this here even though she clearly thinks its a flattering picture, because I’m trying to Cat Shame her. (It’s not working.)

recruiting a three year old to brush my hair was a brilliant idea


Mums birthday party today was amazing, she seemed so happy aswell and that has brought so much joy to my soul. The picture on the left is me with my older sister, she came from university just to celebrate my mums birthday. I miss her a lot so I was so surprised and happy to come home from college and see her there. 💖

“No, Lottie, I… I won’t be back for my birthd- no, I can hear you frowning. Please don’t be sad. You know I’d be there if I could. I’m sorry. Look, I’ll… I’m sure I’ll see you again soon. Please smile. Always smile. I’ve got to go… I’ll speak to you soon, I love you.” Hannah hung up the phone, looking at it for a few moments before sensing a body behind her and turning quickly. “Er, hey.”

I completely forgot about Eli’s birthday because I was too busy getting all the bad ends in VLR but I managed to finish this, happy birthday to our favorite student council president.

word count: ~2.2k

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