for my sister because its her birthday

The lady in black

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Okay so when I was about 7 I moved into this house in North Dakota that was really old, around 105 years at the time. It was a farmhouse and there was a bunch of land surrounding it, details probably aren’t that important. But I used to notice a lot of things in the house, little things, like feeling watched all the time and stuff like that. I remember my front door always used to open and shut randomly, but there was another door in front of it so it wasn’t super bad, and we sorta brushed it off as random wind gusts. Then when I reached around 10 or 11 weird stuff started happening.
One night I woke up at like midnight for some weird reason and turned away from my wall and there was this girl with dark hair and eyes with really light skin kinda just staring at me. I was pretty freaked out and rolled over and pulled the blanket over my head. Then a couple months later my friends came to sleep over. One was my age and another was 7 like my little sister. The 7 year old one was looking out my bedroom window when she got really freaked out and started crying. She went into hysterics, it was pretty bad. We asked her what happened and she said she saw a woman with black hair and black clothing walking up and down the path that lead from our back door towards the barn. She kept seeing the woman when she slept over and eventually refused to come over because she got so freaked out. The same thing happened on my sisters birthday party, she was playing in the shelter belt along with her friends when she saw a woman dressed in all black. She got slightly freaked out and ran to go find her friends.
Okay so fast-forward to when I was 13, my last year in the house. It was a pretty bad year in general, but its also when the hauntings, I’m going to call it hauntings, got worse. My room seemed to have the most activity in the house. I would be laying in my bed and have my face stroked, people would touch my sides almost like they were tickling me, I was even scratched on occasion. I ended up getting freaked out and lining my room with salt and all the windows and doors in the house with salt. Then about three months before we left I was laying on the couch downstairs in the front room, just watching tv and trying to sleep. It was around midnight when there was a really loud knocking on our inner front door, I couldn’t put salt on the first front door so it was lined along the second one. We lived 15 miles from the closest town and our closest neighbor was a mile away and I saw no car lights pull up. A couple minutes after that my dad ended up running downstairs asking what happened, the knocking had been so loud that it had woken him up. He checked and there was no way anyone could have reached that front door, the first one was locked and hadn’t been opened. After that I started having weird dreams with the girl from around the house, but no more sightings or anything. The dreams and everything stopped after we left the house.
I’m sorry for any bad descriptions or bad writing, or if the story is too long winded.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: Aw you’re good 7/10.  The tickling is really really strange and vaguely uncomfortable and pretty eerie.  Thanks for sharing the scares!

No fuckin joke im in my room listening to my mom and sisters talk about me
  • Mom: Sierra is "taking" me to see the Fall Out BOY for my birthday *enter eye roll because it's a mom we're talking about here*
  • Danielle: *mumbles something about Motionless In White*
  • Mom: yeah Macy is supposed to take her in June again
  • Ashley: didnt she just see them like a month ago?
  • Mom: yeah, so?
  • Ashley: they look like Marylin Manson
  • Danielle: more like Jack the Ripper
  • *me the whole time*: 😑🙄

My neighbor put one of those fake owls on their roof, the kind meant to scare away birds. It is right across the street from where I have been leaving at least one peanut almost daily for my crow friends for about 3.5 years. The crow sat on the line right by the stupid fake owl. I nodded like I knew. I’ve seen groups of crows harass a barred owl, they don’t care about the stupid fake owl, even if its head turns around.

Things are always busy. here’s some stuff in no particular order:

  • Our shared warehouse that the button shop is in is having and open house on Thursday. We have a meeting tonight to finalize stuff. We are going to have a button making station. Gotta put my customer service face on for an evening.
  • My sister’s birthday is this week. She wanted a lemon tree. I got her a lime tree because they didn’t have any lemon trees yet. I hope i get some limes from her for tacos.
  • After my sister’s birthday it is 2 months til my birthday. I turn 40 which doesn’t feel weird, but sounds weird. I gave up bemoaning being old over a decade ago. The older I get, the more “me” I become.
  • My mom wanted to buy me and earthquake kit but I wanted a brick with my name on it put in Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, aka: the living room of Portland. I pretty much have all the earthquake stuff like a radio and water and a crank flashlight. My mom sent me a text this morning to say she purchased the brick. “Alex Wrekk” will be on a brick and I’m totally going to take a photo with it every time I got downtown.
  • My BFF @stevelarder will be her in about a month and a half. I’m so excited! Last night I reserved a beach house for my birthday. The plan is to end my 30s while sitting on a beach drinking a beer as the sun sets into the Pacific.
  • I’ve been invited to be a guest speaker at the Salt Lake Alt-Press fest in July. It is the 20th anniversary of my zine Brainscan. I’m trying to write something to say about how zines have been the skeleton key into lots of rad experiences without making me look like a braggart.
  • I hope to FINALLY have my witch zine done for the event!
  •  We have a new postage printer at the shop and it makes me way happier than a postage printer should.
  • The next PDX Witch Guild podcast is about half edited. Maybe we’ll have a new one by this weekend?
  • kankuro, an asshole: oh yeah me and temari are secretly the same age. identical twins in fact, but for her 14th birthday she convinced our dad to shell out 20k in plastic surgery and made me swear not to tell.
  • kankuro: i know vanity runs deep in this family its a curse and horrible because *she* wasnt the one that got plastic surgery
  • kankuro: i too use to be young and beautiful but feeling challenged my terrible evil twin sister forced me to go under the knife and now- [deep sigh] im ugly

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Omg your birthday is May 20? Same thing with my sister! You consider yourself a gemini or Taurus? (Gemini for her) because like its at the cusp I think

I’m on the Taurus side but I have some Gemini qualities

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21, 23, 39 ✨

yay questions!💕 

21:What I love most about myself

I like my eyes! and my hair! I’ve bleached and re colored my hair a million times and its still holding out on me which is great because I use my hair color to help me cope with stuff ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

23:My relationship with my sibling(s)

I have one sister, she’s my twin and I once forgot about her birthday which last I checked she still hasn’t gotten over, she lives a few hours away where she goes to school and now that we don’t live together we get along pretty well 😊

39:My favorite ice cream flavor

mint chocolate chip from Baskin Robbins, but at the grocery store I always pick vanilla cause there’s always so many options and I can’t handle decisions 😬 

(questions are from this post X )

Happy birthday to the best big sister in Karasuno!

Warning: Season 9 spoilers

Combined Demon!Dean requests

Request: Can you write one about the reader being very upset about Deans passing (the season 9 finale) and the having Cas appear and comfort her? :)

Request: Can you do a imagine thing where the reader is a angel, cas’s sister and she falls in love with demon dean and cas is all worried and stuff. Add some kissy kissy kisses and super fluff. I LOVE YOU BY THE WAY and its my birthday today :) thanks love.

(So, quick warning. I refuse to believe that Dean will be a jerk demon, and I think he’ll basically be all cool and normal, just a demon (especially because that’s kind of how Cain was). So…. yeah.)

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ok so i need to rant and i need people to hear because this is bothering me so much. So I have a little sister who turned 13 today. I’ll start at today when I first got upset. All she wanted for her birthday was a cellphone. I would like to point out that my older sister and I had to wait until we turned 14 to get our first phones. Well my mom decided that she would get her a phone but like a crappy one where all you can do is text. Turns out she gets a samsung. I have a fucking blackberry which I hate and then my little sister whos only 13 gets a high end samsung. This is so like my family they play favourites with her all the time. Examples are at christmas she gets twice the presents as everyone else. I complain to my older sister (who doesn’t live with us anymore) all the time and my older sister agrees but then whenever we see her she is always talking to my little sister and buying her all these presents and basically ignoring me. She just uses me when she wants something, and I’m too nice to say no. Anyway next topic, for my 13th birthday I got a t-shirt and shorts and a piano book (i quit piano that year so I never use those books). So i hung out with my friend all day and got what I wanted (a minecraft foam sword (( I LOVED minecraft)) ) with my own money. And my dad forgot about my birthday so he asked what I wanted and I said an Xbox 360. SO we went out to the store to buy one. I don’t consider it a birthday present because I had to pay 75 dollars the day we got it (all the money I had left) and I spent the rest of the summer working for my dad (at his buiness) to pay it off. But the best part is that when ever we get an xbox game they always give it to my little sister so when i try to play it she gets mad and yells that its her game and when I yell saying its my xbox i get in trouble. I know this is like a firts world problem but thats the  type of probelms I have. For my 10th birthday i got a DSI which was a big deal. I wanted one so bad! So I waited and waited for my birthday when i finally got one! 2 weeks later I come home to see my sister with a DSI as well. no occasion just felt unfair for her not to have one. Also at christmas I buy everyone presents with my own money so they’re not top notch presents. Well my younger sister who borrows money from our parents buys everyone these presents and come christmas the look on everyones face when they open my presents compared to when they open hers is so sad. And now she’s started watching youtubers and dan and phil. She tells me that she loves dan and phil more than will chant dan loves me dan hates evelyn its never ending. And now she’s getting tumblr. so anyway that was my rant and  i um i feel sorta better. sorry for wasting your time. Sorry that its a lot of first word problems  but i had to say something to someone or else i would have exploded. 

Dear taylorswift,
I’ve always wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. Your smile is so beautiful. When you smile I begin to smile too what feels so good. I just have to look at your pictures, then I’m already feeling better. Doesn’t matter if I’m in a good mood or if I have a bad day. I just need to listen to your music. It helps me in so many situations, currently very much. Apparently, I need your music to relax. Then I fall on my bed, close my eyes and listen spellbound. All I see is you. Every time I imagine standing in front of you, you smiling at me and me hugging you. I immediately feel the heat flowing through my body and I get goosebumps and at the same time realise how tears roll down my cheeks. My biggest dream is to meet you and tell you what a wonderful person you are and how thankful I am for what you have done for me.
Because I’m a Swiftie for a very very long time. It all started with your music video Love Story, which I saw on VIVA. I can remember it exactly. When I saw you for the first time, I thought you were so impressive and your charisma fascinated me so much that I heard this song over and over again. Over the time my parents got to know and like you because I talked about you a lot. Even my little sister liked and still likes your music very much. Every time Love Story was shown on VIVA, I immediately put the TV louder and sang along. Also the cousin of my friend told me a lot about you. She even borrowed me her CD, which I listened to, when I came home from school.
Now there are so many memories I’ve experienced because of Love Story. There’s one day I can remember so well as it was only yesterday. Our school had its 80th birthday and we had to prepare a lot in class. And we started to sing your songs to not get bored and we had lots of fun. And four years ago when I got my room renovated I listened to “Back to December” and “Today was a fairytale” on loop while I was decorating my room. I listened to Back to December for the first time back then and some tears ran down my cheeks because the song touched me so much.
I miss those days in December a lot because December for me personally is always the best time of the year and that year I laughed, played and baked a lot with my grandma. But unfortunately she’s not with us anymore. Maybe she’s just looking down on me now and is smiling at me while I’m writing this letter. She now knows how much music really means to me. Since my grandma doesn’t live anymore, music got even more important to me.
The best feeling is when a song exactly expresses your feelings and you just don’t feel like you’re alone anymore because the music just really gets to you and makes you stronger. Your songs fulfill all this. At the moment I only listen to The Moment I Knew. I love this song so much. I don’t know why. Your voice gives me goosebumps every single time and I always tear up listening to your voice. You can see how much your lyrics get to me and how much it means to me.
What I want to tell you is that last christmas I have fullfilled my sister’s dream. And also mine. We’re seeing you at your concerts on June 20 in Cologne, oh my god. I’m so happy and proud that there were still tickets left. My sister was so happy and surprised and she was full of joy and hugged me and I had to cry because it was a wonderful feeling to see my sister like that. But these are things you just do for your almost 15 year old sister. In fact Fifteen is also one of her favorite songs. There are only 123 day left until I’m finally gonna see you. I’m so excited for the tour and that I’m gonna be able to get to know new people.
Thank you so much for existing. Thank you for making music. Thank you for all these wonderful moments I’ve experienced because of you. I hope that there will be even more of them. I love you so much, Taylor. Thank you for everything. See you in June.
Yours sincerely, Lexi.

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My sister saw ashton today on bondi beach with bryana and I asked her did she speak to him and she said "no, because it's his birthday and he deserves one day without someone bothering him with his girlfriend" and I asked did she tweet about it and she said "no, again he deserves one day without being mobbed, I respect the boys lives" I don't care what people say but we need more fans like my sister plus she he looks like a fucking model and they don't make guys like that in Ireland, they don't

Please give her a hug for me and thank her, as well! She’s amazing! I’m applauding from France ! xx

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Hi. I found out that I'm gay when I was in high school. I was really afraid to admit to myself at first Now Im 22 and i confessed to my big sister recently that i'm gay Im really happy and i want to share it She asked me if there's something i like for my birthday and i said that she should give me woman in a power suit because it's the hottest thing on earth and i'd be glad if there's also a lap dance She just laughed Then I told her " im serious Im gay "then she said "i know":D

wauww greattt!!!!

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Do you still ship Val and Z? If so, why?

Yes. Because why not? I realize there is a shift in their interactions but thats to be excepted. She is slowly and surely building her empire and real lasting name for herself. The public is very fickle and the last thing she needs is “controversy” for dating someone nearly ten years older. Neither she or Val would want that buzz. He in public is stepping back to allow her to shine and make that name knowing its a small window of time. Plus I think her team of support especially her dad is to some degree helping “control” this. I mean even since things have slowed down we have had (just off my head so likely not all)…
•Him visiting her and her family for Christmas. With little fanfare over it. Neither really discussed it before or after.
•The pregrammy party thing. Again they’re together but again according to their social media accounts it never happened (ie no pics together) Odd. In the past we’d get a ‘lookin good bro!’ caption. The fact they aren’t playing that game says a lot.
•Her guest judging on DWTS I just loved how nervous she was when judging him and Ginger. The talking before her cue because she was so in her head she’d be too obvious over her feelings of him. The hug. While not their best hug granted still showed a lot. Oh and he was soooo happy watching her all show. Not a ‘hey thats my little sister’ smile but a 'hey isn’t the woman I love amazing?’ smile. And again despite all this on social media its crickets chirping.
•The non birthday message… yes I was a bit sad but I get it. She couldn’t do the the sweet romantic message because of the attempts to keep the public out. She couldn’t do the fake big bro line because she’s tired of it. The best course of action was doing nothing. Though 20000% off media she told him and they celebrated.
•Him out of nowhere being seen with her while in New York. In a picture taken days before and posted by someone else.
•We also have his denying and annoyance towards other ships he’s in. This one? Strange how quiet he gets.
So yes anon I still ship Valdaya ❤️