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Didn’t come up with a comic for this week, it was a weird week, but here have ref sheets in which I’ve compiled in hopes to use for future commissioning and for my own sake for color grabbing and consistency.


People come and go, but for those of you who’ve stuck with me since I started, changed fandoms or those of you who are new to my blog; thank you so much for following! (*/∇\*) Since I’m a huge dork and don’t know how to show my appreciation, here’s to another giveaway because I want nice people to have nice things! 

There will be 4 winners in this giveaway! The theme is “things I like”. What you can win? One of these sets shown above! There is a UtaPri set, Hakuouki set, Wasurenagusa set and a Misc. set! Anyone can participate so it doesn’t matter if you are overseas! (I’m in Canada btw).

UtaPri Set:

  • (x1) Natsuki/Syo Clearfile
  • (x2) Ren + Natsuki Long Posters
  • (x2) UtaPri boys pencil boards
  • (x2) Tokiya + Otoya keychains 

Hakuouki Set:

  • (x1) Paper fan (Kazama at the back; if you want a picture of him message me!)  
  • (x2) Memo books
  • (x1) Stamp set
  • (x1) Mirror keychain
  • (x1) SSL Heisuke metal charm

Wasurenagusa Set:

  • (x1) Postcard set (You will get a new one; the picture is my own set for reference)
  • (x1) Heisuke rubber strap

Misc. Set:

  • (x1) Kanato pin
  • (x2) Free! fasteners Haruka + Nagisa (From my previous giveaway I promised)
  • (x2) Natsume Yuujinchou Nyanko-sensei strap + model plate

*note that (x1) and (x2) means the number of merch in that description 


  • You can like/reblog this as many times as you want (NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS!)
  • Winners are chosen through random number generator
  • LEAVE YOUR ASK BOX OPEN I will be contacting the winners that way
  • Winners can choose any one set; first come first serve basis
  • You don’t have to be a follower, but if you are you’ll get an extra something if you win ♥

Deadline is SEPTEMBER 30, 2013 

Message me if you have any questions regarding this!

Good luck! (⌒▽⌒)☆

Writing Musicals, Not Tragedies: The Story of Panic! The Musical

Our scene is no stranger to musicals (see also: American Idiot and Razia’s Shadow), but Panic! The Musical is a new breed of jukebox musical. The project, already fully cast and slated for a June workshop, is a labor of love with Broadway aspirations, created by a group of loyal Panic! At the Disco fans fearlessly led by director and creator Alexis Acar. Editor-in-chief Erik van Rheenen spoke with Acar and book writer Christina Rose Sabia about the story behind the musical, and how the self-professed “dynamic duo” took their mutual love for Panic!’s music to make their musical a reality.

by Erik van Rheenen

In some regards, Panic! The Musical has existed in some way, shape or form since Alexis Acar first clicked play on a rough early demo of “Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have” on Panic! At the Disco’s MySpace page. She was 13; Panic! At the Disco was a newly no-longer blink-182 cover band out of Las Vegas. But it really wasn’t until last summer, when Acar joked around about how the always-changing stylings of Panic! (for those keeping score at home: vaudevillian antics on A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, Beatles worship on Pretty. Odd., artful pop since then) would make for a bona fide musical that the joke seemed less like a funny passing thought than a straight-faced good idea. And thus Panic! The Musical (henceforth referred to as P!TM for my own sanity and the sake of Word not going berserk on my errant punctuation) started becoming a thing.

Even as a longtime Panic! fan, Acar’s background skews less alternative and more theatrical. She started on a professional opera track, and always boasted a passion for theater. That’s the intersection where her love for Panic! crosses her love for Broadway; Panic! too refuse point-blank to relinquish their own bombastic theatrical leanings.

“Their music is theatrical, especially on Fever, and they incorporate musical theater into alternative music,” Acar explains, “And to capture that, we have to be as creative and as passionate as the band is about their own music. Every single line of their lyrics is intentional, and we want to portray the same eccentricity and uniqueness. We want fans to leave inspired.”

It’s funny, because at first glance, Acar and P!TM’s book writer, Christina Rose Sabia, don’t exactly look like Rodgers and Hammerstein — Christina Rose Sabia draws from a musician’s perspective instead of a traditionalist theater one, saying that she brought “a more rock-inspired” vision to P!TM. “I’m hoping we open up the demographic,” she says, “I want to see a hard rocker sitting in the front row and feeling the same magic as they would at a concert.”

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