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Goodness - that’s so many more of you than I ever anticipated! Welcome && I hope you enjoy your stay! Consider this a small starter call, capping at 5 for the sake of my own sanity. I will contact you through the IM system for plotting purposes!


In case you couldn’t tell from my username, there’s a chance I like Pikachu…just a bit! I’m 100% sure I left out several of my plushes (and I have a few in the mail on the way to me or pre-ordered), but I did the best I could with the time and energy I had. I have tons of figures and other items as well, but I decided not to attempt to gather and photograph those for the sake of my sanity.

I am far from a completionist when it comes to Pikachu collecting–that would be way, WAY too intense, especially because I collect a lot of other Pokémon and types of merchandise as it is! I just gather the Pikachu items I find particularly cute or appealing to me~

Tag which Pikachu is you among the Pika hoard?


Ashes and dust to dust

RWBY Relationship Week Day 1
Cinder Fall and Adam Taurus 

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i need more deaged!harry hartwin up in here. give me fics, etc. i just wanna see eggsy completely bewildered by younger harry, ahahaha.

Okay so these are some headcanons for this verse (referencing this post for anyone who doesn’t know)

  • Merlin isn’t able to track Harry down right away after the church incident because he was looking for a dead Harry. It isn’t until he’s alerted to a newspaper article reporting of one survivor that he finds Harry, young and in a coma and very much alive
  • Eggsy spends way too much time simply sitting by the hospital bed and staring at Harry with his mouth open and questioning the logic of the world
  • Merlin does too (he tries to find out the how but it turns out when Valentine died so did all his research)
  • When Harry wakes up and there are some spotty parts to his memory, with chunks missing and the name ‘Eggsy’ feels familiar and the man does too (And Eggsy may have excused himself from the room and punched a wall and cried and forced himself to focus because Harry is alive)
  • Harry is sad to learn Mr. Pickles had died
  • Harry, young and with a whole second life to live, feels out of place in the world (Eggsy takes him out to clubs and Harry finds he doesn’t much like dancing–except grinding–he likes grinding)

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*slides $100 bill to NBC*

How about you guys renew Hannibal for a fourth season?

Some days I'm like, "Destiel and Cockles can't exist" know, for the sake of my own sanity..

But then other days I see this shit:

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And I’m like, “Nope it’s real/they have to be aware of what they’re doing/these fuckers gonna drive me mad!!!”

biancaros3  asked:

your future cs fics make me want to make an appointment with my dentist, they're so sweet! if you're taking prompts how about this one: CS + first night away from their first baby. (could be a date night or anything else, knowing these two and the trouble they get in)

Bianca you’re so wonderful <3 I hope you like this! 

“Swan,” Killian grumbles tiredly against his pillow.

She doesn’t open her eyes. She just growls and smacks her arm against her forehead as she arches her back and attempts to allow sleep to find her again. 

“He’s your dog when you choose to feed him that close to bed and only walk him once.”

“It wasn’t me.” Killian snaps back. “I wouldn’t do that again.”

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I Know Evil People Will Say Things

Well, a little while ago, I made the following headcanon:

“Imagine Cecil being forced to co-host a show with Kevin because of Strexcorp’s demands, and one day Kevin announces a new guest they will be interviewing together. To Cecil’s surprise, the guest turns out to be none other than Carlos, and Kevin spends the entirety of the interview using thinly veiled science innuendos in a flirty tone to an absolutely oblivious Carlos while Cecil fumes in the background, unable to do anything in case Strexcorp takes it out on the scientist.”

And, well, I decided I wanted to write it. REALLY wanted to write it. Unfortunately, I got super carried away and had no idea how on Earth to end it, so it’s pretty long and VERY angsty. I might continue it; I might not. Some parts I really enjoyed writing (And giggled evilly while doing so), but honestly I spent far too long on this for what I wrote. Regardless, please enjoy, and forgive spelling mistakes and laziness. And sorry for Kevin; I can’t help making him a bit evil…what can I say, I like a bad boy. 


A deep, heaving breath. Fists clenching and unclenching beneath a desk, longing to act. A false smile that made his face ache, although it fooled everyone easily enough. Cecil sat in the radio booth, his body rigid with the effort of staying calm and polite, trying desperately to ignore the ridiculous, overprotective feeling that his territory had been invaded as the man smiled blithely in front of him; utterly oblivious and smiling his own, horrifying grin.

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